15 Animes That Are Just As Exciting Like Black Clover

The chances are that you are still in the trance of the action and magic of Black Clover. Who wouldn’t?

Black Clover was such a massive hit that it gained a global following. All the episodes of the series have their unique excitement. There was never a dull moment!

The best part: Asta, the MC of Black Clover, reflects the hope of a world where a “nobody” can grow in ranks to decide the “fate of the world.”

Would you love to delight your eyes even further? What do you say about watching more animes like  Black Clover? Yes?

Then, you will love this article. Here, we have gathered 15 animes that promise the same excitement and magic of Black Clover.

Before we delve into the details, let’s do a recap on our beloved Black Clover.

What Is Black Clover?

why is black clover popular anime like black clover

Black Cover is Shounen anime brimming with action, adventures, comedy, magic, and thrillers. Since it started in 2017, only a few series in the “action niche” come close to its popularity.

Like typical Shounen animes, Black Clover has the male orphan MC, a best friend that shares a childhood dream, and tons of enemies. Plus, there is magic too.

The story of Black Cover centres on Asta and his friend, Yuno. Born to a world of magic, the parents of the two boys abandoned them at an orphanage the same day.

Coincidentally, Asta and Yuno made best friends and promised each other to become the greatest magician alive: The Wizard King. But the completion wasn’t fair. How so?

Asta, though determined, doesn’t have magic. Yuno, on the other hand, can harness his excellent magical powers. You would assume that Asta would give up. But no, he didn’t, instead, he kept training his body and mind to fulfil his dream.

The two best friends would soon leave the orphanage home in an adventure to fulfil their childhood dream. They would compete, but the brotherly love yet remains.

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Why Is Black Clover So Popular?

why is black clover so popular animes like black clover

Frankly, it is hard to narrow the popularity of Black Clover to a singular factor. The anime has it all, and we believe that the overall element is the reason for the fame.

Talk about classic Shounen, and Black Clover fits the bill. Astra is male and the main character, and like other Shounens, he’s an orphan with a dream.

You can expect that there is a girl along the lines too. But we won’t give you a spoiler.

Above the action, adventure and magic, the drawing power of Black Cover remains the will power of Asta. He was such a confident and strong-willed individual.

Imagine a magical world where everyone has incredible powers, even your best friend does, but you don’t! How would such make you feel? Sad and dejected, we assume!

That’s not Asta, he was full of life. Instead of hiding in a cave wallowing in sorrowful thoughts that he can’t use magic, Asta is even challenging his friend to be the Wizard King.

That boldness and an adventurous spirit are what makes Asta endearing. The series just took the shine of the MC and was equally a fan favourite for it.

Enough of Black Clover; let’s see similar exciting Shounen animes that are just as fun.

Here’s the 15 Black Clover Look-alikes You Should Watch

15. Magi

magi animes like black clover

Magi like Black Clover is a classic and popular Shounen anime with a magical backstory. Like Asta, the MC of Magi (Aladdin) also decided to chase his dream.

Aladdin left home at a young age. He had the help of Djinn as he sought to guide a prospect into becoming king. Eventually, Aladdin met his mission: Alibaba Saluja.

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14. Demon Slayer

Like all other Black Clover look-alikes in our list, Demon Slayer follows the “purpose-driven” MC. Tanjiro, unlike Asta, didn’t dream of becoming a master. No, instead, he wanted to avenge the evil that befell his family.

At a young age, Tanjiro lost his family in the hands of Muzan.

The sad events transformed Tanjiro and set him on the quest to become a demon slayer. Tanjiro would then continue to hatch his plan while protecting his half-demon sister.

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13. The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

the legend of the legendary heroes animes like black clover

This series is also another “dream-chasing” MC classic like Black Clover. In Legend Of The Legendary Heroes, humans have turned their backs against the mages saving them.

To reunite the two worlds, a young mage (Ryner) went on an adventure to find the relics that would help. He sought his friend, Ferris, and they both started the journey.

