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18 Of The Best Anime’s By Bones Studio ( According To My Anime List )

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Studio Bones is a Japanese animation studio that has been around for over 20 years. Best known for their work on Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater, Studio Bones has had a lot of success in the anime industry. They have created some of the most popular anime series ever seen by viewers all over the world!

This article will count down 18 Of The Best Studio Bones Anime according to My Anime List.

We are going to talk about each one, what they were about, and why you should watch it too!

1. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood ( Rated 9.17/10 )

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the most popular shounen anime to come out from Studio Bones. Following an alternate series, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a different ending than its predecessor and was known for having one of the saddest s of all time. The show ran on 64 episodes over just 1 season with riveting, action-packed arcs that will have you hooked until its end!

2. My Hero Academia ( Rated 8.03/10 )


The shounen-super hero anime My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku. Born quirkless and without a superpower of his own, he dreams of following in the footsteps of All Might, who is regarded as one of the best heroes alive today. But that dream seems unlikely until an encounter with All Might changes everything, for now at least! Now gifted with Quirks thanks to One For All (All Rights superpower), Deku‘s life has changed enormously, and the show follows his journey as he strives to become a hero.

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3. Noragami ( Rated 7.99 / 10 )

Yato, the self-proclaimed “delivery god,” is stuck in a rut. Despite his efforts to become popular by granting wishes and doing odd jobs every day for money, he has no sanctuaries devoted to him or worshipers who revere him as their own deity. His arm partner goes so far as trying to abandon Yato because of all his mistakes that just keep piling up on each other until it seems like there’s nothing left but more problems than solutions…

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4. Mob mentally unwell 100 ( Rated 8.48 / 10 )

The anime is set in a world where psychics are real. Reigen, who himself is an amateur psychic looking to make some quick cash takes Mob. This middle schooler has incredibly strong powers, as his apprentice. The more emotional Mob becomes, the harder it becomes for him to control these abilities. He learned how life can be if you don’t have any emotions by watching people literally get torn apart right before his eyes.

The anime Mob mentally unwell 100 is often more about relationships than it is fighting. The show focuses on the power of humanity rather than giving in to aggression and aggression. And when there are fights? They’re visually stunning! This was intentional by director Yuzuru Tachikawa and character designer Yoshimichi Kameda. They were told by series writer ONE to make sure that every fight looked luxurious with sparks of light pulsing out from their psychic powers clashes as a result.

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5. Soul Eater ( Rated 7.86/ 10 )

soul eater animes like black clover

Soul Eater follows three groups within the Weapon Meister Academy. Each group consists of a weapon meister and a human weapon, trying to collect the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch. They can transform them into powerful weapons for their city’s safety from dangerous creatures that lurk outside its walls.

Soul Eater is a shounen anime with stylized animation and wacky characters. The series was well-received by both Japanese audiences and those outside of the country, becoming one of Bones’ most popular works.

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6. Bungo Stray Dogs ( Rated 7.80 / 10 )

bungo stray dogs best animes by bones studio

Bungo Stray Dogs is a supernatural detective thriller following the exploits of an agency that handles cases too sensitive or dangerous for the regular police. When Atsushi discovers he has some connection to one of these tigers, his life takes quite a turn. Our hero finds himself in this world’s version of Sherlock Holmes with all sorts of zany characters and mysteries around every corner!

7. Ouran Koukou Host Club ( Rated 8.18/ 10 )

ouran koukou host club best animes by bones studio

Fujioka Haruhi is a scholarship student who feels like she’s the outsider at Ouran Academy. After breaking an expensive vase belonging to the Host Club, Fujioka must dress as a man and entertain female clients because of her debt! What follows are hilarious high school riots where all involved parties can’t help but get caught up in some outrageous hijinks that will leave you rolling with laughter (or maybe your jaw on the floor)!

Ouran Koukou is one of the most popular high school anime in recent years. It tells a parody story about otaku ure. It was Bones’ attempt to enter an already expansive franchise with its own take on this world—a comedy-drama like no other!

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8. Darker Than Black ( Rated 8.10 / 10 )

darker than black best animes by bones studio

Darker than Black follows two characters called Hei and Yin. After the appearance of a gate to the nether region ten years ago, they manifested psychic powers like many others do in this world with paranormal abilities that are kept secret by all governments around the globe- though it doesn’t stop corporations from seeking them out for their tasks which no ordinary human can complete.

Darker than Black, a show that is darkly humorous and intriguing. The Contractors have been granted supernatural abilities for the price of something they must do or eat daily (for example: eating human flesh). It’s an interesting concept, to say the least! One character, in particular, has this power of writing poems that can take the life of anyone he wants. If you’re into comedy mixed with horror, then Darker Than Black may be your perfect match!

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9. Kekkai Sensen ( Rated 7.63 / 10 )

kekkai sensen best animes by bones studio

When a door to the beyond opened up on top of New York City, life there changed forever. Now known as the nether regionsalem’s Lot—a doomed city housing both demons and humans who have been altered by energies freed when two dimensions merged together; one is Leonardo Watch, an unfortunate photographer with “Eyes of God” that can see through any illusion or magic just in time for his sister go blind. Trying to help her out causes him to join Libra–an organization composed mostly of humans trying desperately to keep some order in this corner of the world.

Kekkai Sensen is an imaginative story with many potentials, and it’s great to know that the production team has already made plans for future sequels. This show undoubtedly sets itself apart from other titles as one of those rare shows in which every episode leaves you wanting more. It will be interesting to see what Kekkai Sensen Beyond brings!

