35 Best Short Anime Girls

So, you think you know everything there is to know about anime? You might be surprised at the number of short female anime characters from your favorite anime series that manage to slip under your radar. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 35 of the best short anime girls out there, so be sure to keep reading if you want to see some of the quirkiest and most adorable characters in action! Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just getting started in the world of anime, we promise that you’re going to find something new and fascinating on this list. Not to get personal, but we’re not that tall either, so we excluded beautiful girls five and a half feet tall and beyond. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Mirai Kuriyama 152cm (Beyond the Boundary)

mirai kuriyama best short anime girls

Mirai is a beautiful girl with a tiny frame, chin-length peach hair cut in a bob with fringes touching her brows, and golden eyes in shades of amber and brown.

Mirai is usually seen in her school uniform, with a light pink cardigan over her head and grey tights or comparable hosiery. Mirai wears her cardigan to conceal a bandaged wound. When she uses her talent to control blood, she uses the wound to move her blood out of her body.

Mirai is clumsy and has an awful demeanor, so she doesn’t stand out in school. In actuality, she struggles in life; she has to make her own money to make ends meet, but her continual fear of encountering a Youmu prevented her from earning an income by murdering Youmu, which is something most Spirit World Warriors do as part of their job. To make matters worse, her habit of writing blog articles about her prized bonsai trees is frequently mocked on the internet. Her battle moves show a considerable level of fighting understanding, yet she lacks genuine combat experience due to her conflicts with Youmu. Mirai gains confidence in her ability to fight Youmu after uniting with the people around her and becoming an experienced Spirit World Warrior.

Shiro 4’6″ (No Game No Life)

shiro no game no life best short anime girls

Shiro is a cute, fair-skinned kid with long, unkempt white hair with a pale blue, purple, pink, green, and yellow tinge and large, tranquil golden/yellow-red eyes. She is slim and of typical height (for an eleven-year-old).

She frequently wears a purple sailor outfit that is somewhat large, as well as thigh-high stockings.

Shiro is portrayed as a genius at logic and problems, but struggles with emotions and behavior, relying on Sora to help her in defeating emotional beings such as Tet in their chess match. She also rarely expresses emotions and, despite her brilliant intellect, speaks in short, terse words and in the third person.

Shiro is a master who has won every chess game she has played. She is fluent in 18 languages and can learn Immanity’s language in under 15 minutes. She is also an outstanding gamer, and she and her brother are the best in over 280 games, despite her stoic personality.

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Victorique de Blois (Gosick)

victorique de blois gosick best short anime girls

Victorique is a petite, almost doll-like young lady with long blonde hair and emerald eyes. She does, however, have a voice and speaking articulation that make her sound like a grown woman, but only in dub. She sounds just like who she is in the sub, a stubborn, immature young girl. Despite being a student at Saint Marguerite Academy, she normally wears a black Victorian dress and a black hairband with lace and frills; she also has a wardrobe full of dresses in various colors. Her appearance as a child is the same, except for the absence of emotion on her face. This is evident when she converses with Grevil de Blois, particularly on the subject of love and affection.

Victorique embodies the archetypal tsundere character. However, that is not the only aspect of her personality. Despite her caustic tongue, abusive bluntness, and outlandish demeanor, she possesses an unusual supernatural ability, overwhelming charisma, and immaculate eloquence. She employs her abilities to easily persuade others into doing what she desires.

Victorique frequently portrays herself as harsh or sarcastic, although she has other aspects to her nature. She is frequently described as being bored by everyday life and requests that Kujo bring her something to amuse or entertain her. He frequently delivers things to her on his own initiative, and Victorique has a variety of reactions depending on the gift. These gifts range from puzzles to candy to a lovely Japanese kimono.

Yami Ringo-sama 152cm (Idol Incidents)

yami ringosama

Ringo-sama has slanted brown eyes and long black hair worn loosely with a very thin braid on each side of her head. Her bangs are straight, with short forelocks held in place by a scarlet ribbon.

She’s dressed in a grey long-sleeved dress with a corset-style top and a skirt made to look like a flowing cape with a shorter layer of crimson beneath it. She also wears black leggings, black boots, and a black frilly shawl held by a rose stitched to a red ribbon. Each of her sleeves has two little ribbons stitched to it. A lacy black and crimson headband with a red ribbon stitched to either side is sewn to her head.

Ringo-sama believes she is a ghostbuster and can bring any ghost to its knees. Despite this, she is a nice and helpful person, as evidenced by her assistance in taking down the ghosts.

Shinobu Oshino 130cm ( Bakemonogatari)

oshino shinobu by yofenris d6bwnxl

Shinobu is a young woman with yellow eyes, pointy ears, razor-sharp fangs, and long blond hair that curls outward at the ends. Throughout the story, she changes her appearance based on how much of her vampire qualities she possesses. Throughout most of the series, she takes on a younger persona as an 8-year-old. 

