asseylum vers allusia ( 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

35 Of The Most Charming Anime Princesses In Anime History

asseylum vers allusia ( 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

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Anime has no shortage of strong female leads, but what about the princesses? While they may not always be able to fight their own battles, they frequently have other types of strength, with or without the charming prince. Whether it’s in their resolve or their compassion, these anime princesses are some of the most admirable and likable characters around. So, without further ado, here are our 35 picks for the best anime princess!

Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Wyndham ( Berserk)

charlotte beatrix marie rhody wyndham 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Charlotte is a quiet, reserved, and polite princess. She fell madly in love with Griffith upon first sight, and after his horrible torment and disfigurement, she became his fiancée. But she has a strong will, defending her decision to save her prince charming from her mother, spying for the Band of the Hawk, buying a guard during a rescue operation to save Griffith, and writing legislation for orphanages.

Charlotte hated her father for mistreating Griffith for a year after he discovered Charlotte had been with him. When he tried to take advantage of her, she realized he had groomed her to become his desire.

Charlotte can cook and embroider on the battleground. She also knows how to make tea. She fought off her father and slashed him with her fists. She saw and blocked a venomous dart to save Griffith. She tried to keep up with the departing Band of the Falcon, but she ran out of air.

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Princess Licori ( The Four Seasons )

princess licori 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

The Four Seasons is a beautiful, four-part ONA created to showcase the gorgeous scenery of Saitama Prefecture. Princess Licori represents fall–she’s been missing for a while now, and her father has asked Higan (the kingdom’s “guardian” fairy) to go find her! When they spot each other eating some delicious sweets on street corners, it doesn’t take much before both parties are back on their way toward home, but not without first meeting up with friendly humans who help make this journey easier than expected.

Princess Mana “Manahime” ( Jewelpet Movie: Sweets Dance Princess )


Princess Mana of Sweetsland is the country’s princess and a fan favorite.

In “Mana’s Birthday,” we see this young lady as she celebrates her 7th birthday with friends from Jewelpet Village! She loves eating cake, dancing to pop music under bright lights during the nighttime hours while sipping on drinks made out of strange ingredients found only in sweet land, such as alcohol, and drinking lemonade made specifically for people who love citrus flavors.

Himeya Anthy ( Revolutionary Girl Utena)

himeya anthy ( revolutionary girl utena)

Unknown to her current master, Anthy is a mystery girl who has no thoughts or desires. Because she’s a “doormat,” other individuals tend to project their wishes onto her, making her the target of their fury. A tragic and spiteful personality changes between unselfish love, passive-aggressive revenge, and learned helplessness. Anthy, like Utena Tenjou, subverts and conforms to the princess and witch archetypes.

Anthy seems to carry the Sword of Dios within her. In a duel, she enters a trance, and the blade emerges from her chest for her champion to draw. As the Rose Bride, Anthy is thought to be the key to gaining this Sword.

Anthy can also magically beautify Utena’s uniform before the combat. Her metaphorical function as a witch implies she can transform others, as in the “Cowbell of Happiness.”

Nefertari Vivi ( One Piece)

nefertari vivi ( one piece) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

She is Titi and Nefertari Cobra’s daughter. As a child, Vivi was a member of the Suna Suna Clan, serving as vice-leader to her buddy Koza.

She debuted as a Bounty Hunter in the Reverse Mountain Arc, with the Baroque Works pseudonym Miss Wednesday.

Princess Vivi commands immense power in her realm. She is a natural diplomat. Even as a child, Vivi understood what it meant to be a princess and acted with maturity beyond her years. When she was slapped by Wapol, she promptly apologized and held back her emotions until he was out of earshot. After her cover was broken, she persuaded Zoro and Nami to shield her from the Baroque Works agents and even persuaded Nami not to charge her for their protection. She kept the Straw Hats’ children as well as Karoo focused, calm, and motivated during their journeys together. When they arrived at Drum Island, she persuaded Luffy not to harm the locals, even after being injured in the arm. Her bravery persuaded the villagers to let them in peacefully. A few days after the battle against Baroque Works, Vivi managed to convince the royal guards and rebels of her country to stop fighting and taking the life of each other, effectively ending Crocodile’s unnecessary civil war.

