nezuko kamado ( demon hunter) 36 cute anime characters who'll make your heart melt

36 Cute Anime Characters Who’ll Make Your Heart Melt

nezuko kamado ( demon hunter) 36 cute anime characters who'll make your heart melt

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Do you like cute things? Well, then you’re going to love this list of the 36 cute anime characters! These adorable anime stars will make your heart melt. From pint-sized characters that are too cute for words to powerful fighters with big eyes and adorable features, we’ve got them all. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check out our picks for the 36 cutest anime characters ever!

Kagura (Gintama)

kagura gintama 36 cute anime characters who'll make your heart melt

Kagura has ocean blue eyes and vermilion red hair. She usually dresses in a crimson cheongsam with yellow trimming. Her hair is done in two knots on either side of her head and is decorated. When she’s outside, she’s generally seen carrying a purple umbrella to shade herself from the sun. Her description in special episodes 1-2 states that she has a cute look (but also a rather sharp tongue). Her body, like all Yato’s, is muscularly developed.

Kagura is innocent to a fault, as evidenced by her introduction, in which she was duped by a gang into thinking she was defending them when she attacked their rival gang. She refuses to acknowledge her Yato heritage and wishes to live as a normal adolescent. Although she dislikes aggression , she plainly employs it to address her problems, prompting Hasegawa Taizou to describe her as an “ultra-hot (tempered/aggressive) China girl.” She frequently fights with Shinpachi and Okita, both physically and verbally. She has a sharp tongue and isn’t hesitant to say what she thinks or offend anyone, even strangers. She interprets what Gintoki says as counsel, even though it is given in an improper situation. She is highly “unladylike” in her speech and actions, such as puking or cleaning her nose.

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Rem ( Re:ZERO)

rem ( re zero) 36 cute anime characters

Rem is a young woman with medium-length sky blue hair that hides her big light blue eyes and childlike features. She also wears hair clips on the left side of her hair, a floral ribbon on the same side, and a maid’s hairband. She resembles her sister almost exactly, aside from her hair, eyes, and ribbon coloring. She normally wears a maid uniform.

Rem has a tendency to speak in a deceptively nice manner and to act rashly at times. She feels both reverence for the holy place and guilt toward her sibling for a prior occurrence. She used to consider herself inferior because of her respect and shame for her sister. She falls completely in love with Subaru after saving her and becoming one of his most devoted followers. Rem will stand with him no matter what, even if Subaru strongly dislikes himself.

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Megumi Kato(Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend)

megumi kato(saekano how to raise a boring girlfriend) 36 cute anime characters

Megumi is a cute girl with straight, chestnut-brown locks that are generally worn down but long enough to pull up into a ponytail, dark brown eyes, and “excellent proportions.” Megumi is typically seen wearing her school uniform or casual clothing, which Tomoya describes as “normal.”

Unlike Eriri Spencer Sawamura and Utaha Kasumigaoka, Megumi is presented as an ordinary girl with no distinguishing characteristics, and she is so ordinary that Tomoya Aki does not recognize she is her classmate. Because of her lack of presence, she is described as stealthy, and the others frequently forget she is even in the same room as her.

On the other hand, Megumi is a kind and soft-spoken girl who wants the best for others and goes out of her way to aid Tomoya and the others in any way she can. She is unfamiliar with otaku ure, but she never holds Tomoya at arm’s length and readily accepts his approaches from the start. She has strong ideals about friendship and is easily offended when those ideas are violated.

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megumin(konosuba) 36 cute anime characters

Megumin, the Arch Wizard of the Crimsonfallen angel Clan, is also a key character in the anime series KonoSuba.

Megumin is a girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair and strangely languid crimson eyes. She has fair skin, a light complexion, and doll-like features. Compared to her classmates in Crimson Village, Megumin appears to have a dainty, under-developed figure.

Megumin dresses in traditional witch garb, including a black cloak, a crimson robe, orange boots, and a black wizard’s cap with gold trim, as well as a black choker, belt, and fingerless gloves. Megumin’s right leg is bandaged, and his left leg has a black stocking. She wields a brown staff with a floating crimson jewel.

