50 of the Most Kawaii Anime to Watch in 2023 (With Original Art)

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If you are looking for a fun, relaxed, and, let’s be honest here, cute experience when watching anime, check out this list of the most kawaii anime to watch!

1. Love Live School Idol Project

If you are a hardcore anime fan, you will understand the phrase “Nico Nico Nii”, right?

Well, that famous phrase comes from Love Live.

The show is about a girl named Honoka Kousaka who is dying to become an idol, so she creates her own idol group with the girls of the school and decides to do anything to make them famous.

2. Is the Order a Rabbit?

This is the perfect anime for those who love girls working as waitresses.

Is the Order a Rabbit? is probably one of the most kawaii anime in existence due to its cute and innocent style and, obviously, due to its protagonists.

The anime is about a girl named Kokoa Hoto who works as a waitress at a café called Rabbit House.

3. Place to Place

Better known as “Acchi Kocchi,” Place to Place is an anime that can heal any kind of wound.

It tells the story of Tsumiki Miniwa, a schoolgirl with a tsundere attitude who is hopelessly in love with Io, a kindhearted boy who is oblivious to Tsumiki’s crush on him.

It’s an anime where all kinds of funny things happen.

4. Kin-iro Mosaic

Kin-iro Mosaic, or Golden Mosaic, is an anime whose cuteness is better explained through images.

Its style is childish and cute, just like the plot, so you better not expect a masterpiece of a plot.

It tells the story of a girl named Shinobu Omiya who is told by her British childhood friend Alice Cartelet that she will come to live with her.

5. Engaged to the Unidentified

This is a popular kawaii anime that is loved by anyone who watches it.

The story is about a girl named Kobeni Yonomori who learns that she has been engaged to a boy named Hakuya Mitsumine all along, and because of that, this boy and his sister come to live with Kobeni and her whole family.

The more you watch this anime, the more kawaii it becomes.

6. Pokemon

Pokemon, at the end of the day, is still a kawaii anime, of course mainly because of Pikachu.

But it has a lot of kawaii Pokemons in it besides Pikachu.

Another thing that makes this anime both kawaii and wholesome is that with every new season, new pokemon appear.

I don’t think it will ever end.

Also, to be fair, some storylines are great.

7. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Kimi ni Todoke is my favorite shojo anime of all time.

It is perfect in every way possible.

This anime follows Kuronuma Sawako, a beautiful girl who is nicknamed “Sadako” because of her likeness to the ghost girl from The Ring.

While everybody rejects her at first, the most popular boy in the high school, Kazehaya Shouta, becomes interested in her.

8. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

This is an anime adaptation of a web manga of the same name.

This anime is about exactly that: Tanaka being clumsy.

He just wants to enjoy his life in his own way.

The good thing about this anime is that it gets better with each episode.

One recommendation: watch this anime but don’t be like Tanaka, okay?

9. Natsume’s Book of Friends

This anime is slightly different from the other ones (except for Pokémon) because this is more story driven than the previous anime.

The story is about a boy called Takashi Natsume who can see spirits because of his grandmother and her “Book of Friends.”

Due to these spirits, Natsume can’t be a normal teenager.

10. Blend S

Maika from Blend S fanart

This anime is almost like “Is the Order a Rabbit” but less lolicon.

It’s about girls working as waitresses in a Café called Stile.

The original aspect of this anime is that every girl represents different traits.

Maika is a sadist, Kaho is a tsundere, Mafuyu is the younger sister, Miu is the older sister, and Hideri (a trap) represents an idol.

11. Yuru Yuri

Yes, this is a girl’s love anime, but not in a perverted way. This is a very cute and wholesome anime.

The story follows Akari Akaza, who creates the Amusement Club with her friend.

They start using the old room for the Tea Club, which doesn’t exist.

So, believing is the Tea Club, another student joins by mistake.

12. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Sakurasou is both wholesome and emotional.

It’s also one of the best romantic comedy anime out there.

The story follows Sorata, a second-year student who starts living at a satellite dorm where the other members are really unconventional.