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Pacifica ( Scrapped Princess)

pacifica ( scrapped princess) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Pacifica Casull is the titular character of the Scrapped Princess light novel, manga, and anime series. Her loss of life was ordered because the local religion said she would bring horror and despair to the globe. But she survived, and now she travels around, protected by Shannon and Raquel Casull, avoiding capture by those who wish to harm her.

Pacifica is initially portrayed as a brat, a greedy, spoiled, insufferable child, equivalent to a royal child, despite the fact that her life was supposedly taken. Casull regularly yells at her brother Shannon and sister Raquel and seems to care about her personal demands. It turns out this isn’t true. While she might be selfish, she sincerely cares about everyone around her, particularly her siblings, who have reared and protected her since she was a child. Moreover, unlike her two siblings, she will risk her life to defend them and other innocent individuals in peril. She’s impulsive and doesn’t always think things through, but her heart’s always in the right place.

Princess Fala ( Voltron: Fleet of Doom)

princess fala voltron fleet of doom 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Princess Fala, the heir to Planet Altea’s throne and one-time counterpart of Allura. She was born in 1983 during an empire invasion that took her family’s life, which resulted in them hiding their existence from Galra citizens while being raised within a ruined castle where she met five escaped slaves who became Golion Pilots for revenge on behalf of those taken from them. Together they made up what is now referred to as “Golions.” With long pink hair pulled back into two elegant braids across each side, along with white accented dress attire flowy enough not to be too tight around the Princess’ pleasant features, A vision that stands out among the other royalty in space!

After Shirogane Takashi’s , she even takes on the role of flying the Blue Lion. Fala plays an important role in bringing the Galra empire to an end. 

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Hakuei Ren ( Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

hakuei ren ( mag the labyrinth of magic) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Hakuei is the sole daughter of Hakutoku, the First Emperor of the Kou Empire, and Gyokuen, his Empress.

Her father and brothers, Hakuyuu and Hakuren, perished in a fire set by her mother, Gyokuen, when Hakuei was small. Gyokuen said after the revolution that the new Emperor, her uncle Koutoku, would adopt them as his own children and keep their royal titles.

Hakuei is a strong-willed woman who believes in fairness. She wants a just and united world. For the sake of such a great goal, Hakuei seeks the Kou Empire’s peaceful global unification. Hakuei is a pacifist who prefers negotiation to war. Because she envisions a future free of hostility and oppression. The fact that Hakuei is unshaken even while ready to be took the life of shows her strength. So she’s not idealistic. Hakuei is always positive and grins a lot. Her teammates, notably her brother Hakuryuu, are shown to be compassionate and caring. She’ll do what she can to make her brother happy by making him some of his favorite delicacies.

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Lilliane von Phoenix “Hime” ( Princess Resurrection)

lilliane von phoenix hime ( princess resurrection) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Hime is the series’ main female protagonist. She is the Royal Family’s second princess and is seventeen at the start of the series. She strongly dislikes her name and wishes to be called “Hime,” the Japanese title for a royal lady. 

Hime, unlike her siblings, is not interested in the throne. One of her greatest assets, according to Sherwood, is her calm demeanor. Usually calm, Hime becomes agitated in catastrophic situations. In the manga, she is more emotional than in the anime series. In the manga’s early chapters, she is revealed to be rather arrogant and pampered, moaning about having only Hiro (and Flandre). In one scene, she makes Hiro play a “game” with her blood, catching it as it drips from a balcony above him.

Everybody who knows her says she has the attributes of a ruler. She is one of the few that has a true pure-blood vampire serving her. She can also negotiate with other creatures.

As noted by Sherwood, she is nice and unchanging; this hindered her in beating their siblings. She is also well-known among her siblings, and Ladd the Moleman told Hiro she is well-known throughout the kingdom.

