The Top 50 Cutest Anime Characters in 2023 (With Original Art!)

Table of Contents (TL:DR)

Anime has a lot of things to offer, and we cannot deny that there are lots of cute characters.

But who are the cutest?

Let’s find out!

1. Mikoto Mikoshiba – Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Better known as “Mikorin,” he is one of Nozaki’s assistants.

He is responsible for the flowers, the effect, and the background.

Mikoto is sometimes depicted as a playboy, but underneath that façade, he is just a tsundere.

He often flirts with girls.

But after that, he cringes and gets deeply ashamed.

2. Rikka Takanashi – Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Rikka is the cute protagonist of this popular anime.

She is a girl who has the 8th Grade Syndrome, a syndrome that makes her believe she has superpowers, but this isn’t something scary…

It’s cringy but not scary.

Rikka is a very cute girl and one of the cutest anime girls in existence, in my opinion.

3. Charmy – Black Clover

Charmy is by far the cutest and most adorable girl in Black Clover.

She is a member of the Black Bulls and loves food more than almost anything.

She is always eating.

Charmy is a hybrid between a human and a dwarf, which is why she is so small.

She has black hair and green eyes.

4. Tsumiki Miniwa – Place to Place

Tsumiki is the protagonist of Place to Place, better known as “Acchi Kocchi.”

She is a petite and cute girl with a tsundere attitude.

She is madly in love with Io and grows cat ears whenever he pats her head.

Despite being petite, she is unusually strong for her size.

5. Reborn – Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Reborn is the cutest character in the anime and the most dangerous hitman in the world.

You can’t go wrong with this.

His true form is that of a grown man.

But after being cursed with the Arcobaleno Curse, he shrunk to the size of a child.

He even wears a pacifier around his neck.

6. Nene Sakura – New Game

Nene is Aoba’s cute best friend and one of the secondary characters of New Game.

She is childish, clumsy, and selfish, and she likes programming and is naturally curious.

She has light blue eyes and blonde hair and looks like a middle schooler despite being already in college.

7. Popura Taneshima – Working!!

Working!! is an excellent anime for those who like relaxing and chill anime.

And Popura is one of the most popular characters in the anime.

She is a young, innocent girl who looks younger than she is.

Despite her short stature, she has a beautiful figure.

She has sienna eyes and brown hair.

8. Ciel Phantomhive – Black Butler

Ciel is one of the most known and popular boys in anime.

He is the heir of the Phantomhive family and takes over the family business after the tragic death of his parents.

Ciel is just thirteen years old, and despite that, he is extremely clever and intelligent.

He loves both sweet desserts and Earl Grey tea.

9. Ayuko – Aiura

Ayuko Uehara is a high school student and friend of Kanaka Amaya and Saki Iwasawa.

She is sometimes depicted as the middleman of the group and is often teased by Kanaka for her short stature.

She has black hair and innocent black eyes.

Her nickname was Ayukong, but it evolved into Yukon.

10. Tsukasa Hiiragi – Lucky Star

Tsukasa is one of the leading characters of the anime Lucky Star.

Good at cooking, sleepy, and extremely cute, Tsukasa is Kagami’s younger twin sister.

She is naïve, innocent, sweet, caring, and the only one who calls Konata “Kona-chan.”

She is also prone to awkwardness in her actions.

11. Poyo Satou – Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

This anime is not well-known, but if you like fat cats, you will love it.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki is about a cat called Poyo that 22-year-old Moe Satou finds and adopts.

Because he is fluffy and round, he is often mistaken for a pillow, and sometimes they aren’t even sure what kind of animal Poyo is.

12. Illyasviel von Einzbern – Fate series

Ilya is one of the most recurring characters in the Fate series and the protagonist of the spin-off “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya.”

Despite being a cute little girl with zero magical power, she is the master of Berserker, the most dangerous and strongest servant in the series.