One of them is Mashiro, a girl with a childish personality who sometimes acts like a cat.

13. Love, Chuunibyou, & Other Delusions

If at any point in your life, you felt like you were something like a god living in a normal world, then you have experienced Chuunibyou syndrome.

And that is what this anime is about.

Yuuta is a boy who suffered from this syndrome back in the day and doesn’t want to remember this.

But destiny trolls him and he meets Rika, a girl who also suffers from this syndrome.

14. Sweetness and Lightning

Better known as Amaama to Inazuma, this anime is about the cute and wholesome relationship between a single dad and his daughter.

After the passing of his wife, Kouhei Inuzaka starts taking care of Tsumugi, his daughter, full-time, and we see how he is adapting to this new life.

This anime is for you if you are a single mother or father.

15. Hanayamata

This is what you are looking for – an anime about cute girls doing cute things.

Hanayamata is an anime that follows Naru Sekiya, a girl who is obsessed with fairy tales.

After meeting a foreign girl dancing in the night, she is introduced to the world of yosakoi dancing.

The visuals of this anime are great, and every character is amazing.

16. Tsuredure Children

Tsuredure Children is a great anime because it tells various romantic stories between students of the same high school and how hard is for them to say “I love you” in an omnibus format.

All the characters of these stories are connected to each other through their friendships.

A lot of characters appear, and a lot of them are very eye-catching.

17. Non Non Biyori

This is another anime that can heal you from anything.

Non Non Biyori is one of the best, most popular, and most successful slice-of-life anime out there.

This anime follows Hotaru Ichijo, a girl who used to live in Tokyo, and her new life in the countryside with her new friends Komari, her younger sister Natsumi, and Renge.

18. Slow Start

Making new friends is not easy for everyone, especially for introverts like me, and this anime shows this hard task.

Slow Start is about Hana Ichinose, a girl who, after catching mumps, is forced to take a gap year and misses her high school entry exams.

Then, she befriends Eiko, Tamate, and Kamuri without letting on that she is older than them.

19. Fly Me to the Moon

This anime managed to gain a lot of popularity very quickly because it is so cute and actually original too.

I mean, in how many anime shows does the couple get married in the first two episodes?

The story follows Nasa Yuzaki, an extremely intelligent guy who marries Tsukasa, a mysterious girl who saves his life.

20. Yuru Camp

This is the typical Moe entertainment you guys love to watch.

Just like Hanayamata, this anime is about cute girls doing cute things.

This anime is about a group of girls enjoying their lives and having fun while going to camps.

This is the type of anime you watch after watching something heavy or boring.

21. Asobi Asobase

While Asobi Asobase looks cute and charming at first.

When you start watching it, everything changes.

This is one of the funniest anime ever made, and while it maintains an elegant animation, the situations that happen here are both ridiculous and unforgettable.

The story follows Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi spending time doing any kind of stuff.

22. Himouto Umaru-chan

Have you ever met a girl who, when in public, is popular, elegant, and perfect, but when at home, is extremely otaku?

Well, this is Himouto Umaru-chan for you.

Umaru is a girl who is Elite, both the most popular and beautiful in the school, but when she gets home the becomes a chibi and a lethargic otaku.

23. The Helpful Fox Senko-san

This is one of the most both relaxing and Moe anime you can find.

Kuroto Nanako is a salaryman with a stressful and unhappy life.

He spends almost all his time at work and only goes to his house to sleep.

One day everything changes when a demigod called Senko comes into his life to help him to find happiness.

24. New Game

New Game is one of the best anime on this list because even if you don’t like the moe, you will definitely like the plot and the interactions of all the characters in the anime.

Aoba Suzakaze is a girl who just graduated from high school and begins to work in a game company called Eagle Jump as a character designer.

25. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri is a unique and special anime with a really good narrative.

It tells the story about Yoshifumi Nitta, a Yakuza living her “normal” life when she suddenly encounters a girl with magical powers.

This girl has amnesia, and the only thing she remembers is her name, Hina, so Yoshifumi takes her in.

26. Silver Spoon

Let me tell you something interesting about this anime.