Leona ( Dragon Quest Dai No Daibouken Series)

leona ( dragon quest dai no daibouken series) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Leona is the Papnica Princess. When the Dark Lord went after Papnica, she led her followers in place of the King, who went missing and was subsequently declared no longer living.

Her leadership and charm are impressive for a young person, which leads other ures to call her a valiant princess.

Leona is not your normal princess. She is a tomboyish, intimidating, sharp-tongued, and forthright character who always blurts out what she genuinely thinks and feels, even if it is at the expense of others because she believes in being honest because it feels better.

Princess Syalis ( Sleepy Princess In Thefallen angel Castle)

princess syalis ( sleepy princess in thefallen angel castle) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Princess Syalis, a.k.a. Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste, princess of the Unified Human Nation of Goodereste, is the central protagonist of Sleepy Princess in thefallen angel Castle. Thefallen angel King kidnapped her to terrorize the kingdom and entice the Hero to battle him to end the human-demon war.

Syalis is a total sleepyhead who can sleep anywhere and everywhere in just a few seconds. However, there are exceptions.

Syalis is a driven individual who will do anything to achieve her goals, even sacrificing her life to be revived by thefallen angel Cleric, leaving her cell, and confronting the monsters in thefallen angel King’s Castle to find the perfect material to maximize her sleep comforts.

Twilight ( Go! Princess Pretty Cure)

twilight ( go! princess pretty cure) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Twilight appeared to be a great musician when the Pretty Cure first saw her. But she quickly introduces herself as Dyspear’s child, the Dys Dark Princess. She fights the Pretty Cure for a while, but they win. She found a black key and a perfume flask, transforming into a black Pretty Cure. Unfortunately, it drains her strength, which Dyspear doesn’t care about because she isn’t her daughter. Twilight regained her senses and memories after the Cures Trinity Explosion. She was Towa, Princess of Hope Kingdom, and hence Prince Kanata’s youngest sister. She adopted her real name and joined the other Cures as Cure Scarlett.

Twilight is cruel and vain and thinks dreams are for the weak. She is a born princess and disdains the Pretty Cure as fake princesses.

Cornelia Li Britannia ( Code Geass)

cornelia li britannia ( code geass) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Princess Alexandra of Britannia is Lelouch’s half-sister. She established Area 18 sometime prior to arriving in Area 11 and is an expert in Knightmare Frame combat. In the first season, she is one of the primary villains, but in the second, she is neutral.

Cornelia began the story with a fierce sense of patriotism, proud of her title as Britannia’s “Goddess of Victory.” This was clear when she met V.V., who she had realized was her uncle and did not hesitate to be his enemy, despite the fact that this likely meant betraying her father. She was against Suzaku’s goal-justifying-means methods. Cornelia, who initially would sacrifice however many lives as necessary to attain her desired aims, eventually begins to show symptoms of transformation as she appears to appreciate human life and that the present system isn’t worth everything.

This was proven when she told Viletta about the Black Knights’ betraying Zero and how Schneizel opted to sacrifice the Britannian capital and its residents, despite Lelouch’s claim that Cornelia was the sort to sacrifice her own people to achieve her goals. Cornelia also opposed Schneizel’s proposal to make Damocles able to strike every nation on the planet, which is unusual given her past lack of regard for other people’s lives. She was astounded to learn that Schneizel had let Lelouch get away for so long to accomplish his mission.

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Asseylum Vers Allusia ( Aldnoah.Zero)

asseylum vers allusia ( 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Latifa Fleuranza is the main character in the anime series ALDNOAH.ZERO. She is the Empress of the Vers Empire, Princess Lemrina Vers Envers’ half-sister, Gilzeria’s daughter, and Rayregalia Vers Rayvers’ granddaughter.

Asseylum is a pacifist and idealist. She believes in diplomatic solutions and has high regard for the inhabitants of the Earth. Unlike many Martians, she appears to regard Earthlings as equal beings. Asseylum appears to be remorseful for the events that led to the Second Earth-Mars War between Martians and Earthlings, but she believes she has a responsibility to assist in ending the war.

