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As we already know, there is a large range of Anime out there. Therefore we have selected the best of the best to share with you. We work hard to make sure the quality of our list is top-notch.
These are not the only shows you should be watching, but they’re the ones we think best represent the state of the medium today.  From the bizarre to the mundane, anime’s a pretty big place. We’re not claiming these are the best of all time, but rather the anime series we think best represent the genre, and shine as examples of what makes anime great.

100+ Of The Most Attractive Anime Girls Of All Time

When it comes to anime ladies, everyone has their own opinions on who’s the best. The artists who create the characters have their own views too. The shows they work on usually feature the most beautiful women they can. However, a few ladies stand out from the crowd, and we all agree that they have to be the most beautiful anime girls ever. We rounded up the most attractive anime girls of all time. We’ve included the best of the best from different genres, from magical girl, to historical, to science fiction.
It will be an excellent year for anime fans, with many new anime coming out in 2021. Trust me. This anime list will make you super excited to watch them. Can’t wait? Me neither.

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muzan kibutsuji (demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba) smartest anime characters

40 Of The Smartest Anime Characters

If you’re an anime fan, then you know that there is more than one seriously intelligent character out there. In fact, many of them are so clever that they make our human brains look like silly putty. So, if you’re looking for a little mental stimulation (or just want to feel like a dumb bunny), then check out this list of the 40 smartest anime characters. You might be surprised by who made the cut!

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no guns life best cyberpunk anime of all time

35 Of The Best Cyberpunk Theme Anime Of All Time

Anime is no stranger to the cyberpunk genre, with classics like Akira and Ghost in the Shell setting the stage for decades of dark and gritty stories set in a future world. If you’re looking for some high-quality cyberpunk anime to watch, look no further! We’ve put together a list of 35 of the best cyberpunk anime out there, from modern anime to classic anime films and series, from popular anime to underrated anime. So put on your favorite jacket with a fur collar and get ready for a seriously good time.

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magic kaito best detective anime of all time

35 Best Detective Anime: Ultimate List for Fans of offense Fiction

Detective anime is a subgenre of anime that typically focuses on offenses and mysteries. These stories can range from light-hearted comedic fare to dark and twisty murder mysteries, but they all have one thing in common: a good detective always gets the bad guy in the end. If you’re looking for some great detective anime to watch, then look no further! We’ve put together a list of the 35 best detective anime out there, so read on and find your next obsession.

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seido takizawa tokyo ghoul scariest anime characters of all time

35 Scary Anime Characters That Will Terrify You

Anime is full of a variety of characters, from the moe and adorable to the dark and spooky. Anime fans are no strangers to the creepy, dark, and downright terrifying characters that populate their favorite shows. While some of these characters may be cute and loveable, others are enough to give you nightmares. From incredibly powerful demons to exanimate monsters, here are 35 of the scariest characters the anime industry ever created.

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witch hunter robin best witch anime of all time

35 Of The Best Witches In Anime

We’ve put together a list of the 35 best witch anime, sure to get your heart racing and your spirits high. From classics like “Kiki’s Delivery Service” to newer shows like “Burn The Witch,” there’s something for everyone on this list. So cuddle up with some popcorn and get ready for a magical ride!

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