Megumin is a boisterous, quirky girl with a flair for theatrics. As a member of the Crimson Magic Clan, she inherits many of her people’s characteristics, such as chuunibyou tendencies and a passion for unusual names. Megumin comes across as haughty and arrogant, often boasting about her destructive skills, yet she quickly drops her act when put in a dire situation, such as when Kazuma intended to hit her with her eyepatch.

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Elucia de Lute Ima “Elsie” (The World God Only Knows)

elucia de lute ima elsie (the world god only knows) 36 cute anime characters who'll make your heart melt

Elsie has long, dark hair that is typically pulled back into a ponytail and thus becomes wavy when loosened. Like many Runaway Spirit Squad members, she is virtually always outfitted with a hagoromo — a multi-purpose raiment that acts as the Runaway Spirit Squad’s primary tool, a runaway spirit sensor (typically on her head), and a contract collar around her neck.

Elsie dresses for the occasion in a short violet kimono, lavender thigh-high toeless socks, and wooden sandals. She wears the normal Mai-High uniform for girls, as well as pink thigh-high socks, to school.

Elsie is a person who is too enthusiastic and has a lively disposition. Despite claiming to be beyond 300 years old, she has the attitude of an inept teenager and is clearly immature in many ways. Elsie, despite her sincerity and hard work, has grown infamously bad at almost everything except cooking and cleaning, although she owes her abilities solely to her time as a janitor.

Despite the insults and contempt Elsie receives from Keima, she rarely dwells on them for long and continues to make mistakes. It’s unclear whether this is due to her strong will or her incapacity to comprehend the verbal mistreatment.

Nana ( Elfen Leid)

nana ( elfen leid) 36 cute anime characters

Nana was exposed to hardship at a young age as a result of being born a “psychokinetic” and having experiments performed on her as a result of her disability. Nana is a crucial character in the anime series “Elfen Lied,” which was adapted from a manga. She portrays a juvenile “Diclonius,” who possesses psychic abilities and invisible telekinetic hands. Nana is coerced into performing laborious duties beyond her physical capabilities to impress her mentor, whom she refers to as “Papa.” Nana is a sweet and courteous little psychic who impresses viewers with her purity and passion for assisting those in need and always being there for loved ones.

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Tsukasa Hiiragi ( Lucky Star)

tsukasa hiiragi ( lucky star) 36 cute anime characters

Tsukasa is of ordinary build, although he lacks curves. She, like Konata, is quite small in comparison to her friends.

Her hair is shoulder-length and light purple, and she wears it with a yellow headband with a bow on top; the location of the hair bow fluctuates depending on her mood. Her droopy “tareme” blue-violet eyes appear helpless, apprehensive, and sad.

Tsukasa Hiiragi, like Miyuki, is a nice, naive, innocent, and imbecilic individual who never gets angry. Her gentle, feminine, and kind nature contrasts sharply with that of her sister, Kagami, who is a Tsundere and has a much harsher, tomboyish, and arrogant demeanor.

Tsukasa is frequently overshadowed and compared to her elder twin sister, Kagami, since she does not appear to succeed at anything, including schoolwork and athletics. Because her twin sister is far more capable than she, Tsukasa is constantly reliant on her sister for assistance with chores such as texting, much to the chagrin of the latter.

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Sawako Kuronuma(Kimi ni Todoke)

sawako kuronuma(kimi ni todoke) 36 cute anime characters

Sawako is a lovely, thin girl. She has pale skin, small lips, big brown eyes, and long black hair, which recalls the horror film heroine Sadako Yamamura. Her grin is said to bring good luck due to its rarity and beauty. Sawako’s face and body resemble her mother’s, although her small stature resembles her father‘s.

Her school uniform is paired with a blue jacket in the winter and a short-sleeved dress in the summer. Her skirt reaches her knees since she follows school rules and does not pull or roll it. She is uninterested in makeup or accessories.

Sawako is known for wearing light-colored dresses outside of school, but a t-shirt and a pair of slacks inside the school to be more comfortable strolling.

Sawako appears shy and aloof on the exterior, like a spooky horror movie character. She tends to over-analyze situations and statements.

In actuality, Sawako is a good person who craves human contact. She is a diligent worker and responsible student who graduated as the class valedictorian but struggled socially.