Asseylum is sympathetic, caring, and kind. She is also foolish, assuming that the war would be over if her grandfather discovered she was still alive. Asseylum subsequently learns her folly and that certain VERS members were merely using her as a pretext to provoke a war with Earth.

Asseylum also appears to have a forceful and decisive personality. She is not very guarded in the presence of others, instead of being open and welcoming. Asseylum appears to value the safety of others over her own and takes her role as Princess of VERS seriously.

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Latifa Fleuranza (Amagi Brilliant Park)

latifa fleuranza (amagi brilliant park) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Latifa is the ruler of Maple Land, and she manages Amagi Brilliant Park with Seiya as her deputy.

Latifa has yellow hair, a tiny silver tiara, and blue eyes. Her hair is hip-length and covers her whole forehead. Her clothing is peach and white. Her garment includes flower motifs on the top layer. Her corset is pink. Latifa is all white. She wears two different-sized necklaces and a white see-through wrap.

Latifa is a happy person who regularly smiles. She is a compassionate and enthusiastic individual who is concerned about the amusement park’s future. Her willingness to kiss a boy she had just met to demonstrate her “magic” shows she would go to tremendous measures to safeguard the park. She is a brave woman who trusts a stranger with the park’s fate. She is also incredibly calm under pressure.

Angelise Ikaruga (Ange) Misurugi ( Cross Ange)

angelise ikaruga (ange) misurugi ( cross ange) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Angelise has long blond locks and pink eyes. Her body is slim yet beautiful, with a huge bust. She acquires tone after Arzenal training.

Angelise first came across as dignified, powerful, and kind. A sister-figure to her schoolmates, she prioritized them over winning a match but also felt pressured to be the greatest at everything, which Julio called being a “perfect princess.” She saw her maid, Momoka, as a close personal friend and believed that she must lead them as the country’s first princess. Her egalitarian ideology did not account for the Norma, who believed they were not human and should be confined at all costs.

She denied being a Norma, regarding herself as a compassionate person, which clashed with what the general public believed of them. Her chauvinism made her awkward with other Norma companions when she was deported to Arzenal. Smugly claimed that her imprisonment in Arzenal was an error and that her Empire would send for her release.

Euphemia Li Britannia ( Code Geass)

euphemia li britannia 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Euphemia is the Third Princess of Britannia. After Nunnally, Euphemia is Lelouch vi Britannia’s half-sister. Euphemia was the Sub-Viceroy of Area 11, a job she hated. Euphemia admired Cornelia, but despised warfare in general, despite being able to pilot a Knightmare Frame.

Euphemia had pink hair that hung below her waist. She has wavy bangs on the right side of her face, blue eyes, and is considerably shorter than Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi.

She frequently wears a rose choker with a pink and white outfit.

The fact that Euphemia is a member of the Britannian royal household does not diminish her kindness and open-mindedness towards others. This universal respect probably stems from her experiences growing up with her siblings, Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia, whose mother was not from the nobility and thus was looked down upon. After the hotel hijacking, she is the second Imperial Family member to realize Lelouch is alive and the first to know his alter ego is Zero. She forms a love connection with Suzaku Kururugi because they both believe that an issue must be solved internally.

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Aeka Jurai Masaki ( Tenchi Muyou!)

aeka jurai masaki ( tenchi muyou!) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

The beautiful princess of Jurai, Ayeka, is often shown as falling in love with Tenchi. She has a proper accent and can be snobbish when talking about other planets or their royal families, but will do anything for those she cares about, including protection from enemies who try to hurt them on any given day.

Ryoko Hakubi’s competition for Tenchi’s affections is Ayeka. The rivalry between the two is frequently fueled by their vastly different personalities and upbringings, with Ryoko being more frank, open, and romantic in her pursuit of Tenchi’s affection. The intensity of the rivalry can range from being comparable to a couple of arguing siblings to an all-out feud. Ryoko’s taunting and efforts frequently bring out some of Ayeka’s worse characteristics. When Tenchi is in jeopardy, Ayeka sets aside her rivalry.