Like Asta, Ryner had determination. Even when other mages doubted Ryner, he didn’t deter.

12. Berserk

berserk animes like black clover

Berserk is like Demon Slayer; their MCs are both on a revenge mission. Overall, Berserk replicates the determination and action of Black Clover. That’s why we love the series.

The plot of Berserk centres on Guts and his journey to find his sworn enemy. On the adventure, he would make new friends and fight many monsters.

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11. The Seven Deadly Sins

the seven deadly sins animes like black clover

The Seven Deadly Sins is just as popular as the Black Clover. They are both adventurous animes with magic premises.

The only difference is that Seven Deadly Sins has a bit of fan service. Regardless, the MC is just as cheerful, naive, and opinionated as Asta.

The plot started with Princess Elizabeth and her adventure to seek the mightiest warriors ever: The Seven Deadly Sins. She needed the famous acts to save her kingdom from the Holy Knights.

Soon, Elizabeth will find a lot more about the Seven Deadly Sins. Perhaps they are not as heroic as she had thought.

10. Food Wars! Shokugeki No Souma

food wars shokugeki no souma anime like black clover

Food Wars is the funniest Shounen anime on our list. It has more comedy than Black Clover and just as action-filled.

The MC here is Souma, and his dream has always been to topple his dad in a cooking competition. Unfortunately, the dad shut down the restaurant and sent Souma to school.

However, soon as Souma got to the cooking school, he had a new mission: to become the best graduate and chef. In Souma’s adventure, he met Erin, who happens to be just as skilled


9. Ao No Exorcist

ao no exorcist animes like black clover

This anime is a replica of Black Cover. They are both Shounen animes surrounding the friendship of two orphans. The only twist here is the addition of demons. And that made Ao No Exorcist even more thrilling.

The story of Ao No Exorcist revolves around two orphan brothers: Rin and Yukio. Yukio has always been everyone’s favourite. But that didn’t ire Rin, instead, the brothers’ bond waxes even stronger.

The thing about Rin is that he has a dark past that always casts a dark-demonic air around him. Unknowingly to Rin, he is the son of “Satan.”

While playing out one day, some demons ambushed Rin. That was when he knew of his past and how his father wanted him back. Instead of returning, Rin teamed up with his brother and started training to fight against “Satan.”

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8. Fairy Tail

If you love the underdog tag and friendship goals of Black Clover, Fairy Tail will equally delight you. The whole series even highlights the need for cooperation, hence, coexistence and friendship.

Like Black Clover, Fairy Tail promises typical Shounen fights and action. However, the MC here is female. Nevertheless, she is just as cheerful and determined as Asta.

The story here centres on Lucy and her dream to join a united and famed guild: The Fairy Tail. In her plans and adventures to get to reach her aims, she got into some troubles. Fortunately, a boy, Natsu, saved her.

Funnily enough, Natsu belongs to The Fairy Tail. Through him, Lucy would join the famed guild and fulfil her dreams.

7. Soul Eater

soul eater animes like black clover

Black Clover shares the same backstory with Soul Eater. Like in the former, there is also a dream to reach the peak in this anime. And like Asta, the MC of Soul Eater (Evans) is determined.

What we like about Soul Eater is the mystery. Despite its Shounen scenes, the adaptation of mystery and psychology is incredible.

The story here follows Evans: a student of the Death Weapon Meister Academy who had a dream to become the “Death Scythes.”

According to Legends, the Death Scythes has the power to keep all magical creatures in check. Like every member of the village, Evans wanted the title. That’s why he set on the “glory” adventure with his friend Maka.

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6. One Piece

Like Black Clover, One Piece is also an action-comedy Shounen series. It’s also ongoing, plus, the two MCs are just as clueless, kind, and with a “never say no” attitude.

While Asta wanted to be The Wizard King, Monkey (MC of One Piece) dreamt of becoming The Pirate King. The two MCs would be lucky to have exceptional friends who will help them on their adventures.

The plot of One Piece started with Roger: the greatest pirate to have sailed the sea. His greatness was short-lived; the government captured Roger and executed him.

