muzan kibutsuji (demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba) smartest anime characters

40 Of The Smartest Anime Characters

muzan kibutsuji (demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba) smartest anime characters

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Anime is a medium of Japanese society and ure that has been around for decades. With so much lore related to action-shonen anime, many people mistake it as nothing more than just aggression and special powers; with no material or psychology behind it all-but, this couldn’t be further from the truth! 

If you’re an anime fan, then you know that there is more than one seriously intelligent character out there. In fact, many of them are so clever that they make our human brains look like silly putty. So, if you’re looking for a little mental stimulation (or just want to feel like a dumb bunny), then check out this list of the 40 smartest anime characters. You might be surprised by who made the cut!

Armin Arlert (Attack On Titan)

armin arlert (attack on titan) smartest anime characters

The anime series’s smartest character, Armin Arlert, is not as physically strong as his comrades. Every time the Survey Corps is on a mission, he always has a plan, and his friends often consider him their leader.

Were it not for Armin, we would never have known the identities of the Female, Colossal, and Armored Titans, nor would the Survey Corps have defeated them.

Armin Arlert is a very analytical person. He thinks deeply about situations and solves problems using his mind. Armin has shown his great interest in humanity’s future and is always striving to improve things for the betterment of mankind.

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Rohan Kishibe(JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable)

rohan kishibe smartest anime characters

He has a particularly abrasive personality, but he is compassionate. Rohan Kishibe is a passionate mangaka who dedicates himself to his work.

Rohan has constantly sought to make the best manga possible with great drafting talents. His wish to be read is so great that it trumps any other motivation. The one thing Rohan seeks the most is an inspiration to fuel his work, as everything else is an effortless formality.

Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

lelouch lamperouge (code geass) smartest anime characters

Due to his aristocratic upbringing as Lelouch Vi Britannia, Lelouch is calm, sophisticated, and pompous. Lelouch is a friendly, affable, and frequently laid-back student at school. But it’s all a ruse to hide his actual character. As Zero, he expresses his true self. Many warriors and commanders admire his charisma and commitment to justice.

Lelouch is a cold-blooded warrior. He is willing to sacrifice both citizens and soldiers to achieve his goal. During the battle of Narita, he caused a landslide that took the life of most of the enemy forces and, indirectly, some people in the town below. He had second thoughts when he discovered one of them was Shirley’s father, but he realized that all of his actions had consequences. He also had no problem with destroying much of Tokyo, taking the life of thousands of military and civilians.

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Saiko Intelli (My Hero Academia)

saiko intelli (my hero academia) smartest anime characters

In the Provisional Hero License Exam, Saiko is overconfident in her ability to defeat Momo Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu Asui, Mezo Shoji, and Kyoka Jiro. Despite this, she commands the respect of her peers and assumes a leadership role.

Despite her brilliance, Saiko was unable to forecast or grasp emotion-driven actions (EQ), as seen when she questioned why Tsuyu, Mezo, and Kyoka returned to rescue Momo when their comrade had surely been eliminated; they should have been thinking about themselves instead. After meekly acknowledging her defeat, she appears to understand that not everyone acts only on reasoning and selfishness.

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Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)

makoto shishio (rurouni kenshin) smartest anime characters

Shishio is cruel, vicious, and cold-hearted. It’s clear he’s a big fan of social Darwinism and appears devoid of sympathy or empathy throughout the series.

But he isn’t completely cold. Despite his evil disposition, he appears to be in love with Yumi Komagata, who reciprocates. It’s not just his wicked and twisted sense of humor that subjugated an entire village to wallow in the hot springs in seclusion. He might also build bonds with Sjir and Hji. And yet he regards them as tools. He was not saddened when Sjir left him, considering him as a weapon to undermine Kenshin. When Shishio reunited with Hji and Yumi in the nether region and plotted to take over, he maintained his promise to Hji that he would let him taste victory by his side.

Shishio has the intelligence and insight of an evil mastermind. He is very cunning, hiding from the Meiji administration despite their best attempts, and his machinations almost bring them down. He is also good at exploiting people’s mentalities, as he did with Usui and Aoshi. He also learns from his mistakes; after receiving a bullet in the head, he wears a hachigane (iron headband) to prevent his weakness from being exploited.

