izuku midoriya my hero academia anime characters with green hair

30 Intriguing Anime Characters with Green Hair

izuku midoriya my hero academia anime characters with green hair

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In an anime, the color of your hair does not reflect a natural or racial stereotype. Instead, it’s supposed to hint about the type of characters and what role they play in the anime story. Characters with green hair color have often been known for their qualities without being at all; they hint around but never act on those thoughts. These characters typically take supportive roles within plots that center more heavily on other people than themselves!

Green-haired anime characters aren’t uncommon, but it’s still interesting to take a look at some of the most intriguing green-haired characters in anime.

31. San (Princess Mononoke)

san princess monosuke anime characters with green hair

The titular female character doesn’t know what it’s like to be a human. Raised by wolves since her childhood, she is sometimes shown to have thoughts of taking her own life, and the appearance of Prince Ashitaka changes her demeanor drastically. Her main aim throughout Princess Mononoke is preserving the forest (her homeland) from any outside interference.

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30. Lucifer (A Part-Timer)

satan the devil is a part timer anime characters with green hair

The once almighty Lucifer is forced to flee the Ente Isla island for fear of being defeated by the hero Emilia. Unfortunately for him, she follows him to Earth, where he soon finds out they possess none of their powers.

Lucifer easily fits into his new life on Earth, going so far as finding himself a job at a fast-food restaurant and enjoying this diffi but highly rewarding lifestyle which was full of surprisingly wonderful benefits (such as free food!).

29. Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)

tsuyu asui my hero academia anime characters with green hair

Tsuyu is a young frog looking for friends who always speaks her mind and never holds back. Her Quirky personality often makes people feel uncomfortable due to the blank expression on her face, which can be hard to read at times. She also has a habit of saying ribbit instead of small replies because it’s just too easy not to!

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28. Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

envy fullmetal alchemist brotherhood anime characters with green hair

In the anime series, Envy can change their voice and form to whatever they please. This is how this character manipulates people or makes them suffer. They feel a high amount of resentment and strong dislike towards humans due to their ability to form deep bonds with each other.

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27. Makishima (Yowamushi Pedal)

makishima yowamushi pedal anime characters with green hair

Yusuke Makishima is a Sohoku High School graduate. An uncommonly eccentric dresser with terrible communication skills who always has a weird expression on his face. He’s used to being thought “creepy” and shunned by others because of it!

26. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

spike spiegel cowboy bebop anime characters with green hair

Spike and Jet Black are bounty hunters. They capture fleeing criminals in exchange for money, which is a lot of fun considering that they’re both young and full of spirit! Spike himself has even been shown to be cocky at times – he’s an excellent hand-to-hand fighter with exceptional piloting skills thanks to his experiences under the Red Dragon offense syndicate.

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25. Lubbock (Akame Ga Kill)

lubbock akame ga take the life of anime characters with green hair

The always-playful Lubbock is surprisingly loyal to his team. When it comes down to women, he’s respectful enough and doesn’t mess with them if they’re fighters themselves. But when a fight breaks out? He’ll be relentlessly teasing you until the very end – because that’s just how this Night Raid member rolls!

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24. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

tatsumaki one punch man

This S-Class superheroine is shown to be the most powerful esper in the One Punch Man universe. She’s arrogant and bratty but never shies from doing her superheroine duties, even going out on personal time to find villains she can defeat when there are no open jobs for her at Hero Association headquarters.

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23. Freed Justine (Fairy Tail)

freed justine fairy tail anime characters with green hair

The man who was a mage with Fairy Tail had barely appeared in the guild. He later became part of Blue Pegasus but returned to Fairy Tail after they reformed. Freed is known for his honor; he always does what he promises and always pays off debts, even if it means putting aside principles.

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22. Shintaro Midorima (Kuroko No Basket)

shintaro midorima kuroko no basket

The shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles happens to also be one of the tallest characters from the anime series. He currently plays for Shutoku High, one of the three best basketball schools in Tokyo; with his height as well as personality, he’s tough and mean. He’s a straight-laced student who strongly dislikes wasting his time, with an astrology belief that seems like it might take over any logic there is left inside his head!

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21. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

roronoa zoro one piece anime characters with green hair

It’s not an exaggeration that if you can fight with a sword in your mouth, then you are ten times cooler. Zoro makes for one heck of a vice-captain on the Straw Hats crew and is well-deserving for his title, as he has shown multiple times already. He balances off Luffy really nicely because while both are more than willing to put themselves through pain at any given opportunity!