13. Ushio Okazaki – Clannad

Ushio is the daughter of both Nagisa and Tomoya.

She is why Clannad is acclaimed as one of the saddest anime ever made.

Ushio is too adorable to resist.

She is like the baby version of Nagisa with a personality like her father, Tomoya, and is very sociable despite her age.

14. Yuzu – Konohana Kitan

Yuzu is the protagonist of Konohana Kitan.

She is a hardworking, innocent, and gentle fox girl who grew up with a nun and moved to Konohanatei to work at an Onsen (a hot spring hotel).

Yuzu has a lot of respect for everyone around her, and she becomes popular thanks to her personality and appearance.

15. Kafu Chino – Is the Order a Rabbit?

If you love coffee, you will likely notice that she is named after the cappuccino.

One of the leading characters of this kawaii anime, Chino is innocent, shy, and talks in a very polite way to everyone.

She has silver hair and big relaxed blue eyes that emphasize her cuteness.

16. Nate River – Death Note

Better known as N, Nate is widely known as the successor of the world’s greatest detective, L.

Like L and Mello, Nate grew up in Wammy’s house.

Sporting an albino appearance, Nate is a natural-born genius and has an obsession with resolving complex problems.

17. Yui Hirasawa – K-On!

Yui is the main protagonist and the poster girl of the anime.

She is a cute high school girl who decides to save the music club from being disbanded with her friends.

They decide to create a band, and she becomes as good as Jimi Hendrix with the guitar in a matter of days.

She is an airhead who has no idea what to do in life.

18. Momo – March Comes in Like a Lion

This anime is an absolute masterpiece and has one of the cutest girls in all anime.

Momo is Kawamoto’s youngest sister.

Her two sisters raised her along with her grandfather.

She is always in a happy mood, and her bright personality always cheers up Rei Kiriyama at any moment.

19. Eru Chitanda – Hyouka

I consider Eru Chitanda the prettiest girl KyoAni ever created.

She is too beautiful.

Eru is a high school girl with a friendly and extremely curious personality.

She won’t do anything else when she focuses on something until she solves the situation.

She is bad with alcohol and coffee.

20. Taiga Aisaka – Toradora!

Nicknamed “Palmtop Tiger” due to her aggressive demeanor and short stature, Taiga is the female protagonist of Toradora!

Taiga is a tsundere girl with a slender frame and long brown hair who many think is gorgeous.

She might hit you if you say something nice about her.

21. Shuna – TenSura

Shuna is a cute ogre girl who is also the princess of the Ogre tribe.

After moving to Rimuru City with her ogre family, she became Rimuru’s chief economic advisor along with Rigurd.

She is an extremely beautiful girl, skilled with magic, compassionate, and empathetic.

22. Chiho Sasaki – The Devil is a Part-timer.

Also known as Chi-chan, Chiho is a very cute high school girl who works in MgRonald’s with Maou.

Despite her feeble stature, she has a beautiful figure.

She loves Maou and never considers dropping that interest despite everything.

She even accepted Maou, knowing he is the devil.

23. Momiji Souma – Fruits Basket

Momiji is the most cheerful boy in the Sohma family.

He represents the Rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac.

When I watched Fruits Basket for the first time, I thought that Momiji was a girl because he used to wear girl clothes.

Later on, he grows up and becomes manlier than before.

24. Nezuko Kamado – Demon Slayer

Voiced by the always-gorgeous Akari Kitou, Nezuko is one of the most popular anime characters nowadays and one of the cutest girls.

She is Tanjiro’s sister and who gets turned into a demon in the first episode.

She can also be dangerous, thanks to her demonic powers.

25. Juliet Persia – Boarding School Juliet

This anime is a slightly modified version of the Romeo & Juliet tale and is really, really good.

The female protagonist is Juliet Persia, a beautiful blond girl who is the leader of the White Cats.

She later becomes Romeo’s lover, just like in the original story.

She is dutiful and has a high sense of justice.