Its creator is Hiromu Arakawa, who created Fullmetal Alchemist.

But in this case, let’s forget about battles and wars, as Silver Spoon is a very chill and relaxing anime.

It follows Yuugo Hachiken, a high school student who enrolls at Ooezo Agricultural High School.

27. Bunny Drop

Better known as Usagi Drop, this is one of the most heartwarming anime out there.

Daikichi is a 30 year-old-man who, although living a meaningless life, is kind at heart and has a decent job.

After the death of his grandfather, he meets a young girl named Rin, who is his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter.

He then decides to take care of Rin by himself.

28. Lucky Star

Lucky Star is one of the most popular anime ever.

It was an immediate hit in Japan the moment it released, and it created the basis for many more anime to come.

Lucky Star follows the daily lives of four high school girls: Konata, Tsukasa, Kahami, and Miyuki, and what they do in their free time.

It doesn’t really have an ongoing plot.

29. Hanamaru Kindergarten

This is probably, just probably, the most moe and kawaii anime on the list because…

It is about little children trying to attract attention from their caretaker.

The protagonist is Anzu, a little girl who is in love with his caretaker named Tsuchida Naozumi and tries to gain his attention, but he is more interested in his fellow teacher Yamamoto Nanako.

30. Konohana Kitan

This anime is an entertaining anime about cute girls and spirits.

The protagonist is Yuzu, an exuberant fox girl who starts working at a popular hot spring in Konohanatei.

Since this is her first job, Kiri helps her by telling her what she can do in this new context.

Despite her clumsiness, everybody ends loving Yuzu.

31. Barakamon

The title means “cheerful/energetic one” in the Goto Islands’ dialect.

The story of Barakamon revolves around Seishuu Handa, a calligraphy artist who, after punching a curator of an exhibition for criticizing his calligraphy, is sent by his father to the Goto Islands.

There, he begins to find his own style.

32. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Midori Asakusa fanart

This is the anime with the catchiest opening on this list.

This anime managed to get a lot of attention when it was released and became highly popular.

The anime follows three girls: Midori Asakusa, a girl with a great imagination, Tsubame Misuzaki, a rich and friendly girl, and Sayaka Kanamori, a calculative girl.

These girls decide to make an animation club to express themselves.

33. The Quintessential Quintuplets

Yotsuba fanart

This anime or its characters are a common topic in our lists.

The Quintessential Quintuplets is about a student named Uesugi Fuutarou who becomes the tutor of 5 rich quintuplets: Nino, Miku, Itsuki, Yotsuba, and Ichika.

These girls are really bad students, and his job is to make them get passing grades.

34. His and Her Circumstances


Yukino is the perfect student.

She is intelligent, the female representative of her class, and also beautiful.

But a boy named Sochiro Arima appears and manages to score more in his exams than her and confesses his love to her.

35. Tamako Market

Kyoto Animation always knows how to produce very cute and chill anime and Tamako Market is one of them.

Tamako is the oldest daughter of a family which runs in the Usagiyama Shopping District and a mochi shop called Tama-ya.

One day, Tamako finds a rare talking bird named Dera who comes from a faraway land searching for a wife for the prince of this distant land.

36. Nekopara


If you want to enjoy the magic of Nekopara, then play the visual novels, but the anime adaptation is quite good and kawaii.

Nekopara is set in a world where cat girls exist.

The protagonist, Kashou Minaduki, is the owner of a patisserie named “La Soleil,” and seven cat girls work in this pastry shop. Cat girls = kawaii.

37. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the most popular and influential anime ever made.

Nearly anyone who likes anime has watched this anime at some point in their life.

Sakura is a 10-year-old girl who lives a normal life until she finds a set of cards and accidentally spreads them around the world.

Now, with the help of Kero, she begins her new quest to find these cards, the Clow Cards.

38. Say “I love you”

Yes, this is a romantic anime.

Say “I love you,” tells the story of a girl named Mei whose traumatic past made her a lonely person without friends.

On the other hand, Yamato is the most popular boy in high school and flirts with any girl he finds.