She can suck blood to age, as shown in Nisemonogatari; she appears as an adolescent girl, pulling her hair into a ponytail and wearing a dark camisole on the inside of a purple jacket, a black skirt, and black stockings. Obtaining her stolen body parts causes Kizumonogatari to mature and progressively alter her garments into an appearance akin to her adult form. Her real form as Kiss-Shot is a woman in her late twenties dressed in a red and black gown.

Shinobu falls into a coma after losing most of her vampire abilities. She is frequently seen in Oshino’s position, her hands tucked into her knees and her face emotionless. She frequently spends most of the day in one place, doing mostly nothing and wearing a bitter expression. Shinobu does not converse with anyone, but she is acquainted with Koyomi Araragi and Meme Oshino and would comply with either of their wishes.

After “reconciling” with Koyomi, she reverts to her brighter personality. She is quite verbose, and her old-fashioned speech frequently emphasizes her superiority. She primarily exploits Koyomi’s predisposition to act as the follower between the two. She appears to like Mister Donuts sometime after Koyomi Vamp, and they become her fixation. She refers to herself as “washi,” a term commonly used in fictional situations to describe elderly individuals.

Tatsumaki 4’8″ (One-Punch Man)


Tatsumaki is a small woman who is sometimes mistaken for being so much younger than she already is. She has an adolescent face, emerald green eyes, and green hair that naturally curls up at the ends. She is dressed in a form-fitting black dress with long sleeves, four high-cut leg slits highlighting her long, shapely legs, and low-heeled black shoes.

Tatsumaki’s demeanor is boisterous, temperamental, hotheaded, and impatient. She is rude to most people, especially those she considers incapable. She is completely intolerant of individuals she considers impertinent, as evidenced by slamming Genos into a large piece of rubble in retaliation for her verbal abuse of Saitama. Tatsumaki despises being ignored or being labeled as a “brat” or a “runt.”

Despite her arrogant personality, she feels forced to defeat monsters and views her employment as a hero to be an obligation, accepting any request to defeat monsters from the Hero Association. Because she gets bored when she isn’t fighting monsters, she looks for monsters to battle on her own time. She has a soft spot for her younger sister, Fubuki, but she is also quite protective and domineering of her

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Ram 156cm ( Re:Zero)

ram ep.30

Ram is a teenage girl with medium-length pale pink hair that hides her left eye, big darkish red eyes, and childlike features. She also wears hair clips on the right side of her hair, a flower-shaped ribbon on the same side, and a maid’s hairband. Aside from the color of her hair, eyes, and ribbon, she resembles her sister Rem almost exactly. 

Ram appears to be self-centered, sarcastic, and moves at her own pace, but in reality, she keeps a safe distance from people to assess them. Except for her sister, Rem, she believes Roswaal is the finest, and no one else is as important to her. She is slightly more outgoing than the typically reserved Rem, who generally lets Ram take the lead in their sisterly bond.

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Beatrice 141cm (Re:Zero)

beatrice anime

On the outside, Beatrice appears to be a charming young girl of about eleven or twelve years old. Subaru claimed that there was no heart that wouldn’t melt at the sight of a sincere smile from her. Her huge sky-blue eyes with pink butterfly designs as irises reveal her connection to the Witch of Greed. Beatrice wears her pale cream-blond hair long and tied into beautiful vertical drill-shaped twin tails, which act like springs when tugged on. 

The Great Spirit of the Forbidden Library is usually shown wearing a pink, frilly, elegant dress with white trimmings and an uncovered front that exposes her legs, which are totally hidden by pink and purple vertically-striped tights. A small crown is also worn on the right side of Beatrice’s oversized head, and it serves as a charming ornament that fits her image pretty well. Beatrice also has a wide pink ribbon adorning the left side of her waist, a pair of identical ribbons attached at the top of her twin tails, and pink shoes with butterfly straps on her feet.

Beatrice tends to look down on others and has difficulty coping with individuals who want to approach her. Despite her confidence, she is a lonely person who is softhearted despite her seeming rigidity. Because of their similarities, she is fond of Puck and prefers him to the other members of the Roswaal household.

She has a particular manner of speech, ending most of her sentences with “I think” or “in fact.”

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Rukia Kuchiki 4’8″ ( Bleach)

rukia kuchiki

Rukia is short and petite, with a light complexion and purple eyes. Her hair is black, and many strands are always caught between her eyes. Rukia wears a normal shihakush as a Shinigami of the Gotei 13. Rukia’s hair is cut into a bob that hangs around her face, 17 months after Aizen’s defeat. She wears a white tekk with no fingers, similar to Byakuya’s, that extends above her elbows. She wears her Division Badge around her left sleeve, which has been reduced to just reaching her upper arm, as a lieutenant.

