casca berserk 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

25 Most Attractive Anime Girls of Color

casca berserk 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

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Canary “Kanaria” – Hunter X Hunter

canary 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

“Kanaria” is a teenager. Despite having grey eyes and dark purple hair, her hair is pulled into thick bunches at the ends, each tied with a string that resembles a star. Her face is round, her nose is small, and her lips are thick. The color of her skin is dark brown. The butler suit that she wears has a more classical style. I suppose you could say she’s a real black butler.

In the 1999 anime series, Canary’s hair is mostly red, her eyes are green, and her skin is lighter.

Initially portrayed as a ruthless guardian, she does not hesitate to attack trespassers, but as noted by Gon, she is not as coldhearted as she appears. For just a fraction of a second, her eyes convey gentleness or concern, even though she tries to suppress it. Her affection for her master was deeply moved by his attempts to reach Killua. In spite of Killua’s kindness, she declined to be his friend because of her station. On more than one occasion, her loyalty to Killua has caused her to disobey her orders. 

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Atsuko “Jambo” Jackson – Michiko & Hatchin

atsuko jambo jackson michiko & hatchin 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Atsuko has a slim build, a dark brown complexion, blonde hair styled in an afro, and gray eyes. She lived in the same orphanage as Michiko Malandro, who seemed to have a score to settle with her. Twelve years before the main plot, she was responsible for Michiko’s arrest as an outlaw vigilante. She gets angry when Michiko calls her “Jambo,” a Portuguese-Brazilian slang term for someone with dark skin. While often seen trying to bring Michiko in, it appears that she has mixed feelings for her. 

Ikomi Mito – Food Wars

The young lady has short blonde hair, ahoge skin, brown eyes, and turquoise eyes. In the anime, she has green eyes. She also has a huge bust that she is not afraid to show off.

She wears a slightly modified summer Totsuki uniform, which reveals her figure, in contrast to other students who wear normal uniforms according to the seasons. She never leaves the house without wearing a choker. She donned leather wristbands and an arm sheath for her culinary knife, in addition to a bikini top and short fringed shorts. On occasion, she wears a Bosozoku jacket, as recommended by Kanichi Konishi.

Ikumi was raised in a well-known family, the Mito Family, which dominated the meat industry. As a result, she flaunted her abilities and ranked among people who were regarded as inferior. She has a fiery, aggressive disposition and takes great pride in her meat expertise. She is also a confident person who is not afraid to use intimidation to get her way. Much of this derives from her father, who advised her to abandon her weaknesses as a girl because the Mito company required a strong individual to be its successor.

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Gidget – Eureka Seven

gidget eureka seven

Gidget admits to being a bit of a rude person, but she’s not without tact and would go out of her way to defend the feelings of others. She is upbeat, ready to please, and, at times, foolish. She is enamored with romantic dreams as a result of her desire to be with Moondoggie and go on a date with him, which causes many of the crew to take her less seriously in situations. Like the rest of the gang, she thought Renton was “uncool” and “out of fashion” and even taunted him about not being Eureka’s type after immediately noticing his love for her. She felt deep sympathy for Eureka after seeing that she was starting to share his feelings and was desperate to see him again after he deflected, and she became very vocal about her approval of Eureka and Renton’s relationship, to the point where she didn’t hesitate to offer Eureka advice on how to bond with Renton.

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Nadia La Arwall – Nadia: Secret of The Blue Water

nadia la arwall nadia secret of the blue water 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Nadia has brown skin, teal eyes, and short purple hair with bangs. She is often seen in her circus dress, wearing a white tube top, a red skirt with white slits, and a burgundy belt. She has a lot of bling. Also, she has two white and red hair clips on either side of her face and a three-banded gold choker. The Lost Black Civilization: The Atlanteans

She had to alter the uniform jumpsuit while working on the Nautilus because it was too big. The top’s center and sleeves are shredded, while the pants are turned into ripped shorts.