Nausicaa ( Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

nausicaa ( nausicaa of the valley of the wind) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Nausicaa is the Wind Valley’s princess. She is King Jhil’s eleventh child and the only one to survive. She rarely appears without Mehve or Teto, the fox squirrel. Some say she’s “The Blue Clad One” of Dorok folklore.

Her intelligence belies her tender age. She has committed herself to help her people in the treatment of poison which many of her people are suffering from. She is a true heroine, brave, fearless, wise, clever, devoted, honest, kind, and sympathetic. She is brave in the face of danger and willing to lose one’s life to help others. Her fencing and airplane maneuvering skills outperform the enemies’. She can use a dagger, a sword, and other weapons to extract an Ohmu eye. Nausicaä has psychic skills such as telepathy, psychic force, and plant communication. 

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Stephanie Dola ( No Game No life)

stephanie dola ( no game no life) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Stephanie Dola is the King of Immanity’s granddaughter. After the Kinglost life, she bet she would be the next Queen. The pledges pushed her to fall in love with Sora when she lost a game to him in Episode 02, but she has since developed affections for him. 

Stephanie has short red hair with a huge blue flower in it. She has blue eyes, a curvaceous body and a dress that could make idols jealous. She’s dressed in a maid-like attire, leg warmers, and boots. In Episode 1, she donned a dress her grandfather gave her. After losing it to Chlammy, she had to use a towel before Sora clothed her in a bedsheet outfit. Steph retrieved the outfit after the siblings defeated Chlammy in a match for the crown of Immanity.

Steph is the human princess of Elkia. She strongly dislikes to lose, is haughty, and very often acts without thinking. Stephanie is outspoken and sensitive, unable to control her emotions during a game of poker. 

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Sakura ( Tsubasa Chronicles)

sakura ( tsubasa chronicles) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

The princess of Clow, Sakura, is an amazing character from xxxHolic and other crossover series. 

Her dormant magical powers manifest as feathered wings just as she is about to proclaim her feelings. Syaoran promises to find Sakura’s feathers when they are scattered over time and space. Each feather signifies Sakura’s memory and is connected to her heart.

Fei-Wong Reed (the series’ mystery villain) compares the power hidden within Sakura and the ruins in Clow Country to that of High Priest Yukito, Princess Tomoyo of Nihon, and Yko.

To cross realities, Sakura must pay Yko what she values most, which is similar to Syaoran’s payment – her memories of him. “Who are you?” she asks Syaoran, who she hasn’t seen since she awoke in the Hanshin Republic.

Sakura sometimes remembers Syaoran, but it is immediately removed from her memory. Syaoran, anticipating this, will never inform her about their former connection. Sakura only knows about Syaoran through their adventures with Mokona, Fai, and Kurogane, yet she knows she knew him before, and he was very special to her. It’s also evident she’s falling for him again.

Sakura is “a treasured daughter of the gods,” according to Chun Hyang and Yko. Her good luck served as a fee for her safe journey between dimensions. Sakura can “hear” the voices of those who cannot be heard, such as nature spirits and see ghosts. 

Sakura’s personality is quiet and tired from memory loss. Throughout the series, she grows stronger and more self-reliant. Syaoran claims she’ll never change, despite losing most of her memories. She assists the group in any way she can, even saving their lives.

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Millhiore Firianno Biscotti ( Dog Days)

millhiore firianno biscotti ( dog days) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti, a 13-year-old princess and ambassador of the Biscotti Republic, has a compassionate and diligent demeanor.

Millhiore is a lovely young lady with lovely pink hair and violet eyes. She also has pink dog ears and a tail, and dresses royally. Her hair is cropped in the front and longer in the back.

Millhiore summoned Cinque to Flonyard in the first place by deploying Tatsumaki to open a gateway on Earth when Cinque attempted to jump from a height at school. Later on, it is revealed that she chose Cinque because she’d been star-reading Cinque’s success in the iron athletic tournament.