10. My Hero Academia Movie: The Two Heroes ( Rated 7.64 / 10 )

my hero academia movie the two heroess best animes by bones studio

My Hero Academia’s Two Heroes is a strong debut film for the franchise. It takes what makes anime so popular and finds an engaging story to showcase its characters while staying true to itself in every way possible, which may be why it has been such a success. This movie will please fans of My Hero Academia as well as newcomers who are looking for something new that they can really sink their teeth into-this just might become your next favorite show!

11. Snow White with Red Hair ( Rated 7.77 / 10 )

snow white with the red hair 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama
Image: Funimation

Suppose you’re looking for a romance anime that will just warm your heart, with little-to-no excess/unnecessary personal drama, and has a story that focuses on individual growth as WELL as relationship growth. In that case, Snow White With Red Hair might be perfect.

All the characters are fantastic–side characters included–and while it may look like an adventure flick where we follow some hero or another in their quest to save somebody else, this is more of a faux-medieval slice-of-life show – though sometimes there’s occasional action mostly character-focused plots; which makes its comfy material. The animation is also beautiful, thanks to Studio Bone’s amazing team!

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12. Blast Of Tempest ( Rated 7.97 / 10 )

blast of tempest best animes by bones studio

Hakaze Kusaribe is the mage of Genesis, a powerful magic user who embodies the will of an ancient tree. Hakaze’s clan betrays her and leaves her stranded on a deserted island with no way to stop herself from being summoned by their more dangerous Tree of Exodus. Luckily, she has one trump card: Mahiro Fuwa, whom she convinces to help save both worlds.

In the anime series “Blast of Tempest,” an elaborate setup and interesting characters are thrown right into a world full of turmoil. The story is told with steady pacing, keeping viewers on edge as they eagerly await more episodes to see what happens next! This show would be perfect for fans who prefer action-packed supernatural shounen plots without dramatic buildup or slow moments throughout the season.

13. Space Dandy ( Rated 7.88/ 10 )

Space Dandy - Best Sci Fi Anime You Need To Watch Today

Space Dandy is best described by a quote from Minami in a 2013 interview: “We’ve taken great hardships to ensure that this is the world’s worst anime. It just doesn’t make sense, and you’re unlikely to have seen anything quite like it.” The series lives up to its lofty goals: one of the most bonker anthology-like series in the anime canon, Space Dandy’s greatest strength are episodes with no unifying thread.

The series follows Dandy, a ragtag group of space travellers with an alien bounty hunter and cat-like aliens. They are hunted by Dr. Gel, who is ever persistent in capturing the crew’s leader: Dandy. There aren’t many conventions to this show, but it’s still one of Studio Bones’ best original productions for its crazy adventures that will keep you wanting more!

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14. Eureka Seven ( Rated 7.99 / 10 )

eureka seven best animes by bones studio

Eureka Seven is one of the Bones’ longest-standing original properties. What starts as a carefree life for Renton soon takes an unexpected turn when he discovers Eureka, the female pilot who falls from her mechanical mecha into his room and convinces him to join Gekkostate’s crew defeat Holland Kruger — the man that took the life of her father.

Minami expressed his love for the series by telling Anime News Network that Eureka Seven is the Bones series he feels closest to. He also mentioned how it likely wouldn’t have been made had he stayed at Sunrise. 

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15. No. 6 ( Rated 7.57/ 10 )

no. 6 best animes by bones studio

No. 6 is an interesting story of maturity and intrigue that has since become a classic among anime fans for its edgy, dark take on the post-apocalyptic world it’s set in. While reactions were mixed at first as some thought they should have just adopted all nine books into one season to give it more time to develop itself with such limited episodes, now many argue No. 6 was never meant to be like any other show out there because of this bleak storyline.

16. Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira ( Rated 8.39 / 10 )

cowboy bebop tengoku no tobira best animes by bones studio

Cowboy Bebop is a series that has been made by the founders of Bones, Sunrise Studio. However, Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira is what makes this list come alive in 2001. With an exhilarating action-space anime following Spike Spiegel and crew as they set out to make some quick cash after a tanker accident but are soon sailing into uncharted territory when things take a much more serious turn than expected!

Opening with an adrenalin-charged convenience store robbery, “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie” has a fantastic sense of the cinematic. The action centerpiece is a three-way shoot-out on a high-speed cable car train that has an understanding of framing, closeups, and hyperkinetic editing that puts most Hollywood blockbusters to shame.

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17. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 ( Rated 8.04 / 10 )

tokyo magnitude 8.0 a top 20 list of the best drama anime for your viewing pleasure

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a very harsh anime that deals with the realistic reactions to the destruction caused by natural disasters in ways disaster movies rarely do, and it’s even harder for people after recent real-life earthquakes both in Japan and other parts of the world. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 shows how Bones can deal with more realistic tragedies while giving us a heartfelt story about those affected on an emotional level when they lose their loved ones or friends during these events, as seen through this series.

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18. Carole & Tuesday ( Rated 7.92 / 10 )

carole tuesday best animes by bones studio

Carole and Tuesday is a story about two headstrong girls who are both musicians. Meeting by what feels like fate, they embark on a quest to the top under Carole and Tuesday’s group name. The road to stardom will be much harder than they think when meeting challenges along the way, like working in an industry that usually caters more towards men’s tastes or trying to get gigs without knowing how it works for smaller bands on tour. Still, with determination, our heroines won’t back down! 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 18 of the best anime created by Studio Bones. If you’re looking for something to watch or just want some recommendations as a fan of Japanese animation, hopefully, these titles will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment! What are your favorite anime from Studio Bones? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with your friends who might be interested!

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