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35 Scary Anime Characters That Will Terrify You

Anime is full of a variety of characters, from the moe and adorable to the dark and spooky. Anime fans are no strangers to the creepy, dark, and downright terrifying characters that populate their favorite shows. While some of these characters may be cute and loveable, others are enough to give you nightmares. From incredibly powerful demons to undead monsters, here are 35 of the scariest characters the anime industry ever created.

Enjoy! Afuro – Afro Samurai

enjoy afro afro samurai scariest anime characters of all time

Well, not really spooky or scary looking, but I still wouldn’t want to run into this dark anime character on a dark, windy night on a grassy hill with my sword drawn.

Afro, the former “Number Two,” is on a quest to find the guy who murdered his father to become “Number One.” Afro has been practicing swordsmanship since he was a boy, usually wielding his sword with his right hand while his left holds onto his sheath, but during his fight with Jinno, he used both hands to compensate for Jinno’s dual-wielding speed. He is a very quiet person, probably because his life as “Number Two” prevents him from having personal relationships; thus, he says little, if anything, when approached.

Despite his frigid exterior, Afro, like his father, is “sensitive inside.” He likes lemonade.

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Dina Fritz Smiling Titan – Attack on Titan

dina fritz smiling titan attack on titan scariest anime character of all time

Most of the characters from this dark anime series are scary, but this one takes the cake with a very creepy smile.

Dina’s Pure Titan was tall and resembled a masculine human, as do most typical Pure Titans. Its most recognizable trait was its distinctive smile, with its lips stuck wide open, showing its gums and teeth at all times showing off her dental health. Dina’s Pure Titan had a slender, emaciated build with stocky proportions and visible ribs, as well as an exceptionally lengthy neck. It had medium-length, light hair that just reached the back of its neck and small, deeply sunken grey eyes.

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Kaoru Hanayama – Baki

kaoru hanayama baki scariest anime characters of all time

It’s not the scars on his face; I mean, Kenshin has facial scars, but he’s adorable. The thing that makes Hanayama scary are the glasses! Yes, definitely the glasses.

Kaoru is a big, muscular kid for his age. His face is scarred, and he has black hair. Kaoru also has a complete back tattoo named “Standing Man” in remembrance of the guy who saved their ancestor.

Kaoru is almost always in his white suit and glasses while not fighting. The tie is purple (later white). A couple of gunshots slammed into Hanayama’s lips caused him to erupt, leaving two enormous wounds on his face and exposing part of his jaw muscles. He won the battle, but he spends the series hiding behind a mask. His appearance has hardly changed in five years.

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Bunny Beast – Blood C

bunny beast blood c scariest anime characters of all time

These are cute little beasties that jump and run around and enjoy themselves. But don’t judge a book by its cover.

They are tall and have white skin. Their eyes appear to be gold. They have bunny ears, short tails, long claws, red stripes along their bodies and can change their limbs into bags or meat processors. They can also split by being sliced in half or by choice.

The Bunny Elder Bairn is obsessed with tormenting and killing humans with its limbs. Such as turning their limbs (in this example, arms) into propelled razors and bludgeons, turning their fingers into sharp points, converting joints and shoulders into bags to trap their struggling human victims while they tear them into bloody, gory smoothies.

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Ophelia – Claymore

ophelia claymore scariest anime character of all time

If I had nowhere else to turn to, I would also brave the land and go against youma and awakened ones, but Ophelia is a whole new bag of nope!

Ophelia’s hair is pale, silvery blond, and she wears it in a long, tight braid. Her hairline is defined by a pronounced widow’s peak. She has silver eyes and wears the normal Claymore outfit, as do most Claymores. Ophelia is a very skinny woman with light grey skin, green hair, and the unmistakable golden eyes of Yoma in her awakened form. Blades sprout from her back and the tips of her hair, and her lengthened arms are capped with vicious claws. Her bottom body is dominated by a beautiful turquoise serpentine tail.

