gate anime like konosuba

10 Of The Best Anime Like Gate

gate anime like konosuba

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Gate is not like your typical Isekai anime series. Our otaku protagonist does not lose one’s life and reincarnates in another world. He is not summoned by powerful wizards that make him overpowered.

Gate is a classic for us when it comes to looking at 2015. Heck, even in the trope itself, Gate may not be the first to establish this by having one of the charming characters transported to another world. Still, they sure did make themselves stand out with how different and engaging that story was. While many people would say it’s just like any other isekai anime where someone gets sent into an alternate reality, we disagree because these are nothing alike! 

gate 10 of the best anime like gate

Youji Itami, an otaku and off-duty JSDF officer from Japan, is on his way to attend a doujin convention in Ginza when he notices something strange. A large gate has suddenly appeared in the middle of Tokyo that opens up into another world with people clad head-to-toe in medieval armor coming through it! Youji takes quick action and saves as many lives as possible before the rest of the JSDF can stop this invasion.

Three months after the attack, Youji is tasked with leading a special recon team as part of a JSDF task force entering the world beyond. The name given to this new frontier was “The Special Region.” Their mission is to find out more about what they are dealing with and attempt peaceful ties by befriending locals to not participate in a devastating war.

Few anime come around like GATE did and weave a wonderful tale. It captivated audiences worldwide as they followed Youji’s journey to the conqueror of unknown land with help from various individuals along the way.

Here are our favorite anime like Gate:

10. Outbreak Company

outbreak company 19 anime like no game no life you need to watch today

Shinichi Kanou is a shut-in otaku with extensive knowledge of anime, manga, and video games. One day after applying for a job in hopes of escaping his secluded lifestyle, he was kidnapped and transported far away from his homeworld. Trapped in the strange Eldant Empire, Shinichi finds himself given the task by the Japanese government: to spread otaku ure across the realm by becoming an “Otaku Missionary.”

Shinichi has the full support of the Japanese government and his faithful assistants Myucel and Petralka. Together they will overcome any obstacles that come their way to promote otaku ure in this holy land!

Shinichi Kanou is the poster child for taking on anime and manga in his spare time. His father was a writer of light novels, while his mother illustrated erotic games or “eroge.” The fun train does not stop there as Shinichi has no hobbies other than that he knows everything about moe incarnate; from its history to how it’s done right now! 

The two anime nerds, Youji and Shinichi, find themselves in fantasy worlds. They both share the same passion for their hobby. Still, they are also passionate about it because of how much time they dedicate to it, not just as an otaku but also dedicated to being one. Conflicts would inevitably happen after going to this new world, so some strife has had to appear.

9. Kado: The Right Answer

kado the right answer 10 of the best anime like gate

Probably the closest anime to Gate in terms of setting, Kado: The Right Answer follows Koujirou Shindou: a government official and master negotiator with an impeccable reputation. He was cool-headed as he prepared to leave on his business trip. Still, when the giant cube materialized out of nowhere, it took him by surprise along with everyone else. As soon as their plane entered the mysterious indestructible structure in mid-air, Koujiro knew that this would be unlike anything they had experienced before (Cool head).

Japanese authorities have been perplexed by the cube that has popped up out of nowhere. It seems to be a powerful object, so they are unsure what will happen if it falls into someone else’s hands. Shindou is approached by an otherworldly entity with strange powers and requests their help in negotiations between them and humans who cannot understand him otherwise.

Yaha-Kui zaShunina is a man from the higher dimensional universe of Novo, hailing to transfer information between Shindou’s world and his own. He does not appear hostile but instead announces that he has come on behalf only for one intention: To “advance” humanity—starting with Japan.

8. Log Horizon

Thirty thousand Japanese gamers are whisked from their everyday lives into the world of Elder Tale after its latest update, unable to log out. Among them is Shiroe, who immediately sets off exploring his new reality as a veteran MMORPG player.