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Ray (The Promised Neverland)

ray (the promised neverland) smartest anime characters

Ray is aloof, reclusive, and caustic, generally avoiding playing with the other orphans in favor of reading books. But he gets along nicely with his siblings and adores them all. Even if they don’t always get along, he still cares about their safety and will go to tremendous lengths to keep them safe. He frequently loses his temper or is left perplexed when people like Emma demonstrate irresponsible conduct or intentions, notably when he refers to Emma as an “airhead” when she intended to rescue every orphan from Grace Field.

Ray is gifted with cunning, wit, and manipulation. He’s logical and cynical as well. Emma claims that he is the finest at whatever he does. Ray was compelled to self-immolate in order to aid in the escape. He warns Emma that his will be the result of selfishness.

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Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)

ciel phantomhive (black butler) smartest anime characters

Sebastian Michaelis praises Ciel for his “mindfulness” and “strong intuition.” He often solves problems by imagining chess moves with Sebastian as his piece. His main purpose is to wreak revenge on those who have wronged him and his family, even if it means losing his soul.

Ciel, Earl of the Phantomhive House, is a charismatic leader who commands absolute obedience. He is a quiet man who rarely shows emotion, let alone affection. Nonetheless, he really worries about his loved ones. For example, he once ran in front of a bear to protect Elizabeth Midford from a horde of Bizarre Dolls. He also takes care of his servants’ needs, taking them shopping and providing them with the basics.

Ciel is mostly wise beyond his years, but he may be childish. He is fiercely competitive, often overconfident in his abilities, and will not concede until a winner is announced. Despite his frail constitution, he is a skilled marksman who keeps a rifle under his pillow at night.

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Norman (The Promised Neverland)

norman (the promised neverland) smartest anime characters

Norman is a calm, level-headed, polite, and kind youngster who wants to appear trustworthy to everyone around him. Norman is a diffi character due to his contradictory morals. Norman, like Ray, is a realist who wants to flee with a small group of individuals. However, he considers himself selfish for worrying about his own life, whereas Emma worries about others before herself. Despite the odds, his feelings for Emma motivate him to emulate her idealistic ways, and he becomes determined to escape with his brothers. To do so, Norman has proven himself to be deceptive, vicious, and incredibly rational, readily consenting to Ray’s plot to take the life of Krone and Isabella in order to escape.

Norman is the smartest kid in Grace Field House, always scoring 100% on his daily exams. He likes to use what he learns in basic games like tag. He is a strategic, analytical, reasonable, and deductive thinker. He is a foreseeer who can plan ahead of time. Norman is also very stubborn and will not be swayed by anybody when he has made up his mind. His self-assurance originates from his belief that everything will work out in his favor if he plays his cards perfectly. He constantly relies on himself to answer, and Norman says he always achieved his goals. But he puts himself under a lot of stress to attain their goals, and he is afraid of losing or making mistakes.

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Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

senku ishigami (dr. stone) smartest anime characters

Senku is a direct, confident, and logical person who can be arrogant. Senku’s borderline arrogance doesn’t cloud his judgment, as he is typically backed up by immense knowledge. Senku never dismisses individuals with less knowledge. Rather, he inspires others to do better. His charisma and compassionate attitude draw people to him, both admirers and allies. Senku’s emotions can be amplified when he is enthused about a new product or discovery. Senku is not beyond berating himself if he misses critical information, like when Kohaku pointed out the precession of the North Star that Senku missed since he had not internalized the full impact of the many years he was scared.

Senku is a very rational person who believes that science can explain anything, even if it takes longer to fully grasp a topic.

Despite his great sense of justice, Senku regularly bends the laws, withholds information, and manipulates others to benefit his allies. When he is creating for the benefit of others, he often appears to be doing so for his own benefit. This includes Suika’s glasses and the elderly person’s car in Ishigami Village.