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Princess Of Traumere ( 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams)

princess of traumere ( 100 sleeping princes and the kingdom of dreams)

The role-playing game 100 Sleeping Prince and the Kingdom of Dreams was released as an ONA in 2017. Later in 2018, an anime adaptation with 12 episodes was released.

The game’s and anime series’ plots revolve around a girl who is inexplicably taken to the Dream World.

Princess Traumere is the heroine who must protect the Dream World from the Dream Eaters, creatures who steal people’s dreams. She discovers that all living beings on this planet are powered by the energy of dreams.

What’s notable here is that contemporary princesses are no longer portrayed as damsels in distress but as significant and fierce individuals who give complexity to the tale and character developments.

Carla/Charles ( Fairy Tail)

carla charles ( fairy tail) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Charles is Wendy Marvell’s best friend and Queen Shagotte’s daughter. She and Wendy used to stay in the Cait Shelter. Carla and Wendy joined Lamia Scale after Fairy Tail disbanded. Carla departs from Lamia Scale when Orochi’s Fin and Lamia Scale’s fight is over, to assist Natsu in reviving Fairy Tail.

Carla is a little white Exceed with pink ears and smaller brown eyes than Happy. Her face has two whiskers on each side. Carla wears a mustard yellow and red blouse with a pink bow tie. She pairs it with a pink skirt. Carla, like other characters, frequently changes her attire. Carla’s magic gives her two angel-like wings to fly.

Unlike Happy, Carla is usually stern and solemn, expressing little emotion. Wendy is adored by her. She was initially aloof, snubbing everyone except Wendy. She also chastises Wendy for her timidity.

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San ( Princess Mononoke)

san ( princess mononoke) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

San is a lovely young woman with an average physique who wears shabby clothes and a wolf-fur cape and has amaranth red war paint over her face. Her front head necklace has a single tiny stone. She has short, straight, earthy green hair and dark blue eyes with slightly parted bangs. Throughout the film, she wears large, dangling oval earrings. She is also quick, nimble, strong, and adept with daggers and spears. Her signature feature is a mask. In the red mask, there are three bright yellow holes for the mouth and eyes.

San, a literal warrior princess, is defined by her love of nature. The “Wolf Girl” has a wild personality due to her early adoption by the wolf goddess Moro. Despite her justifiable aversion to mankind, she is capable of compassion.

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Pina Co Lada ( Gate)

pina co lada ( gate) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Pina Co Lada is the Emperor Molt Sol Augustus’ and Countess Nell’s daughter. The future Emperor was to be chosen from among her two brothers, Zorzal and Diabo El Caesar. Her Rose-Order of Knights is her command. She joins the JSDF to put an end to the conflict and protect her homeland, recognizing the Empire’s impossibly large strength disparity with Japan.

She has dark red hair and brown eyes. A top that exposes her figure and light armor seems to be her signature look. She wears a dress with no right strap for formal occasions.

A serious and strict person, Pina Co Lada was greatly influenced by Otaku ure after spending time with Itami. She is fiercely dedicated to the Empire and will stop at nothing to keep it running.

Because of its inexpugnable history, she initially believed the Empire would never fall. She eventually recognized how inferior the Empire was to Japan after observing the JSDF’s greater military capabilities while visiting Japan. So she preferred peace with Japan rather than continuing war with such a powerful country.

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Relena Peacecraft ( Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)

relena peacecraft ( mobile suit gundam wing) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Relena is the leading lady in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. She meets the Gundam pilot, Heero Yuy, by happenstance, and becomes engaged in the battle between the settlements and Earth, discovering her true past and becoming the main voice for the future.

Relena, a rich, wistful girl, matures over the series as she discovers the truth about her background and actively participates in reconstructing the future. In the OVA Endless Waltz, she concedes that peace cannot be achieved by simply handing it to the masses and that some battling is required. Throughout the course of Gundam Wing, she appears to be in love with Heero. While their personalities clash, Heero is a soldier who only likes to fight, while she is a peacemaker. Heero grows close to her and pledges to protect her even though it means his . Even though Heero threatened to take her life when she heard of his secret mission and significantly messed her up, she remained a loyal ally and friend of the bereaved Gundam pilot.