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Sachiko Shinozaki – Corpse Party

sachiko shinozaki corpse party scariest anime characters of all time

Fair skin girl with jet black hair in a red dress that would try to pull our balls from a tight hole with a pair of sheers is another definition way to describe nope!

Sachiko is a petite young lady with long black hair and a full face of bangs. Her worn crimson clothing and grey skin bear terrible rope burns on her neck. Her clothes and skin change when she is pleased. Her bangs are held back by a crimson hairpin, revealing her black eyes and more defined facial features. 

Due to her demise, Sachiko became the evil tyrant of Heavenly Host, ensnaring innocent victims and killing them. Sachiko has shown in the past, especially in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, that she wants to play with her victims, claiming to be their friends or letting them go to be killed later, just like a child does with their toys.

The Millennium Earl – D. Gray-Man

the millennium earl d. gray man scariest anime characters of all time

I betcha you wouldn’t want to be tricked by great grandmama and turned into a demon either, would you?

He conjures up Demons in the minds of the dead (Akuma). He is a long-gone sorcerer intent on destroying the planet. He once forged an alliance with the Noah Clan, calling himself “Duke Millennium” (Except Roadgray, who calls him Millenie). 

It’s hard to miss the Earl’s hideous Victorian caricature in a cape and top hat, with a huge grin that never stops even while he’s speaking or eating, and eyes concealed behind pince-nez spectacles. In the manga, practically every sentence ends with a heart. In the anime, he’s always nice. He has two personalities in the story. The first is his usual pleasant, friendly, and happy demeanor. He’s a family member with Noah, and he adores Road. But he also has a cruel side that enjoys playing with people’s lives.

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Monokuma – Danganronpa: The Animation

monokuma danganronpa the animation scariest anime characters of all time

This isn’t a cute talking teddy bear. Not in the slightest!

Monokuma is a bear whose entire face and body are divided into two pieces by the center. It is comparable to the Yin-Yang symbol, in which there is a balance between two extremes, similar to a “flow.” Its right side is white and has the iconic teddy bear expression, whilst its left side has a more sinister appearance. It is dark and has an evil smile as well as a red, horizontal, jagged eye that mimics the Hope’s Peak Academy insignia. Monokuma is generally described as easygoing and pleasant on the surface but with a dark undercurrent. However, he always betrays his wicked character pretty early by discussing murdering games and his love for sorrow. He is well renowned for his tendency to say and do anything he wants. He enjoys hysteria, violence, and mayhem, which he encapsulates in one of his catchphrases, “thrills, chills, kills!”

Shiro – Deadman Wonderland

shiro deadman wonderlandshiro deadman wonderland scariest anime characters of all time

Shiro isn’t that scary to look at, but deep down, she’s a rotten egg.

The appearance of the Wretched Eggs is similar to Shiro’s, except she always seems to have a hooded and lethargic expression in her eyes and a terrible murderous smile on her face.

She used to wear a scarlet, worn-out cape and a mask with no holes that covered her eyes and nose. She also wore a hefty suit of armor as the Red Man, which protected her body, legs, and arms. This attire makes her look like Aceman, a superhero Shiro idolized and what she refers to as the Wretched Egg.

The Wretched Egg eventually changes her appearance. She is now dressed in a light purple bodysuit with long sleeves that are ripped at the ends. She also sports a metal collar with a tiny chain attached.

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Enmu – Demon Slayer

enmu demon slayer scariest anime characters of all time

He had ringed blue eyes that tilted sharply down towards the sides of his head, the left one with the kanji for “Lower One” engraved into its iris and a horizontal slit on his right for a pupil. Ses cheekbones were marked with three square-shaped markings split by a smaller square, ranging in color from green to yellow. He had straight, chin-length dark black hair parted to his right, the right side tucked behind his ear. His hair is red-orange near the ends but blue at the points of two longer, shoulder-length strands that curve upward and forth from under his hair.