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The Major (Hellsing Ultimate)

the major (hellsing ultimate) smartest anime characters

The Major’s fixation on war is the series’ distinguishing trait. He admits to enjoying combat in all its facets, even if he is on the losing side or puts his own life in danger. His maniacal love for battle is clear in his admiration for Millennium’s destruction of the globe and his casual attitude toward , which he instilled in the majority of his troops through his lectures. Despite being a former Nazi, the Major appears to have no political or ideological leanings. Even during WWII, Hitler worked tirelessly on the Millennium Project to ensure he could always wage war.

He is calm, tolerant, and soft-spoken, virtually always speaking in a pleasant, amused tone.

Seen frequently eating high-class steaks and drinking red wine, as well as wearing luxury attire.

He also seems to know his history and literature, citing them frequently in his speeches. He is incredibly articulate and speaks in soliloquy-like monologues. For nearly a half-century, Il plotted his attack on London, and it went almost exactly as planned.

He calls Alucard “My Dazzling Count” despite his loathing for him and Integra “fräulein” out of respect. It’s not as if he doesn’t care about his men, giving them motivational speeches and rewarding good behavior, but not traitors, whom he will gladly take the life of. He also has no problem punishing various acts of insubordination, which he admits he enjoys in his “I Love War” speech.

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Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)

winry rockbell (fullmetal alchemist) smartest anime characters

Worry is cheerful, strong-willed, bubbly, hot-headed, and empathetic. She loves everything about automail and always puts all her heart and effort into her work. She has a strong sense of morality and a deep respect for her parents, wholost life in the war. After losing her parents, Winry developed a strong attachment to her relatives and also had abandonment issues. She is very compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive and often cries or gets openly emotional towards others. Due to her cheerful and bubbly attitude, she is admired by other people who see her as charming and sweet.

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Child Emperor (One Punch Man)

child emperor (one punch man) smartest anime characters

The Child Emperor is a genius. He has a keen analytical mind and can observe things and formulate ideas calmly. But he strongly dislikes being branded childish and gets upset and enraged easily because he feels that nobody takes him seriously despite being one of the highest-ranked heroes.

He is one of the most mature S-Class heroes, accepting criticism and working with others without fighting or causing mayhem. A calm and controlled S-Class hero with a keen sense of strategy and brilliant intellect, he is the unfortunate “leader” of the S-Class heroes despite being the youngest.

It’s not all gloom and doom. Rather than fighting the fallen angel-level menace, Eyesight, he focuses on producing an antidote for his fellow heroes. He also inquired about the Pig God’s health after the hero slew the deadly monster.

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Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

korosensei (assassination classroom) smartest anime characters

When first introduced, Korosensei was an upbeat individual who demanded absurd and seemingly mundane requests despite claiming he would be the cause of the planet’s destruction in a year. He was also shown to be a very strange character, a trait he shares with his student, Okajima.

When Terasaka sought to sacrifice Nagisa to take the life of Korosensei, Korosensei menacingly threatened all of their families if they made another self-harming attempt like that. He reverted to his old teaching approach of dread. He learns to use empathy to teach lessons instead of fear and reward as he did with his first student as the series progresses.

Korosensei was an impartial, compassionate, and perceptive person who would do practically anything to aid his students. The pupils admired him despite his plan to destroy the Earth in a year. Aware of each student’s requirements, Korosensei would sometimes be inspired by a student’s present issues or interests and strive to help them out.

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Dio Brando (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

dio brando (jojo's bizarre adventure) smartest anime characters

Dio is continually deceptive and lacking in compassion and humanity.

Dio is known for his limitless ambition and desire for power. Dio, mistreated by his father, underprivileged, and living in the worst conditions, set out to become the richest, then the most powerful, being on Earth. To achieve this, Dio exploited anything or anybody he could, disregarding any morals that would limit his options. Dio wanted to increase his authority through deception, and more . Dio adores power and has expressed how nice it feels to be in a dominant position. On the other hand, Dio was angry and extremely concerned by the idea of someone challenging him or equaling his power.

Light Yagami ( Note)

yagami light  note 30 of the smartest anime villains of all time

Light is a natural genius who is industrious and talented. Light is a competent planner and effective at planning out scenarios. Light is also adored by his classmates and family. But his exceptional intelligence and regular praise from adults bred a sense of hubris that grew swiftly once he got the notebook.