Nadia is a stoic girl with few social skills, yet she is also a compassionate person who puts others’ needs before her own. She can also communicate with animals. She can readily speak with her lion cub, King. She’s a staunch vegetarian due to her childhood experiences in the circus. Nadia is easily stressed around meat and despises hunting, especially when it is done with pride. Because of her sad past, Nadia distrusts all adults, especially Nemo. But as she grows closer to Jean, she learns essential lessons about friendship, respect, and trust.

Throughout the series, Nadia has been sad, questioning her life’s purpose and trying to get rid of the Blue Water, despite its worth to her. She’s irritated, confused, and attempts to take her own life.

Mana Tatsumiya – Negima!

mana tatsumiya negima! 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

She is the daughter of the guardians of the Tatsumiya shrine (on campus), where she works part-time as a priestess and exorcist, using firearms with spellbreaker bullets as her exorcism instrument. She is also a mercenary who primarily takes on contracts involving hunting, destroying, and exorcising demons and spirits, although she will take on any mission as long as she is adequately compensated.

She is not a particularly gregarious person, preferring to keep to herself most of the time and avoid engaging in conversation.She is a cheapskate who will only spend money if she has to or if there is a way to obtain a discount. She is incredibly serious and forthright on the job, which can make her appear cold-hearted and somewhat terrifying. 

Revy – Black Lagoon

revy black lagoon 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Revy is a Chinese-American woman in her mid-to-late-twenties with a light tanned complexion. Her burgundy hair is usually pulled back into a low, loose ponytail, and two shoulder-length sidelocks frame her face with very wide bangs. Her upper right arm is tattooed with a tribal design that runs all the way up to her neck. Despite her slim form, she has a medium-sized bust and a little muscular physique, which she doesn’t disguise in the least.

Revy is a troubled, noisy, harsh, sarcastic, lethal, highly competitive, short-tempered, cynical, confident, and significantly aggressive person who believes that life is pointless and rejects all religious and moral ideals.

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Michiko Malandro – Michiko & Hatchin

michiko malandro michiko & hatchin 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Michiko is a tall woman with a slim, voluptuous shape and a big chest. She has brown skin, gray eyes, and waist-length dark brown hair. She is a flamboyant woman who is incredibly self-assured. On her stomach are two feathers with the letters L.B.D.D. Why she has this tattoo is unknown, although it matches Hatchin’s on her stomach and Hiroshi’s on his arm.

Throughout the journey, she changes her clothing to show off her legs, figure, and belly. Her style is bright and crazy.

Michiko is a wild child who is prone to tantrums if things don’t go her way. Michiko is boisterous and always in the spotlight. Michiko is a jealous and competitive lady who isn’t scared to confront others. In a strip club, she displays this trait by heckling a performer. Michiko has exhibited her soft side by stealing cash from Seira to give to her friend Yolanda, who was sold, by caring for the orphanage children and buying them gifts, and by caring for Hiroshi even if he held a weapon to her head. Michiko can plan and is more grounded than she lets on. She’ll do anything to succeed. She is stubborn, selfish, and caring. She is kind to people because she loves and trusts them with all her heart.

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 Akane Kowata – Flying Witch

akane kowata flying witch 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Akane has light brown skin, light grey hair that reaches below her shoulders, and green eyes.

Akane is an outspoken young woman who radiates casual carefreeness and serves as a mentor to some of the characters.

In addition to napping anywhere she can get her hands on around the Kuramoto house, she sometimes teaches and performs kooky magic tricks for fun or because she finds them amusing.

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Yao Ha Ducy – GATE

yao ha ducy gate

Yao appears to be around the human age of 20. She has a caramel complexion, silver hair, and a mantle with leather ties.

Yao is a serious, determined individual. She’ll do anything to avenge Flame Dragon. A former devotee of Hardy, she abandoned her faith after learning that her goddess was responsible for the Flame Dragon’s emergence and the ensuing chaos. Yao now worships Rory Mercury, preferring a deity she can truly communicate with.