Sawako often forgets her own needs when helping others. Sawako is sometimes naive about herself, unaware of Shouta’s feelings, unaware she had already been friends with Ayane and Chizuru, and unaware that loneliness to protect others wasn’t normal or healthy.

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Tony Tony Chopper ( One Piece)

tony tony chopper ( one piece) 36 cute anime characters

Female characters aren’t the only ones that can be cute, ya nasty!

Chopper is a human/reindeer hybrid who can change his appearance based on the occasion. During his quest for the Amiudake (where he believed the Amiudake may cure Hiriluk’s sickness), Chopper stumbled into the leader of his previous herd, who brutally damaged him. The hat, given to him by Hiriluk, is huge, pale red/pink, fluffy, with a sideways medical cross. He also carries a blue rucksack with a sideways medical cross like his headgear. He has a stunning blue nose.

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Popura Taneshima ( Working!!)

popura taneshima ( working!!) 36 cute anime characters

Taneshima is a young girl whose innocent appearance causes people to misjudge her age. Jun Satou often messes up her long, bouncy, reddish-brown hair. Despite her diminutive height, she is well-equipped compared to most girls.

Taneshima is a cheerful person who gets annoyed when people mistake her for a kid. She constantly wants peace. Jun Satou messes with her hair for reasons unknown to her. But she recognizes Yachiyo’s affections for Satou before Yachiyo. Although she has finally grown taller since the series finale, she is still self-conscious about her height.

Kosaki Onodera (Nisekoi: False Love)

kosaki onodera (nisekoi false love) 36 cute anime characters

Kosaki is a fair-skinned adolescent with shoulder-length dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Kosaki is tall and slim.

Kosaki is a nice, quiet, innocent girl who takes care of Raku Ichij when he is injured or sick. She is hesitant to confess to Raku, fearing he has emotions for Chitoge Kirisaki.

Kosaki lacks confidence at times and needs Ruri Miyamoto’s encouragement. Haru Onodera (Kosaki’s younger sister) is overprotective of her (even though Kosaki is older than Haru). In conflicts with Raku, Kosaki requires Ruri’s support to make any kind of contact because she is nervous around him.

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Nadeshiko Kagamihara(Laid Back Camp)

nadeshiko kagamihara(laid back camp) 36 cute anime characters

Nadeshiko is a pale-skinned adolescent with upper-back length pink hair tied in twin ponytails on the back of her neck with white ruffled scrunchies and light-blue eyes.

She is shown camping in a pink plaid jacket, a light pink ruffled blouse underneath, black tights, and green-and-white lace-up shoes (or, alternately, dark brown boots rolled down), as well as grey fingerless mittens and an orange scarf.

Nadeshiko is a cheery, vivacious, and frequently ditsy young lady who comes across as easily excited. She adores food and has a voracious appetite.

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Izumi Zagiri(Eromanga-Sensei)

izumi zagiri(eromanga sensei) 36 cute anime characters

Sagiri is a young girl with porcelain skin and long silver hair tied with two little pink ribbons at the sides, two small pink ribbons at the ends, and a giant pink ribbon at the back. Her eyes are blue. She sleeps in pink pajamas with a dark green jacket. She also wears pink bow-adorned slippers.

Her face is normally placid, yet she sometimes blushes or smiles.

Sagiri is a hikikomori who dislikes others. She enjoys drawing but is bashful and easily humiliated. She initially disliked her sibling but later warmed up to him. She is generally extremely quiet and uses a speaker to be heard, but she is more animated when drawing live on camera. Sagiri is very tidy and clean. She was quickly enraged, envious, and overly concerned for her brother, to the point of tantrums. She aspires to see an anime she and Masamune made together. She refuses to call herself ‘Eromanga’ due to her shyness and denies having such a nasty moniker; nonetheless, she admits to enjoying creating erotic imagery. When Masamune forgot to bring her meals for a few days, Sagiri hesitated to leave her room for fear of losing them. Out of anxiety and shame, Sagiri posed as a male on her live video streams.

Umaru Doma ( Himoto! Umaru-chan)

umaru doma ( himoto! umaru chan) 36 cute anime characters

Umaru’s attractiveness draws attention to her ‘outside’ mode. She has a light complexion, a slim physique, pink cheeks, and dark brown eyes. A strand of honey-blonde hair frames each side of her face, and short bangs cover her forehead. Her hair is occasionally in a thin ponytail.