Like his father, Soichiro, Light has a strong sense of justice, which is swiftly poisoned by the notebook’s power. He believes the world is “rotten” and uses his Note to cleanse it of evil individuals. As the “God of the New World,” Light’s major objective is to create a world free of injustice and populated only by honest and good people. Achieving his goals requires Light to be decisive and driven. Despite the fact that ending life is a offense, Light would consider his actions a “sacrifice” for the planet.

Using the Note quickly turns Light cold and vicious. To achieve his goals, he will use whatever methods are necessary. Despite his actions endangering his family, he continues to exhibit love and genuine concern for them. Light keeps Soichiro from taking dramatic action to keep Sayu safe, despite increasing Mello’s chances of gaining the Note.

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Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)

yumeko jabami (kakegurui) smartest anime characters

Yumeko is portrayed to be a cheerful and charismatic character that continuously grabs the attention of everyone around her. She not only befriends people who loathed her before, but she also attracts the entire student body. She performs it on her first day of school and nearly every day after. In games, she switches her button to a bloodthirsty side that makes her eyes red and scares her opponents.

While she is usually quite nice, she refrains from being so when she exposes her peers’ rule breaking. She can readily identify their methods and tricks to skew the game in their favor after only a few rounds of gambling. In doing so, she may openly criticize the other player’s actions, valuing truth over courtesy.

She seems to be aware of her oddities and her unconventional gambling style. As a result, she loves it when people support or encourage her, particularly those close to her, and values their friendship. Yumeko admits that she has neither regret nor pity for the people she has defeated and ruined in a gamble, despite the obvious pleasure it brings her. Yumeko has confessed that she feels guilty for not sympathizing with her sufferers, despite her lack of remorse for hurting others to satisfy her love of making bets.

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Johan Liebert (Monster)

johan liebert (monster) smartest anime characters

Johan appears to be a well-mannered, personable, caring, yet aloof young man who can easily overwhelm folks with his supposedly faultless personality, as Hans Georg Schuwald defines him as being not of this world. This well-built veneer allows him to easily gain new pals and persuade them into doing his bidding. Johan conceals his genuine objectives with ease by presenting a sense of perfection and purity.

Within this fabricated façade, Johan cruelly destroys and suffers those who fall prey to his plans. Johan was already psychotic when he joined Kinderheim 511. For example, most of his ending of lives, both as a youngster and as an adult, were planned.

Johan’s beliefs are nihilistic in nature, as he sees no purpose in existence. To the universe, “most lives are simply specks in a corner of the globe, gone in a flash,” he claims.

Rather than taking the life of his sufferers, Johan often causes them to take their own lives. Helmut Wolf, for example, is forced to watch as all of his close relatives and friends lose their lives one by one, so he can feel what Johan suffered: isolation.

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Alphard Alshua (Canaan)

alphard alshua (canaan) smartest anime characters

When Alphard strikes the guy who was like her father, she takes the life of him without mercy. She seems uninterested in a love life and ignores all her’ friends’.

The feeling that drives her life the most is her utter fear of what she did. Every time she turns around, she sees a relic of a man she killed. Her imagination replays events with this man to the point that she speaks to someone who isn’t there. While most would assume she is silent, Alphard is actually trying to divert her attention from her own imagination. She is aware of her surroundings when she has to be, yet she tends to zone out. She has long periods of time where she looks at nothing, and she sometimes tries to physically fight her problems. To put it simply, Alphard is someone who is straddling two universes, one of which she wishes to escape.

Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

muzan kibutsuji (demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba) smartest anime characters

Muzan is icy, cruel, threatening, and brilliant. He finds no value in humans and much less in his own employees. Even when he brutally ends the life of his own subordinates, he remains calm and distant. Only when his vision of perfection is realized or when his followers fully bow to his will, does he display emotion. The manga depicts him as more expressive, especially when angered, with exaggerated facial characteristics. In the anime series, his expressions fluctuate significantly, but his voice remains steady, highlighting his repetitive temperament. Many demons admire his nasty and imposing nature.

