Best Anime like overlord

Best Anime Like Overlord: Anime To Watch If You Can’t Get Over Overlord

Best Anime like overlord

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The chances are that you still hadn’t gotten over the excitement you had watching Overlord. We have been there!

And we agree that Overlord is worth all the hype. The series breathes fun through and through. The dark fantasy in itself is enthralling. Yet, the anime has an exciting screenplay and detailed animation.

So, we understand the need to keep watching Overlord. Why not seek similar animes that promise just as much fun?

In this piece, we have gathered 18 animes like Overlord that will thrill you. That’s enough to jolt you back to your Overlord-euphoria.

So, shall we begin?

18 Animes Like Overlord That Promises To Be Fun

Note: the listed animes are in no particular order. You can choose whichever way works best for you.

18. Accel World

Overlord can sometimes seem fast-paced. Perhaps you want a similar anime with a gaming premise but with slower space. In that case, check out Accel World.

By our standards, Accel World is a perfect anime for slow-paced Overlord-lookalike. Just like Overlord, this anime explains the details of its character and plot development.

Furthermore, the animation of Accel World is incredible. The story is just a little different from Overlord.

The series follows the life of a gamer: Haruyuki Arata. Unlike Ainz, Haruyuki is overweight. For that reason, his friends often bully him.

Despite all the bullying, Haruyuki takes solace in his high scores across the games he plays. That would change as another student (Kuroyukihime) toppled him. Kuroyukihime also happens to be the student council’s vice president.

After topping Haruyuki’s scores, Kuroyukihime then invited the former to a program: Brain Burst. With “Brain Burst,” a gamer can enhance his brains. However, if you can’t meet the conditions of the brainiac complex, you might even lose the opportunity forever.

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17. Btoom

If you want an intense level of Overload, Btoom will take you to new heights of excitment. This anime oozes action and fun from beginning to end.

Like Overlord, the premise of Btoom revolves around gaming and the usual “Isekai” narrative. Even better, the title of the series itself is a game.

However, there are a few differences between Btoom and Overlord. In the latter, Ainz explored a world he loved, while the former had characters fighting for survival.

About the survival race, it all started with the main character: Ryouta Sakamoto. He was unemployed, a top player of the game “Btoom,” and he lives with his mother.

Suddenly, Ryouta found himself on an island. In this new reality, he had a green crystal. Then, he realized he is in his favourite game: Btoom. Soon, he also discovered that he is not alone.

Unfortunately, Ryouta must eliminate other players to get back home. So, he teamed up with a fellow gamer: Himiko. Together, the two characters decided to find the truth in all the facade.

16. March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

One of the reasons Overlord stays fresh in our memories is Ainz. He was such an OP character. Like Ainz, the main character in “ March To The Parallel World Rhapsody” is also an OP.

So, expect similar thrills of Overlord and similar isekai anime in this series. Everything from the story to the animation is top-class.

About the plot, it follows the OP character in this anime: Ichirou Suzuki. Unlike most MC on our list, he is a programmer and debugs faulty games.

Suddenly, Ichirou found himself in games he debugged. Worse, it is the mashed version where the confusion is at the peak. And before Ichirou could even adjust to the new world, he was the target of an army of lizardmen.

Fortunately, Ichirou destroyed the army. Afterwards, the story will then follow his exploits adjusting and fixing the new world.

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15. Parade

This anime is a taste of something darker than even Overlord. Indeed, Parade serves just as much fun and thrills as most isekai anime. However, it is also psychological. That means you can expect borderline scenes that scream “nut.”

Regardless, Parade is a beautiful blend of mystery, supernatural, and Overlord’s themes. And that’s why we love it.

Furthermore, Parade, though psychological, has a somewhat funny plot. Here, people don’t go to the afterlife after their demise. You heard that right; there’s no heaven or the nether region.

Instead, no longer living people go to Queen Dekim. The funniest part: this “Queen Denim” is a bar. So, when people die, they go there to play a mysterious game. Funny, eh?

