Albedo fanart drawing

100+ Of The Most Attractive Anime Girls Of All Time

Albedo fanart drawing

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When it comes to the most attractive anime girls, everyone has their own opinions on who’s the best.

However, a few ladies stand out from the crowd.

We’ve included what we think are the best of the best from different genres, from magical girl, to historical, to science fiction.

Check out our list below!

50. Jibril – No Game No Life

As an anime show, No Game No Life provides a unique twist on a common theme.

The story involves Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister who are both NEETs who love video games.

When they are sent to another world, they challenge a god to a game to decide the world’s fate.

As the goddess of this world, Jibril is the only female character with a major role in the anime, and it’s easy to see why she stands out.

She is depicted as an attractive young woman who is not above using her feminine charms to achieve her goals.

49. Celistia Ralgris – Undefeated Bahamuth Chronicle

She wears the Royal Officer Academy uniform and a blue tie for the third years.

Celistia has long flowing blonde hair held by a black headband. Her eyes are blue, and she has a stunning figure.

As a powerful Knights guild member, Celistia is consistently seen as a strong, confident woman who is willing to protect anyone from harm, especially guys. 

As a leader to Drag-Knights, she is isolated by her personality and her sense of honor.

Many mistakenly believe that Celistia does not get along with men.

In truth, she is just socially awkward and wants friends, and she gets misunderstood very easily.

Since she met Lux, she has started opening up and becoming closer to some Knight Squadron members.

She falls in love with him and lets others love him as her love rivals.

48. Raynare – Highschool DxD

Even though the beautiful Raynare from the anime Highschool DxD is one of the antagonists in the series, she is still one of the most attractive anime girls.

Her pale skin is contrasted with her eyes, which are blue and red, a kind of alluring combination that gives her a striking appearance.

She has long black hair that, in the anime, is often decorated with cute ribbons that complement her outfit.

47. Juvia Lockser – Fairy Tail

Juvia Lockser has the hair and eyes that make her a real standout.

Juvia also has a lot of qualities about her that make her really special – she’s strong-willed but feminine, heroic but loyal to friends and family, clever yet not without naivety.

Her character design is pretty spot on.

46. Charlotte Pudding – One Piece

Charlotte Pudding is one of the most attractive anime characters, and it’s not hard to see why: she’s beautiful, she’s strong, she’s snarky, and she’s brave, too.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also the daughter of one of the most powerful people in the One Piece world.

Among fans of the One Piece series, Charlotte Pudding is one of the ones that draw the most attention.

With her appearance, her name, and many of her characteristics, Charlotte Pudding is a character that can be defined as an idol.

(In fact, there are even some who think that she is a rip-off of the already famous character Nami, who is a member of the Straw Hat pirates and one of the main characters of the One Piece series.)

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45. Leafa – Sword Art Online

For those new to the series, Sword Art Online (SAO) is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec.

The story follows a boy named Kirito after he and thousands of gamers get trapped in a virtual reality video game known as Sword Art Online.

The gamers must battle each other and the creators of the game to escape inside the game.

There’s no denying that Leafa from Sword Art Online is one of the most attractive anime characters of all time.

Earlier this year, Leafa ranked second in a poll on “the top 10 most beautiful characters in anime” in Japan.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also ranked second in a similar poll conducted in Taiwan.

44. Lilith Asami – Trinity Seven

The cute girl is a staple of anime, and Lilith Asami is certainly no exception.

As a heroine of the acclaimed series Trinity Seven, she is one of the most delightful characters in the show.

Her beauty is not the only thing that distinguishes her.

She is a strong-willed, clever girl who cannot be easily intimidated and has a great sense of humor.

43. Sasha Blouse – Attack On Titan

Most anime girls are cute in a way that makes people go “Aww”, but some are so cute. They make people go, “Oh my God.”

One of those girls is Attack on Titan’s Sasha Blouse, who is so cute she makes people go, “Oh my God!”

She was introduced as a member of the 104th Training Corps in the first season of Attack on Titan’s anime. 

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42. Xenovia – Highschool DxD

Xenovia from Highschool DxD stands out as one of the most attractive anime girls.

With her cute blue hair and enticing eyes, she’s like the perfect mix of beauty and power.

From her confident personality to her love of fighting, Xenovia is a prime example of the “stronger” archetype.

Xenovia’s character design is unique and appealing, especially her blue hair.

41. Ino Yamanaka – Naruto

Ino Yamanaka is one of the most popular female characters in the Naruto series.

Ino is a member of the Yamanaka clan, a clan of shinobi who possess mind techniques.

While a Yamanaka clan member, Ino was trained to utilize her mind techniques, which include the Mind Body Switch Technique and the Mind Body Disturbance Technique.

In addition to these techniques, Ino is also proficient at using Yin Release.

As a character that is often underestimated, Ino Yamanaka from Naruto has become a fan favorite over the years.

Largely a background character, Ino shines as a ninja and member of Team 10. 

She’s an expert at ninjutsu and genjutsu.

She has the power to predict and manipulate her opponents’ moves in battle.

And when she’s not casting spells and fighting alongside her teammates, Ino is one of the most popular girls at Konoha High School and often one of the prettiest girls in her class.

40. Chelsea – Akame Ga Kill

The anime industry is full of beautiful women, but one stands out from the crowd: Chelsea from Akame Ga Kill.

The red-headed assassin’s strength and feminine figure have made her a fan favorite, and she’s even been ranked as one of the top 10 most attractive anime girls of all time by Anime News Network. 

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39. Yoruichi Shihouin – Bleach

Yoruichi Shihouin is a fictional character from Tite Kubo’s anime Bleach.

She is one of the most interesting and attractive anime girls because of her personality traits, skills, and overall appearance.

The character has a few interesting quirks that make her stand out from the crowd.

A lot of people say that she is not attractive because her body type is out of the norm for an anime girl.

Still, one thing that makes her so different from other characters is her personality traits.

Unlike many other female anime characters who are given more comical personalities, Yoruichi actually has a central role and personality in Bleach and is one of the more mature females in it. 

38. Hestia – DanMachi

The world of anime is full of attractive characters, but there is one that has become an instant classic among fans.