Her real form-her “indoor” mode-is that of a toddler (with a toddler’s voice and mannerisms), rendered in chibi style. This form reflects her juvenile, lazy, and sloppy personality. Her house uniform is an orange hamster sweatshirt, white long sleeves, and raspberry leggings. On calls, her chibi form is her “hamster form.”

In her “outdoor” state, she is considered the ideal adolescent. She is a popular student who excels in all she does while remaining humble, garnering the attention of her classmates and instructors’ attention. She also has a cute and charming personality. Her voice is also polished, feminine, and serene.

On the contrary, she reverts to her chibi form, lets out her inner otaku, and scarcely helps with household tasks (even caring for her own hamsters), which she delegates to her brother, Taihei. She is dirty, lazy, preoccupied with stuffed cat dolls, video games, manga, and anime (no offense), and she often refers to herself in the third person.

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Kanade Tachibana(Angel Beats!)

kanade tachibana(angel beats!) 36 cute anime characters

Kanade is a cute anime girl with waist-length white hair half fastened by a hair clip and bangs concealing either of her eyebrows; gold eyes with flashes of auburn or brown in certain lighting; and a mysterious or kuudere feel.

A pale blue barrette clip is on her head, which holds a bit of her hair up. Kanade is one of the series’ shortest characters, at 150 cm (4’11”). Kanade’s hair is displayed in a ponytail after her reincarnation.

Kanade’s physical appearance makes her no less dumb than a normal human, but her lack of emotion makes her seem even more so, even when she’s fighting the SSS and getting hurt. It’s hard to tell what she’s thinking because she rarely shows emotion. Her lack of expression makes it diffi to establish whether she is conscious, but her ability to use the Angel Player program to create weapons and gigantic defense mechanisms leads the Afterlife Battle Front to think she is an angel from God. In later developments, she has been shown to have renounced being nice due to the laws of the world she is in. She gradually expresses her emotions, primarily to Otonashi.

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Nadeko Sengoku (Bakemonogatari)

nadeko sengoku (bakemonogatari) 36 cute anime characters who'll make your heart melt

Nadeko is a young brunette with chocolate brown eyes. She is 153 cm (5’0″) tall and weighs 38 kg. In order to conceal her jagirinawa-cursed scars, her clothing was comprised of a waist pouch, an orange cap, a pink shirt, and baggy denim. Her eyes are usually downward, with long bangs covering them. Her cap mimics the head of the “snake” that afflicted her.

Nadeko is shy and easily amused. She guards her hair (especially her forelocks) more than her pants.

She later develops a dependency on Koyomi that grows stronger as the snake curse events intensify.

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Yui Hirasawa ( K-On!)

yui hirasawa ( k on!) 36 cute anime characters

Yui is a petite 15-year-old with brown eyes and shoulder-length, dense medium brown hair adorned with two yellow pins.

Yui is brave and has no nervousness or stage fright. She enjoys cuddling and personal contact with people. She is motivated by Tsumugi’s sweets, and her physical condition prevents her from putting on weight no matter how often she eats. The kotatsu keeps her warm in the winter, and a fan cools her down in the summer. The fact that Yui is a lazy student means that her grades, apart from fine arts, are always on the borderline of failing. Her body is average. Yui shares a home with her sister Ui and both parents. Her parents are a “sweet” pair who frequently leave both daughters behind.

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Eri ( My Hero Academia)

eri ( my hero academia)) 36 cute anime characters

Eri is a petite girl with untamed bluish-off-white hair, parted in the center of her forehead and nearly reaching her waist. Her eyes are large, innocent, and bright red. A little brown horn protrudes from the right side of her forehead when her Quirk is triggered.

Because of her mother’s disapproval, Eri became a timid and secluded girl after she mistakenly made her father vanish with her Quirk and Kai Chisaki’s experimentation on her. Izuku Midoriya’s touch was apparently the first time she felt kindness, which confounded Eri and made her cry. So when not good intent are directed towards her, she sits mute, knowing that she has no option but to take what would happen. Eri’s attempts to resist and escape her captors waned over time, even knowing she had no one to turn to.