She is willing to serve Itami as a slave after the Flame Dragon is killed. She has a negative attitude towards life, low self-esteem, and is unlucky. This attitude feeds her desire to be used as a slave, and she despairs when the main protagonist rejects her, as if to imply she wasn’t “worthy” of slavery, a position her personality already asserts as lowly as herself.

In her eagerness to complete a task, she may resort to manipulative tactics, sell her body, or worsen existing issues.

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Yoruichi Shihouin – Bleach

yoruichi shihouin bleach 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Yoruichi Shihin is a petite, well-endowed woman of medium height. Her skin is dark, her irises are golden, and her hair is black. Her hair is waist-length and pulled back in a ponytail, with chin-length bangs framing her face on both sides. Her regular outfit consists of a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt, an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a huge beige ribbon around her waist, and black stretch leggings with a pair of lightweight brown shoes that allow her to use Shunpo with stealth and ease. She previously wore a beige neck warmer that she pulled up to cover her face in order to conceal her identity, but she appears to have stopped wearing it. She occasionally wears long beige wrist and leg warmers that are held in place by bands. During the Quincy Blood War, Yoruichi is dressed in a short dress, arm warmers, and thigh-high boots. She can transform into a cat. However, her cat form is unimportant in this list, you furry!

Yoruichi is bright and humorous, with deep knowledge of Soul Society and its workings as the former head of the Onmitsukid and captain of the Second Division. Despite her noble birth, she behaves differently than most other nobles, much like Kaien Shiba. For example, she told Su-Feng not to use honorific prefixes while referring to her, but she reluctantly agreed to be called “Yoruichi-sama.” She transforms into her human form in front of Ichigo multiple times, only to witness his reaction to seeing her without clothing, which she teases him about. Furthermore, in both her human and animal forms, she speaks in an elderly dialect, such as defining herself as “washi” (a term normally used by old men to characterize themselves with), rather than more feminine ones like “watashi.”

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Karui – Naruto Shippuden

karui naruto shippuden 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Karui is a kunoichi with a black complexion and amber eyes. Omoi said she had a flat chest in Part II. She is clad in a dress with frilly edges, a Kumogakure flak jacket, two simple yellow earrings, fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots, and a bandanna-like forehead protector. On her back is also a long sword.

Karui’s adult body is more feminine, and her hair is longer. Her new outfit is a long, sleeveless dark dress with a white obi. She also no longer wears forehead protection and styles her hair neatly back. Karui has matching dangling earrings. But Karui doesn’t wear earrings in the anime.

Karui and Omoi seem to have a comical rivalry. They disagreed about why the Raikage contacted them during their debut. She believed he needed more protein shakes. But the fight started with Omoi, saying she was flat-chested compared to Samui. Like the rest of her gang, she admiredtaker of lives B and was determined to avenge Sasuke.

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Kaolla “Crazy Indian Girl” Su – Love Hina

kaolla crazy indian girl su love hina

Kaolla, a lovely Indian-descent girl, is frequently barefoot and dressed in nothing but her school uniform. She does, however, wear sneakers on occasion. She is incredibly hyperactive, typically embracing (or kicking, in Keitaro’s case), trying to eat something, especially bananas and/or Tama, or creating some potentially deadly new invention. She also has a habit of snuggling up against someone while sleeping and typically crushes them in the process.

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Franceska Mila Rose – Bleach

franceska mila rose bleach 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Mila Rose Arrancar is a tall, green-eyed black woman with long, wavy brown hair. Her Hollow hole is located halfway between her navel and her chest. Her mask fragments form a three-sectioned crown and a thick chain around her head. Her Arrancar clothing has been drastically modified; it resembles that of an Amazon warrior, complete with numerous pieces of armor protecting her chest and upper arms, gauntlets on her arms, and a white skirt.

She is more reasonable than Apacci, but she is nonetheless enraged by comments from her Fracción mate, Cyan Sung-Sun, and Rangiku Matsumoto, who refers to her as a “female gorilla.”