When Mei catches his attention, he vows to be Mei’s friend no matter what.

39. Nichijou

Nichijou is widely considered one of the funniest anime ever because of the oddball characters and unique situations they find themselves in.

Nichijo focuses on the daily life of three girls who have known each other since they were little: Mio Naganohara, Mai Miankami, and Yuuko Alioi.

Plus, many characters gradually appear which makes the show even funnier.

40. K-On!

K-On! is one of the best anime Kyoto Animation created and released because of how game-changing it was.

The story is memorable, and its fans will remember these characters forever.

The story follows Yui Hirasawa, a girl who becomes a better guitarist than Steve Vai in a matter of days after joining the Light Music Club.

41. Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me

One for my friends, the lolicons.

Wataten is about a beautiful girl named Hoshino Miyako.

She is both reserved and shy and spends most of her free time making cosplays in her room.

Then, the weird part begins.

One day her little sister brings a friend named Hana to their house, and Miyako falls in love with her and makes a deal with her.

She will give her candies, and Hana will cosplay.

42. School Babysitters

This is an anime about high school boys taking care of babies.

That’s it.

After the death of his parents, Ryuuchi now has to look after his little brother Kotarou, but they also don’t have a place to live.

With the help of the Morinomiya Academy’s chairwoman, she offers Ryuuchi a place to live and free tuition, but on the condition of taking care of the school’s daycare center.

43. Kamisama Kiss

This is one of the cutest and most entertaining anime you can imagine.

Kamisama Kiss follows a girl named Nanami Momozono, a girl whose father abandoned her because of his debts.

Then after becoming homeless, she saves a person from some dogs.

It just so happens that this person is a god and chooses Nanami as his successor.

44. My Little Monster

Better known as “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun,” this is a cute love story with many interesting characters.

Shizuku Mizutani is a girl with a cold exterior who doesn’t have a lot of friends, and her only interest is studying.

She must deliver the homework to Haru Yoshida, a boy who rarely attends school.

After meeting Haru, she becomes interested in his personality.

45. Alice & Zouroku

Having supernatural and mystical powers in anime is a classic topic, and those wanting these powers to be the best is another common topic.

Sana, also called the Red Queen, can create anything she can imagine.

After escaping from this facility, she meets Zouroku Kashimura, who kindly takes her and adopt her as his granddaughter.

46. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

This anime is currently one of the most popular.

It has the perfect combination of comedy, ecchi, magic, and kawainess. Even the few battles it has are extremely well animated.

The story began when the protagonist, Kobayashi, finds a dragon inside her apartment.

She then turns herself into a kawaii girl named Tooru who becomes Kobayashi’s personal maid.

47. My Love Story!!

I am a die-hard shojo fan, and I consider this anime one of the best in the genre, mainly because of how cute and wholesome it is.

Takeo is a very muscular and tall high school student who never had luck with women.

But everything changes when she saves Riko Yamato, a petite and beautiful girl, from a groper in a train.

48. Lovely Complex

This is one of my favorite shojos because I am a man who loves big girls.

Ootani Atsushi is shorter than an average guy, and Koizumi Risa is taller than an average girl.

They are best friends who support each other and also troll each other.

With the passing of time, they realize that they are, in fact, in love with each other.

49. As the Moon, so Beautiful

Better known as “Tsuki ga Kirei,” this anime is a masterpiece created by the gods.

This work of art shows a more wholesome and innocent love than the other anime on the list.

It tells the story of how Akane Mizuno and Kotaoru Azumi fell in love while experiencing the feeling for the first time.

50. How to Keep a Mummy

This anime has probably the cutest mummy ever created.

Is the anime wholesome? Yes.

Is it fun to watch? Hell yeah.

Sora Kashiwagi is a boy who has experienced bizarre things throughout his life.

One day, his father sends him a mummy while traveling in Egypt.

He names this little guy “Mii-kun” and becomes his best friend.

Kawaii Anime: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you discover some of the best Kawaii anime to watch in 2023 and beyond!

Did I miss one?

Let me know in the comments!

And if you liked this article, you’ll love our article about cute anime characters!

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