Hestia, the adorable goddess from the DanMachi anime, is such a riveting masterpiece that she easily takes the top spot on almost every list of the most attractive anime girls of all time.

37. Reju Vinsmoke – One Piece

Looks and personality are two very different things.

When it comes to this topic, the former is more than enough. Take Reju Vinsmoke from the popular anime One Piece.

For example, this girl has an exotic look and is beautiful on the inside too. In fact, she appears to epitomize everything that a person would associate with exotic beauty.

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36. Rin Tohsaka – Fate/Stay Night

The character of Rin Tohsaka in the visual novel Fate/Stay Night by Type-Moon has been the subject of much-heated discussion.

She is an excellent character within the world of fate, and her beauty is the reason for that. People love her character, and her beauty is often the reason those people do.

If you are familiar with the Fate series, you know that Rin Tohsaka is not just one of the most attractive anime girls.

She is also one of the most interesting.

From her serious personality to her masterful skills as a magus, this teenage girl has a lot going for her. 

35. Rangiku Matsumoto – Bleach

It might seem strange to see Rangiku Matsumoto, a supporting character in the Bleach anime series, in the company of other anime series’ female leads like Ezra Scarlet, Saber, and Rias Gremory.

But the Bleach series has a knack for creating strong female characters, and Rangiku is no exception. She’s smart, capable, not afraid to speak her mind, and has a beautiful figure.

34. Asada Shino- Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a fascinating anime that is a fusion of action, romance, and a bit of drama, and it’s one of the most popular media franchises in Japan.

One of the most compelling aspects of the series is its strong cast of female characters, and one of the most compelling characters of all is Sinon, a sniper who uses the alias “Sinon” and whose traumatic past has led her to have a “one-hit kill” policy for her targets.

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33. Kuroka – Highschool DxD

While most people would add Kuroka to their list of reasons to love Highschool DxD, others might argue that her character doesn’t belong on a “most attractive girls” list.

But her wild side can also prove to be one of her most attractive traits, making her appealing to plenty of people!

32. Nakiri Alice – Food Wars

Nakiri Alice could just be your typical fan-service anime girl, but she has more going for her than just a cute face.

She works hard in her kitchen and, despite having a reputation among her peers for her coldness, she’s friendly and unselfish when she is not working.

Nakiri Alice is also a go-getter, and she is not afraid to speak her mind or try new techniques. she’s surprisingly interesting for members of the supporting cast, and she’s definitely one of the most attractive anime girls out there.

31. Nami – One Piece

Nami from One Piece is one of the most attractive anime girls of all time.

Sure, the series is about pirates on the high sea, but it’s also about a girl who fights pirates for a living.

Throughout the series, Nami has evolved from a simple damsel in distress to a powerful woman who has powerful abilities such as Big Mom’s Zeus.

While she’s no Luffy or Zoro, Nami is a great female character and a great character in general.

30. Kushina Uzumaki – Naruto

Kushina Uzumaki is a red-headed female ninja who appears in the series Naruto.

She was the wife of the Fourth Hokage and mother of Naruto Uzumaki, who is one of the series’s main characters. 

Kushina is a pink-haired woman with big blue eyes.

She is specifically known for her strength and her maternal instincts.

Kushina is also known for her beauty.

This is exemplified when she is called “beautiful heroine” by Fukasaku.

Kushina is also a powerful woman and an exceptional kunoichi.

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29. Leone – Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga take the life of is an enthralling anime series about a group of people fighting against the evil empire.

She’s one of Akame Ga Kill‘s strongest fighters with guts and strong willpower.

She has been known for her skills as an assassin.

Leone is an attractive woman with a light, innocent personality that can make viewers weak in her presence.

Her personality makes her one of the most appealing characters in Akame Ga Kill.

28. Nico Robin – One Piece

In One Piece, Nico Robin is an intelligent, mysterious, and calm character.

She tends to keep things hidden, and her facial expression rarely changes.

It’s a big contrast to the character of Monkey D. Luffy, who is always smiling.

Robin is recognized for her beauty in One Piece, but what makes her especially attractive is that she never tries to show off. 

She always keeps a coolness about her and dresses in pretty conservative clothes.

Just from how she acts, she would probably be one of the most popular girls in high school.

27. Orihime Inoue – Bleach

There is no denying that Orihime Inoue is one of the most attractive female anime characters.

So just what makes her so irresistible to fans?

It’s not just about looks; she goes above and beyond in those departments. 

She’s got the brains, beauty, and bravery to back it all up too.

Despite suffering from a lack of confidence early on in Bleach, Orihime has shown that she can be a force to be reckoned with when she needs to be.

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26. Albedo – Overlord

Albedo fanart drawing

Fans of Overlord, the popular Japanese anime, are familiar with Albedo, the overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Considered to be the most beautiful of all the Floor Guardians, Albedo’s anime incarnation is one of the most attractive anime girls in recent memory. 

Her character design is a mix of fantasy elements, with elaborate decorations on her dress and large wings on her back.

Her pale skin and dark hair, combined with her beautiful figure, give her a very ethereal, angelic appearance.

These traits, combined with her calm personality make her one of the most desirable anime characters to date.

25. Boa Hancock – One Piece

Boa Hancock is one of the most powerful women in One Piece.

She is the captain of the Kuja Pirates.

She is the queen.

Her beauty and elegant features make her one of the most powerful women in One Piece.

One of the most attractive features of Boa Hancock from One Piece is her eyes.

The way that she is drawn is so unique, and she stands out in the anime.

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24. Saeko Busujima – Highschool Of The Dead

Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the no longer living is among the most attractive anime girls.

You can find many posts and comments on sites talking about her amazing looks. 

She is not only attractive, but she is a good character that is fun to watch.

She is not a typical anime character, as she has a lot of depth and is a very good fighter. 

Many anime fans have different opinions on which anime girl is the most attractive.

Still, we here at Caffeine Anime think Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the no longer living is one of the most attractive anime girls of all time.

23. Zero Two – Darling In The Franxx

There are many attractive anime girls out there, but Zero Two might be one of the most.