Rukia, born into a lower social class, maintains her modesty even as an adoptive daughter of the nobility. She is graceful and “clean,” but she prefers to converse with ordinary folks. Her cold and solitary manner, on the other hand, frequently forces her to conceal her personal problems, even from her friends. Rukia never expresses her heart and finds it difficult to make friends. Rukia has no idea how to navigate the current human world. She is an excellent actor who has acted her way out of many difficult circumstances, including getting out of trouble with school teachers and persuading the Kurosaki family to let her live at their home. Rukia has difficulty finding clothes that actually fit her, especially as a Gigai in the Human World, so she steals clothes from Ichigo’s sister, Yuzu. Rukia enjoys anything rabbit-related and becomes irritated when someone mocks her obsession with them. People frequently have difficulties interpreting her drawings, which are generally rabbit-like, and she dislikes it when people criticize the quality of her work. 

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Gabriel 144cm ( Gabriel Dropout)

gabriel visual

Gabriel has long golden hair that has a pink ombre. Her hair was nice and straight in Heaven, but it has grown unruly and wild on Earth. On occasion, she wears her hair in a high ponytail, and her eyes are baby blue. Many characters say she is very cute because of her adorable and childlike appearance, and Vigne says she’s like a doll, while Raphi mentions that she is always cute no matter what, and her cooking club classmates say she is adorable, and they even end up giving her a twin-tail hairstyle.

Gabriel was once a prodigy angel from Heaven and the top Angel School student, and she was renowned for being exceedingly “angelic.” She has a wonderful disposition that is kind, diligent, and courteous. This personality lasted from the moment she arrived in the human world until she discovered the video game on her laptop, at which point her personality changed to “Fallen Angel.” Gab is the polar opposite of what she was as the “Fallen Angel,” caustic, heartless, and lazy.

As time passed, her personality deteriorated even further, to the point where she was not afraid to use deception in order to keep everything in her favor, such as lying to her sister Zelel and pretending that she was still the “Prodigy Angel” she once was, and finally remaining as the “Fallen Angel” until the end.

Nene Saikyo ( Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan (Chivalry of a Failed Knight))

nene greets ikki

Nene is small for her age and is frequently misunderstood as being younger. She has long, dark brown hair that stretches all the way to her back, bangs that cover her brow, and matching colored eyes.

She is frequently seen wearing a blossom-patterned white kimono and an eye-catching red haori, both of which do not appear to be appropriate for her height, as the kimono hangs over her shoulders. In addition, she wears clogs, which are frequently heard when she walks around in regular conditions.

Nene has a childlike disposition, which is appropriate for her stature. She is also a sharp-tongued person who has no difficulty making fun of and criticizing others, including her own students, but this may be due to her being a little absent-minded and not realizing that some may take offense to her words. She’s also highly flirty with her students, as evidenced by her flirtation with Ikki. However, when she is enraged, she emanates a tremendous amount of killing intent, causing most people to fear before her. Ouma Kurogane is one of the few persons who can withstand her bloodlust.

Nene may be rather dishonest about how she truly thinks about certain things, which her friend Kurono enjoys making fun of. One of these issues is her feelings towards her master, Nangou.

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Dorothy Unsworth 145cm ( Black Clover)

tumblr f56e26cc7ecd3d7666c849e792debf76 78c39f55 540

Dorthy is a young-looking, fair-skinned, lilac-haired lady of slightly below-average height.

Dorothy is adorned with a pointy hat with a wide brim and a wreath of wildflowers wrapped around the base of the cone. A flower-shaped brooch fastens her outer coat. She wears a light-colored top with puffy sleeves that stop just past her elbows, light-colored puffed short leggings, and a dark-colored vest with light-colored fur falling down over her hips underneath her cloak. Her shoes are pointy and contrast with a darker shade of her squad’s color.

Dorothy appears to be a heavy sleeper since she is always asleep, regardless of how much noise is generated around her. She does, however, appear to be aware of her surroundings when sleeping since she votes in the admission exam and walks alone at various times.

Dorothy has a carefree, compassionate, playful, and highly energetic “big sister” attitude when she is awake.

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Touka Kirishima 156cm ( Tokyo Ghoul)

touka finale

Touka is a slim and pretty teenage girl with short dark blue hair that reaches her chin and covers the right half of her face and blue eyes. She appears to be a normal, lovely girl that no one would think is a ghoul. Her facial features and haircut are strikingly similar to those of Touka’s mother, Hikari Kirishima, and Touka’s younger brother, Ayato Kirishima. For work and school, she wears a waitress uniform or a high school uniform, respectively, while her casual clothing is tomboyish streetwear.

Her waitress outfit consists of a white shirt pulled up to her elbows, a black vest, a red tie, and a black skirt that reaches her lower thighs. 

Touka’s personality is initially defined by her duality of wrath and kindness, with her character journey centered on that rage diminishing and her kindness emerging. She is naturally gentle, but this was suppressed as a result of her father‘s death and was subsequently forced to survive in the ghoul world at a young age, which necessitated her being brutal. As Shuu Tsukiyama points out, she used to appear more deadly and frigid, but she has softened up as a result of her human life and has continued to do so as a result of Ken Kaneki’s influence, which has allowed her to be the nice person she is deep down.

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Rem 156cm ( Re:Zero)

rem vector

Rem is a teenage girl with medium-length sky blue hair that hides her right eye, large light blue eyes, and youthful features. She also wears hair clips, a flower-shaped ribbon on the left side of her hair, and a maid hairband. 