As a result of her guilt about others being injured in her rescue, Eri resolves to let herself go with Kai. Eri believes her presence and Quirk are just meant to attack others. As a result, Eri feels terrible shame and does not want others to perish.

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Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama: Love is war)

chika fujiwara (kaguya sama love is war) 36 cute anime characters who'll make your heart melt

Chika is a pretty, fair-skinned young lady with shoulder-length silver hair (pale pink in the anime), blue eyes, and a larger chest than Kaguya Shinomiya despite being shorter. Her hair is occasionally in a high ponytail.

She normally wears a Shuchi’in Academy uniform.

Chika is a happy-go-lucky girl who is always smiling. She is generally the one that comes up with weird events and ideas to entertain herself and her fellow student council members. She is ignorant of the room’s mood, which makes her unpredictable and a threat to Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane’s plots to make the other confess.

Many of the council members, especially Kaguya, appear to think she’s naive. Chika is a skilled pianist who also speaks five languages. She is also sneaky and underhanded, often trying to break the rules in her own games, but is always uncovered.

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Rika Takanashi (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!)

rika takanashi (love, chunibyo & other delusions!) 36 cute anime characters

Rikka Takanashi attends Icho Private High School with Yuuta Togashi. Unlike Yuuta, she is a chunii. She believes she is a sorceress with the “Tyrant’s Eye.” Her “Tyrant’s Eye” is sealed with a medical eyepatch. Those who saw her “Tyrant’s Eye” are termed her clients. She moved in above Yuuta’s to be with her sister Tka Takanashi.

For Rikka, chuunibyou means continually living out her ideas and behaving oddly as a result.

Claiming to have the “Tyrant’s Eye,” which enables her to unveil destinies, she even wears an eyepatch to “lock in its abilities.” Her delusions often mirror her real-life experiences, as when she claimed that tomatoes burn away one’s mana. Her chuunibyou fantasies often include references to other anime and fiction. Rikka occasionally breaks character when flustered or smacked in the head by Yuuta or her sister. Afraid of making friends, she doesn’t strive hard enough. Though she appears to be a mystery sorceress, Rikka is clumsy, has low grades, and has failed to join clubs such as cheerleading.

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Ushio Okazaki ( CLANNAD)

ushio okazaki ( clannad) 36 cute anime characters

In appearance, Ushio resembles her mother, Nagisa, in appearance, albeit she lacks her mother’s two prominent ahoge, and her hairstyle is slightly shorter.

Ushio’s hair is mainly left unbound, but for a short portion at the back of her head, it is tied with a huge, white bow or ribbon.

Ushio is more like her father, Tomoya, although she isn’t as antisocial and is a pleasant person to be around.

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Mio Akiyama(K-On!)

mio akiyama(k on!) 36 cute anime characters

Mio is the tallest of the bunch at 5’3″ (160 cm), with straight long black hair and gray-blue eyes. To the displeasure of Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, and subsequently Azusa Nakano, she is also quite a bit bustier than the others (save Tsumugi Kotobuki).

Mio is naturally reticent and shy. Even with close friends, she is reserved and reserved, spending much of her time alone penning songs. She’s always been shy and insecure, so she’s fallen prey to Ritsu’s mocking and retreated into the safety of her books. Despite her prominence, she has few acquaintances outside the Light Music Club and is quite sensitive to others’ attention. It is easier said than done. She is prone to embarrassment and cannot readily handle her bandmates’ pranks and jokes. Mio picked up the bass guitar since it is less noticeable than the guitar.

The Platelets ( Cells At Work)

Cells At Work! - Episode 2 (Review) - The Geekly Grind

Platelets are portrayed as children due to their actual cell size. She is a tiny cell with caramel blonde hair that falls to her waist and brown eyes. She always wears the Platelet uniform, which consists of light brown headgear, an oversized blue T-shirt with light brown shorts underneath, and black boots with white fur. The uniforms are similar to those worn by Japanese kindergarten children.

Platelet is a friendly and bubbly cell that shows excellent leadership to other Platelets. Backwards-Chan admires her ability to get everyone to work together. Her pure and humble personality endears her to the other cells. She appreciates AE3803’s snuggling and attention.

