Our Best Of Anime

As you already know, there is a large range of Animes out there. Therefore we have selected the best of the best to share with you. We work hard to make sure the quality of our list is top-notch.
These are not the only shows you should be watching, but they’re the ones we think best represent the state of the medium today.  From the bizarre to the mundane, anime’s a pretty big place.  You’ve got your harem shows, mecha shows, sports shows, and ecchi shows, just to name a few.  So, we’re not claiming these are the best of all time, but the anime series we think best represent the genre, and shine as examples of what makes anime great.

Anime Recommendations

Check out our favorite anime recommendations of all-time. If you’re a fan of anime, you already know that there’s a little something for everyone. But if you’re new to the anime scene, where do you start? Especially when there are so many shows to choose from. Caffeine Anime is your guide to fabulous anime recommendations for all tastes, moods, and more.

Anime Guides & Info

Anyone who watches anime has probably asked the following questions: What is anime? Where can I watch anime? What anime should I watch? And the biggest question of all: What is the difference between anime and manga?

Anime is a huge part of our lives, and we want to share that with you! Anime can be confusing at first, with all the different genres, series types, and tropes, but don’t worry, Coffee Anime’s here to help you! We’ll do our best to answer any questions you throw at us.