Rem has a tendency to talk in a superficially nice manner and to act rashly at times. She feels both reverence for the place of worship and guilt towards her sister for a prior incident. She considered herself inferior because of her respect and shame for her sister. She falls in love with Subaru after saving her and becoming one of his most devoted followers. Rem will stick by him no matter what, even if Subaru rejects him.

Rem’s memories were fully obliterated after she awoke from a nearly two-year hibernation, leaving her in a situation comparable to Crusch at the end of Arc 3. She’s wary of everyone, especially Subaru, and has even tried to strangle him twice and set up decoy paths and traps to get away from him because she deems him dangerous thanks to a mixture of the overwhelming Witch’s Miasma seeping from him after his multiple deaths, as well as his anger for the last Archbishop of Gluttony and her complete unwillingness to help her in her current state because Rem sees Louis as just an innocent child.

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Attia Simmons 152cm ( Freezing)


Attia is a petite young lady with short silvery-white hair and bright brown eyes. Her hair is coiled into two curly-tails on both sides of her head, resembling a typhoon. To her chagrin, she is incredibly diminutive for a girl her age, being the shortest Pandora shown in the series and having one of the tiniest bust sizes revealed thus far. She is dressed in her usual Genetics outfit.

As evidenced by listening to Elizabeth’s commands to “teach” Satellizer to behave, Attia is the type of person who will do everything to complete her duty. She will go so far as to refuse to listen to President Chiffon unless she and Ticy intercede. According to what Arnett and Creo claimed, she apparently has a fascination for “clothing that turns invisible under the light.” She also dislikes physical labor, as she confessed to Ingrid during the tenth Nova Clash. She can be irritable at times because she is angry and insulted when people refer to her as flat-chested due to her small breasts.

Ochaco Uraraka 156cm ( Freezing)

ochaco uraraka

Ochaco is a short girl with a slim but curvy physique. She has a fair complexion and a continuous flush to her cheeks. Her eyes are wide and round. Their irises are a warm auburn brown, with quite thick top eyelashes, two longer and more prominent ones extending outwards on either side, and fewer but more individually defined bottom eyelashes.

Her hair is shoulder-length and the same color as her eyes, bobbed, and curved inwards at the ends, with two lengthier clumps taking the same form on either side of her face, and bangs that reach approximately a quarter of the way down her forehead. She possesses a small, pinkish pad on the top inner segment of each of her fingers that is slightly darker than the rest of her skin, resembling the toe of a cat or a dog’s paw, which she uses to activate and deactivate her Quirk.

Other classmates have described Ochaco as “the most laid-back girl” in her class, describing her as cheerful and, at times, a bit of an airhead. She is frequently quite blunt without even realizing it. Ochaco’s emotions, like Izuku Midoriya‘s, are exaggerated and humorous: she is often charmed by certain personality traits and oddities that others exhibit, bursting into laughter at times, which she tries to control.

Shinoa Hīragi 150cm ( Owari No Seraph (Seraph of the End))


Shinoa has gotten taller as a teenager, although she is still significantly shorter than many other people her age. She has a tiny, thin build, and her hair is now put up in the back with a magenta ribbon, with side braids. Her normal eye color is brownish-orange, but after being possessed by Shikama Dji, her eyes turn light yellow with narrower irises and pupils.

Shinoa, with her cynical, apathetic demeanor, does not put any heart into her comments. She enjoys mocking others and has a dry sense of humor. Shinoa typically smirks before taunting or performing her antics on others, relishing in putting them in awkward circumstances. She can be proud and sarcastic, but she also has a nice, joyful, and cheery side to her. Shinoa does not shy away from revealing a manipulative side when the chance is raised upfront. Shinoa has a sensitive mentality about her low stature, which she developed after Yichir and Shih ridiculed her for being too short to drive a car. She smugly laughs before materializing her cursed gear to physically teach them a lesson.

Nene Sakura 144cm ( New Game)

18 nene sakura screenshot anime girl

Nene has short bangs and light blonde hair that is normally tied in low pigtails tied with two light-blue marbles apiece, light-blue eyes, and she appears to be treated like a middle school kid at college. Her wardrobe is quite varied.

Aoba Suzukaze describes Nene as juvenile, greedy, and a klutz who can’t focus on the task at hand, which is why she’s frequently spotted leaving her station. She is also an otaku who enjoys the Faries Story Series.

According to the spin-off, Nene is determined to find her life’s purpose, which is why she attends college.

Nezuko Kamado 150cm ( Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

nezuko anime design

Nezuko is a petite young girl with fair skin, clearly huge, prominent fangs, and sharp, stiletto nails with a light pink base and ombre fading to a red-pinkish tint at the tip where they point. Her hair is long, wavy, and black. It extends just past her waist, turning a flame-orange color as it passes her elbows, and looks to be crimped into enormous, straight ridges, worn side-swept sharply to the left. Her eyes are soft-looking, pale pink, with a lighter tint around the rims of their irises, slanted downward towards the sides of her face and framed by exceptionally long eyelashes, the pupils of which can look slit as she transforms.