Here is another humorous twist: the games deciding if a deceased stay no longer living or comes back to life is irregular. A barman, Selim, with mysterious white hair is the one who decides the fate of all.

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14. Drifters

If other animes on our list get you into confusion, Drifters wouldn’t. It is straightforward just by the name of this series what you can expect. Here, just like Overlord, you will enjoy the thrills of drifting between worlds.

Such action and adventure are what made us include Drifters in our list of Overlord look-alikes. However, there is a difference between the two animes.

Though Overloads and Drifters bounce around between worlds, the theme is different. The former drifts around in the gaming premise, while the latter focuses on warfare.

Nevertheless, Drifters hold the same fun as overloads. And its warfare story can even add a different spice to the world-jumping plots you’ve grown to love.

The story of “Drifters” centres on Toyohisa Shimazu. He was in the thick of battle. Suddenly, he teleported to a different world as soon as he suffered a fatal wound.

In the new world, Toyohisa would find that the no longer living in his world still exist in the new terrains. Furthermore, he would later find out the sudden teleportation was a call for help.

13. Gate

Gate” is similar to the theme of “Drifters” as both animes talk about warfare. Nevertheless, the series also has the element of survival and teleportation fantasy that you love about Overlord.

So, if you don’t mind a bit of skirmish and alien battles, you will love Gate. Besides, this anime also shares diplomatic features – such as politics and ally networks – with Overlord. And the animation is mind-blowing.

More importantly, Gate’s story is unique and engrossing. It follows Youji Itami. He was attending a convention when a portal opens with an influx of destructive aliens.

Youji and his team salvaged the situation and prevented a full-scale invasion. Three months, he must lead a special force through the portal to learn about the aliens and see if the two worlds can reach a compromise.

12. Grimgar: Ashes And Illusions

We understand that we might want a soft feel of Overlord. In that case, Grimgar perfectly fits the bill.

Unlike the other Overlord-lookalikes on our list, Grimgar has a simple story. Even the plot and character development are somewhat laidback. So much so, you will think you’re watching A Slice Of Life anime.

In essence, the characters on Grimgar have simple profiles, and they grow into it rather than explosive and sudden developments. More so, the series is an adaptation of a light novel. Regardless, Grimgar has one of the best plots on our list.

The story focuses on how a group of strangers and their sudden appearance in a fantasy world. Unfortunately, they all lost their memories.

To get out of the mess, the strangers must first adapt to their new world. And they did. The memory-less group would join the new world’s soldiers and build a network of friendship.

11. Hack Sign

We love how Hack Sign combined all the features of Overlord but remains unique. It has similar themes that promise adventure, fantasy, magic, and technological innovations.

Even better, Hack Sign also adapts Overlord’s “lost in a game approach.” And we love it for that.

Furthermore, the story of Hack Sign is just as interesting as its animation. It follows Tsubasa. Funnily enough, he was a regular boy until the game “The World” relaunched.

Tsukasa had only started playing “The World.” Then, suddenly he teleported to a mysterious zone. But that’s not the only mystery. Tsukasa also met another gamer (Aura) with a strange, cat-like appearance.

Tsukasa would later realize he can’t log out of the game. And unlike him, the other gamers can’t feel emotions. However, they did try to console him and help him find a way out of the loop. But were they ever successful?

10. How To Not Summon Afallen angel Lord

Did you ever wish Overlord has that spice of fan service? Yes?

Well, “How To Not Summon A Demon” is an Overlord-lookalike that comes with fan service. The plot also follows the typical teleporting in isekai anime.

More importantly, the characters in this series are just as OP as Ainz. Despite all the fan service and comedy, the anime remains action-packed. That’s why we love it.

The story here centres on a gamer (Takuma Sakamoto) who teleported into a game: Cross Reverie. Funnily enough, the said game is Takuma’s favourite.

The twist here is that the magical creatures (Rem & She-Ra) within the game were the ones that summoned Takuma. The two girls did so to turn Takuma into a slave. However, the tides turned, and he became their master.