Shiroe is a shy gamer who has always been obsessed with Elder Tale, the online RPG. One day he gets stuck in-game and learns that all of his friends are trapped inside this new world they never knew existed before! Shiroe sets out to explore it (since he knows how to play) but soon realizes there’s more at stake than just having fun. Shiroe has a long and challenging journey ahead of him in the land of Elder Tales. He must become friends with NPCs, find other real-life players, establish order amongst them all. Joined by Akatsuki-a fierce assassin loyal to Shiroe’s every command-, they set out on their quest to explore this fantasy world.

Gate and Log Horizon both tackle the idea of two different worlds colliding. Gate is a sci-fi show that follows Youji and Shiroe from Log Horizon to another world with an entirely new set of rules they must figure out and its political aspects through their journey. While it’s hard for them due to ural differences and ignorance of how society works, things begin looking up when these otakus learn more about this fantasy world.

7. No Game No Life

Lank is a shut-in NEET who used to be the most powerful player in this online gaming world. But now, he has been challenged by an unfamiliar email and reached another new level of existence: Tet’s realm! A place where games are played for real stakes–pieces can lose one’s life or even go mentally unwell from losing too often.

The mysterious god welcomes Sora and Shiro to Disboard. In this world, all forms of conflict—from petty squabbles to the fate of whole countries—are settled not through war but through high-stake games. This system works thanks to basic rule wherein each party must wager something they deem equally as valuable as what is wagered on their behalf; in this strange land where humanity has been reduced into child’s play, genius gamer duo Sora and Shiro have finally found a legitimate reason for continuing playing: To unite sixteen races residing in Disboard and defeat Tet.

Between GATE and No Game No Life, some characters have whisked away to fantasy worlds where they can use their expertise for negotiating critical events. They find themselves in a complex political scenario between two kingdoms fraught with conflict due to the lack of technology on either side. While both societies rely heavily on magic instead of science, it does not stop them from developing into highly advanced civilizations capable of bending reality itself! A movie based on this series has also been announced coming soon, so be sure you catch up before then because no one likes watching movies without knowing what’s going down beforehand!

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6. KonoSuba

konosuba 10 of the best anime like gate

After dying a laughable and pathetic on his way back from buying a game, high school student and recluse Kazuma Satou finds himself sitting before a beautiful but obnoxious goddess named Aqua. She provides the NEET with two options: continue on to heaven or reincarnate in every gamer’s dream—a real fantasy world! Choosing to start over, Kazuma is quickly tasked with defeating an evilfallen angel King. He has terrorized villages for years without any interference by heroes. But first, he must choose one item of any kind that will aid him during his quest, so our hero selects Aqua as a well-meaning company through this new adventure.

KonoSuba and Gate, Youji and Kazuma, both otaku in their own respective manner, suddenly have to go to a new world full of fantasy. KonoSuba is as hilarious as it gets with bright colors. At the same time, GATE takes on more serious tones, but the two anime will surely not disappoint you! 

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5. Re: Zero

One of the many tropes in Re: Zero is that Subaru Natsuki, a socially awkward shut-in/otaku from Earth, suddenly finds himself whisked away to another world after buying dinner. After being jumped and saved by Satella – an anxious woman looking for her insignia stolen by thieves – Subaru offers his help selflessly without asking for anything in return. Still, upon finding it, they end up losing their lives brutally. Subaru wakes up with a jolt, and his eyes show him the same scene from earlier in the day where he was saved by Satella. His mind starts racing, “What is going on?”

Subaru and Youji both have a lot in common. These amazing characters are shut-ins. They love anime/manga, etc. Still, Subaru soon finds that he can change his world for the better while Youji is stuck with red tape.

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4. World Trigger

world trigger 10 of the best anime like gate

Due to a sudden breach in the dimensional barrier, Earth is invaded by Neighbors. These creatures are impervious to traditional weaponry and have been a threat for years since their arrival. The Border Defense Agency was established with Triggers as weapons against them; however, they remain an ongoing menace despite over ten years of fighting due to no clear victory on either side occurring yet.