Enmu had a nasty attitude and enjoyed tormenting mankind by giving them a happy dream before turning it into a nightmare. He enjoyed torturing others and seeing their painful looks. In fact, he liked it when his fellow demons were slaughtered in front of him.

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Hyakkimaru – Dororo

hyakkimaru dororo scariest anime characters of all time

Eaten by monsters as a baby, Hyakkimaru is limbless and skinless. Yup! Skinless. The image of Hyakkimaru as a baby is the stuff of nightmares. He feels no pain, thus feels no fear, and is unaffected by killing. This is a swordsman worthy to face off with Afrou. Well, in the early parts of the dark fantasy anime, at least. Later on, he regains his sense of pain and grows back his limbs and stuff, making him less scary.

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Lucy – Elfen Lied

lucy elfen lied scariest anime characters of all time

She was a gloomy, suspicious, distant, and frustrated child (Kaede). Others sneered at her because of her horns. Because of her horns, she was ostracised by the orphanage staff, harassed, and despised by other children. She didn’t understand why others discriminated against her; therefore, she hated herself for having horns. She recognized that the other children were miserable and needed to make others miserable, especially those who were already wretched. She is lovely, polite, and shy when she is intimate with Kouta and Aiko Takada.

Lucy developed a great hatred of Humans after witnessing her dog’s murder by orphanage bullies, killing whole families to utilize their house without sorrow or guilt. Lucy and Kaede then started hearing a voice in their heads, purportedly the DNA’s voice. The voice of her Diclonius impulses resembled her but with a cold and malicious expression. The voice warned her she couldn’t live with Humans and added: “Come. Then I will build you a home “.

Lucy then started acting on her instincts, killing Humans by triggering heart attacks and transferring her genes to Male Humans, who would produce Diclonius children, killing and infecting more Humans. Her Diclonii instincts took control, making her nasty and psychotic.

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Caster – Fate Zero

caster fate zero

During the 4th Holy Grail War, he served Ryuunosuke Uryuu. Caster enjoys giving his victims hope and relief before killing them in horrifying ways.

Caster was summoned before the Fourth Holy Grail War. His Master was Ryuunosuke Uryuu, a serial killer who accidentally summoned a family using their blood. Like his Master, he lacks morality and has no desire to obtain the Holy Grail. He enjoys giving his victims a moment of reprieve, or even hope of escape, before killing them horribly. Caster believes that giving his victims hope will heighten their anguish and dread at death, which he enjoys. He also warps and twists persons into contraptions for his Master’s amusement, such as a girl into a pipe organ.

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Gantz – Gantz

gantz gantz

Gantz’s personality as an individual is unknown, but inside the Black Sphere, his humor is dark and corrosive, calling the Hunters derogatory names like “Bitch,” “Titties,” and “Homo” in their profile screens, and frequently commenting on how poor their performance in the Game was when giving away the points. It is uncertain whether this trait is shared by all clones or if it is unique to the Tokyo Clone.

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Seido Takizawa – Tokyo Ghoul

seido takizawa tokyo ghoul scariest anime characters of all time

Takizawa was a person with short brown hair and brown eyes. Like other detectives, he liked blue clothing and wore it professionally.

Physically, he is a one-eyed ghoul after the time skip. He appears more menacing. His hair is now white and unruly, reaching his chin. His nails, toes, and lips have turned black. The dark bags under his browless eyes, one of which is his left kakugan, give him a fatigued look. He wears loose-fitting black robes with wide elbow-length sleeves and a white emblem on the hood.

His demeanor altered considerably after becoming a half-ghoul and being tortured by Akihiro Kanou. He is a ruthless killer who has fully embraced his ghoul nature and Aogiri Tree’s beliefs. He enjoys murdering and believes in mastering fear by becoming the monster one fears. Errant or wild behavior is tempered by periods of clarity and self-awareness. Resentment and frustration over being eclipsed by others in the past remain intact in his memory.

