his nickname could have had a nicer origin.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

his nickname could have had a nicer origin.

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His hero name, Deku, is an alternate way of describing Izuku Midoriya, a hero with green hair who is much more than a hero. This is a very well-thought popular character, and he’s undergone a lot of character development since the anime series began.

A living, breathing piece of fiction with multiple facets, Deku is more than just All-Might‘s pupil, Katsuki Bakugo’s rival, Ochako Uraraka’s crush, or Tomura’s one-day-worst enemy. We’ll explore some facts you may not have known about the strongest Hero of My Hero Academia, perhaps the greatest yet most gentle Hero of all time.

Deku Was Supposed to Be an Adult

deku was supposed to be an adult.

According to Deku’s early character designs, the entire school structure of My Hero Academia was an afterthought, as can be seen in the character’s early concept art. Horikoshi decided that a story set in that location would be much more interesting than the content of the original one-shot manga, which is why the school idea seems so well-put-together, and it is. In addition, Deku previously had swoopy cringy emo hair, as manga is wont to do. That’s very kind of you, Sasuke.

First Appearance: One-Shot Comic

jack midoriya

For a friendly retail salesman specializing in hero memorabilia, like Jack Midoriya, the pipe dream of becoming a hero like his idols is all the more exciting when realized. My Hero Academia debuted in Akamaru Jump’s winter issue of 2008, a small one-shot comic that would one day grow to be as popular as it is today. Now that Jack has been renamed Deku, he is a bright and talented young man with aspirations of becoming a hero. After years and years of practice, his dreams come true, and he reflects on his past training to become the person he is today. 

Originally, He Was Supposed to Remain Quirkless.

originally he was supposed to remain quirkless.

Deku was originally intended to be unflappable when MHA was being written (or prewritten, if you prefer). Since nearly 80% of the population has quirks, this may seem counterintuitive, but we see that the concept was briefly explored because Deku began the series without a quirk before receiving One-For-All, one of the show’s best quirks. For Midoriya Izuku’s sake, All-Might decided he was deserving of being a hero because of his noble character and potential.

His First Costume Was Cheap.

early costume izuku midoriya

Purchasing Izuku’s first hero outfit set him back $370.53. For the professionally designed tailored uniform meant to be worn in battle, it may seem like a lot of money, but it’s actually very reasonable. More expensive and designed by the very same people who created Todoroki’s costumes, the later Izuku Midoriya costume would go up in price.

Deku Went to Great Lengths to Hide His Quirk.

izuku midoriya

Deku needed to keep his quirk a secret, except to his closest friends and to All-Might, considering the Pro-Hero gave him the quirk in the first place and all that jazz. For this reason, when Deku registered for school, he used a generic entry for Super-Power instead of listing his actual power as One-For-All. No matter how good an idea it seemed at the time, isn’t omitting it entirely suspicious?

Puns Are All Over His Real Name, Which Tells His Story.

deku went to great lengths to hide his quirk. 1

In many anime, the names often refer to character traits through puns, but this trope doesn’t always carry over into localizations. Although the name Midoriya Izuku gets lost in translation, the name pretty much sums up his character arc. His color is implied by the name, which contains the characters for “Green” and “Valley.” Additionally, he uses the name “One’s turn to go on” as a character, which is called Izu. It’s clear from his name that he’s faced adversity and is on a journey to overcome it.

His Nickname Could Have Had a Nicer Origin.

his nickname could have had a nicer origin.

Despite his past as a nondescript human, Izuku Midoriya took pride in his identity as Deku once he had achieved it. Because he lacked a quirk, the name Deku was originally intended as a slur. First, Bakugo called him Deku because of the way his wooden training puppet resembled him. Bakugo implied that all Deku was good for was getting beaten up. Ochako Uraraka, who comforted him and described that the name reminded her of Dekiru, which means “to be able to do,” and he found power in the name, eventually managed to clarify things for him.

A Big Fan of Katsudon.

a big fan of katsudon.

We’ve spent a lot of time with Deku, but we don’t know much about him personally. There are plenty of glimpses into his battles, relationships with his peers and adults, but little did we know that one of his favorite foods was Katsudon, a Japanese rice bowl with cutlets, eggs, and a bevy of other ingredients. It’s a delicious dish that is enormously popular in Japanese cuisine.

Deku Never Won First Place in Anything.

deku never won first place in anything.

The series’ viewers are repeatedly shown that Deku is not always the brightest student. The scores he received for how well he understood his quirk were appalling, and the audience is still unaware of five major aspects of his quirk. After all, even though Deku has consistently placed in the top four of his class, there may be a very good reason why he hasn’t won anything. Just as Deku’s quirk is hidden in the paperwork, it’s likely that he made every effort to blend in.

Documentation Don’t Reflect His Real Quirk.

documentation dont reflect his real quirk.

It’s critical for Izuku to maintain his secrecy about inheriting One For All. In other words, U.A. High is in on it. When it comes to his academic records, his official school documents refer to his quirk as a “Super-Power.”

He Has the Third Most Number of Quirks.

he has the third most number of quirks.

Most people in My Hero Academia‘s universe have only one special talent. One exception is Izuku. As it turns out, One For All is a much more complicated quirk than first appears, as it grants users access to any previous owner’s quirks. As a result, Izuku has seven quirks in total, four of which he is currently unable to use.

He shares third place in the series with Nine (from the second film).

Izuku and Mirio Share the Same Birthday!


The fact that a character has a birthday isn’t the most interesting thing about them, but in this case, it is. Izuku shares a birthday with Mirio Togata, another manga character. They’re both Cancers because they were born on July 15th.

He Will See His Father One Day.

he will see his father one day.

Even though Izuku was raised by a single mother, he actually has a father who is just away on business for the time being. Nothing else is known about Hisashi Midoriya except for the fact that he has a special ability called Fire Breath.

Fans of the show, on the other hand, will not be left in the dark indefinitely. The appearance of Izuku’s father has been confirmed by Horikoshi. As of right now, there’s no telling when or how this will take place.

His Birthday Is the Same as Ichigo Kurosaki’s.

bleach filler list

Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist of Bleach, is another well-known fictional character. Ichigo, like Deku before him, started out as a normal high school student with no special abilities.

He developed into a master Hollow-slayer over time. Eventually, Deku rose to the status of a legendary pro-hero. Although Deku’s birthday may have been a coincidence, we’d rather believe that Horikoshi planned it this way.

Izuku’s Personality Is Based on Horikoshi’s Own.

izukus personality is based on horikoshis own.

Kohei Horikoshi, like many other writers, drew inspiration for his character from his own experiences. Horikoshi and Bleach creator Tite Kubo had the following exchange during an interview:

Kubo: “I know Deku’s a huge worrywart, and talking with you has made it clear why. You’re two peas in a pod.”

Horikoshi: “I designed Deku to be plain and average on purpose, but now I’m not sure why I made him so boring. His weakness is that he worries for the sake of worrying and has trouble thinking on his feet. Like me, he struggles to make progress because he’s always doubting himself.”

There you have it, anime fans! These are 15 interesting facts about Deku from Boku no Hero Academia. Did we miss a fact about this well-loved character? Let us know in the comments below and share your favorite facts and characters from My Hero Academia. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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