Since others just exist to serve him, he cannot take being mocked or corrected in any way. That he rarely takes opponents or threats seriously. When two intoxicated men were took the life of for being unpleasant to him, their female friend was also killed, all while claiming their own superiority over them, exhibiting their pettiness by refusing to accept any mockery and promising to do whatever they pleased until the humiliation was removed. That Muzan is unwell, sick, and on the edge of suggests at horrible recollections of his lesser, human past, as well as his self-consciousness of his strangely sick look. Most likely a painful reminder of his flaws. When Muzan confronted Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the guy expressed pity and regret for his life. The insults and threats Muzan perceived only fueled his strong dislike for humanity and thefallen angel Slayers. He also thinks Heaven has excused him from taking the life of millions because he has never seen a God or Buddha.

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Ranpo Edogawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)

ranpo edogawa (bungo stray dogs) smartest anime characters

A countless number of instances have been solved by Ranpo’s “ability” to unravel any riddle in seconds. The Armed Detective Agency commends him for his extraordinary intelligence, even though he lacks ability. He often brags about being the world’s greatest detective. Ranpo is also portrayed to be a juvenile character who teases the other detectives in the agency and refuses to undertake work or investigations out of laziness or spite. Without Super Deduction, Ranpo is unable to take the life of simple tasks like taking the train or finding his way home.

Despite this, Ranpo can be serious and calm when the occasion demands it. Ranpo’s solemn demeanor when deciding how to protect the virus-infected Fukuzawa was something Atsushi Nakajima had never seen before in the great investigator. Yosano, a long-time colleague, knew Ranpo’s deep concern for the President.

Despite his colleagues’ perceptions that he is unaware that he is not an ability user, he is aware that his Super Deduction is not a supernatural ability. He first refused to believe Fukuzawa when he told Ranpo that he is not an ability user and seemed to dance around the topic with Yosano, but he outright admitted his lack of ability after the Yokohama fog incident caused by Tatsuhiko Shibusawa and later to Mushitaro Oguri.

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Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)

izaya orihara (durarara!!) smartest anime characters

Although Izaya claims to love humanity, his definition of this word is quite different from what one might expect. He has a jovial and mocking personality, speaking informally with most people as if they were close friends. Izaya is a skilled free runner and parkour who uses a flick blade when he needs physical protection.

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Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

sebastian michaelis (kuroshitsuji) smartest anime characters

Sebastian is a Ciel Phantomhive fan. As a head butler, he dutifully takes the life of Ciel’s directives while ensuring the Phantomhive family operates efficiently. Thefallen angel doesn’t sleep; thus, he typically spends the night doing his job. He criticizes his master and how he treats his employees, yet he admits he enjoys the butler life despite the daily struggles. One of his oddities is that he always obeys Ciel’s commands with “Yes, my lord.”

Sebastian’s butler persona is flawless: he always obeys commands, completes jobs with ease and grace, and is courteous. Regardless, Sebastian is a cruel and nastyfallen angel who attacks others on Ciel’s commands and occasionally puts Ciel in peril for his own fun. It’s not uncommon for him to show concern when Ciel is in danger, such as when Angelina Dalles or the Undertaker threatened Ciel’s life. Sebastian is crafty and ethically bankrupt, and he will lie and deceive others to get the advantage. He follows his own aesthetics and values to the letter, which includes not signing multiple contracts. His main aim is to win Ciel’s soul.

Sebastian is captivated by humanity and their almost insatiable need to “bring others down, even to .” He describes them as “tough beasts.” Also, he and I both despise Grim Reapers.

Money is “materialistic” to Sebastian. He speaks French and Latin well enough to teach it. He also speaks East Franconian, a southern German dialect. He also enjoys cats and once hid at least thirteen in his wardrobe to keep Ciel out.

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Aru Akise (Mirai Nikki)

aru akise (mirai nikki) smartest anime characters

Aru is smart and logical. Despite being surrounded by people with future-predicting journals, he outwitted them. He’s also quite perceptive, spotting minor nuances and using them to his advantage. He’s also quiet and reserved in his feelings.

Aru is a friendly person who is not afraid to befriend new individuals, even those who have rivaled him in the past. Even though Yuno repeatedly tried to take the life of him, he tried to comprehend and comply until she kidnapped Yukiteru.