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Urado – Ghost Hunt

urado ghost hunt

Kaneyuki Miyama was a wealthy man preoccupied with extending his own life. He traversed the world in search of a treatment for the sickness that had tormented him since boyhood. He developed a crush on Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory during his travels. He proceeded to imitate Elizabeth Bathory by murdering individuals and bathing in their blood. He also adopted the name “Urado,” which is derived from “Vlad.” Even after he died, his ghost continued to murder young people in order to prolong his own existence.

Gyo Fish – Gyo

gyo fish gyo scariest anime characters of all time

Just like the bunnies up there, this is a none speaking role. These fishies travel in swarms and are not limited to water. Yup, these things have legs. These legged fish eat normal people, and in turn, these humans turn into fishies, too. But let’s not get too into this as not to spoil tour fun.

Ai Enma – Hell Girl

ai enma hell girl scariest anime characters of all time

If a small pale girl tells you, she can send the people you dislike straight into hell with the help of straw dolls: Run!

Ai is a fair-skinned girl with long, straight black hair done in a hime cut that she wears unfastened, crimson eyes (which were once brown until she was buried alive), and soft pink lips. She has the physical appearance of a thirteen-year-old girl, which is how old she was at the time of her death, and has done so for well over 400 years. Ai has a frigid personality, despite not being this way at first. Even in emotionally charged situations, she does not appear to be moved in the least. Ai is also very silent and solemn. She appears to only speak when necessary, rarely speaking simply for the sake of speaking frankly. If Ai does speak out of the norm, it is about something she considers important for someone to know or correct someone when required. Her introverted personality is primarily owing to her emotions being locked up when she was transformed into the Hell Girl.

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Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi: When They Cry

shion sonozaki higurashi when they cry

Shion is identical to Mion in every manner except that Shion wears her hair down and has a bright yellow ribbon placed on the back of her head to distinguish herself from her sister. She has two yellow ribbons drawn back on the sides of her hair in her Matsuri and Kizuna sprites. Shion has long mint green hair and blue eyes. Despite appearing more dainty and sophisticated than Mion, thanks to her education in St. Lucia, she is far more shrewd, manipulative, and mischievous than Mion. She despised St. Lucia, referring to it as a “factory for creating ladies,” and was repeatedly in conflict with the government for different offenses. To get away, she examines all of the school‘s security systems, guard schedules, and administration staff behaviors to the point where she can influence them by spreading rumors about her having a love affair with a male teacher. She enjoys taunting Mion and making her uncomfortable by taking control of Keiichi every time she has the chance.

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Chairman Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter

chairman isaac netero hunter x hunter scariest anime characters of all time

Isaac Netero appeared feeble, although he was in good shape and robust for his age. He wore a ponytail, a bushy beard, and pierced ears. Netero wore a typical man’s kimono and geta with one ha (tooth).

Netero was vivacious, mischievous, and at times oblivious. While he could perform professionally when required upon as Chairman of the Hunter Association, he was otherwise described as mad. During the 287th Hunter Exam, his words and thoughts were clearly at odds. But he was a true martial artist who fought honestly. He liked a challenge and was excited to face a formidable foe. In his leadership of the Hunter Association, he routinely tested the physical limits of people seeking to become Hunters. Biscuit Krueger even branded Netero a “twisted individual” for giving Hunters ridiculous tasks with short deadlines that should take years to finish. He liked challenges and wanted his Vice-Chairman to be someone he couldn’t stand. Many Hunters left risqué magazines under his effigy as an homage. He also gave Menchi a short glance at the 287th Hunter Exam.

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Illumi Zoldyck – Hunter X Hunter

illumi zoldyck hunter x hunter

Illumi rarely shows emotion. He has long jet black hair and big, black, pupil-less eyes. Illumi employs big circular headpins to rebuild Gittarackur’s facial anatomy, muscles, and voice.

