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What makes Akame ga Kill so unique is how it combines themes of rebellion, camaraderie, and tragic s into one unforgettable story. While there isn’t anything specific defining this anime, its appeal can be attributed to these three elements coming together as a perfect blend. Akame ga take the life of was a highly praised adventure anime during its season. However, it also generated mixed reviews over the ending, which is considered bittersweet for some and satisfying while others were left feeling empty-handed.

What’s it about:

Night Raid is a covert assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army. Their main goal is to overthrow Prime Minister Honest, who has taken advantage of the child emperor and left most other people in poverty. Instead, he tries to gain more power for himself. Night raid members are all skilled takers of life, but they understand that taking lives isn’t commendable and may solicit retribution as they ruthlessly eliminate anyone standing in their way without hesitation or remorse.

Tatsumi is a naïve boy from a remote village who embarks on a journey to help his impoverished hometown and becomes enamored with Night Raid’s ideals and their resolve. Akame ga Kill! Follows Tatsumi and the merry band of Night raid fight the Empire, coming face-to-face with powerful weapons; enemy assassins and; challenges to morals and virtue and the thin line between being ataker of lives and being a liberator.

We will be looking at some of our favorite animes similar to Akame ga take the life of in this list. 

Guilty Crown

guilty crown best anime like sword art online

After a deadly virus has took the life of most of the population, new powers have taken over and now oppress people. Funeral Parlor was started to free those who are oppressed by these forces. They want them to live in peace without all this oppression, so they’ve taken it upon themselves to put a stop to it.

The fight against the regime was full of obstacles for them; nothing came easy. However, fans loved this series due to its great romance story and complex world with many remarkable characters. Guilty Crown is among one of the most popular anime in recent years-many people seem to enjoy it!

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Code Geass

Code Geass - A Must watch anime like  note

A lot of people who enjoyed Akame Ga Kill! have also watched Code Geass. In this story set in a dystopian future, Britannia conquers Japan. However, it renames it Area 11 to the dismay of many locals. A brave group has risen against them, but Lelouch Lamperouge takes matters into his own hands by gaining an ability that he uses as leverage over their Empire to end its tyranny.

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Sword Art Online

Kirito’s unbelievable journey and Asuna’s remarkable transformation is a story of love, overcoming adversity, and victory. After meeting online, the two had fallen in love with each other; they both found a new motivation for survival by working together to defeat the game’s creator- all while developing their relationship throughout it all.

Sword Online is another series that follows heroes who fight against the system. Its setting is completely different as it takes place in virtual reality, but this doesn’t change the general idea of following these brave rebels to save their world from tyranny and injustice.

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The Seven Deadly Sins

In a Medieval setting, The Seven Deadly Sins is a story about an evil empire that has taken over all the kingdoms in Britannia. While The Holy Knights are supposed to protect people, they’re really just controlling them with fear and cruelty. So Elizabeth, a princess of the Kingdom of Liones, set out to find the long-lost knights called Seven Deadly Sins, who could help her restore peace and protect her people.

It is a little different from Akame ga kill! in terms of the period and art style, but it shares the rebel group against tyranny theme.

Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul - Anime Like Attack On Titan What To Watch After Finishing The Show

This dark fantasy anime is set in a different world where ghouls are living among humans. Ghouls feed off of people to survive; some enjoy taking the life of while others are simply sustaining themselves. It’s diffi, though, since the investigators who work for the Commission of Counter-Ghoul pose a real threat. Even though they might be more powerful than human beings, it doesn’t make up for their smaller population size, so they have no choice but to take care of themselves and not get caught by these dangerous forces that hunt them down.

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime with plenty of action and has a dark theme, an action-packed show with plenty of twists and turns. It may not be as lighthearted as Akame Ga Kill!, but it’s excellent for those who like darker series or just need another fix after watching Akame Ga Kill! 

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Attack on Titan

The fantasy setting of Attack on Titan is that humans are not at the top of the food chain anymore. Now they have been replaced by human-eating giants that roam freely around their territory. The last few remaining people have lived peacefully inside walls for more than 100 years now to protect themselves from these monsters and keep rates down as much as possible.

The anime Attack on Titan and Akame ga take the life of are both alike in that the characters live harsh lives, where you never know what’s going to happen next. Both have a lot of action with and tragedy while continuing through their respective stories.

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Black Lagoon

black lagoon anime like akame ga kill

“Black Lagoon” is a series set in the mid-1990s. A group of pirates known as “Lagoon Company” was hired for all sorts of illegal activities. The protagonist, Rokurou Okajima, was taken hostage on their ship just to be used as a bargaining chip.

Upon realizing his employers had left him to die, he was initially upset. However, upon bonding well with the mercenaries and learning they needed new blood, He decided this might be just what he needed for a fresh start on life as an outlaw pirate.

Both Black Lagoon and Akame ga take the life of are stories of innocent teens thrown into a world full of danger, aggression , and corruption. Yet, they live each day, risking their lives to survive the perils that surround them every turn.

Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

Yukiteru Amano is a shy loner high school student who spends his time writing in the daily activities of his cell phone diary. However, this life completely changes when he learns that his only friend, Deus Ex Machina, isn’t just some imaginary friend, but an actual entity and god of space and time itself.

Deus, the god of time and space, is growing old and has decided to choose his successor. So he pulls 12 members into a game where they each have their own dairy that can depict the future in many different ways. To survive this brutal battle, Yukiteru teams up with Yuno Gasai, another diary holder with an obsessive personality.

Both the anime series revolves around the assassination, with each character having their own back story and reasons to kill.

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So there you have it, anime lovers. Those were our top picks of anime titles that are similar to Akame ga Kill! Do you have a list of your own? Did we miss any from this list? Let us know so we can update and educate ourselves! Leave a comment down below, but make sure not to be too mean, or my feelings will get hurt. Enjoy!

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