Who Is Satoru Gojo: His Story & Abilities

With the recent success of Jujutsu Kaisen anime, The popularity of Satoro Goju among anime fans skyrocketed. With his fantastic character design, personality, and, more importantly, his overwhelming power Satoro Goju will always be a fan favorite.

But who exactly is Satoro Goju? Where is he getting his ridiculous power? What is he capable of? And what is his story? Here are just some of the most common questions about our newest favorite sensei in anime, Satoro Goju.

Who is Satoru Gojo?

He is currently a teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, a place most of you would know as the Jujutsu high school. It’s a place for education for sorcerers of the future like the main protagonist Yuji Itadori.

It also acts as a headquarters for all the jujutsu sorcerers in general. Students and alumni can interact with one another inside the campus either by partnering on a mission or training.

Even though its location is accessible and not hidden to those who have been there before, it’s actually hidden from the outside world by a special barrier.

While Satorou Goju is a sorcerer and a teacher who has shown care for his students, he actually doesn’t support the school’s higher-ups. 

An example of this is when he found out that the higher-ups sent Yuji and his other students on a dangerous mission behind his back. He suggested that he just “kill them all”.

Early Life Of Satoru Gojo

When he was born, he shifted the balance of power in the world. At the time of his early childhood, the strength of curses increased significantly, proving to be a problem amongst the current Jujutsu Sorcerers.

This is because of the child born with these “Six eyes power” of the Gojo family. 

Based on his flashbacks in the manga, there’s no shortage of people trying to kill him to the point that he’s even got a bounty.

So you might be wondering why they need to put a bounty on the head of a child?

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The Power Of The Six Eyes

The power of the six eyes is similar to that of Dojutsu in Naruto. From what we’ve seen so far in the series, the six eyes cannot be removed and transferred into another person.

Anyone who possesses the power of the six eyes is granted perception out of this world and the ability to use limitless at its full potential.

Any member of the Goju family can inherit the limitless ability. Still, only the person who possesses the “six eyes” can use the limitless ability to its full potential.

Satoru Goju is also the first sorcerer to possess both the six eyes’ power and limitless in the last hundred years.

Along with perception, the user of the six eyes also possesses immense brain processing power.

With all of these abilities, anyone capable of using the power of the six eyes can use Infinity’s power. Simply put, Infinity is the power to stop.

The power of Infinity is at full display in one of the scenes where Satoru Gojo could not be touched, and anything or anyone who tries to reach him just slows down and never does.

In short, Infinity’s power takes the space between Gojo and his opponent and devises it an infinite number of times. The distance can get smaller and smaller, but it will never be zero.

This ability protects Gojo from attacks and hits, and only he can decide when someone can reach him.

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Cursed Techniques of Satoru Gojo

Satoru Goju has shown three different types of cursed techniques. The red, blue, and purple.

Blue: The power of the blue cursed technique is to attract. This creates a magnetic type effect. This is one of Gojo’s most terrifying techniques that can cause ridiculous destruction when used, causing everything to explode.

Red: Is the opposite of blue. To put it simply, the red cursed technique has the power to repel. As seen in the anime, the red cursed technique has a stronger energy output than the blue cursed technique.

Purple: Purple is the combination of both red and blue cursed techniques. Purple cursed techniques create an energy projectile that erases everything in his path. Everything it touches disappears.

Satoru Goju’s Domain Expansion

Domain expansion is barrier-like techniques that manifest the user’s innate domain and traps their target. Once inside, the user’s cursed techniques are greatly improved and cannot miss.

As for Goju, he has an infinite void. The domain of the limitless traps the target inside the concept of Infinity itself.

While inside the limitless, the targets are flooded with a deluge of information overwhelming their brains and leaving them ravaged.

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Satoru Gojo’s domain expansion is so overpowered that just 0.2 seconds inside the domain would require two full months of rehabilitation for an average human.

Final Thoughts

Satoru Gojo is one of the most popular characters in the anime today, and it’s no surprise with his charming looks and overpowered abilities, I’m sure he will be a fan favorite for many years to come.

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