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Rayneshia El-Arte Cowen ( Log Horizon)

rayneshia el arte cowen ( log horizon) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history
Credit: Funimation

Raeneshia is from the Cowen family, the most aristocratic dukedom in the Eastal League of Free Cities and second in Yamato.

She is Phenel and Saraliya’s second child, and Sergiad’s grandchild.

Raynesia is a stunning young woman. Her silver hair is braided on the left side, and her bangs are swept to the right.

Raynesia’s wardrobe is left to Elissa, her lady-in-waiting, as she prefers to wear comfy pajamas to social events.

Raynesia, princess of a high-ranking noble family, appears graceful, soft-spoken, and well-mannered. She is aware of how her looks reflect on her family and does her best to appear immaculate in the eyes of high society.

But this is in direct opposition to her genuine nature as a lazy, carefree girl who would happily eat and sleep for the rest of her life. The strict ural standards she learned to live up to aggravated her nature, leaving the girl lacking the confidence and ambition to pursue things on her own. She dislikes responsibility, significant decisions, and the plotting and maneuvering of the other nobility.

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Princess Emeraude ( Magic Knight Rayearth)

princess emeraude ( magic knight rayearth) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Princess Emeraude is the sovereign monarch of Cephiro and a goddess-like character whose blessings all residents seek. She also summoned Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji to the legendary Magic Knights’ realm of Cephiro.

Priscilla Emeraude has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a white dress and a headpiece with a green orb.

Emeraude is nice, polite, and selfless. She feels terrible for failing in love and neglecting her duty as a pillar. She is adamant in her determination to take the life of herself to save Cephiro.

When Zagato is slain, she is overwhelmed by shock, sadness, and wrath, attacking the magic knights with all her might. Although Hikaru could abolish the pillar system with her will, Emeraude never considered this solution. Because Emeraude is deluded and mourning her lover’s , she starts to neglect her duties.

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Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon)

princess serenity (sailor moon) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Princess Serenity was Silver Millennium’s Princess. After the Moon was destroyed, she was reborn as Usagi Tsukino, a 14-year-old girl.

Princess Serenity has blue eyes, long blonde hair arranged in two buns with streaming pigtails, and a golden crescent on her forehead to indicate her status as a Silver Millennium royal dynasty member.

An artistically embellished gold corset with gold hoops and a series of golden beads highlighted the midsection of Serenity’s white flowing gown. A white gauzy bow with lengthy fluttery ribbons trailed behind.

During the series’ climaxes, Usagi as Serenity obtains angelic wings. She performs this in the last battle of Sailor Moon SuperS to save Chibiusa from Pegasus, and in the fifth and final season when she steals the Sword of Sealing from the fully-possessed Galaxia.

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Lum ( Urusei Yatsura)

lum ( urusei yatsura) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Lum is a sweet, naive, faithful, and good-natured girl, yet she can also be jealous and irritable, generally as a result of Ataru’s continuous flirtation. At least until the start of season 2 of the anime, Lum had a nasty streak in the early chapters of the manga and was nearly antagonistic towards many of the characters. When Shinobu got involved, she even devised plans to be with Ataru.

Her ears are slightly pointed, and her hair is long and green. Her head is adorned with two small horns and fangs on the top of her mouth.

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Yona ( Yona of the Dawn)

yona ( yona of the dawn) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Yona is the heir to the throne of the Kouka Kingdom and the reincarnation of King Hiryuu. After her father was assassinated by her cousin Soo-Won, she was forced to depart Hiryuu Castle as a refugee on her 16th birthday.

Yona had a privileged, pampered upbringing until she saw her father’s life taken. After her father’s loss of life, she and Hak had to flee to the Wind Tribe for protection. Following Son Mundok’s instructions, Yona and Hak sought out Priest Ik-Su, who advised them to seek out the Four Dragons, who created the land 2000 years ago. Yona’s will to live prompted her to seek out the dragons, who taught her new skills in archery and swordplay.