Nezuko’s initial human personality was that of a compassionate and kind girl who put others ahead of herself, much like her older brother, Tanjiro. She was also a compassionate elder sister to her younger siblings, frequently putting their needs ahead of her own. Nezuko is not hesitant to put herself in danger to protect her allies from demons, even after being back in human form. It is also demonstrated that when Tanjiro apologized to Nezuko, her kind, laid-back personality verifies this reality.

While Nezuko begins like any other demon, vicious and eager for human flesh, she turns completely after witnessing her brother’s desire to protect her from being slain by a Demon Slayer regardless of her being a demon. Nezuko appears to have forgotten a large chunk of her human memories, except those relating to her family, and thus does not retain the precise personality she had prior to the change. She is still highly compassionate and protective of people she considers to be members of her family, owing largely to Sakonji Urokodaki’s impact on her while she was sleeping for two years.

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Nagi Sanzenin 138cm ( Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler))

hngnp nagi

Nagi is tiny in stature, with long blond hair knotted into two long twin tails, bangs, and green eyes inherited from her parents. According to Hayate, Nagi resembles her mother. She wears a Hakuo uniform to school, but she frequently wears modern apparel at home.

She wears a mask to cover her eyes and a short frilled skirt with long thigh-high stockings and a long-sleeved top with a large ribbon when she is her alter ego, Mask the Money. During New Year’s, she dresses in a yukata with various designs on it. Nagi always wears heels to appear taller since she does not want to be labeled as “short” or “little” by others.

Nagi is spoiled, anti-social, or reclusive, hates to lose and admit her flaws, and has a difficult time confessing her real feelings towards Hayate. She acts immature a lot of the time, but is essentially a good, educated girl. She is good at finance and enjoys learning new things. She is concerned about her family and friends, yet she is hesitant to express her feelings. She frequently expresses her concern using “formal language.” She is a tsundere hikikomori princess and a tomboy.

Megumin 152cm ( KonoSuba)


Megumin is a young girl with short, dark brown hair and strangely lazy crimson eyes. Her skin is fair, her complexion is light, and her features are doll-like. Megumin appears to have a delicate, under-developed form, in contrast to her peers in Crimson Village, who have a more developed body.

Megumin is dressed in traditional witch garb, including a black cloak, a crimson robe, orange boots, and a black wizard’s cap with a gold border and trimmings, as well as a black choker, belt, and fingerless gloves. Megumin’s right leg is bandaged, and her left leg is wearing a black stocking. She wields a brown staff adorned with a floating crimson crystal.

Megumin is a noisy, eccentric, and loud girl with a propensity for theatrics. She shares many of her people’s characteristics, such as chuunibyou inclinations and a liking for odd names, as a member of the Crimson Magic Clan. Megumin comes across as arrogant, often boasting about her destructive abilities, yet she quickly drops her act when put in a dangerous situation, such as when Kazuma threatened to hit her with her eyepatch.

Megumin, despite her portrayal of a super-powerful magician, is actually rather juvenile and immature. She is touchy about her age and poorly developed body, becoming dejected or violent when addressed as a child. Despite privately perceiving Yunyun as a friend, she maintains a rather petty rivalry with her former classmate, Yunyun, and never misses a chance to humiliate and annoy her.

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Rikka Takanashi 150cm ( Chuunibyo Demo koi ga Shitai!)


Rikka Takanashi is depicted as having dark purple-blue hair that is tied with a yellow ribbon. She has cyan eyes and wears a yellow contact lens on her right eye, which is covered with a medical eyepatch. She frequently wears a pair of roller shoes, which she utilizes to boost her movement and perform feats. Her idiot hair (ahoge) reacts to her mood, sometimes in a humorous manner, occasionally moving with sound effects.

Rikka is a textbook case of chuunibyou, continually living out her fantasies and exhibiting odd habits as a result.

She is dramatic and theatrical, claiming to have the “Tyrant’s Eye” that allows her to unveil fates and even wears an eyepatch to “lock its abilities.” Her delusions tend to match her real-life emotions, such as when she claims that tomatoes burn away one’s mana in order to avoid eating them. She enjoys referring to other anime and fictional works that are relevant to her chuunibyou fantasies. Rikka does her best to adhere to her fantasy, but there are a few times when she breaks character, such as when she gets flustered or is slapped in the head by Yuuta or her sister. She is disliked by her peers due to her strange outbursts, and she does not make an effort to make friends. Rikka, despite appearing to be a cool and mysterious sorceress, is actually terribly clumsy, generally gets low grades, and fails miserably when she tries to join other groups, such as cheerleading.

Tanya Von Degurechaff 4’9″ ( The Saga Of Tanya The Evil)

a18692 2086134528

Tanya describes the man she reincarnated from as a Japanese guy with a strong physique who was tall enough to be an imposing presence in comparison to her present, younger body.