20. Gon Freecss (Hunter X Hunter)

gon freecss hunter x hunter

Gon, the lovable little goof with a heart of gold, is willing to put his life in the hands of his friends and displays very few negative feelings towards people. Okay, except maybe for that cat thing, he might have gotten a tad bit overboard. Nonetheless, we see Gon’s character beneath this cheerful exterior as he can be hurtful even to those closest to him, such as Killua or Kurapika but surprisingly always remains good-natured about it all.

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19. Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

izuku midoriya my hero academia anime characters with green hair

Deku is a certifiable badass. He has the most powerful quirk in existence, but he doesn’t even know how percentages work and can’t remember if his legs are still there! But it’s that mix of innocence and sheer power which makes Deku so endearing. Our protagonist with an arc to overcome (about being underestimated) and fearlessness without any training or strategy whatsoever.

18. C.C. (Code Geass)

c.c. code geass anime characters with green hair

C.C., the immortal and pizza-loving protagonist of Code Geass, has an interesting role in this anime series. We see her mostly as aloof to those around her, but she does show emotion from time to time when it comes to Lelouch, one of the only people that can understand what’s going on. With C.C. living for so long, it isn’t easy; if we had gone through everything like C.C., then I don’t think many would care about anything but pizza.

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17. Yusaku Kitamura (Toradora)

yusaku kitamura toradora

His whacky and direct approach to love is something the other characters should really take notes from. He’s also a very weird mix of mature and childish: on the one hand, he will pull a Stan and bleach his hair out of frustration, but on the other hand, he seemingly took the rejection in stride. He also seems to have an inclination towards nudism or exhibitionism.

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16. Eureka (Eureka Seven)

eureka eureka seven anime characters with green hair

After being exposed to humans for the first time, Eureka had trouble communicating and even joining the military. However, after meeting Renton, she begins to understand empathy as they fall in love with one another. It’s only when her light is extinguished that we see just how far Eureka has come.

15. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)

nelliel tu odelschwanck bleach anime characters with green hair

Nelliel is a strange Hollow. Most of her kind need to take the life of humans in order to survive, but Nelliel doesn’t seem too keen on this idea. She even fears the Shinigami, who are typically seen as evil beings by Hollows and other spiritual beings alike. The only exception being Ichigo because she’s really fond of him. In general, we mostly see her tiny child form, which oozes cuteness with lisping voice usage and inappropriate language for someone so young – however, when it comes time for an adult appearance, things get really intense; more than that of any other character!

14. Toto Sakigami (Deadman Wonderland)

toto sakigami deadman wonderland anime characters with green hair

The Deadman with the most blood on his hands is Toto. In fact, he’s rumored to be even more ruthless than Senji and would take the life of anyone without a second thought – but that doesn’t seem true when you can see how much joy he takes in playing matchmaker for Shiro! It should make you wonder who this guy really works for.

13. Uzu Sanageyama (Kill a Kill)

uzu sanageyama take the life of a kill

There is no doubt Uzu knows how to work some magic. From the start, he was part of an elite four and, as such, had a lot going for him, professionally speaking. He used his Tengantsu to predict other’s movements while also using this powerful uniform that helped with multiple eyesight issues. Sure enough, it didn’t last too long when Ryuko beat him, but in order to tackle her again, the absolute mad lad decided sowing his own eyes shut would help! I mean, sure enough-in fact, not only did we see a change from there on out where he at least bested Ryuko once more, if barely


12. Broly (Dragon Ball Super)

broly dragon ball super anime characters with green hair

Broly has been a favorite amongst Dragon Ball fans for decades. With the release of Broly in Super, there is no shortage of discussion on this powerful and iconic character. Born with an uncontrollable power level that seemed destined to make him a berserker from early on, it was only fitting when he finally unleashed his full potential and going all out; two super Saiyan blues seem unable to handle him!

11. Senku Ishigami (Dr Stone)

senku ishigami dr stone

Senku is a child genius prodigy. Basically, the usual trope that you see in most series, but he’s not just any ordinary character, and it shows throughout his whole storyline from how he counted for nearly three millennia to all of his failed experiments at first before things started going smoothly again. But what really makes him stand out as both protagonist and hero are his relationships with others and also because of Senku’s ability to learn on the fly, which helps him understand those around him better than anyone else can!