She is very cute and has a spunky personality that will make any guy want to date her. 

One of the things that makes Zero Two attractive is her color scheme.

Her hair and outfit are all pinkish red, which goes well with her skin tone.

Another thing that makes Zero Two attractive is her smile.

She has one of the most iconic anime smiles out there.

It is very cute and playful.

It’s not surprising that Hiro finds himself continuously drawn to her smile.

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22. Irina Shidou – Highschool DxD

When it comes to the most attractive anime girls of all time, there are a lot of them out there.

But, of course, some stand out in this big crowd.

And Irina Shidou from Highschool DxD is one of them.

Irina is a Highschooler and student in Kuoh Academy, where she is a member of the Oc Research Club that is filled with all sorts of supernatural creatures.

Irina Shidou is one of the most attractive anime girls out there.

With her long hair, pouty lips, and fair skin, it is hard to find a flaw in her.

But what is it that makes her so desirable?

Let’s just say she has all the right anatomy, and she is always dressed to perfection.

Irina’s style never fails to impress, whether it be a formal event or a conventional day in high school.

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21. Mio Naruse – The Testament of Sister New Devil

If you’re looking for a new girl to fawn over, Mio is the one.

With flowing red hair and innocent blue eyes that seem to question everything in this world, Mio is a changeling from thefallen angel Realm.

She has stolen more than just your soul with her beauty. 

The Testament of Sister New Devil is an anime series based on light novels written by Tetsuto Uesu with illustrations by Oniku.

The story focuses on Mio Naruse and her relationship with her half-brother Basara Tojo.

20. Saber – Fate/Zero

With her pale skin, yellow hair, and stunning figure, the main character of Type-Moon’s visual novel Fate/Zero, is a perfect example of the classic anime girl. 

Starting her career as a supporting character for the visual novel Fate/Stay Night, Saber was introduced as a strong-willed woman whose devotion to her kingdom and family was unwavering. 

This devoted character was so popular that she soon became the “face” of the Type-Moon series, appearing in every subsequent animated series and video game. 

Seriously, for a medieval knight, she knows how to accessorize well!

But what’s even more impressive are her skills on the battlefield. S

he is a valiant warrior who lives by her code of chivalry!

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19. Yoko Littner – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Most anime fans have heard Yoko Littner, a main character from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

This beautiful anime girl is a gun-toting member of the anti-pirate team aboard the underground village’s flagship Dai-Gurren.

Yoko Littner, also known as Yoko or Yoko-sama, is an attractive anime girl that has become popular among many anime fans.

She is named after the Japanese pop star Yoko Kanno, who composed music for Gurren Lagann.

The anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which aired in Japan from April through June 2008, was a hit with the public; it also became very popular among anime fans overseas. 

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18. Midnight – My Hero Academia

There’s something about Midnight from My Hero Academia that just gets us every time.

I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but something about her makes my heart melt.

She has a personality that’s only rivaled by her beauty, and the contrast between the two of those qualities makes for a great anime girl who captures our hearts regularly. 

I don’t know why she has this effect on most anime fans, but I know that she’ll always be one of my favorite characters from the series.

Her eyes, hair, and costume have captivated fans.

Her charming personality is so infectious that she quickly became one of the most popular characters in the show.

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17. Cana Alberona – Fairy Tail

Special powers and magical girl outfits are not the only reason Cana Alberona is one of the most attractive anime girls.

The Fairy Tail mage is a beauty with fighting skills and is one of her guild’s most powerful female characters. 

There are many pretty anime girls, but very few are as strong, independent, and confident as Cana.

Despite Cana’s strength, she’s not your typical hot-headed tough girl.

Not only is she one of the prettiest mages in Fairy Tail, but Cana also has plenty of personality to go with it.

She’s funny and a bit of a goofball.

She’s also a great character who has plenty of memorable moments and lines.

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16. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most attractive characters in the Anime series Attack on Titan.

Not only is she the strongest member of the Survey Corps and the most skilled in her field of combat, but she’s also very beautiful.

She is actually the adoptive sister of the main protagonist Eren Yeager.

Since that time, she has become one of the most popular characters in the entire series.

Most anime fans are familiar with Attack On Titan.

This hit anime series has captured the imaginations of millions of viewers since its debut in 2013.

While the series contains many great characters, from the studly Eren to the mysterious Levi, one main character has really captured the hearts of fans: Mikasa Ackerman.

This 19-year-old heroine is a tough-as-nails fighter who grew up in a war-torn world yet still possesses a sweet nature that shows up in her interactions with Eren and Armin. 

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15. Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami is one of the most well-known anime characters in recent years.

That is due to her appearance, personality, and the series that the character belongs to. 

Her face is absolutely gorgeous. Her piercing eyes, crimson lips, and long flowing hair are mesmerizing.

And her personality – well, it’s certainly unique.

She exudes confidence and intelligence.

She is very determined, ambitious, and driven by her desire to win the bet making tournament to become rich and powerful.

She also has absolutely no qualms with breaking the rules or using her charms to get what she wants.

14. Hinata Hyuga – Naruto

Hinata Hyuga, the shy and easily flustered member of Naruto’s main cast, is one of the most beloved characters in the series. And

it’s not hard to see why.

Her loving nature and confidence are a breath of fresh air in an industry full of mean-spirited and aggressive characters. 

She’s also very attractive, with large eyes and cute hair.

Despite her shyness, she’s also brave and willing to stand up to anyone she believes is wrong.

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13. Tsunade – Naruto

The Naruto series is one of the most successful anime series ever.

And regarding the ladies of the series, there is no shortage of attractive women.

But none of them are as powerful as Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage.

She is one of the strongest female ninja characters in the series and one of the most beautiful.

Given her canonically high chakra levels and impressive healing abilities, she is an S-class medic ninja.

Furthermore, she is Hashirama Senju’s granddaughter, who was recognized as the godfather of the ninjas. 

12. Erina Nakiri – Food Wars! 

The Food Wars! Character, Erina Nakiri is one of the most lovely anime girls of all time.

Her gorgeous appearance and the fact that she is rich and talented in the culinary world make her quite attractive.