26. Kuronuma Sawako – Kimi ni Todoke

Honestly, if both Sawako and Sadako look very similar, I don’t mind being dragged inside the well.

Reserved, shy, friendly, and kind-hearted, Sawako is the female protagonist of one of my favorite shojo anime ever – Kimi ni Todoke.

She has a smile that a lot of people believe brings good luck.

27. Shiro – No Game, No Life

The other half of the undefeated “Blank” character, Shiro is Sora’s younger sister.

She is extremely intelligent, with calculations and logic that are beyond this world.

She is also a very cute girl who suffers from panic attacks, just like her brother, when separated.

28. Rena Ryugu – Higurashi When They Cry

Rena is one of the protagonists of this controversial but critically acclaimed series.

She is obsessed with cute things.

Rena both collects cute things and fawns over cute girls in school.

She may also be the most dangerous character in the anime because she can become an emotionless murderer.

29. Hamtaro – Hamtaro

This is the most popular hamster ever.

Hamtaro is the titular character and the leader of the “Ham-Hams,” a group of hamsters and Hamtaro’s friends.

He is a golden hamster who lives each day hoping to make more friends and go on adventures with them.

He is owned by a girl named Laura.

30. Beatrice – Re:Zero

Beatrice is the mysterious and cute mage of the Roswaal Mansion.

She is a small girl who spends her time inside a magical library.

She has long blonde hair and blue/pink eyes and always treats Subaru like trash because of his annoying behavior.

But at the end of the day, she is a good girl.

31. Siesta – The Detective is Already Dead

With white hair, white skin, blue eyes, and a perfect figure, Siesta is the main female protagonist of this great anime.

Siesta is an intelligent detective who often solves criminal cases before they happen.

She recruits Kimihiko Kimizuka as her assistant because he is a bit of a “trouble magnet.”

32. Filo – The Rising of the Shield Hero

Filo was originally born from an egg, a monster egg, that Naofumi bought from a slave trader.

She later grows up and becomes a really cute girl.

Filo is a childish girl who sometimes is hard to control.

She is essentially an airhead and loves Naofumi more than anything.

33. Yoshino – Date a Live

Yoshino is one of Shido’s girls in Date a Live.

She is super cute, kind, and friendly, and is one of the nicest girls you’ll ever see in an anime.

She is the second spirit that Shido saved.

Her angel is Zadkiel, a giant rabbit puppet she can summon and control.

She has big blue eyes and long blue hair.

34. Elaina – Wandering Witch

Elaina is a witch who, after hearing the stories of Niké traveling around the world, wanted to do exactly the same.

She is a beautiful witch with white hair and purple eyes who takes the title of “Ashen Witch.”

She is initially rejected due to her extraordinary magic talents.

35. Aladdin – Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

The main male character of Magi is Aladdin.

He is a pure and innocent boy who dislikes fighting and is sent to earth to stop a tragedy that will destroy the world.

He can easily befriend anyone he wants, is extremely protective of his friend, and will do anything to help them.

36. Milim Nava – TenSura

Imagine being one of the cutest anime girls around and being called “The Destroyer” because you are one of the most powerful beings in your universe.

That’s Milim.

She is the daughter of Veldanava, the first dragon and the God of their universe.

Despite being a demon lord, she prefers to be a carefree person.

37. Sengoku Nadeko – Monogatari

Kana Hanazawa, probably the best female voice actor in the business, voices this character.

Nadeko is one of the most popular girls in the Monogatari series.

She is Araragi’s childhood friend and the one who sings “Renai Circulation,” one of the most popular and well-known anime openings of all time.

38. Megumin – Konosuba

Konosuba is an anime like no other.

it’s funny, original, and very silly in some cases, and the most popular character from Konosuba is an explosion-addicted wizard.

Megumin is a Wizard from the Crimson Magic Clan.

She is a cute and eccentric girl who displays chuunibyou tendencies.

39. Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura

Probably, along with Sailor Moon, she is one the most popular magical girls ever created.

Sakura Kinomoto is the titular protagonist of this fantastic anime.

She is one of the anime girls who popularized the classic moe design in early 2000, so it would be a crime not to place her on this list.

40. Hinata Hyuga – Naruto

This is the favorite girl of almost everyone who watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Hinata is a shy and introverted girl who fell in love with Naruto Uzumaki and stalked him when Oroshimaru or Akatsuki weren’t around.

She later marries Naruto and grows into a beautiful woman.

41. Mitsukuni Haninozuka – Ouran High School Host Club

Haninozuka Mitsukuni, also known as Honey, is a 3rd-year high school student despite looking like a little kid.

He loves eating sweets, playing with his bunny, Usa-chan, and riding on Mori’s shoulders.

He is often compared to Momiji from Fruits Basket for their physical likeness.

42. Eri – My Hero Academia

Eri is the type of little girl you would protect at all costs.

Thankfully both Mirio and Deku were able to save her from Overhaul’s hands.

Eri’s past was torture.

She was emotionally abused by Overhaul, but after these two heroes saved her, her life became better than she ever imagined.

43. Rem – Re:Zero

Subaru’s most loyal follower.

Rem is a fan favorite in this anime, and when Subaru rejected her, everybody exploded.

Rem is an Oni girl who works as a Maid at the Roswaal mansion.

She initially was a secondary antagonist, but after Arc 2, she evolves into a main supporting character.

44. Sagiri Izumi – Eromanga Sensei

Here we have a cute little sister.

Sagiri Izumi is Masamune’s younger sister.

She works secretly as an illustrator with the name “Eromanga Sensei.”

Sagiri is a NEET.

She never leaves her room, even to eat.

But after connecting with her brother again, she starts leaving her room.

45. Chika Fujiwara – Kaguya-sama: Love is War

This character is so good that she is more popular than the lead protagonist of the anime.

Chika Fujiwara is the cute secretary of the Student Council and best friend of Kaguya.

She is clumsy, funny, talkative, and heavily obsessed with love.

She is the poster girl of current cute anime girls.

46. Nico Yazawa – Love Live!

I’m 100% sure that you have heard the “nico nico nii” battle cry at least once in your life.

Guess what? This is the girl who says it.

Nico Yazawa is one of the most popular girls in Love Live and my favorite.

She is a cute idol and a great cook, but sometimes she is annoying.

47. Rika Furude – Higurashi When They Cry

Rika Furude being the true main protagonist of the acclaimed Higurashi When They Cry.

She is also a part of one of the best plot twists ever created.

And knowing that all the “kawaiiness” she radiates is just a cover is a bigger plot twist.

Despite that, thanks to her voice, looks, and “nipah” she must be part of this list.

48. Mirai Kuriyama – Kyoukai no Kanata

If you love cute girls with glasses, this is the girl for you.

Mirai is one of the main protagonists of Kyoukai no Kanata, or Beyond the Boundary.

She has the ability to manipulate blood, a very unique ability that, if its overused, will cause anemia in her.

Mirai is a clumsy, lovable, and shy girl.

49. Kanna Kamui – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kanna is the dream of lolilovers… Or lolicons.

Kanna Kamui is a prankster dragon who is always seen wearing a gothic Lolita dress and always sports a poker face.

Her big blue eyes are one of the cutest things about her, and obviously, her voice is almost art.

She is undoubtedly one of the cutest anime girls ever to exist.

50. Shouko Komi – Komi Can’t Communicate

She totally deserves the 50th spot, because this is not the least important.

In fact, this spot is the most important.

Shoko Komi is a girl who suffers from extreme social anxiety and is usually described to be extremely beautiful to look at, like a live painting.

She is also a very caring and kind-hearted person.

Cutest Anime Characters: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you discover some of the cutest anime characters!

Did I miss one?

Let me know in the comments!

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