The Top 20 Craziest Yandere Characters In Anime

It’s no secret that the yandere anime characters have become a staple of the anime industry. The yandere in anime is basically a character that goes to great lengths to win over another character’s love. That can include anything from stalking to killing. It doesn’t matter if that other character is already in a relationship. To win that person over, they will do everything possible. Yander in anime is so popular that there are even shows that are classified as yandere. 

What is Yandere?

Yandere is a Japanese word that can be translated to “love-sick” or “obsessive love”. It is often translated into English as “stalker” or “psycho”. It is used to describe an initially loving person but quickly becomes controlling and violent. It comes from the word yanderu, which means having a crush or being attracted to someone. 

Today, we are going to look at 20 of the craziest yandere boys and girls in anime.

#20: Mamimi Samejima- FLCL

Mamimi Samejima- FLCL

She is an introverted pyromaniac who tends to name everything and everyone “Ta-Kun,” a nickname for Naota’s brother and Naota.

It could be because she wants to replace the relationship and feelings she shared with her ex, Tasuku. She has a very ill-defined grasp on the boundary between fantasy and reality. 

#19: Road Kamelot – D.Gray-Man

Road Kamelot - D.Gray-Man

Even though Road is more than thirty-five years old, she always behaves in a mockingly childlike manner. Her personality is colorful and erratic, varying from playful and sweet to sadistic and secretive.

She is extremely affectionate, especially toward her family, especially toward those who are part of the Noah Family. She has an insatiable need for entertainment, usually provided by the Millennium Earl or Lero, but occasionally Tyki Mikk as well. 

She remains attached to Allen Walker, kissing him twice and soothing him again. She protects everyone she cares about, even at the risk of her own life, to ensure their safety.

#18: Shizuru Mugino – A Certain Magical Index


Mugino Shizuri appears to be a much more mature young woman than her teammates. Her position as leader of the organization goes well with her maturity.

Despite her looks, she is willing to kill other people. She is also a relentless person when it comes to winning, unwilling to relinquish her quarry no matter how much damage she is doing to other people. 

It often happens if her quarry humiliates or beats her, in which case she becomes driven by revenge.

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#17: Orochimaru – Naruto

A significant number of people, including Tsunade, have described Orochimaru as having a twisted personality. 

A part of Orochimaru’s character is also his biggest flaw: his arrogance. He believed he was absolutely invincible, so when he faced powerful opponents like his former teacher or Itachi Uchiha, he attacked recklessly. 

Both times, he was too crippled since he either wanted to torture his opponent, such as against Hiruzen or because he was very uninformed to deal with Itachi.

Even though he lacks morals, Orochimaru seems very knowledgeable about psychological warfare as he disparages Tobirama for the actions that result from his policies.

#16: Belarus – Hetalia: Axis Power


She’s an intimidating, rough young woman who wants to marry her brother Russia. But Russia doesn’t feel the same for her and feels even more disturbed when she’s around.

Belarus is shown to carry a knife in the “Meeting Of The World” strips, most notably in the strip where she’s holding it to a traumatized Latvia’s back while her brother scares him.

Also, she’s not afraid to use violence and is a bit sadistic, as shown when Lithuania asks her out for a date, and she breaks all of his fingers.

#15: Nina Einstein – Code Geass

Nina’s racism is never fully explored in the series. Still, instead of feeling she’s better than everyone else, she’s actually afraid of “Elevens”. 

The conversation suggests that she may have had a traumatic experience with the Japanese before the series’s events. 

According to Milly, Nina allegedly once visited the ghettos and was assaulted by some “elevens” at that time.

She relies on Euphemia emotionally, seeing her as a “goddess”. After Euphemia’s death, she became psychologically unstable, driven to killing Zero and hatred towards “Elevens.”

#14: Rolo Lamperouge – Code Geass

Rolo gave the impression to Lelouch and the others that he was kind and innocent. However, he is only posing as Lelouch’s brother when Nunnally is captured. 

Rolo starts to become attached to Lelouch after Lelouch regains his memory of Nunnally. But after a while, Rolo becomes more like a brother. 

It is shown after Shirley’s death that he is proud to claim that he was the one to shoot her. He becomes more selfless and loyal after Lelouch’s death.

#13: Mika Harima – Durarara!!

Mika is a very possessive person about the person she loves and will go to any length to get their affection, even if it means invading their privacy. 

She changed the truth to what she thought fit, even going so far as giving up school, her family, and friends for Seiji’s sake.

#12: Homura Akemi – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura is shown as being very intelligent, athletic, distant, and cold. The reason why she became like that is because she’d seen so much suffering as a Magical Girl.

She doesn’t show remorse, sadness, or pity easily, but that is only because she got used to suffering around her and has to keep her head high to keep fighting for her goal.

Homura says she feels terrible whenever she loses a life, but that doesn’t make her give up on saving Madoka Kaname.

#11: Shouko Kirishima – Baka And Test: Summon The Beasts

Shouko and Yuuji Sakamoto’s friendship goes back to 5th grade, and she developed feelings for Yuuji from the start. 