Surprisingly, she has not been featured in more lists of attractive anime girls.

11. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia is the main female protagonist of the hit anime series Fairy Tail.

Lucy is smart, funny, kind, optimistic, compassionate, loving, and just downright adorable.

She’s the type that would do anything for the ones she loves and even protect them in the face of grave danger.

10. Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

As a character in the series Akame Ga Kill, Es is an extremely powerful and attractive female warrior.

Because of her beauty, she is often compared to other female anime characters such as Rei Ayanami and Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Es is also one of the strongest characters in the series and commands a powerful elite squad of fighters called the Jaegers.

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9. Tohha Yatogami – Date A Live

Tohha Yatogami from Date A Live is one of the most attractive anime girls because her personality is unique in that her character is based on a tsundere (which is a character trope that describes someone as being cold or blunt but then quickly switches to being affectionate as well).

Still, unlike most tsundere characters, Tohha has two personalities rather than just one. 

She also has no noticeable flaws, which is why she is one of the most attractive anime girls.

8. Irina Jelavic – Assassination Classroom

The most attractive anime girls are the unique ones, and so Irina Jelavic from Assassination Classroom is a perfect example of this. 

She is a beautiful girl, with a slender figure and the most amazing blonde hair.

But the thing that makes her stand out is her personality.

She is a bit of a tomboy and will put her own life at risk to protect her friends. 

She is strong, intelligent, and cunning, and her quick wit makes her even more attractive.

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7. Elizabeth Liones – The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is probably one of the most popular anime series in recent memory, and with good reason.

The anime got off to a great start, and since then, it seems like fans can’t get enough of the series.

One character, in particular, seems to be the center of attention: Elizabeth Liones.

Fans are drawn to this adorable girl for her personality and looks, and it’s not hard to see why.

Since her introduction in the 2014 anime The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth Liones has become a fan favorite.

Elizabeth’s innocent and gentle nature sets her apart from other anime heroines.

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6. Akame – Akame Ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is an action anime with a dark storyline that follows the path of Akame, a former assassin.

As the show develops and unfolds, you’ll find yourself rooting for her as she struggles to make amends in an unforgiving world.

But aside from the aggression and , some things make Akame one of the most attractive anime girls out there.

Her character design is pretty awesome.

She wears a cute black outfit, and she has the most intense stare, which can be quite intimidating.

But what makes her stand out is that she is a strong, independent woman with amazing fighting skills. 

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5. Asuna – Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is one of the most popular anime series today, and one of the most attractive girls in the series is its main character: Asuna. Asuna is a very cute girl with a sense of style that most anime girls don’t have. 

But what does make Asuna so attractive? 

While she isn’t what you would call a “tsundere” character, which is a character that alternates between being sweet and aggressive, Asuna has a type of tsundere attitude.

This is seen when she first meets Kirito, who is one of the male protagonists.

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4. Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail

The Fairy Tail anime is one of Japan’s most popular series and has a huge following worldwide.

The characters are well developed and have their own unique personalities. 

Mirajane Strauss is a beautiful young lady who, at first glance, would seem to be gentle and kind.

However, she also has an intimidating power that can chill many foes to their bones with fear when she needs to.

She has a secret that very few other people are aware of; she is actually an extremely powerful woman who can easily wipe out all her enemies using her special powers.

3. Ezra Scarlet – Fairy Tail

In Fairy Tail, Ezra Scarlet is a famous and powerful wizard who is a member of the guild Fairy Tail. She is one of Natsu Dragneel’s closest friends and a member of Team Natsu. 

The list of what makes her so attractive is long, but the very top of that list is her personality. Reading the Fairy Tail manga series it will become clear, quickly, that Ezra is a kind, gentle soul who always puts the needs of others before her own. 

2. Rias Gremory – Highschool DxD

If you haven’t seen Highschool DxD, you’re missing out on the most action-packed, well-written series of all time. (And that’s saying something.) 

Rias Gremory is one of the main female characters from the High School DxD series. She is a third-year student and the former President of the Oc Research Club at Kuoh Academy.

Definitely hot. Rias is among the more cunning and charming of all the girls in the series.

1. Akeno Himejima – Highschool DxD

Akeno Himejima is not just a beautiful anime girl in Highschool of the no longer living. She’s also the most attractive girl in all of anime! It takes a lot to be the prettiest gal in any group and even more to impress discerning Japanese otaku. Here are the reasons why Akeno Himejima is the most attractive girl in anime. 

In Highschool DxD, Akeno is smart, funny, very attractive, and has a playful side. But that’s not enough to make her one of the most attractive anime girls. 

After all, she’s just another pretty face–right? Not so much. 

Akeno is ranked No. 1 in the Top Anime Girls article because she’s got a lot more to her than just being beautiful. Her character has a brain and feelings–and they are both very attractive!

Rumi Usagiyama – My Hero Academia

Rumi Usagiyama, better known as Mirko, is one of the top 5 heroes in Japan.

Aggressive, tough, and powerful, Rumi is also a very attractive girl and one of the most popular women in My Hero Academia.

Rumi is by far one of the most popular girls in anime right now, and one of the most cosplayed waifus nowadays.

Her white hair, athletic build, red eyes, and tan skin makes her one of a kind.

Rumi is one of the most beautiful girls in MHA.

Android 18 – Dragon Ball Z

In the beginning, she’s a sadistic killer.

And after that, she’s a loving and caring wife.

Android 18 is by far the best girl in the Dragon Ball series, and in my opinion, the best wife in all Dragon Ball Z.

Acclaimed for being one of the only girls in Dragon Ball who can go toe to toe with the boys, many consider Android 18 one of the all-time greatest waifus because of her blonde hair, blue eyes, cool personality, commanding presence, and all around powerful energy.

If you didn’t know, Android 18’s original name was Lazuli.

Hibana – Fire Force

Also known as Princess Hibana, she is the captain of the Special Force Company 5 and the most “simped” girl in the anime.

Like Android 18, Hibana was initially a manipulative and sadistic person with a twisted personality who liked to inflict pain and torture the Infernals she captured.

But after Shinra defeated her, she becomes kinder, soft, and more human, and also falls in love with Shinra himself.