Tanya is a tiny girl with a very diminutive build for her age who could be mistaken for being even younger in her current existence. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are a frigid blue. She has a fairy-like face that contrasts with her pale complexion.

Visha described her face as exquisite and doll-like, but her keen eyes gave the appearance of a vampire. She wears an officer’s uniform and is known for messily tying her hair and wearing a peaked cap that is a little too big for her.

Tanya characterized herself in a previous existence as someone with numerous complexes and believed that he was twisted. She has both superiority and inferiority complexes, as evidenced by how she compared herself to true geniuses with whom she couldn’t compete, while simultaneously wishing to be superior to others.

Tanya has several sociopathic characteristics: she is cold, calculating, and frequently sees others as objects to be exploited. This enabled her to rapidly advance through the ranks of her profession in both incarnations.

She is also a libertarian, as evidenced by her speech about free will and the desire for a pleasant existence in the back. Something she had also desired in a past life. This psychological trait is also the basis of her annoyance with how the Imperial Army treats their men, for whom the duty is absolute, and she cannot disobey even suicide missions. It’s also why Tanya despises Being-X for violating her freedom and attempting to convert her against her choice.

Hestia 140cm ( Danmachi)

hestia anime

Hestia is a lovely and petite Goddess who appears to be in her twenties. She has blue eyes and black hair that is mid-thigh length and tied into two twin-tails that reach down to her thighs. Her hair is wrapped up with hair accessories that include blue and white petals as well as bell-shaped trinkets. Her petite stature draws attention to her breasts, earning her the moniker “Loli Big-boobs.”

Her typical outfit consists of a little white dress with a blue ribbon around her neck and another wrapped beneath her breasts and around her arms, as well as a pair of white gloves. She normally goes barefoot. However, she does occasionally wear a pair of white flip-flops.

Hestia is a gentle and vivacious Goddess. She is usually bursting with energy and is really enthusiastic about her feelings. This gave her a surprising amount of determination, as she was willing to spend three days in dogeza posture to get a weapon for Bell until Hephaestus ultimately yielded.

She has been complimented for her kindness to others on numerous occasions. She does not discriminate against anyone and treats everyone fairly, including Hera. Both Hephaestus and Penia have mentioned that she was the only one who didn’t make fun of their defects, such as her friend’s deformity and the latter’s status as a Goddess of Poverty. Hestia is well known for it, which surprised Loki when she described Dionysus as terrible.

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Tsuyu Asui 4’11” ( My Hero Academia)

tsyuy asui

Tsuyu is a short girl with a slim physique compared to her classmates and noticeably huge hands. Her appearance is frog-like; she has a very large mouth that dips down a little in the middle, precisely like a typical frog’s, and oval-shaped eyes with huge, black irises and visible lower eyelashes. She also exhibits some frog-like behaviors, such as hopping on all fours rather than running and holding herself in a frog-like manner.

Her hair is a dark sea-green hue and very long, extending all the way to her waist, with the ends wrapped up in a giant bow of hair at the bottom. She has two shoulder-length clumps flanking her face and shorter bangs above her eyes, some of which are swept to the side.

Tsuyu is a direct and aloof person who constantly talks frankly about her mind and what she thinks about people. Tsuyu prefers to be addressed as “Tsu,” but only by individuals, she considers friends. Except for teachers and other authority figures, she frequently addresses everyone with the honorific “-chan.” Tsuyu’s parents were usually busy at work, so she was forced to take care of her younger siblings at an early age. Tsuyu developed into a highly mature and responsible individual as a result of these circumstances, able to split her focus between school and home chores without allowing one to interfere with the other. 

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Maho Hiyajo 140cm ( Steins;Gate 0)


Despite being in her twenties, she is sometimes misidentified as a child due to her incredibly tiny stature. She has long dark-green hair and typically dresses casually with mismatched shoes.

Maho is a fiery young lady.

Despite being a prodigy and Dr. Leskinen’s right hand, Maho began to have self-trust issues after Kurisu Makise arrived at the institution, frequently believing herself the Salieri to Kurisu’s Amadeus.

After Kurisu’s death in Japan, Maho began to chat to Kurisu Amadeus more frequently, building a mother-child bond with him until she met Okabe and had to stop interacting with her.

Schierke 130cm ( Berserk)

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Schierke has dark green hair and is thin and petite. Her customary costume consists of a purple robe and a traditional witch’s cap. Although these outfits make her stand out in a crowd, she favors them over anything else because they were handcrafted and given to her by her master, Flora, and serve as a remembrance of her. Furthermore, Schierke has explained that she implements her magic best when she is dressed as a witch, as it allows her to concentrate better. She usually wields a wooden stick that spirals towards the top and curls entirely around at the end. Her shoes and bag, which she carries over her shoulder, are the same color as her staff. She is generally accompanied by an Elf named Ivalera, who sits on her hat.

Schierke is quiet and introverted for her age, and she is mature for her age. She was incredibly respectful to her mistress as a disciple and was deeply devastated when she died. Currently, she gets along well with the majority of Guts’ group and absolute strangers like Sonia and Isma. She is scornful of the human world and the Holy See’s religion as a result of being shielded during her upbringing, yet she finds life outside of the forest acceptable while traveling with her companions.