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Madoka Kaname(Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

madoka kaname(puella magi madoka magica) 36 cute anime characters

This 14-year-old magic school girl can have you in ‘awe’ of her resplendent sweetness after winning the prestigious accolade for being the “most moe” character in 2013’s “Saimoi competition.” In the story, Madoka is described as the loveliest girl who never lies or breaks the rules. She comes from a normal household, and her nice personality has helped her make a lot of friends. However, Madoka suffers from poor self-esteem, which stems from her belief that she has nothing to give the world. To escape the feeling of insignificance, she jumps at the first chance to become a magical girl and fight the evil witches. Interested in seeing how the narrative progresses? You must watch “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.”

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Shiro ( No Game No Life)

shiro ( no game no life) 36 cute anime characters

Shiro has long, messy white hair with blue, purple, pink, green, and yellow tints, and huge passive golden/yellow-red eyes. She is thin and of average height.

She often wears an enormous purple sailor outfit and thigh-high stockings.

Shiro is a genius in math and logic but struggles with emotions and conduct, relying on Sora to assist her in defeating emotional beings like Tet in their chess match. She also rarely expresses emotion and speaks in concise, snappy sentences in the third person.

Shiro is a chess master who has won every game she has played. She can learn Immanity’s language in 15 minutes (while Sora took an hour). She is also the greatest in over 280 games, along with her brother.

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Kotarou Kashima ( School Babysitters)

kotarou kashima ( school babysitters) 36 cute anime characters

Kotaro has light-colored hair and a tired expression. His eyes shine when he’s pleased about something, like visiting his brother or hatching chicks. His cheeks seem to blush when he’s interested or about to cry, making him a cute anime boy.

Kotaro frequently wears clothing with a tiger motif (his name means ‘tiger’). He sometimes wears a panda hoodie.

Kotaro is peaceful and well-behaved, often the lone child in daycare, not causing issues for the babysitters. To be honest, he’s a little jealous of his older brother’s attention. He appears to like the chairwoman and nicknames her “Fluffy” (or “Shaggy” in the anime) because of her long hair.

Kotaro is liked by the other youngsters and is attentive to their feelings, staying overnight with Usaida to avoid favoring one over another. He tries to facilitate an argument between both Kirin and Taka, but it fails.

Kotaro is also a strong and determined boy, as evidenced by his attempt to make lemon tea for Ryuuichi while he’s unwell and his delivery of Ryuuichi’s forgotten lunchbox. Also, he appears to trust strangers or acquaintances easily. He only tears up when Ryuuichi abandons him, or when his efforts are wasted.

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Nezuko Kamado (fallen angel Slayer )

nezuko kamado (fallen angel hunter) 36 cute anime characters who'll make your heart melt

In the first episode, Nezuko is transformed into a fallen angel. Even though she is mute, her actions speak volumes about her character, as she constantly prioritizes her brother’s safety before her own and will not hesitate to put herself in danger. While Nezuko’s battle powers are greatly underappreciated, the anime fans have not forgotten the demon’s endearing and adorable antics. Her inquisitive pink eyes and innocent expression have wowed people for years, and her immense popularity will only grow as the story proceeds.

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Naru Kotoishi ( Barakamon)

naru kotoishi ( barakamon) 36 cute anime characters

Naru is a little girl with big brown eyes and short, spiky brown hair. A short ponytail holds up the left side of her fringe.

She frequently wears a white t-shirt with short sleeves that covers much of her aqua blue pants (even in winter). Likewise, her left hand has a yellow and green bracelet and dark brown footwear.

Naru is a happy, lively child who enjoys playing. She routinely visits Seishuu’s house and has no concept of personal space.

She collects bugs and shells from the beach. In the first episode, she repeatedly climbs over a tall wall, disregarding the danger, to watch a magnificent sunset.

She is readily persuaded and imitates the conduct and language of others she observes, leading her to use improper terms she does not comprehend.

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Kazari Uiharu(A Certain Scientific Railgun)

kazari uiharu(a certain scientific railgun) 36 cute anime characters

Uiharu Kazari is a little girl with golden-brown eyes and short black hair. Her brows are strong, but her most noticeable feature is her headpiece, composed of artificial flowers.