Unique in Fire Force because of her light pink hair, darker skin, pink pupils, and curvy body, Hibana is a dream come true.

Charlotte Roselei – Black Clover

Charlotte is the captain of the Blue Rose squad from the Clover Kingdom.

Many consider Charlotte the most beautiful woman in the Clover Kingdom.

She is tall, has blonde hair with a single braid on the left side, light blue eyes, and an incredible physique.

She has a cold, quiet, and elegant personality.

But she sometimes loses composure when Yami is around because she is in love with him.

When Yami is near, she tends to feel annoyed and nervous, and gets teased easily.

In general, she dislikes men and tolerates alcohol poorly, barely finishing just one drink before becoming drunk.

Kuronuma Sawako – Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Kuronuma has the nickname of “Sadako” because of her long black hair, brown eyes, and pale skin.

Sawako is the humblest girl you will ever see.

She is shy, honest, kind, and hardworking, but sometimes clumsy, clueless, and distant.

People say her smile brings good luck mainly because share rarely smiles, but also because of how pure and beautiful it is.

It is extremely easy to fall in love with Sawako because she is the kind of girl that will bring safety and true love to a relationship even if you don’t believe in love.

Sawako is one of the purest girls in anime history and one of the best shoujo protagonists ever.

Eru Chitanda – Hyouka

A lot of people start watching Hyouka because of Eru.

Eru Chitanda is stunningly beautiful, rivaling even those considered untouchable regarding the “most beautiful anime waifus.”

With straight black hair, purple eyes, a shapely figure, and a beyond-beautiful face, Eru Chitanda looks like a dream.

Many also know her for her curiosity and cheerful ability to make friends anywhere she goes.

Plus, it’s not hard to fall in love with her at first sight!

Thank you, Kyoto Animation, for giving us Eru Chitanda.

Cattleya Baudelaire – Violet Evergarden

I love waifus of color, which is why I will add many of them to the list.

Personally speaking, she was the only reason why I watched Violet Evergarden.

Despite having short screen time, many consider Cattleya one of the most beautiful women in anime ever.

And let’s be honest, she deserves more screen time.

Beautiful, elegant, and mature, Violet Evergarden is an already excellent anime.

But every time Cattleya appears on screen, it becomes even better.

We love you, Cattleya. Thank you for existing.

Minene Uryuu – Future Diary

In what world would you rather marry a public enemy instead of a “normal girl?”

In Future Diary’s world, of course.

Minene is amazing.

She is a beautiful purple-haired terrorist who is intimidating, psychotic, and violent.

Yet Minene somehow hides those characteristics underneath a softer, friendlier side, just like a tsundere.

The moment she shows her softer side, everybody falls in love with her.

Minene is by far the most beautiful girl in Future Diary.

She is also one of the best characters in the whole anime.

Masane Amaha – Witchblade

The main protagonist of the Witchblade anime is seriously beautiful.

This anime is based on the American comic book of the same name.

Her real name is Yasuka Ohara, but her name given by the Government is Masane Amaha.

She has a beautiful figure, short dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

And when she activates the titular Witchblade, she becomes even more attractive than before.

She wears black armor that does not leave much to the imagination when transformed.

Her hair grows and turns red, and her eyes turn a dark black.

She is all the reason you need to watch this anime.

Yor Forger – Spy X Family

Yor Forger may be one of the most beautiful and dangerous assassins in anime.

And I am pretty sure Loid really likes that she is his “wife.”

Yor is a tall black-haired girl with red eyes, fair skin, and a good frame.

She is one of those black-haired beauties that we love.

Surprisingly, she is a clumsy, gullible, and kind person while at home with Loid and Anya.

But she is also an extremely dangerous assassin who wants to resolve everything through murder and violence and has a pendant for using knives.

Also, she gets drunk easily. But at the end, she is beautiful and a nice girl.

Kallen Kozuki – Code Geass

Many think of Kallen as the best girl in the Code Geass series, even better than C.C. herself.

She can be a gentle and compassionate girl.

At the same time, she is a tough fighter and the best pilot of the Black Knights squad.

She has red hair, blue eyes, an above-average stature and a slim build.

Kallen is the type of woman who could beat you up but heal your wounds after the beating.

Code Geass is the best anime of all time, and it obviously has really beautiful girls in its cast.

Kaga Kouko – Golden Time

In Golden Time, almost every guy’s dream girl is Kaga Kouko.

She can sometimes be a little bit bratty and clingy.

But she is like that because she is a devoted girl and one of the best girlfriends in anime.

Sporting long wavy caramel brown hair, hazel eyes, and a beautiful figure, she enjoys wearing the latest fashion.

And her wealth enables her to afford expensive clothing.

Despite not knowing how to cook, she is a devoted girlfriend with inner and outer beauty and plenty of resources.

There is no way you can reject someone like her.

Cornelia vi Britannia – Code Geass

Cornelia is the second princess of the Britannian Empire and Lelouch’s half-sister.

Nicknamed “the goddess of Victory,” she is a 27-year-old skilled warrior and an even better leader.

Characterized by her long lilac hair, purple eyes, pink lips, and very tall frame (even taller than Lelouch), she is as beautiful as she is ruthless.

Cornelia is more than willing to dismiss those who oppose Britannia in a blink of an eye, but despite her coldness, she cares for her soldiers deeply, especially captain Guilford.

Cornelia is the living image of an empowered woman.

Lust – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Look, you can hate Lust all you want, and you are well within your rights to do so.

But you can’t say that she is not astonishingly beautiful.

She has raven black hair, purple eyes, pale skin, and curvy body.

That describes perfection in my book.

The sad thing is that she is a homunculus with a very sadistic personality.

But you want to know something great?

Asami Sato from The Legend of Korra was influenced by Lust’s design.

Madame President – Golden Boy

Kids these days will never understand how good and influential Golden Boy was.

While the 90s was not an necessarily an era that championed powerful women, Madame President was one of those women with a tough personality that won every man’s heart.

Owner of a software company, Madame President is a beautiful and independent woman who defied stereotypes.

Characterized by her long wavy blonde hair and business clothing, she is the most remembered girl from Golden Boy.