The rest of the series will centre on how Takuma plans to dissolve the master-servant spell. Also, Takuma disguises himself as Diablo, Thefallen angel Lord, to save his anxiety.

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9. Ixion Saga Dimension Transfer

No other Overlord-lookalike is quite as funny as Ixion Saga Dimension Transfer. Against the usual backdrop of OP characters, Ixion Saga’ MC is playful.

Nevertheless, expect the usual action and adventure of isekai anime. Also, Ixion Saga DT follows the typical teleportation theme. And the plot is rich – but long.

Overall, we love the humour that Ixion Saga DT adds to its story. If only the picture quality could be a bit better, this anime could even be up there with Overlord.

The story itself revolves around Kon Hokaze. He, and a team of warriors, served a princess to settle the conflict around “Alma.”

Another evidence of the comedy in Ixion Saga DT is when Kon hit the boss in the junk. That was funny and weird for an isekai anime.

Regardless, we love Ixion Saga DT. It’s a comical relief.

8. Log Horizon

Like Overlord, Log Horizon also revolves around the fantasy of game-stuck characters. And if you’re a gamer, it can be amusing seeing how there could be a world where your gaming abilities determine your survival.

What we like about Log Horizon is the detail. Though the anime matches Overlord for the plot development, its survival story is unique and attractive.

The story of Log Horizon follows two odd friends. One of them is socially awkward, while the other has no gaming experience whatsoever.

And that’s totally unlike Overlord; Ainz was a superstar gamer. The odd pair of Log Horizon is nothing like him.

Another thing that stands out for The Log Horizon is the background. Here, gamers came on request for a game’s (Elder Tale) update. However, they would all soon notice they couldn’t get out.

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7. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Imagine an isekai anime like Overlord but with a devil and hero backstory. That would be fun, right?

If you agree, you should see Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Though it would seem this anime is different from Overlord, they share similar thrills of action and adventure.

Overlord tries to build an empire by eliminating threats to the new kingdom. On the other hand, the main characters in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha used foreign affairs and the market channels. In summary, both animes show a unique level of politics that will excite you.

Besides, the story of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is captivating, just as Overlord. Here, the plot centres on two characters: afallen angel king and the counteracting hero.

You would imagine thefallen angel king to be a man. But no, thefallen angel king is a woman, much to the surprise of the hero.

Mind you, the identity of the devil is not the only surprising thing about this anime. The womanfallen angel king requests to work with her sworn enemy. According to her, demons and humans must unite to build an even stronger empire.

But would such a plan ever work? Watch Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and find out!

6. No Game No Life

In terms of animation, No Game No Life matches Overlord toe to toe. More importantly, the plot and thrills in this anime are just as incredible.

About the plot, No Game No Life story isn’t the typical stuck in a gaming world fantasy. Instead, the anime highlights the power of volition.

The story of No Game No Life follows two siblings: Shiro and Sora. Those two are gamers who can hold their turfs in virtually every masterpiece. They even had a nickname for their prowesses: blank.

Shiro and Sora would later receive an invite to a chess game by Tet. Funnily enough, Tet is a god.

The twist now is that in Tet’s world, games rule. Your gaming prowess determines your survival. And the two siblings must ply their trade to survive.

Regarding survival, Shiro and Sora must go through a series of races and obstacles. In the midst of it all, you’d even wonder if there was an additional motive from Tet to invite these two siblings. But is there?

You’d have to watch No Game No Life to find out!

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5. Quan Zhi Gao Shou

While Ainz wanted an out in Overlord, the MC in Quan Zhi Gao Shou wanted to get back. Almost a total contrast, but the two animes yet follow the typical isekai route. Besides, the latter has some of the best stories we have seen.

The story of Quan Zhi Gao Shou centred on a famous professional gamer: Ye Xiu. Ye’s speciality was the online multiplayer game Glory. Unfortunately, he had to leave his team to lead a regular life.

After pro gaming, Ye would settle for a minor job at a café. He would miss his old life and jump on the opportunity to relive the experience.