When she fights, she may be a little extreme.

Franceska genuinely cares about her fellow Fracción members. Despite her disagreements with Apacci, Mila Rose did not hesitate to save her comatose body from Quilge Opie, despite knowing how aggressive he had become since ingesting Ayon.

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Hild – Oh! My Goddess

hild oh! my goddess

Hild appears to be a pleasant and upbeat person at first glance. She is, however, highly cunning, calculating, and brutal beneath that surface. She finally returns in the guise of a miniature of herself after leaving Niflheim, after restoring Peorth’s adult form. Like Belldandy and Urd, Hild has the capacity to split into countless miniatures of herself, leaving a percentage of herself behind in the shape of a tiny girl. She is still wreaking havoc in this manner.

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Rei Hououmaru – take the life of a kill

25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls 1

Rei is a youthful, dark-skinned woman with light purple locs in her hair. She wears gold hoop earrings in both of her ears. Her outfit comprises a white business suit, a white shirt, a white tie, shorts, thigh-highs, and white heels.

Rei has a serious and professional demeanor at all times. However, she appears to be at ease making personal remarks about Ragy, even as her underling. She also has no problem with her boss’s dubious character because she was rescued and given a name by her.

Rei’s devotion to Ragy is unshakeable, leading her to willingly put herself in danger to protect her boss. She is even willing to be the final sacrifice to Shinra-Koketsu, allowing Ragy to unleash the full might of the ultimate Kamui.

Urd – Oh! My Goddess

furd oh! my goddess bleach 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

In contrast to her younger half-sister, Belldandy, Urd is impetuous and headstrong. Urd, according to Belldandy, is very passionate about whatever she does. Urd believes that the ‘End Justifies the Methods,’ but as Belldandy puts it, “she gets so wrapped up in the means that she forgets what the end was.” She once kidnapped Sleipnir to find a treatment for a sick Belldandy, but it took her eight days to get there since she spent so much time mastering riding Sleipnir. Six days before, another deity brought the cure. Despite this, she usually has good intentions and will go to great lengths to defend her loved ones. Because she is the oldest, she believes it is her responsibility to look after Belldandy and Skuld. 

Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash!

miyuki ayukawa basquash! 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Miyuki is a little girl with brown skin, two black ponytails with wavy hair, pink ribbons over her shoulders, and a bandage over her left cheek. She is dressed in a white tank top with a purple, pink, and light yellow jacket, as well as a light pink heart on her back. She is dressed in light green long pants, a black belt, and a pair of dark green, silver, and black boots. She also has purple glasses on. She has a “big” chest, according to Dan JD. 

Mihoshi Kuramitsu – Tenchi in Tokyo

mihoshi kuramitsu tenchi in tokyo 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Mihoshi is a Seniwa native and a member of the famous Kuramitsu family, whose influence in the Galactic Union is second only to that of the Royal Family of Jurai.

Like the rest of her family, Mihoshi joined the Galaxy Police, eventually rising to the rank of Detective First Class. Mihoshi was known as one of the best policemen in the Galaxy Police, but her career was shortly derailed by an incident in the 4th and 5th episodes of the first OVA and the 4th episode of the third. It has been hinted that the incident involves an arranged marriage, which would later play a role in the Chobimaru tragedy. Brain damage from a confrontation with a spy is also mentioned in the G.X.P. novels.

She now has frequent trouble focusing on a single thought track, and her clumsiness causes a lot of casualties throughout her duties, finally causing Mihoshi to be demoted. 

April “Bella” – Darker than Black

casca berserk 1

April has dark skin, blue hair, gold eyes, and frosty pink lipstick. Her normal outfit is a fuchsia pink coat with a huge white fur collar and fur lining at the cuffs of her sleeves. Heels are her go-to footwear. A black choker and pink earrings.

She wears a black turtleneck with glasses, a dark brown wig in a curly ponytail, and a white coat in her Bella disguise.