Shouko has an affectionate relationship with Yuuji. Who gets too close will use scissors to poke his eye or shock him. 

She also gets really jealous. She once attacked Yuuji for being unfaithful when Akihisa Yoshii sent him a slightly profane message.

#10: Mana Ouma – Guilty Crown

Mana is portrayed initially as being a kind, sweet girl who loves her sister Shu. When exposed to the virus, she becomes sadistic. 

So much so that she even wanted Triton to kill himself so she could be with Shu. 

She tried to “tie the knot” with Shu and mix their genes, only for Shu to push her away and cause an uproar during “The Lost Christmas” incident on December 24, 2029.

#9: Kaede Fuyou – Shuffle!

Kaede is a very humble, polite, and soft-spoken girl who is sharp-witted, attractive, and really good with housework. However, she sometimes neglects herself and spends all her energy on Rin Tsuchimi. 

She shows signs of severe mental distress, acting violently when a big shock upsets her.

She has all the classic signs of a yandere. Her eyes are dulled, and her usually friendly expression turns hostile and menacing.

#8: Rena Ryuuguu – Higurashi When They Cry

Rena initially appears super sweet and friendly but gets crazy when threatened or angry. In Onikakushi-hen, she retorts to Keiichi’s remarks with the famously deafening “Uso da!” 

While Keiichi may be imagining part of her reaction, Rena’s reaction suggests she does hate lies, especially from friends. 

Rena can be vicious when she wants something.

#7: Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Mikasa was a cheerful, outgoing, and gentle child before joining the Yeager family. Her innocent disposition allowed her to push anxious thoughts to the back of her mind, staying with her family happily. 

Mikasa has grown emotionally withdrawn and dangerous, sometimes bullying enemies and even her comrades. 

She’s pretty stoic and level-headed and rarely seems to get angry or panicky, no matter what the situation is. 

Eren is unquestionably Mikasa’s closest relationship and the one that defines her. As a teenager, Eren told her she would die if she didn’t fight to survive.

 She remembered his words and used them to motivate her when she was close to death.

#6: Kotohana Katsura – School Days

Kotonoha is an intelligent, pretty, attentive, and courteous young woman with a reserved manner. And she’s so reserved that no one knew she had a single friend before she met Sekai Saionji and Makoto Itou.

When she fears Makoto will leave her, she’ll become utterly depressed or “yandere” and turn to suicide or murder to get him back. 

She really loves Makoto so much that she can’t bear the thought that he will break up with her. 

Perhaps she is murderous because when Makoto invites her to watch a horror movie, she admits she’s a horror and gangster movie fan but usually doesn’t talk about it.

#5: Juvia Lockser – Fairy Tail

Juvia first appears stoic and seems more distant to everyone, including Phantom Lord Guild members, after joining Fairy Tail. Over time, she develops a happier demeanor.

Her obsession with Gray has come to the point of considering anyone fond of him a rival. But when Meredy threatened him, Juvia goes satanic, frightening Meredy and Erza.

Juvia is also a masochist; when she makes a mistake, she tells Gray to spank her, saying it’s her “hobby”.

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#4: Misa Amane – Death Note

Even though Misa’s cheerful, she’s been mentally afflicted by watching her parents murdered right in front of her. 

The trauma has damaged Misa psychologically, but Rem indicates in the films that Misa got depressed after she discovered the murderer was acquitted. 

After Kira kills the murderer, Misa’s gratitude is intense and inspires her second Kira path. Once she falls in love with Light, the motivation for her behavior changes to love.

#3: Anna Nishikinomiya – SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of ‘Dirty Jokes’ Doesn’t Exist

Anna is the head of the student council. Despite her status, she is clueless about lewd materials. 

However, when it comes to Tanukichi Okuma, she tries to rape him to get his “love nectar,” which is displayed gradually throughout the series. 

She can be obsessive about him at times but likes to say this is love, and everything she does out of love is an act of justice. 

Anna doesn’t seem to be capable of telling the difference between love and lust.

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#2: Himiko Toga – My Hero Academia

Craziest Yandere Characters in Anime

Himiko is a cheerful girl and smiles even after she has supposedly harmed people, displaying sadistic tendencies. However, she seems to stop smiling when she is bored or annoyed.

Himiko’s face is more often seen flushed out of joy than embarrassment, giving a consistent look of love. 

However, she has demonstrated that she can be easily embarrassed, for example, when she thinks people are coming on to her or when she is naked while dressing like the person she is transformed into.

Himiko is obviously mentally unstable and has a distorted view of love and friendship. She tried to befriend the two girls despite wanting to kill them, affectionately calling Tsuyu lovingly and referring to Ochaco in the first person as “lovely”.

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#1: Yuno Gasai – The Future Diary

Yuno’s personality is somewhat ambiguous. On the one hand, she is sweet, feminine, sometimes shy around Yukiteru, but on the other, she is ruthless. 

She never thinks twice about taking advantage of others for her own, or Yukiteru’s, survival. She’ll resort to cruel and violent methods that almost always lead to bloody deaths.

Her cruel personality results mostly from her mother’s abuse and her father‘s absence two years before Survival Game started.

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