Illumi’s hair used to be merely shoulder length. Short sleeves with a shirt underneath, grey jeans.

Illumi rarely expresses herself. Unbelievably, Illumi often speaks in a happy, absent-minded tone. He is a stone, harsh man who just considers his own interests. But he still loves his younger brother, Killua, in a warped and overprotective way, to the point that he utilized his Nen power to control him to secure his life and obedience.

Nanika – Hunter X Hunter

nanika hunter x hunter

Nanika’s true identity is unknown. It turns Alluka’s sclerae, irises, and mouth black when it appears, making the latter appear larger.

Nanika, like Alluka, has a soft spot for Killua Zoldyck, whom it refers to by name.

[nota bene] Nanika seeks to win people’s praise, particularly Killua’s, by granting desires and generally requests that he pat it. Nanika is heartbroken and tears up as Killua orders it never to show again. It eventually forgives Killua after Killua pledges to safeguard both Alluka and Nanika and to pet Nanika anytime it pleases. Nanika also seems to be on good terms with Alluka, as the latter was visibly upset when she sensed its anguish.

Majito – Jujutsu Kaisen

majito jujutsu kaisen

Mahito is a human-like cursed spirit with a patchwork face and grey eyes. (In the anime, Mahito’s left eye is dark blue, and his right is grey.) His long grayish-blue hair is parted into three huge strands and tied at the ends. Along with his face, Mahito appears to be stitched together all over his body.

He usually wears a three-piece black shawl on his left sleeve. He also wears identical jeans and white sneakers.

Toy with human emotions is Mahito, a sadistic cursed spirit. He believes he was born from human sins and is the embodiment of human hatred towards one another. As a result, Mahito believes humans should be extinct and cursed spirits should govern.

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Tenko Shimura – My Hero Academia

tenko shimura my hero academia

Tomura has a pale complexion, yellow teeth, and deep wrinkles around his eyes. His lips are dry and uneven, and he has a mole under his right lip and noticeable scars under his right eye. His unkempt grayish-blue hair is left in irregular waves draping over his face. His eyes and lips are normally hidden, but when seen, they are wide and insane, with blazing red irises.

Tomura has a twisted personality, like Izuku Midoriya. He has no regard for his or anybody else’s life and has no qualms about murdering innocent people. A “man-child,” arrogant, greedy, dependant, demanding, angry if things didn’t go his way, and comparing reality to a computer game. Instead of using finesse to solve difficulties, Tomura uses force. Instead of striking out and assaulting others or himself, Tomura ripped at his own neck when he became irritated. 

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Empty Head Girl – Parasyte: The Maxim

empty head girl parasyte the maxim scariest anime characters of all time

This one is from a pretty dark anime series about a parasitic alien species that can modify the host’s body. During the alien invasion, we see humans turn into grotesque creatures that could even bite your head clean off. But this one wins the creepiest alien award. One of the terrifying anime characters that still gives me nightmares.

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Gotou – Parasyte: The Maxim

gotou parasyte the maxim scariest anime characters of all time

Gotou is one of his kind’s more intelligent individuals. He has a superior attitude towards the human race, believing that they are nothing more than garbage. In combat, he shows no remorse, dismembering his opponents without hesitation. He has demonstrated patience by waiting for his turn to fight and monitoring his opponents and even allowing Shinichi to go so that he can recover. Despite his belief that he is superior to humans, he nevertheless regards himself as a “wild organism” that “lives to fight.”

Mamoru Uchida – Perfect Blue

mamoru uchida perfect blue scariest anime character of all time

What could be more terrifying than a deranged stalker? What makes him scarier is that he can be someone in real life.

He adores Mima. His appearance and aura often scare others. Several individuals have called him a freak or a strange.

When Mima changed careers, he stalked her and sent her threatening letters, one of which harmed Mima’s agent, Tadokoro.