While Aru clearly cares about people and wants to help them, he is not above manipulating and breaking the law to get his way. He lied, broke into Yuno’s residence, and aided Minene Uryu (a known terrorist) throughout the series.

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Meruem (Hunter X Hunter)

meruem (hunter x hunter) smartest anime characters

Initially, Meruem was a cruel leader. No empathy was shown towards humans, and they were viewed as nothing more than food. After becoming aware of the unfairness of human society, he wanted to create a new world where the idea of inequality would no longer exist. After losing memory, he became much more respectful and closer to his subordinates. He also came to believe that the true purpose of power is to protect the weak who deserve to live, not torment the defeated.

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Shougo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)

shougo makishima (psycho pass) smartest anime characters

Makishima is a humanist enchanted by the worst aspects of human nature with no qualms about causing others’ suffering. In addition to his exceptional charisma and persuasive speech, he has the ability to manipulate people into doing his bidding. Makishima’s pure white Psycho-Pass is a result of his early hardships.

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Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter)

kurapika (hunter x hunter) smartest anime characters

Kurapika possesses a wide range of knowledge and is cool and intelligent. He is reticent, not one to open up to people easily, and quite judgmental. Kurapika’s reserved demeanor makes him very ruthless and unreasonable at times. His friends are the only ones able to settle his seething enough for him to think rationally.

Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

conan edogawa (detective conan)

While he has shrunk into a child, Conan’s intelligence remains intact. His deductive ability earned him the monikers “Heisei Holmes” and “Savior of the Japanese police force.” As Shinichi, he treats Conan as a separate person completely.

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Shiro (No Game, No Life)

shiro (no game, no life) smartest anime characters

Shiro is a genius in math and logic but struggles with emotions and conduct, relying on Sora to assist her defeat emotional beings like Tet in their chess match. She also rarely expresses emotion and speaks in short, terse sentences in the third person.

Shiro is a chess master who has won every game she has played. She can learn Immanity’s language in 15 minutes (while Sora required an hour). She is also the greatest in over 280 games, along with her brother.

She has a brother complex and shows signals of jealousy if Sora pays considerable attention to other girls. She is also very caustic towards Stephanie while calling her “just a buddy.” She also teases Sora about his slightly strange habits.

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Rein Kashiwagi (Darwin’s Game)

rein kashiwagi (darwin's game) smartest anime characters

Rein is wise, mature, and intelligent for her age. She is a good source of information for her tribe and can come up with good strategies when needed. While Wang was holding her, she maintained her composure and ridiculed him. Nayuta remarked that the Out of Range Village had no internet, and she expressed her displeasure.

She objects to being called a youngster, reminding those who say it that she is a first-year middle schooler. After the time skip, she adds that she’s an adult. Rein’s Darwin’s Game philosophy is to run, not fight or capture an enemy, which is how she’s survived so far. Nevertheless, she joins the Sunset Ravens to defend her new home. Rein worries about her jokes being misunderstood.

Unlike Shuka, who is emotional, Rein is usually calm and analytical. She says she has two Reins inside her, one that appeals to her emotions and the other that observes calmly, comparing it to depersonalization. As a result, she is demonstrated to be cool in sensitive situations, such as when her parents separated. While she says she envies Sui’s candor, she also acknowledges that her composure has helped her survive Darwin’s Game.

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Zora Ideale (Black Clover)

zora ideale (black clover) smartest anime characters

Zora is seen to be contemptuous towards Nobles, the Magic Emperor, and even his allies in the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament. He’s not above lying about himself or his punishment as long as he can humiliate people he claims to be superior to.

Aside from his dislike for everyone, his unpredictability is one of his most notable traits. To his surprise, he had spent the night before depositing his Trap Magic as an advantage, leaving his teammates to fend off the opposition team’s onslaught.

A prankster like his father, Zora. Like his dislike for aristocrats, he doesn’t really discriminate who gets a taste of Zora. The new captain of the Royal Knights, Zora, is not wary of Asta’s abundance of Rainbow Stink Bugs. Another example is at the Royal Knights Selection Exam, where he harshly criticizes both commoners and nobility for their defects and behaviors, including his own.