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10. Suu (Monster Musume)

suu monster musume

Suu is a mysterious girl in the show who can seem both innocent and dangerous. She’s usually playing dumb to get people off guard- but she has shown some signs of being able to be cunning as well! Suu is the most powerful girl in the show. She can poison her enemies and drown friends with a motorboat while playing around like an innocent child!

9. Sting Oakley (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)

sting oakley mobile suit gundam seed destiny anime characters with green hair

You know things are getting out of hand when the usually calm and collected character loses his mind. And that is what happened with Sting during this series, especially as he was one of the most stable pilots in their group. Extended Pilots go through a lot more than you’d think to stay alive – they’re basically living military weapons constantly put under enormous pressure and strain all day long–and now imagine someone who packs it all in plus has lost comrades plus gets handed an entirely new Gundam model? Yeah, suffice it to say he went out swinging!

8. Sakuya Watanuki (Servamp)

sakuya watanuki servamp anime characters with green hair

The man was born in the town of liars as a child of liars. This already gives us a hint to his personality; on the outside, he seems like a happy and laid-back fellow, but it’s mostly bait-and-switch. Sakuya’s parents are probably just as evil as antagonists that show up in this series about vampires. But the most important thing to note is Watanuki’s loyalty!

7. Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV (Beelzebub)

kaiser de emperana beelzebub iv beelzebub

Kids are such an interesting bunch. I can’t imagine what it is like to raise one of these little devils, knowing that they might flood the world with their pee or become aggressive at any moment. Baby Beel has always been a handful, and this isn’t about his father being around either; he’s not even human! And no matter how much money you make as a babysitter–it isn’t enough for someone like Tatsumi Oga.

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6. Kaede Kayano (Assassination Classroom)

kaede kayano assassination classroom

Spoilers for this character ahead. I have the need to preface this because man did not see her character development coming! Being Aguri’s younger sister, having tentacles – Koro-sensei even said it himself that she actually had a 50/50 chance of taking the life of him when they had their duel. But most importantly, I didn’t see the French kiss K.O coming! Luckily after her rage is quelled, she goes back to being a chipper and kind self (well, kind of). She has a complex personality; with a fake it ’til you make it kind of outlook.

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5. Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi When They Cry)

shion sonozaki higurashi when they cry anime characters with green hair

Shion is Mion Sonozaki’s identical twin sister, and in spite of their different personalities, she often switches places with her. Shion’s fractured psyche takes us on one the nether region of a trip. You can love her or strongly dislike her, but if you spend some time with Shion, she will take you back to the past and show what it really means to be good in this series.

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4. Ukyo (Amnesia)

ukyo amnesia anime characters with green hair

Ukyo is a handsome man who has two faces to his personality. One gentle and one not, it sounds like Ukyo is an interesting character so far! When Ukyou has his split personality, he is a tall slim man with waist-length green hair and eyes. His long bangs fall freely over the sides of his face to just above where it would cover up his mouth.

3. Korone (Demon King Daimao)

koronefallen angel king daimao anime characters with green hair

She’s usually stoic and indifferent, but she shows human characteristics from time to time; don’t forget that when it comes to Akuto-kun, for example. Especially with her teasing of him–sometimes right in front of everyone! Korone is a Liladan; despite the physical appearance of a normal human, she belongs to a race of androids.

2. Amber (Darker than Black)

amber darker than black anime characters with green hair

As the first confirmed Contractor, with her star’s Messier code UB-001. Amber has a unique ability that is extremely powerful: Chronal manipulation. With this power, she can freeze time and rewind events to an unknown degree; however, in using it extensively, she gains knowledge of future events from which she then responds accordingly.

1. Midori Kasugano (Midori Days)

midori kasugano midori days anime characters with green hair

Midori is a carefree girl with hidden insecurities. One day, she wishes to be with Seiji so much that she finds herself as his right hand- miniature form! During the journey of her love for him, Midori appears wacky and fun; but when time progresses, it’s shown that there are times where she can’t help getting shy – even though sometimes you forget about this side due to all the jokes and funny moments.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss your favourite anime character with that bright green anime hair? Which of these awesomely green-haired characters do you love? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, don’t forget to enjoy your day!

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