He becomes obsessed with Mima throughout the film, buying every adult magazine that displays her naked images. His office is decorated with Mima-related artifacts. His fixation grows as he receives emails from the “Real Mima” indicating she can only trust him (but in reality, it is really Rumi Hidaka using him as a scapegoat). Never seen anything uglier

He becomes convinced that the real Mima is an imposter near the end of the film, so he takes it upon himself to “defend the real Mima” and remove the impediment. He then attacks Mima and tries to rape her. She grabs a nearby hammer and smashes him in the head, knocking him out. Like the other victims, Rumi killed him when he was no longer needed. His body was seen next to Tadokoro’s.

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Kyubey – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

kyubey puella magi madoka magica

Kyubey resembles a cat. It has white fur and four ears, one set like a cat’s and the other like a rabbit’s. It has ruby eyes and golden earrings. The ear looks to be divided into three parts, with a pink-white fading and three red ovals. These ears appear to be what makes the girls wonderful, as shown in Sayaka Miki’s diamond. It has a long tail and pointed ears with a pinkish peach inside. To eliminate Grief Seed fragments, it has a hot pink egg-shaped oval on its back.

Kyubey is an Incubator with no personal grasp of human emotion despite his human-like appearance. Despite their individuality, Kyubey and the Incubators lack a sense of self. When a Kyubey is slain, another will step out and carry on as if nothing happened.

The Incubators are a cold-blooded race that wants to use human emotions to generate energy and avoid the Heat Death of the Universe. The Incubators don’t care if the mechanism they employ to extract this power — Magical girl — is considered evil by mankind.

Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

megumi shimizu shiki scariest anime characters of all time

Megumi was a cute, pretty young lady. Her skin was smooth and pale with a yellow undertone. Her body was slim and hourglass-shaped. Megumi has long, wavy strawberry blonde hair that was parted down the middle and framed by unruly bangs on her forehead and cheeks. Megumi’s eyes were a cool cherry red. Her brows were narrow, straight, and arched upward.

Inverted triangular face with chin and jawline defined. Her nose was thin, upturned, and pointed. She had a small mouth and thick rosy lips with an upper lip somewhat thinner than a bottom lip with lipstick.

Megumi could be selfish and just think about herself. To make matters worse, the other villagers teased her for dressing beautifully in a location like Sotoba. That anyone outside of Sotoba was peculiar and that her thoughts of living in a major city were pointless and stupid was something she resented about the locals.

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Medusa The Witch – Soul Eater

medusa the witch soul eater

Her most prominent and regular attire is a black body-length suit with a hood that extends down to her legs. The hood itself has two eye-like markings on either side that resemble a snake’s mouth with teeth and fangs when worn with her hair. She is barefoot with black toenails and fingernail lacquer with yellow arrows pointing upwards when not in disguise.

Medusa portrays herself as a loving and helpful member of the DWMA faculty, even calming Maka Albarn when she expressed her fears as a meister and showing “care” for other pupils like Soul Eater.

She was regarded across the academy for being a nice teacher who also mentored students.

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No Face – Spirited Away

no face spirited away

No-Face was semi-transparent when he originally arrived, slipping in and out of sight. His organs are visible and pulsing in various states. His body is shaped like a long, black tube. While it is unknown whether No-Face has a physical body, it has been demonstrated that he can develop arms and legs capable of leaving footprints as he walks. A frightening, expressionless mask with grey-violet accents is painted on his “head,” and while there is a mouth on the mask, No-Face has revealed that his true, expertly-hidden mouth is larger than the one on his mask.

No-Face is a lonesome spirit who starts to follow Chihiro Ogino after becoming intrigued by her genuineness. His speech was made up of grunts and moans rather than meaningful words. No-Face learned by example and adapted to his circumstances because he didn’t know much about the Bathhouse or other spirits in general.