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Medusa (Soul Eater)

medusa (soul eater) smartest anime characters

So much so that she comforted Maka Albarn when she expressed her insecurity as a meister and showed “care” for other pupils like Soul Eater when she is acting as DWMA’s medic. She was regarded across the academy for being a nice teacher who also mentored students.

However, as Franken Stein pointed out, Medusa is “full of lies,” and only appears to care about herself. As a scientist, she sees things as a researcher, even utilizing real people for tests like her own child. She might also be seen as irredeemable, eager to deceive anyone for her own ends, even abandoning her own child as a “failure.” Medusa’s greatest assets are her cunning and wit. She often makes sophisticated plans that even the DWMA can’t stop, and she tends to learn from her failures. She believes blasphemy is part of being a Witch.

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Naraku (Inuyasha) 

naraku (inuyasha)  smartest anime characters

For example, when he misled Inuyasha and Kiky into believing they had deceived each other, prompting them to fight. Like when he ridiculed Inuyasha and Kiky for not trusting each other enough to look past his deception. He was brilliant and smart, but he grew pompous and flamboyant when he gained additional powers. His arrogance placed him in trouble numerous times, like when Inuyasha’s Red Tessaiga surprised him for the first time. Naraku was also a coward who would flee combat when his enemies turned the tables on him.

Naraku was a power-hungry, self-obsessed rude person who just desired power and dominion over others. Despite being a hany, he had nothing but strongly dislike for all other beings and thought himself superior in every way. For example, he used a fragment of the Shikon Jewel to brainwash Sango’s brother Kohaku, forcing him to perform his bidding.

Naraku also seemed incapable of understanding relationships like love, as seen when he couldn’t comprehend why, no matter what he made Kohaku do, Sango refused to ends his life. Naraku regularly tried to suppress his human feelings, believing they hampered him.

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Vash The Stampede (Trigun)

vash the stampede (trigun) smartest anime characters

The identity of Vash was revealed in the first episode of Trigun, and if it hadn’t been for Vash’s ability to think on his feet, his identity would have been revealed immediately, and we would not have received a second episode.

A master of character manipulation, Vash normally exudes an energy that could not possibly be associated with such a notorious offender as himself. Even if that does not demonstrate intellect in the traditional sense, it does require a formidable brain to skillfully control those around you; therefore, Vash is unquestionably worthy of inclusion on this list.

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Tenya Iida (My Hero Academia)

tenya iida (my hero academia) smartest anime characters

Tenya may appear cold, unpleasant, and scary at first, but he is a direct, earnest, clever, sophisticated, disciplined, and honorable man, despite his elite background. Tenya has many odd tics, such as waving his arms in bizarre chopping patterns or jerking his body wildly, although he rarely loses his customary tight expression.

Tenya is noted for his tendency to jump to conclusions and then excitedly talk or act on them. So, after thinking Izuku Midoriya had figured out the true nature of the U.A. Entrance Exam, Tenya began to regard him as a worthy peer and has since held him in great regard. To appear more authentic, Tenya immerses himself in practical exercises, portraying the role of a hero or villain in a theatrical style.

Tenya is a hard worker who is constantly eager to learn new things, especially about Heroics. His loud and forceful nature often bothers his peers, who want him to be organized and disciplined. Tenya, as the class representative, is also personally responsible for his students’ safety and direction in times of crisis. Tenya knows how to promptly respond to emergencies while minimizing panic and disorder among onlookers.

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Shikamaru Nara (Naruto Shippuden)

shikamaru nara (naruto shippuden) smartest anime characters

Shikamaru is a naturally lazy person who prefers to accomplish as little as possible. Shikamaru can get away with it as an Academy student and even as a genin, sleeping, observing clouds, or playing shogi and Go. His goal is to live an ordinary life, devoid of any notable good or bad, and to lose one’s life an ordinary . When confronted with the prospect of confrontation or commitment, he first says, “How problematic,” and then tries to avoid it by feigning illness or outright refusing to undertake it.

Shikamaru is a coward who has a strong moral compass and loyalty to his companions. These traits earned Shikamaru’s friendship, as he was one of the first to see past his weight and value who he was naturally. These attributes also push Shikamaru to give up his idle hobbies and labor or sacrifice himself for his companions. As a result of his selflessness during the Konoha Crush, he is given additional responsibility over more of his allies, and so on. To the extent that he can, he avoids long-term ambitions and admitting any special joy in the jobs he is assigned.