If Golden Boy had been released in the present, I bet it would be highly popular.

Sanjouno Haruhime – Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

I don’t care what other people say, Haruhime is the most beautiful girl in DanMachi.

Seriously, Bell Cranel is a lucky guy who has many girls in love with him.

Haruhime is a renard; a half-human half-fox girl with long blonde hair, green eyes, a tail, and a slim but curvy figure.

The most beautiful thing about Haruhime is her personality.

She is a shy, well-mannered, and kind girl who used to work as a lady of the night for her previous family.

Again, Bell Cranel is one lucky man.

Fubuki – One Punch Man

Fubuki is one of the main reasons why many people watch the anime and read the manga, One Punch Man.

Voiced by the always great Saori Hayami, Fubuki, despite not being one of the most powerful characters in OPM, is by far the most beautiful girl in the franchise.

Tatsumaki’s younger sister, Fubuki is a tall woman with curvy figure, short dark green hair, and green eyes.

She almost always wears a dark green dress, a long white coat, and black boots.

Elegant, cold, and ambitious, many know of Fubuki as the “Blizzard of Hell” because of her psychokinetic abilities.

Airi Gotou – Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway

Airi Gotou is one of those bosses you want to have, not because she is a good boss; but because she is too beautiful.

Airi is a mature pale skinned woman with brown hair, brown eyes, a beautiful figure, and a mark under her left eye.

Intelligent, manipulative, but kind at the same time, she is the type of woman who will make you say what she wants to hear.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing, you know.

She is 28 years old.

Kyou Fujibayashi – Clannad

Many debate whether Nagisa, Tomoyo, or Kyou is the best girl in the Clannad series.

But Kyou is the best to me!.

Kyou’s beautifulness and tsundere attitude make her stand out from any other Clannad girl.

Plus, her abrasive, bold, and foul-mouthed attitude makes her the perfect Class Representative.

While Clannad is a really sad anime (After Story even more), every time Kyou was on screen was like a breath of fresh air.

Her long and striking purple hair contributes to her extreme beauty.

Shouko Komi – Komi Can’t Communicate

You cannot list the most beautiful girls in anime without mentioning Komi-san.

It’s impossible.

Komi has very poor social skills.

She cannot utter a word without going nervous and anxious.

Despite that, she is caring, friendly, and willing to make friends wherever she goes.

Despite her social problems, she is an extremely beautiful girl with long black/dark purple hair, a slender frame, dark purple eyes, and an incredibly cute face.

Komi is everybody’s dream girl.

Mizore Shirayuki – Rosario + Vampire

Mizore is a Yuki-onna (a snow woman) who is gorgeous and with a loving personality.

Originally a stalker, Mizore has long light purple hair (she later cuts it shorter), blue eyes, below-average stature, and always has a lollipop in her mouth.

Physically speaking, she is the most beautiful girl in the anime, along with Inner Moka.

A shy girl, Mizore usually hides in different locations for comedic effects to stalk Tsukune even after becoming friends.

She is madly in love with him.

Marin Kitagawa – My Dress-Up Darling

Marin took the world by storm when the anime of My Dress-Up Darling came out early in 2022.

She quickly became one of the most popular anime girls of the last ten years.

Besides her beauty and despite looking like a gyaru, her friendly, clumsy, and kind attitude also contribute to her popularity.

She hates those who judge people based on their interests.

She is also an otaku who loves to cosplay.

Every time she cosplays, she looks amazing.

Who would not love a cosplayer girl?

Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi, or just “Major”, is the protagonist of the critically acclaimed Ghost in the Shell series.

She is a cyborg and perhaps the most delightful cyborg ever.

(Wait, Android 18 is a cyborg, right?)

The story depicts Motoko as a beautiful 31-year-old woman with dark purple hair (black or blue in some adaptations), red eyes, an athletic body, and above-average height.

Since her debut, many consider her one of the best protagonists in anime and one of the best and most beautiful anime girls.

Stella Vermillion – Chivalry of a Failed Knight

In the words of Ikki Kurogane (the protagonist) himself:

Beautiful. I couldn’t think of another word to describe those features. Her beauty was like a painting of a goddess, evoking a solemnity that left no room for wicked lust.

A literal princess, Stella is astonishingly mesmerizing.

Because of her red long hair, white skin, cute face, ruby eyes, average stature, and bewitching body, she hasa earned the nickname “Crimson Princess.”

Stella is a tsundere.

Her soft, shy, kind, and slightly perverted personality hides underneath an angry, feisty, impulsive shell.

Yukino Yukinoshita – My Youth Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Yukino Yukinoshita is one of the most popular characters in the romantic comedy genre because of her cold and prideful attitude and because she is as pretty as a picture.

With long black hair, light blue eyes, slim build, and pale skin, many consider her one of the most popular students in the school and one of the most unfriendly students there.

She has earned the nickname “Ice Queen” for that characteristic.

But “Yukinon” is a good person.

She is caring, calm, intelligent, and very determined.

And after spending more time with Hachiman and Yui, she starts becoming kinder and friendlier.

Historia Reiss – Attack on Titan

Historia is the Queen of the walls and the last remaining member of the Reiss family.

She is a petite cute girl with blonde hair, big blue eyes, a heart-shaped face, and a slim frame.

Many considered her even more beautiful than Mikasa.

And her kind and caring personality has caused many of her friends to call her an angel or a goddess.

She is very short, only about 4’8” tall, and the smallest soldier in the 104th Training Corps.

After reclaiming the throne, she looks even more beautiful than before.

Sword Maiden – Goblin Slayer

Despite being a fairly dark anime, Goblin Slayer features some incredibly beautiful waifus.

One of the most beautiful is the Sword Maiden.

A former gold-ranked adventurer, Sword Maiden is a gorgeous woman with long, wavy light blonde hair, pale blue eyes usually covered by a blindfold, pink slips, and a stunning figure covered by faded white scars.

She is a calm, kind, and compassionate woman who hides a deep depression under her personality because of the torture she experienced by the Goblins in the past.