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Louise De La Valliere 152cm ( The Familiar of Zero)


Louise has long, curly pink hair that reaches her back and pink eyes that suit her hair. She bears a striking resemblance to her sister Cattleya, and Saito once remarked that Louise might look like Cattleya when she grows older. Louise has a modest bust compared to the other females at her academy, which is a recurring humor point in the series and is frequently used as a point of comparison when Saito purportedly cheats on other girls due to their larger busts. As an Academy student, she wears a white long-sleeved top beneath a long, black cloak that reaches her feet and is pinned into a spherical, bronze clasp like the rest of the Academy pupils. She also wears a short, pleated black skirt, black thigh stockings, and black, low-heeled Mary Jane shoes. She is revealed to always carry her wand with her as a mage.

Louise dislikes summoning Saito so much that she wishes for a familiar spirit, such as a gryphon or something. Louise exhibits her “hatred” towards Saito in many ways, including beating him up with her magic and striking him with a whip. However, her feelings for Saito grow deeper and more powerful as the story progresses.

Henrietta and Louise got along well because they were childhood friends. When Henrietta gives Louise commands, she accepts them gladly and without hesitation. Henrietta also refers to Louise by her first two names.

Taiga Aisaka 4’8″ ( Toradora)

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Taiga is a teenager, yet her diminutive stature gives her the appearance of a younger child. Ami makes fun of her about it all the time. Taiga has long, curly brown hair that falls just around her butt in waves (derived from her mother), as well as huge, dark amber eyes (inherited from her father). She is flat as a board and is ashamed of it, but she often makes up for it with her relentless gaze or frightening comments. Others have described her as extremely attractive.

Taiga is generally spotted outside wearing her school uniform or long clothes. She wears long coats over dresses and is seen wearing stockings underneath long jackets. She is a well-dressed girl from a wealthy household, and even her pajamas are nice.

At the beginning of the series, Taiga’s personality earned her the moniker “Palmtop Tiger.” She becomes easily agitated over little matters, particularly her underdeveloped stature for a girl her age, and reacts aggressively to people, with the exception of her only friend at the moment, Minori Kushieda, and her crush, Yusaku Kitamura. Taiga is also clumsy, something others observe, and she acknowledges. In fact, her clumsiness causes her to attack Ryuuji Takasu twice, the second time in his own home, which is right next door to Taiga’s. Initially, Yusaku uses Taiga’s crush on him to calm her down whenever she becomes hostile.

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Secre Swallowtail 152cm ( black clover)

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Secre is a short, slim woman with black hair styled in a bob with two locks of hair protruding from the crown of her head. Under her eyes, she has black bags. She’s dressed in a black gown with tiny straps and a short, ruffled skirt that looks like feathers. She develops two black horns on the sides of her head as a result of her use of Forbidden Magic.

After joining the group, she begins donning the Black Bull squad’s distinctive robe. After training for six months in the Heart Kingdom, she wears a modified form of the robe, which is held by a grey chain.

Secre is generally uninterested. She frequently pecks at Asta’s head or pulls on his hair when she is irritated. She also has a predisposition to use this approach to convey her opinions to others, especially when she disagrees. Secre, in contrast to how she treats him, is exceedingly loyal to Asta, and she rarely leaves his side. She also continuously assists Asta in his many situations, such as leading him through the dungeons or showing him the path to a relic hidden behind a wall. While Secre originally only followed Asta due to his grimoire, as the series unfolds, she grows to actually care for him. She also has a high level of loyalty and dedication to Prince Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, having defied natural law to keep him alive and ended up causing herself to be sealed as a bird, and despite this, she still has a strong sense of loyalty to him, even going so far as to say that she would gladly pursue him to the afterlife when his body started to crumble after exhausting his power.

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Rory Mercury 145cm ( Gate)

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Despite being 961 years old, Rory still looks like a 13-year-old girl as she had stopped aging when she ascended and became a living divinity in mortal flesh and blood but bestowed with talents no normal people could ever hope to attain. She has long, flowing black hair that is adorned with a black ribbon.

Her attire as an Emroy apostle is evocative of Earth’s Gothic Lolita culture: a black dress with red frills, black leggings supported by garters, and red boots. Her main weapon is a huge purplish ax, which she wields with little difficulty.

When she is going to do something harmful, her lip color changes from pink to purple in the anime.

She wore a priestess trainee ceremonial black garment before being chosen as Emroy’s Apostle throughout her youth.

Rory has a friendly attitude, as seen by the fact that she immediately made friends with Yji Itami and began sitting on his lap. On the other hand, she has no sympathy for her foes, as seen by her massacre of a gang of bandits without remorse. In battle, she is proven to have a violent, cruel disposition, as evidenced by murdering the last bandit after burying a pair of dead raped women, yet she is not without a sense of justice, frequently targeting bandits and criminals while remaining amicable to the common people. After they fight alongside one other at the Battle of Italica, Rory befriends Shino Kuribayashi, who has a similar “warrior” mentality and high level of combat proficiency to Rory. Rory appears to prefer to help those in need while eliminating those associated with clans, such as bandits.