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Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

sosuke aizen (bleach) smartest anime characters

In the beginning, Aizen seemed like a kind, respected captain. In reality, this was just a mask to hide his manipulative and very dangerous nature. He is willing to stop at nothing to further his ambitions, including manipulating or taking the life of anyone if he deems it to be necessary.

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Kurisu Makise (Steins; Gate)

kurisu makise (steins; gate) smartest anime characters

Kurisu is a mature, smart young woman who is normally calm and composed even when others are tense. But she also has a more timid side. She dislikes all of Okabe’s nicknames, but ‘The Zombie‘ bothers her the most. When Okabe uses her true name, she interprets it as a hint that something is gravely wrong. Even after seeing the Phonewave in action, Kurisu refused to accept it is a time machine, stating Okabe had only seen what he wanted to see. Kurisu is finally persuaded after the group looks up SERN’s time travel research. A time machine is possible in Steins;Gate 0, and she will create one if she has the ingredients.

Kurisu is mature and cynical, which she regularly exhibits in her dealings with Okabe and Daru, the former for his peculiarities and insensitivity, and the latter for his strange remarks. In contrast to the male members of the lab, she is quite sociable with anyone except these two. While Kurisu might be rude to those who deserve it, she is usually kind to those who deserve it. Okabe and Daru have repeatedly called her a tsundere, albeit she appears upset whenever they do so, usually by doing something that proves their case.

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Aguero Agnes Khun (Tower of God)

aguero agnes khun (tower of god) smartest anime characters

Khun is yet another one of those guys that are “quick on their feet” and who you must be on the lookout out for.

In addition, he is a tremendously skilled tactician. We’ve watched him devise strategies with dozens of twists and turns, and yet everything always plays out precisely the way he imagined it would.

In terms of personal strength, he isn’t the most compelling character.

However, he is able to outperform the majority of others around him because of his ingenious ideas and, perhaps, a few dirty tricks.

Rak most certainly made an appearance in the clock-room problem, but that is beside the point. 

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Sora (No Game, No Life)

sora (no game, no life) smartest anime characters

Sora is the main male protagonist of No Game No Life; he is the cunning and calculated half of the brothers who live in a video game world. In addition to being abandoned by his parents, Sora boasts of great intellect. Both he and his half-sister like playing video games. A diffi upbringing has left Sora with an indifferent attitude toward life, with the exception of his dedication to video games. Sora’s father married Shiro’s mother, resulting in the two becoming step-siblings. Sora is likewise a young genius, but he is a recluse who is also confident, outgoing, and seems bursting with boundless reserves of energy. He’s not afraid to play anyone face to face, even if the other person is a notorious rule-breaker since he believes in the power of the game. The manipulating tendencies of Sora’s temperament are also notable, although all of his attributes work in harmony with his sister’s calculative and logical manner. Sora, like Shiro, is unable to bear the thought of being apart from his sister. Whenever there is even the slightest barrier between the two of them, Sora immediately transforms into a coward, only to revert back to his previous self when she reappears in his life.

Tanya Degurechaff (Saga of Tanya The Evil)

tanya degurechaff (saga of tanya the evil)

Tanya appears to be the ultimate soldier when it comes to serving in the military.

Not only is she a colossal force on the battlefield, but she is also a formidable opponent. However, she is also an excellent tactician.

It has been observed that she can come up with workable strategies while under fire, and some of the more significant decisions that the government has made are based on her opinions, outlooks, and predictions.

She’s also quite skilled at putting people in their place when they’re down. Whether it’s through bringing an entire country into disrepute or by sending individuals to their s in order to demonstrate who’s in charge. She is a smart and calculative protagonist that can be considered the most not good antagonist in the history of anime. 

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With that, we’re going to go ahead and leave the list at 40. If you think there are any other smartest characters that should be on this list, or if you just want to chat with us about anime in general, then please feel free to comment below. We hope you enjoyed this list of the most intelligent anime characters from different series. Let us know who your favorites are and which other anime characters should have been on our list!

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