Chitoge Kirisaki – Nisekoi

Chitoge is half-anglo, half-Japanese. She is the female protagonist of the anime Nisekoi, a very popular one mainly because of her.

Chitoge is a tsundere, which already makes her interesting, and she also is physically beautiful.

She has long blonde hair with light pink tips, big blue eyes, a slim frame, and average stature.

Her most iconic feature is the red ribbon she uses to tie her hair.

People say that at first sight, Chitoge looks like a supermodel.

Many cosplayers at Anime conventions dress up as Chitoge, and she is one of the most popular female characters ever.

Inori Yuzuriha – Guilty Crown

Inori is considered a dandere; an emotionless, shy, but cute girl who only follows Gai’s orders.

She works as a member of the guerrilla group “Funeral Parlor.”

But after meeting Shu, she becomes more emotional and more human.

Inori is an amazingly cute girl with light pink hair tied with red pigtails, red eyes, small lips, a slender frame, and above-average stature.

She is about 5’4″.

She looks fragile, with slim arms and legs.

She is also a very talented girl as the lead singer of the band Egoist.

Kurumi Tokisaki – Date a Live

The most popular character and spirit in Date a Live, Kurumi somehow overshadows the other girls because of her violent nature, power, and appearance.

Shido refers to Kurumi as “a girl with astonishing beauty,” and he is not lying.

Kurumi’s elegant mannerisms, pale skin, long black hair that covers her left eye, red right eye, slim but curvy frame, and fragile-looking face make her unique among the other Date a Live girls.

Her most common attire is the Raizen High School’s female uniform, but when she transforms into a spirit, she usually wears a red and black Lolita dress.

Homura Kogetsu – Edens Zero

Fairy Tale’s author knows how to create astonishing girls in his mangas.

Now, in Edens Zero, many girls show up.

But without a doubt, the most beautiful one is Homura Kogetsu.

Nicknamed “Valkyrie Homura,” she is a girl with long blue hair, brown eyes, and a beauty mark under her left eye. Like the other girls from Hiro Hashima’s manga, she has a curvy body.

Homura’s personality is also cute.

She is always there to help anyone and cannot keep a secret.

But we can forgive her for that.

Alisa Ilinichina – God Eater

Ufotable surely knows how to direct a good anime because God Eater has one of the best animations out there.

Everything in it seems perfectly executed.

Alisa is one of the main characters in the series and maybe, the most popular one.

Born in Russia, Alisa is a gorgeous girl with grey hair, blue eyes, and a great figure.

She may show a tough exterior, but underneath that lies a vulnerable girl who wants to fight to save the world.

Fans love her because of her delicate nature and her appearance.

Mash Kyrielight – Fate/Grand Order

Mash Kyrielight is the most loved servant in Grand Order.

She is a very cute glasses girl with short light pink hair that covers her right eye, fair skin, and lavender eyes.

She has an athletic frame.

Because she is a demi-servant, she will remain physically young regardless of age.

Mash is a kind-hearted, mysterious, and friendly girl.

She sometimes worries that her Demi-Servant status makes her inferior to other Servants.

She also loves detective stories and is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes.

Belldandy – Oh My Goddess!

Belldandy is one of the most influential female characters in anime.

She was one of the first “magical girlfriends” in anime.

Belldandy is a Goddess who accidentally comes to Earth to live with her love interest.

Keiichi Morisato.

Belldandy is a very beautiful and powerful woman with an innocent, trusting, and kind heart.

Keiichi accidentally summoned her to Earth because he wanted a goddess like her by his side forever.

And, of course, she granted him that wish.

I also want a Goddess like that.

Ikumi Mito – Food Wars!

Ikumi Mito is, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl in the Food Wars series.

The funny thing is that almost every girl that appears in this anime is gorgeous.

Ikumi, nicknamed “Nikumi”, is a person of color with short blonde hair, green eyes (turquoise eyes in the manga), and a curvy figure.

Ikumi is something like a tsundere.

She is very prideful, tough, and fiery, but after Soma defeats her, she reveals a softer, kindhearted, and friendly personality.

Sistine Fibel – Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

This is not a bad anime.

But most of the viewers watched this anime only because of Sistine Fibel, the main female protagonist in the series.

Sistine is a cute girl with long silver hair adorned with a headband featuring two cloth cat ears, green eyes, pale skin, and a slim figure.

Sistine is a tsundere, too.

She initially hates Glenn.

But after getting to know him more, falls in love with him but is too shy to tell him.

She is strict, intelligent, and can’t handle jokes.

She is usually called “Shironeko” (white cat) by Glenn because of her headband and her silver hair.

Konori Mii – A Certain Scientific Railgun

Usually, when you watch Railgun, the most prominent character is Misaka Mikoto and her sister.

But without a doubt, the most stand-out character in the anime is Konori.

Konori is the perfect balance between intelligence and beauty.

She wears glasses, has a beautiful figure, and has a motherly and responsible personality.

She is the complete package.

Plus, she has X-Ray Vision.

How cool is that?

Chika Fujiwara – Kaguya-sama: Love is War

You know you have a great character when that character is not the main character but is still the most popular and acclaimed character in the anime.

That is exactly what Chika is.

Chika is a very cute girl with long light pink hair, a black bow in the middle, blue eyes, and a curvy figure.

She is also eccentric, simple-minded, and bratty, who mostly smiles and is looking to do something fun.

She speaks five languages, plays the piano, and calls herself “Love Detective Chika.”

La Folia Rihavein – Strike the Blood

Sayaka Kirasaka
This fanart is of Sayaka Kirasaka from Strike the Blood but I hope to have some fanart of La Folia soon!

Strike the Blood is an anime where 90% percent of the time, there is a girl on screen.

And most Strike the Blood fans want La Folia to be on screen all the time.

La Folia is the princess of Aldegyr, the daughter of Polifonia and Lucas Rihaven, and the niece of Kanon Kanase despite being older than her.

She is a beautiful girl with long silver hair, pale skin, blue eyes, a gorgeous figure, and above-average height.

Despite being from the royal family, La Folia is a very friendly and caring woman.

She is more than willing to help Kojou anytime.

Julis Riessfeld – The Asterisk War

I’ve added another princess to the List.