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Shinobu Kochou 124cm ( Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

shinobu colored body

Shinobu is a small young woman with pale skin and huge, compound-like eyes that lack pupils and instead have a haze of gradient purple, giving her eyes the appearance of insect eyes. She has shoulder-length wavy hair that fades from black to dark purple and is arranged into a flat yakai-maki bun at the back of her head, which is tied with a white, turquoise, and light purple butterfly adornment. She has ear-length, voluminous curtain bangs that fall down to frame her face, with two slightly thinner chin-length strands of hair in front of her ears below them. Shinobu is tiny in stature and has been described as having a petite and frail physique, which is subsequently emphasized by her remark that she lacks the physical strength to decapitate a demon like the other Hashira. According to Zenitsu Agatsuma, Shinobu is so adorable that she could make a living off of her beauty alone.

Shinobu has a bright, welcoming, and happy temperament, and she always has an easygoing smile on her face no matter what situation she is in. Her outward conduct, however, is quickly revealed to be a ruse. This is seen in the way she enjoys taunting others, to the point of being sadistic about it, most notably picking on Giyu Tomioka. Despite her laid-back demeanor and early pretense of wanting to get along with demons, she can be harsh to them, as evidenced by her killing the Spider Demon (Daughter) after falsely promising to help her and killing Nezuko Kamado without hesitation. After hearing the complete story of Tanjiro Kamado and his sister, she is revealed to have a more compassionate side for both of them.

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Nike ( Break Blade)

nike break blade movie 4 sanka no chi 1

One of Borcuse’s top guards and one of his inner circle’s two female commanders, along with Leto.

Nike, despite his childlike appearance, is 25 years old. While she appears to be a sweet, innocent girl, she is actually a cruel killer who will kill anyone who offends her, whether they are an opponent or an ally. Io, who treats Nike like a little sister, is the only one who can calm her down.

Shalltear Bloodfallen 142cm ( Overlord)

shalltear anime updated

Shalltear is a little fourteen-year-old vampire. Her pale skin, alluring crimson-red eyes, and delicate facial features make her a stunning beauty. Shalltear’s silver hair is wrapped in a ponytail with a huge ribbon on top, revealing her entire face.

She wears a dress that is velvety black and heavy in the skirt. Her upper torso is adorned with lace and a fitted blazer. Her hands are covered in long lace gloves, revealing no skin. Her breasts are artificial and flat, like a boy’s, but Her frequent use of breast pads hides this.

Shalltear wears a coat of scarlet full plate armor saturated in blood in battle. Her swan-shaped helmet exposes only her pallid face. Her helmet has avian feather plumes on either side of it. Her armor also has wings on the chest and shoulders, and her lower body is covered in crimson skirt-like armor.

Her True Vampire form looks completely different. Her mouth resembles a lamprey’s, with a long tongue extending out. Her eyes change shape and shine brightly. Her shape changes to a simian with vicious claws on both hands and feet, and an odd aura surrounds her.

Shalltear is an extremely flirty character who is frank about her sexual inclinations, including her master Ainz. In the past, she’s shown a penchant for bisexuality and necrophilia. So Shalltear often makes sexual approaches towards zombies like Yuri Alpha, who avoids her as much as possible. Despite her seeming honesty and shamelessness, she is not always innocent. 

Shalltear is a prideful vampire who takes her role as a Floor Guardian very seriously. While having no patience or tolerance for failure, she will often erupt in wrath when an adverse situation arises. Shalltear will kill any servant that displeases her, yet she won’t punish people for failing at unattainable tasks. When Shalltear fails a mission, she tends to become depressed and introspective about her faults.

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Gabi Braun 138cm (Attack on Titan)

gabi braun 28anime29

Gabi is a tiny, athletic young lady. Facets with big brown eyes, defined brows, a little tilted nose, and a dazzling smile. Her dark hair is half-tied over her head, with huge strands on either side of her face. Like her fellow Warrior hopefuls, she wears a white jacket and slacks, suspender straps, a hard hat, and knee-high leather combat boots.

Gabi is enthusiastic and outspoken, expressing herself freely. She is also brave, determined, and willing to risk her life to achieve a goal for a perceived larger good. She also cares about her Eldian compatriots, risking her life to take out a train rather than let 800 of them rush the shooters guarding their goal.

These qualities might also make her aggressive and domineering. This drives her to be rude at times, imposing her views on others and taking charge whether or not requested. She is most assertive around her fellow Warrior candidates, threatening to ‘punish’ those who disagree with her. Nonetheless, they enjoy spending time with her because she is pleasant.

So there it is anime fans. 35 of the best short anime girls that could churn up emotions. Which ones from the list are your favorites? Did we miss your favorite vertically challenged female character? Let us know in the comments why you think they deserve to be on this list. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these adorable little ladies as much as we did compiling them for you.

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