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Isabella – The Promised Neverland

mama isabella best anime villains the ultimate list

Isabella was a tall, fair-skinned woman with deep purple eyes. Her dark brown hair was in a bun at the nape of her neck. She wore a black dress with a crisp white shirt underneath and a white apron on top. The right side of her neck bears the tattoo “73584”.

Isabella grew up in an orphanage with a long braid down her back. She has 2 strands of hair in front of her face and huge purple eyes.

Isabella wore a black garment with long sleeves and a high collar that covered a big amount of her neck after becoming the Grandmother of the Premium Farms.

Isabella was a happy, cheerful, outspoken, free-spirited, and fun-loving child who adored Leslie’s best friend. Her young comic personality was shown when she terrified Leslie by bursting out of the tree. Isabella’s personality changed drastically after she lost Leslie and understood the orphanage’s actual goal; to raise them like cattle for the demons. It was all done to extend her own survival, including becoming a Mama, giving birth to Ray, and sending the orphans off to become demon food.

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Peter Ratri – The Promised Neverland

peter ratri the promised neverland

Peter is a stout man with a scary visage. His long white hair is straight and curly towards the ends. His hair is also parted in the middle. He has green eyes like most of his Ratri kin. He usually wears a white suit with a black tie.

Peter takes his duty as Keeper of the Promise very seriously, as seen by his execution of several people deemed traitors. He was also willing to sacrifice others to keep the vow.

His depravity is revealed after the Queen, and all other demon nobles are killed; instead of taking this opportunity to free humanity, he wants to take control over the demons and keep the status quo of raising children as livestock, but now under his terms, and having his clan be the ruling power instead.

Juuzou Suzuya – Tokyo Ghoul

juuzou suzuya tokyo ghoul scariest anime characters of all time

Suzuya is a young androgynous man with pale skin and shoulder-length white hair. His bangs are held back by scarlet hairpins that represent the Roman numeral XIII. His eyes are dark red with bags.

He self-stitches himself as a sort of body modification. A pair of scarlet threads resembling two xs are sewed underneath his right eye. Another one below his bottom lip and several more around his right arm and hand. His outfit consisted of a white suit with rolled-up sleeves, half-buttoned, polka-dotted red suspenders, black pants, and red slippers. Above all, he donned a black suit with rolled sleeves.

Suzuya’s personality was distorted as a child, but after Big Madam’s therapy, he no longer felt fear, pain, or had morality. Mentor Yukinori Shinohara called him a “difficult child.” Despite his childlike charm, he was a violent and unstable man. He seemed to take satisfaction in his ability to kill cleanly, without unnecessary movements. He kills without hesitation. He even considers it part of regular life and is unaware of death’s weight.


terraformars scariest anime characters of all time

Let’s be honest; a flying cockroach is a terrifying thing. Now imagine a humanoid cockroach. These creatures are by far the scariest character in anime. I was fine with the manga, but when I saw them moving in the anime adaptation, I withdrew my involvement on the mission to Mars.

The Terraformars are anthropomorphic Martian cockroaches. They resemble Homo erectus in appearance.

They are versatile and driven by survival. They are cockroach descendants with an inherent antipathy towards humans. There are various sorts, and their behavior varies based on the individual, but they usually maintain a neutral expression. They don’t seem to have much of a culture, but they do lead their brethren into a fighting force. They have a sense of camaraderie when an Invoker is around, yet they are as attached to their parents as a roadside flower. They also appear intelligent. Because Terraformars can’t sense pain or tiredness, they’re prone to working themselves to death. These things only aid an Evolved Terraformar’s project.

When assaulting humans, they prioritize. Anyone holding something gets picked first (weapons). Then there are the ones who are alone. The third is any injured person, and the fourth are females.

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And there they are, boys and girls: 35 scary anime characters that could haunt your nightmares. So, what are you waiting for? Check out their respective anime series or film.

We may have missed a creepy character or two. Let us know who you think should be included in this list and what anime we should watch.

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