Her full name is Julis-Alexia Marie Florentia Renate van Riessfeld.

Julis is the princess of Lieseltania, which is one of the reasons she entered Seidoukan; to make a better living for those living in that country.

She is stunning with long pink hair, blue eyes, and a slim frame.

When she is not wearing the Seidoukan Academy uniform, she likes to wear both elegant and feminine clothes.

She is a tough girl and hates relying on other people.

But despite her cold exterior, she is a charming, kind, and modest girl.

Nao Tomori – Charlotte

If you love girls with a kind and cute smile, then Nao Tomori is your girl.

Nao is a grey-haired girl with pigtails, big blue eyes, a petite figure, and blow average stature.

She is hardworking, and smart but also a narcissist, short-tempered, and bratty.

She is very fond of children and harsh with those who fail to acknowledge their errors.

Nao is a girl who likes to study and play hard.

She can turn invisible but only to one single person.

Anna Schneider – Takt. Op Destiny

Takt. Op Destiny really blew me away because of the quality of its directing.

But one of the reasons that I continued watching it was because of Anna Schneider, Takt’s childhood friend and Cosette’s older sister.

Anna is a tall, gorgeous girl with long orange hair (she cuts it shorter in the final episode), blue eyes, and a slender frame.

She is also a tomboyish girl but with a lively and caring personality.

She has a car and knows how to drive, which is a big plus.

Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine is 77 years old.


Let me explain.

Don’t leave.

The waifu from Cowboy Bebop was put into a cryogenic freeze for 54 years when she was 23 years old. So, technically, she is 77 years old.

And hey, she is the most beautiful 77 years-old woman ever.

Faye is a former bounty hunter born in Singapore.

She has short purple hair, green eyes, pale skin, and a tall and slender frame.

She is also arrogant, and lazy, and has vices like gambling, drinking, and smoking a lot of cigarettes.

Also, she is not afraid to flirt with men to get what she wants.

Miku Nakano – The Quintessential Quintuplets

Adding just Miku to the list is not fair.

But hey, the five sisters are physically the same so… I’ll just put Muku on here.

Miku is the third sister and the fan favorite.

She has a reserved personality with also pessimistic and depressive traits.

According to Yotsuba, the smartest one.

She normally sports an emotionless face with medium-length red hair and strands covering parts of the right side of her face.

She has dark blue eyes and a well-endowed figure.

Her most notable accessory is the wireless blue headphones around her neck.

Most fans consider her the most beautiful of the sisters.

Hitagi Senjougahara – Monogatari

Hitagi is the most prominent female character in the Monogatari series.

And nobody is mad because of that.

With her long purple hair, blue eyes, and tsundere/yandere personality, Hitagi has fans worldwide.

She usually ranks as one of the most beautiful girls in anime and has since her debut.

She is a bipolar girl.

She can go from an embarrassed, shy girl to a stable, mature woman in seconds.

But it does not matter.

We love Hitagi.

Nezuko Kamado – Demon Slayer

Nezuko is the most beautiful demon to ever grace anime.

She has become a very popular anime character since the release of the anime adaptation of Demon Slayer.

She is also a common cosplay at Anime conventions.

Nezuko is a petite, very cute girl with orange-tipped black hair, pink eyes, and a small frame.

But remember, she can transform into an adult version of herself that is extremely beautiful.

Before turning into a demon, she was a kind, friendly and caring human.

Now, as a demon, she is still caring and kind when she is not fighting alongside Tanjiro.

Kasumi Miwa – Jujutsu Kaisen

Some people say that Nobara is the most beautiful.

Others say that is Maki.

But for me, the most beautiful is Kasumi Miwa.

Miwa is the most beautiful girl in Jujutsu Kaisen to me because of her kind-hearted, funny, and hard-working personality.

She is the more realistic and down-to-earth character in the series.

She says she wants to be a sorcerer because she needs money, which is good.

Kasumi is extremely cute, she has long light blue hair, dark blue eyes, and a slim frame.

Despite not being the most powerful character, she is, without a question, the most beautiful girl in the series.

Rei Ayanami – Neon Genesis Evangelion

This is fanart of Asuka, but I hope to have fanart of Rei soon!

Did you understand the ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Pilot of the EVA Unit 00, Rei is probably the mascot of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, not just because of her popularity, but also because of her looks.

Rei vs Asuka is an ongoing discussion.

For me, Asuka is a better character, but Rei is more pleasant to see.

With her short light blue hair, red eyes, and melancholic expression, Rei is one of the most known and cosplayed anime girls ever.

Seriously, Rei looks like an angel.

Tsumugi Kotobuki – K-ON!

Known by her friends as “Mugi,” she is one of the protagonists of the wholesome anime K-ON!

And the keyboardist of Ho-Kago Tea Time.

Mugi is a very cute and wealthy girl.

She has long, wavy blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and a fair complexion.

She also has thick brown eyebrows.

Mugi is physically strong.

She can carry pieces of Ritsu’s drum set effortlessly, send Akira flying with a slap, and carry her instrument, the Korg Triton synthesizer, whose weight is comparable to an FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher.

Aqua – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

This anime is one of the most comedic ever, and of course, cute girls appear in it, especially Aqua.

Despite being an idiot, Aqua is an extremely beautiful goddess described by Kazuma as “possessing beauty no human could match.”

Aqua has long light blue hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful figure.

Well, Aqua is, like I said before, an idiot but a lovely idiot.

She is cheerful, carefree, and extremely honest.

Since she is a goddess, she usually performs good deeds.

Ultimately, she is a good girl, but sometimes very stupid.

Most Attractive Anime Girls: Conclusion

I hope this list has helped you realize just how many beautiful anime girls are out there.

Did we miss one?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I like your list and like how you mentioned Sasha & Faye, i dont see them included on lists much for some reason!

    As a side note, Mikasa isn’t technically Eren’s adopted “sister”, she only lived with the Jaeger’s for a year and clearly don’t see each other as sibs (in the story, he refers to her as his friend and says “im not your brother” several times, and she just refers to him as “family”, and ppl mistake them as bf/gf a couple times.)

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