World Trigger opens with a portal that spills out unknown and foreign enemies. These monsters, or Neighbors as the government calls them, are different from humans because they cannot be harmed by modern-day weapons such as guns. Ever since Japan was invaded by these “neighbors” from another world, the Japanese government has been in a frenzy to find some way to protect their country. One weapon they found is called Trigger. 

The government sets up a Border Defense Agency, and its job is to prepare triggers to fight back against the neighbors. However, these triggers can only use their powers inside of headquarters. When new student Osamu Mikumo was ostracized by his classmates for being different, suddenly he found himself under attack from the neighbors. Osamu Mikumo has to help and uses his Trigger to defeat the neighbors. This is when fellow student, Yuuma Kuga, reveals that he too is a neighbor, but he has trigger powers?! What is going on?

Both involve portals opening that spews forth new and unknown enemies. They both also feature young boys or men who have to handle what has been dealt with them–in one case with fighting for their country/humanity; in the other as students at an elite school where they not only learn but train alongside those scholars from around the world who will protect humanity when it needs defending most. This military theme is another similarity because both shows take place within militaristic societies even though World Trigger tries its best to present itself more so as a high-school anime than anything else.

3. Overlord

overlord 10 of the best anime like gate

The final hour of the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil has come. However, Momonga, a powerful wizard and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown decides to spend his last few moments in the game as its servers are about to shut down altogether. To his surprise, the game is still on, and the NPCs seem to have developed self-awareness. And these same NPCs have now sworn allegiance to him as the supreme being.

Momonga commands his loyal servants to help him investigate and take control of this new world, hoping that they will figure out what has caused this development.

Momonga and Youji are both otakus in their own right. Both are tacticians that are thrown into a parallel world. Albeit, Momonga is a tactician in games while Youji is trained military personnel.

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2. Drifters

The Battle of Sekigahara was one that Toyohisa Shimazu would never forget. As the rearguard for his troops, he fought bravely and with a heavy heart to ensure their retreat could happen in safety. It had been hard fighting against much better-equipped enemies who seemed unfazed by any injury inflicted upon them. An epic battle in that period. It becomes even more diffi when suddenly, without warning or explanation, he finds himself being rushed down an unfamiliar hallway which looks strikingly like something straight out of Blade Runner’s opening scene. Faced with only a stoic man named Murasaki and hundreds of doors on both sides, Toyohisa is pulled into the nearest door and into a world completely unlike his own.

The strange land is populated by all manner of fantastical creatures and warriors from different eras. Toyohisa quickly befriends the infamous warlord Nobunaga Oda and the ancient archer Yoichi Suketaka Nasu after getting summoned to fight against the Ends responsible for creating the Orte Empire to destroy Drifters like them.

1. Sword Art Online

sword art online 10 of the best anime like gate

In the year 2022, virtual reality has progressed by leaps and bounds. With “NerveGear” technology, players can control their avatars within a game with nothing but thoughts in Sword Art Online (SAO). The world is shocked when people’s lives are taken of inside this new online role-playing game that offers total sensory immersion.

When Kazuto Kirigaya logs in, he is greeted with a medieval world full of fantastic weapons and gruesome monsters. But what greets him even more so than the digital world are 10,000 others who have logged in at the same time as well! The game creator has trapped them all inside his new virtual reality until they finish one hundred levels to win their escape back into society.

Life is a game. Sword Art Online takes this saying to heart, where in the virtual world means real life as well. However, some push through and won’t let these obstacles bring them down, like Kirito’s love interest Asuna Yuuki who has been on her own mission for years since she first entered Aincrad just after Kirito came into it himself until he finally caught up with her again before they had their child together that would grow up without him or his mother being present due to both of them dying at one point from various different reasons but having given birth beforehand which was much more valuable than any other person could ever hope for because not many people can say they have done that while also fighting against all odds.

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Well, anime fans, we have come to the end of our anime recommendations like Gate. What do you think of our choices? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comment section. Enjoy!

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