April’s crew has a special kinship because they all rely on one another to fulfill missions. Her squad, led by November 11, gets along well with her. April appreciates her remuneration, which is to drink beer. She can out-drink bar owners.

She can act alone when needed, like when she tried to pursue Amber. After November 11’s , she returns with July to the location where he lost his life, very upset. She also tells Misaki to take November 11’s instructions. 

Umiko Ahagon – New Game

Umiko is a tan-skinned girl with dark hair and cyan eyes.

She frequently wears clothing in shades like green, black, and dark red.

Umiko leads the Eagle Jump programming team. She is quite severe with her work and would chastise other staff if she saw them slacking. Despite her tough exterior, she has a tender side. Umiko is a good person who gets depressed if she thinks she has intimidated someone into hating her, like Aoba Suzukaze. When Umiko is nice, she likes to get carried away talking about her hobbies, which can be off-putting.

Umiko is a major military buff and appears to know a lot about guns and military equipment. When she’s not programming, she enjoys airsoft, a hobby she enjoys discussing with Aoba. Her office also has a large collection of fake firearms on the walls. 

Carole Stanley – Carole Tuesday

carole stanley carole tuesday 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Her dark hair is mid-length and always pulled back into a ponytail. She frequently appears in overalls and Timberland brown boots. 

According to our research, she lets her shoulder-length hair fall before going to bed. Her wardrobe consists of anything from basic overalls to a fashionable leather jacket and miniskirt. 

Carole is generally kind, inviting, and patient, which aided in her connecting with Tuesday. Carole doesn’t appear to have many friends (apart from Tuesday), which is surprising given her bright and enthusiastic attitude.

Carole is tenacious, enthusiastic, and astute. Despite her musical aptitude, she is unable to hold down part-time work due to her direct approach to dealing with unpleasant people and delicate circumstances.

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Lasithi – Dimension W

lasithi dimension w 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

 As a loyal, obedient, and well-spoken retainer of the Tibesti royal family in Dimension W, Lashiti once took an assassin’s bullet meant for her prince. 

Her lowly status doesn’t take anything away from her beauty, as Lashiti is sickeningly beautiful, and if that weren’t enough, she also has a nice pair of oppai. There is also a short yet extremely hot scene in Dimension W in which she is possessed by the Wind of Africa.  

Caldina “Gardina” – Magic Knight Rayearth

caldina gardina magic knight rayearth 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

A dancer who worked for Zagato in the first part of Magic Knight Rayearth until she was defeated by Fuu. In the second part, she apologizes to the Magic Knights for her actions in the first half. Ascot and Lafarga also appear in the second part. Furthermore, she acts as a surrogate guardian for Ascot both before and after he grows up.

After his other assassins fail, Zagato hires her as an assassin; she is an accomplished illusionist and hypnotist, in addition to her dancing skills. It is shown in the anime that she has great affection for Ascot, whom she regards as her naive younger brother. She deserts Zagato and leaves him. Caldina is also extremely good at card games and other random games. In addition to flashing her gloves, earrings, and shoes, Caldina sends out bell sounds to hypnotize people. She is also skilled with knives, which she uses to fight monsters in the second season of the anime.

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Casca – Berserk

casca berserk 25 hottest tan skinned and dark skinned anime girls

Casca is a former Band of the Falcon unit commander and Guts’ estranged partner.

Originally a simple peasant girl living in a distant mountain village, she grows into a skilled fighter after joining the Band of the Falcon and contributes significantly to the group’s illustrious triumphs throughout the Hundred-Year War.

Before the events of the fifth eclipse, Casca demonstrates that she is a resolute and competent leader within the Band of the Falcon, deserving of her companions’ respect. Her leadership is so strong that she is able to gather the band behind her in their hour of greatest peril, preventing the fugitive band’s annihilation for a year after Griffith’s arrest. She boosts morale among the ranks of the band, who lovingly refer to her as “Big Sis.” Casca doesn’t let the Falcons fear the eclipse, ordering them to form up and face it head-on.

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