Best Anime friendships

Top 10 Best Anime Friendships

Best Anime friendships

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Anime friendships transcend time, space, and even dimensions. Friendship is something that we all strive to achieve in life, whether with a friend or a loved one. Anime buddies tend to have deep bonds and mutual respect.

Most of us would agree that friendship is one of the most genuine relationships out there. Friendship is what makes life meaningful and enjoyable to live. We may not have as many friends as Goku, but we can take inspiration from the best anime friendships in existence.

Here’s our pick for some of the best anime friendships.

Hanako, Kasumi & Olivia: Asobi Asobase 

This is not your typical trio of whimsical girls who venture through their school years searching for love, adventure, and all things innocent.

This trio of hilariously vulgar young girls never misses an opportunity to make the other trip over themselves. They’ve maintained their friendship despite how many times they’ve backstabbed each other.

Meliodas & Ban: Seven Deadly Sins

Throughout their time as protectors and exile, the sin of wrath and the sin of greed held the strongest bond out of all the Seven Deadly Sins members.

Whether they’re goofing around or knocking the lights out of each other, you can easily see the camaraderie underneath.

In rare instances, they do get serious. Both Meliodas and Ban will do whatever it takes to save one another.

Even if this means Ban’s getting his body blown up for the thousandth time.

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Eren, Mikasa & Armin: Attack On Titan

Considering how terrible their lives have been since the first attack of the armored titan & the colossal titan. The fact that Eren, Mikasa, & Armin have remained friends for so long is something of a miracle.

Even though Eren is focused on fulfilling his revenge against the monsters that took the life of his mother, Eren wouldn’t have gotten far without the help of his closest friends Mikasa and Armin.

Mikasa would eliminate anyone if it meant protecting those most precious to her. As for Armin, he’s become a beacon of integrity, desperate to hold on to every last shred of goodness left.

Without each other, they would have all gone over the edge by now.

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Madoka & Homura: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

We should consider ourselves lucky if we have a friend like Homura, a friend who would go above and beyond to save her closest companion against an impossible fate.

Following Mataka’s demise, Homura sold her soul to become a magical girl using her one wish in an attempt to undo such a grim outcome.

But just like all deals with Kyubey, it didn’t work out as expected because no matter what she tried, Homura was unable to save Madoka no matter how many jumps to the past she made.

Homura didn’t give up saving Madoka, even with the indescribable trauma constantly biting at her heels.

Ash & Pikachu: Pokemon

Throughout every season, every region, and every battle, Ash has made many new friends and caught so many new Pokémon. His human companions change nearly every season. But there is someone who is always there, who saves Ash countless times both in and out of battles, and who never leaves his side. And that someone isn’t even human! It’s Pikachu, the first Pokémon that Ash ever received when he started his quest so long ago.

Pikachu is always with Ash, and even when Ash has been an incompetent trainer, Pikachu has won him so many battles. And while most trainers keep their Pokémon in Pokeballs when not using them, Pikachu is always out and Ash. They’re equals and best friends, not just a Pokémon and its trainer. And they’re willing to risk their lives for each other, as is proven time and time again! 

Ryuko & Mako: take the life of La Kill

Ruko is a living embodiment of badassery, and the other is Mako. Together they’re the ultimate underdogs sticking it to the oppressive warlords of their battlefield academy.

Ryuko is the fighter of the duo, while Mako’s constant support and never-ending optimism serve as continuous support for Ryuko. Providing the vengeful orphan the familial sense of love and comfort she’s been lacking her whole life.

They’re about as subtle as everything else in the series, but that doesn’t mean their friendship isn’t genuine and heartfelt.

Yugi & Joey: Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters

For some reason, card games have that way of bringing people closer together. While these two were initially been nothing more than a bully and his sufferer.

A combination of duel monsters and friendship rocketed them all the way to best of friends. 

With Yugi’s innocent nature and impossible hair complementing Joey’s determination in Brooklyn accent. It didn’t take long before they were taking on duelist and kicking down shadow games together.

Caiman & Nikaido: Dorohedoro

There are hundreds of reasons why these two shouldn’t get along, yet they’re the best of friends.

Caiman is a bit of a goofball trying to reclaim his lost memories, who also happen to have a face like a reptile, While Nikaido is a diner owner who can beat anyone that wants to challenge her.

Both have a past that involves blood and betrayal, and yet because of their unusual friendship, they find the strength to get through every day with a smile on their faces.

Gon & Killua: Hunter x Hunter

It all started as a casual greeting at the start of the hunter’s exam soon spiraled into a lifelong partnership. One that would prove strong enough to overcome the worst the world has to offer.

Gon is the son of the legendary Gon Freecs, and the Killua is a highly trained assassin trained since he was little.

What’s so unique about their friendship is that while they undoubtedly became battle-hardened through various confrontations and tragedies, neither Gon nor Killua ever lost sight of just how valuable their friendship truly was.

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