Uiharu is often modest and meek, although she is always friendly. She is also shown to be as vivacious as her pal Saten Ruiko. She acknowledges that she is calm most of the time as a result of a self-imposed “boundary.” Without that constraint, she is exceedingly active and, at times, airheaded, as demonstrated during the Tokiwadai Dormitory’s Festival. Furthermore, she is attracted to and interested in the Ojou-sama lifestyle, as evidenced by her attempting to impress Kuroko with her tea-making skills, as well as the above-mentioned excitability during the Tokiwadai Midsummer Festival. Although she is unskilled in basic combat like Kuroko, as a member of Judgment, she has a strong moral compass and will try her utmost to accomplish her duty.

She must be an animal lover because she was the only one of her friends who wasn’t afraid of Ekatrina, Kongou Mitsuko’s beloved boa constrictor, but even played with it.

Kanna Kamui ( Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid)

kanna kamui ( miss kobayashis dragon maid) 36 cute anime characters

Kanna’s human form has white-lavender hair and blue eyes. Riko Saikawa thinks she’s adorable. Her go-to outfits are a pink top, a white frilly skirt, and pink doll shoes. Her pigtails are studded with three dark blue beads each.

Her dragon form is a white-feathered dragon with blue eyes. When outside, she hides her tail and wings. Outside, she’s like Tohru, hiding her horns.

Kanna is soft-spoken and shy, expressing herself mostly through small gestures. Despite being older than her human counterparts, Kanna behaves like a child, hating regularity and enjoying games. It’s clear that, although Kanna is normally uncommunicative, she has feelings when Riko Saikawa treats her as a rival rather than a friend. Kanna may develop romantic feelings for Riko, emulating Kobayashi and Tohru’s relationship. Kanna also appreciates their companionship. According to Tohru, the pranks were an attempt to get her parents’ attention.

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March ( To Your Eternity)

march ( to your eternity) 36 cute anime characters

March has long black hair and brown eyes. March had black facial paint traces on her during her stay in the community. She has a hemp headband, a light brown frock, and carries a toy crab.

It’s clear that March enjoys playing “home” with her dolls and Parona and eating mud. Her first desire was to be a mother, and she regularly expressed her displeasure with maturation. As befits her age, March has a strong sense of justice but lacks the emotional competence to endure diffi situations, becoming enraged when told she would be sacrificed to achieve her goals.

March also values etiquette, expressing frustration at being neglected by Fushi, who was mute at the time. Instead, she eagerly returns gifts or acts of kindness by presenting a “meal” to Parona’s handmade dolls.

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Momo ( March Comes in Like a Lion)

momo ( march comes in like a lion) 36 cute anime characters who'll make your heart melt

Momo is the youngest of the three sisters, Kawamoto. Despite growing up without her parents, this cute three-year-old remains cheery and happy, thanks to her caring older sisters and grandfather. Her cheerful personality usually lifts the mood of the somber Rei Kiriyama, even bringing him to tears at one point.

Momo is a pretty little girl with pinkish-orange hair that curls towards her face, huge green eyes, and pink cheeks.

Momo typically dresses in long-sleeved gowns with a white collar.

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Tsumugi Inuzuka ( Sweetness & Lightning)

anime sweetness and lightning tsumugi inuzuka wallpaper preview

Tsumugi is a really lovely young girl with hip-length dirty blonde hair that she usually keeps wild and frilly, but there are times when she puts it into a ponytail while wearing a cap and bright green eyes. In the manga, she has short hair, the same style as her mother’s, after starting elementary school.

Tsumugi is a lively and happy young lady who likes going to Kotori Iida’s restaurant to prepare food with everyone. She adores her father and would never purposely irritate him. She has also demonstrated a powerful imagination, as she is seen walking down the street while picturing herself being surrounded by shark-infested water and imagining an airplane being a pterodactyl.

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Kisa Sohma ( Fruits Basket)

kisa sohma ( fruits basket) 36 cute anime characters

Kisa is a thin little girl with fair skin and wide amber-colored eyes who is praised as being cute by her friends Tohru and Hiro.

Her golden-yellow hair is cut into a bob with a messy fringe and usually two strands framing her face.

A light purple fitted sweater with deep purple sleeves and a yellow ribbon around the collar commonly depicts Kisa in her school uniform. It also includes a light purple short skirt, long white stockings, and brown loafers. She also likes to wear dresses on special occasions. She also wears ribbons in her hair and borrows Tohru’s outfits from time to time.