However, before Roger’s execution, he mentioned a treasure yet unmatched throughout his voyage: The One Piece. The revelation would spring a new age of pirates desperately seeking the foretold glory.

One of the seekers is Monkey. He is a 17year old who is kind-hearted and wants to endear people to himself. That was odd behaviour for a pirate if you asked us.

The rest of the series will follow Monkey and his adventure to discover The One Piece. But he wasn’t alone; Monkey had his crew with him as they battled enemies and dark forces.

5. My Hero Academia: Boku No Hero Academia

Everything you love about Black Clover also reflects in Boku No Hero Academia. The MCs are humorous and underdogs. They both have this cheerful and strong-willed spirit.

Like Asta, Izuku (the MC of Boku No Hero Academia) doesn’t have the basic requirements to succeed in this realm. He was somewhat a subject of laughter.

However, Izuku didn’t let his lack of special abilities deter him from his dreams. Even without the power (known as quirk), Izuku was twice as hardworking as the promising students.

Izuku couldn’t care less what people think; he just kept working and adoring the previous heroes. Perhaps one day, Izuku will eventually become a pro hero as he’d always hoped.

4. Hunter x Hunter

Gon (the MC of Hunter X Hunter) is every bit as naive and willful as Asta. That aside, the two Shounen animes revolve around a dream to be an influential figure in society.

The only difference is that there is only one “main title” in Black Clover. In Hunter X Hunter, there is no title but a level: the elite “licensed hunters.”

The plot of Hunter x Hunter centres on Gon and his best friend, Killua.

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3. Little Witch Academia

little witch academia animes like black clover

Little Witch Academia is a perfect semblance of Black Clover. The backstory is similar: a determined young MC proving the naysayers wrong.

Unlike Asta, the MC in Little Witch Academia is female. Nonetheless, she oozes the same dexterity, zeal, and humour.

The story here centres on Atsuko and her dream to become the Shiny Chariot. Though she had no affinity for magic, Atsuko believed that through sheer diligence, anything is possible.

Atsuko’s story would change on the fateful day she encountered a magic wand. Since the encounter, Atsuko became a star. And that came as a surprise to the students of Luna Nova Magical Academy.

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2. Bleach

bleach animes like black clover

Bleach is just as exciting as Black Clover. Like the latter, it is also ongoing. With Bleach, there are even more opportunities to enjoy supernatural beings and more comedy.

Like Asta, Ichigo (the MC of Bleach) was an underdog with a dream and the love of his friends. However, Ichigo never thought to attain a title. No, he only wanted to protect his village and friends.

Since Ichigo’s childhood, he had always been able to see ghosts and their complementary hollows. Then, one day he encountered the Soul Reaper (the peak title in the village).

Soon after the meeting, Ichigo became the Soul Reaper. He would then use the newly found power to save his village and friends from the ghosts and hollows that haunt them.

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1. Naruto

No other anime comes close to Black Clover like Naruto. That is why it makes the no. 1 on our list.

Perhaps it’s even Black Clover that looked like Naruto because the latter came earlier in 2002 – 15 years before Black Clover. Nevertheless, they are equally action-pack Shounen animes in their rights.

Like Asta, Naruto is also an orphan. The two MCs are just as silly, naughty, loud, playful, and kind. Funnily enough, Asta and Naruto wear almost identical comical headbands.

However, there is one difference between Asta and Naruto. Indeed, both had an unlocked, immense power. But Naruto can use his chakra (magic) – albeit amateurishly at the start.

Regardless, Asta and Naruto are both underdogs aiming to reach the peak of their society. In the case of the latter, he dreamt of becoming the Hokage.

To Naruto, being a Hokage is the only way the people of his village can revere him. On his adventures, he had help from his friends too – majorly Sasuke and Sakura.

Now, you have an additional 15 animes to watch until the next episode of Black Clover. Have fun!

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Some are better than others for sure, but they're all worth checking out at least once. My beautiful daughters also love watching animes...well not as much as their dad does!

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