Yona comes to recognize that her dad was not a good monarch and that Soo-Won had stolen the throne to make amends.

She grew from a sweet but naive girl to a courageous and seasoned fighter, all the while retaining elegance, compassion, and integrity.

She is a slim, small girl with pale skin. Unlike her mother, Kashi, Yona was born with wavy red hair, which she despised because red hair was unique and made her stand out from others. Later, it is revealed that she has red hair, not due to genetic inheritance (both parents had black hair); instead, she is King Hiryuu’s reincarnation.

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Melty Q Melromarc ( Rising of the Shield Hero)

melty q melromarc ( rising of the shield hero) 35 of the most charming and inspiring anime princesses in anime history

Following her mother’s during the fight against Faubrey, the Second and Crown Princess of Melromarc becomes the next Queen of Melromarc.

She appointed Naofumi Iwatani as Archduke out of malice, but it backfired when she realized the rank was only second to the Queen, causing them to be technically engaged.

Melty has the impression of a child, with her general blue color design, bra-length blue hair wrapped in two curling pigtails by two blue ribbons, and blue eyes.

She dresses in extravagant, frilly garments that befit a beloved princess, which are likewise blue with white accents.

At first, Melty appears pleasant and appropriate for her image as a princess, but this is only a facade for others to save face. She is noticeably more friendly and nonjudgmental towards commoners and Demi-humans, and unlike other nobles in the Melromarc Kingdom, she does not take advantage of her position of authority. This side of her also demonstrates how, despite her age, she has higher morality and maturity. These characteristics make her the polar opposite of her big sister, Malty S. Melromarc.

However, she may still be like any kid of her age, as Melty realizes after spending time with Naofumi Iwatani, which surprises Melty as she realizes her own actions were out of the norm.

Melty was drawn to Filo because of her mother’s hobbies, which included a strong interest in Filolials. Despite severe trust issues, Naofumi trusted her because Filo trusted Melty, and Filo is a superb judge of character.

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Lucia Nanami ( Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch)

The Princess of the North Pacific is the series’ first mermaid princess.

Lucia has dirty blond human hair and dazzling blonde hair as a mermaid princess and idol. Her regular eyes are brown, but her mermaid or idol eyes are blue. Her pearls are frequently kept in shell lockets. She usually wears a white and red top with a denim skirt and boots.

Lucia is recognized for her positive outlook on life, and she enjoys making homemade jewelry. It’s rare to see her without a smile in the first arc. She has a big heart and a knack for recognizing the good in everyone. However, she has a minor resentment towards Kaito because she is not the only girl interested in him.

Mei Chang ( Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The Xingese Emperor’s sixteenth royal princess, born to the Chang royal concubine.  A young Mei is set on a quest to find and gift her father with the key to immortality.

Mei is a short Xingese girl with fair skin, dark eyes, and dark braided hair that ends in two buns on either side of her head, six strands of which reach to her knees. She also has a light-purple purse over her left shoulder and right waist, comparable to the Xingese royal dress.

Mei is a nice girl with a strong soul. She is strong, smart, and brave. As evidenced by her solo crossing of the dunes between Amestris and Xing with only her buddy Xiao-Mei. Mei has a short fuse and gets emotional easily, yet she knows when to put her feelings aside to accomplish her goals. This is demonstrated by her unselfish sacrifice to find the Elixir of Life and save her family.

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Well, anime fans, you’ve seen 35 of the best anime princesses. We’ve done our best to provide a variety of different princesses, but we know there are so many more out there. It doesn’t matter what she’s like; whether she is just trying to do her job as one of our favorite heroines or even fighting for justice as an evil royal, all anime princesses are awesome! All these amazing characters are worth celebrating with their own spot here. So now it’s time to see if we missed your future Queen. If you have any princess characters in anime that are amazing and aren’t on this list, let us know in the comments below! And, as always, enjoy!

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