When Kisa is first presented, she remains silent because her peers tease her and laugh whenever she tries to talk. In her tiger form, she attacks Tohru three times and Haru once. It’s claimed that she developed trust issues after being treated like crap. But seeing Tohru’s generosity makes her want to come out of her shell. She begins to talk more and express herself more. Given that Yuki has also been bullied, they both pledge to be better.

Kisa is revealed to be a nice, innocent, bashful, and soft-spoken girl. She avoids controversy and prefers peaceful discourse. She is also quite sensitive, easily disturbed, and prone to tears. Despite this, she chooses to smile instead of expressing her genuine sentiments of sadness and turmoil.

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Inori Yuzuriha(Guilty Crown)

inori yuzuriha(guilty crown) 36 cute anime characters

Inori had light pink hair that ombred into hot pink, pigtails secured with two tubes, and a little red clip on the left side of her face. Inori had crimson eyes, 166 cm of height, and little glossed lips. Her petite body and thin legs made her appear frail.

Wearing a red leotard with a cut-out in the middle, red-orange spoilers with blossoms on the side, and high red gloves. She wears a short black dress with a white lining and red ribbons when she isn’t fighting. She wears the usual school uniform. Her red flowery leotard suit is replaced by a white one.

Initially shown as heartless and solely interested in Gai’s directives, GHQ made Inori “contain Mana’s mind,” and Gai awoke her and named her. So she respects and loves him unconditionally. She is a reserved woman who rarely speaks. She encourages Shu to stop beating himself up over the fact that no one will ever choose him over Gai because she strongly dislikes people who whine. She then lets Shu see Gai’s vulnerable side, hoping to reconcile the two. Inori is also proven to be a cold-blooded person, able to take the life of adversaries without remorse, but she warns them beforehand.

Inori grows more emotional after encountering and living with Shu, smiling more and even exhibiting shame when too close to Shu. She tells Shu she belongs to him just because Gai urged her to, but it becomes sincere with time. When Shu was arrested by the GHQ, she felt terribly cold and didn’t understand why. She told Tsugumi it was the only time she felt lonely. Inori is often seen not understanding her own feelings, to the point where Gai needs to tell her she loves Shu. She gradually becomes more kind and open, not only to Shu but to anyone around her.

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Taiga Aisaka ( Toradora)

taiga aisaka ( toradora) 36 cute anime characters

Taiga is a teenager, although her tiny stature makes her appear younger. Ami teases her about it. In addition to her father’s huge dark amber eyes, Taiga has long, curly light brown hair that falls beyond her waist in waves. She is “flat-chested” and ashamed of it, but her persistent gaze or scary comments frequently make up for it. Others called her extremely attractive.

Outside, Taiga normally wears her school uniform or long clothes. She wears long coats over dresses and stockings under long coats. Her pajamas are nice, and she is well-dressed from a wealthy household.

Taiga’s early demeanor gives her the moniker “Palmtop Tiger.” Except for her lone friend at the moment, Minori Kushieda, and her crush, Yusaku Kitamura, she is easily agitated about trivial matters. Taiga is also clumsy, which she confesses and others observe. In reality, she repeatedly attacks Ryuuji Takasu, the second time in his own home, next door to Taiga. Initially, Yusaku uses Taiga’s crush on him to pacify her when she becomes hostile.

Taiga, owing to her upbringing, initially depends on Ryuuji to complete her tasks. When Taiga’s behavior softens, and she wants Ryuuji to be closer to Minori, she stops going to Ryuuji’s and starts cleaning up after herself. In Ryuuji’s absence, she relies on takeout food because she can’t cook.

Taiga often uses devious means to defeat peers, especially Ami Kawashima. Despite her clumsiness, she is a strong and athletic woman. Taiga is a devotee of MMA; however, her offer of a brawl to win over Ryuuji was overruled by Ami’s proposal of a swim race. Taiga can still compete in her class’s pro wrestling show during the ural festival. Taiga can fight with her fists, but she also carries a wooden blade.

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There you have it, anime fans! 36 cute characters in anime. Now, this list was made with our personal taste in judging an adorable character and is in no way all-encompassing. Did we miss your favorite cute character? Let us know in the comments which cute character should be included in the update and why. And, as always, enjoy!

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