Fortunately, the said opportunity came when Glory launched its tenth server. But would Ye successfully get back into the game?

You have to watch “Quan Zhi Gao Shou” to find out!

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4. Sword Art Online

Like Overlord, Sword Art Online is an engrossing anime. The latter matches the former for the deep character development and even animation.

The concept of the two animes is even similar. Unlike Overlord, Sword Art Online has Kirito as the main act. And he is full of surprises, just like Ainz.

The story follows Kirito. He was among the 10,000 players to test an MMORPG game the day it launched. They all soon discover that there is no out in this game until you take the life of the boss.

Fortunately, Kirito and his band of friends are smart enough. And Sword Art Online follows their ordeals to navigating the game of the same name.

Though Sword Art Online is another “stuck in the game” plot, it has the juice to its content. For a start, there is romance here. Another thing is the smartness of the main acts.

Unlike Ainz, Kirito is a geek. He doesn’t act edgy and clueless as Ainz did in Overlord. Instead, Kirito has mapped out all contingencies. In other words, he knows how to navigate troubled situations.

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3. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

If you want an emotional backstory – that promises just the same thrills as Overlord – The Ancient Magus’ Bride is what you seek.

However, note that this anime is only best if you appreciate the value of excellent storytelling. Nevertheless, you can expect the typical action scenes of Overlord.

Like Overlord, The Ancient Magus’ Bride also features several OVAs that are just as exciting. And both animes focus heavily on their main character.

The main character in The Ancient Magus’ Bride is Chise Hatori. She would pass through various mind-shattering ordeals.

First, Chise was a subject of abandonment as a kid. Yet, she suffered another derail at an auction. Yes, she got into an odd situation where a masked man bought her.

Thanks to the masked stranger, Chise’s life story would take a new look. The former teleported Chise to England, where she discovered that she would soon be a bride.

To Chise, it all felt unreal, as though she’s in a game. Perhaps it’s all a dream!

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2. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Overlord had real competition in The Rising Of The Shield Hero. The latter matches the former for action schemes, animations, and even character development. More so, the two animes both have OP casts.

However, The Rising Of The Shield Hero has a unique storyline. More so, the elements feature dark magic. And that’s why we love the series.

Here, the main characters also teleported into any world. This time, however, they did fight an evil called “Waves.”

About the story, it centres on a college student: Naofumi Iwatani. However, he wasn’t alone. Naofumi had the company of three other men. Together, they make the famed “Four Cardinal Heroes.”

The Four Cardinal Heroes would later teleport to the kingdom of Melromarc. In the process, however, Naofumi was soon a subject of strongly dislike and mockery. So much so, the citizens hated him.

Now, Naofumi planned to redeem himself as the Shield Hero. But was he successful?

1. Youjo Senki

This anime is another war and aggression action pack on our list. Like Overlord, Youjo Senki features several OP characters. That aside, the series also combines other themes as supernatural and magical beings.

Beyond the plots, we love how Youjo Senki uses subtle politics. Though faint, the tactics were obvious like in most isekai animes, especially when settling survival needs.

About the story, it focuses on a ruthless young soldier: Tanya Degurechaff. Though slim, Tanya is a reincarnation of an “old man” who once challenged a god.

Now, however, the old man soul reincarnated into a small girl. Thanks to the innate expertise from years of warfare, Tanya would quickly rise through the ranks to bring peace to the world.


Indeed, finding a direct replica for Overlord can be hectic. It’s no easy feat to win various awards and people’s hearts. So, yes, we agree Overlord is spectacular.

Nevertheless, the 18 series we had listed here can still produce an Overlord-esque excitement for you. The animes did for us, and we are sure you’ll love them too.


I’ve watched a lot of anime in my days, but that doesn’t stop me from watching more. Whether it be new or old, I’ll give it a run-through and tell you what I think about it. We’re currently living in the golden age of anime with so many great shows out there to watch. At Caffeine Anime, I hope to share my love for anime with you!


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