hitagi senjougahara bakemonogatari anime girls with purple hair

Top 70 Anime Girls With Purple Hair

hitagi senjougahara bakemonogatari anime girls with purple hair

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The perfect anime girl could have any hair colors: pink hair or brown hair, or white, but chances are she has purple hair. Variety makes life better in this crazy world. Purple hair is a color that can be anywhere along the spectrum from close to white to darker than black. It’s often reserved for anime characters who have had dark histories but whose hearts are not entirely darkened, yet sometimes it just looks good!

Are you looking for that one anime girl with purple hair you once saw in an anime series? But with the amount of anime you watched, you probably forgot which anime series. Don’t worry, fam, I got you. Here are 10 of the most interesting female anime characters with purple hair:

1. Ritsu – Assassination Classroom

ritsu assassination classroom anime girls with purple hair

As a sci-fi anime series enthusiast, I’m not surprised that robots are better at taking the life of than humans. Robots like Ritsu; who starts off as a big hunk of metal with an adorable lilac haired screen saver and eventually evolves into a more compact form while also getting severely nerfed, so she can’t really fight anymore, but her role in class is to support the other classmates by being their E-Girl mascot!

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2. Konno Yuuki – Sword Art Online

konno yuuki sword art online anime girls with purple hair

The “legends never die” character, Yuuki, even though she had a terminal illness, refused to bow down. She won countless duels against Kirito in the virtual world and made a name for herself as an excellent duelist. But what’s most impressive about Yuuki? Her mental strength-at only 13 years old, but with so few days left on this earth, she lived life like there was no tomorrow, helping out many people who were also suffering from their own diffi circumstances. 

3. Izumi Kyouka – Bungou Stray Dogs

izumi kyouka bungou stray dogs anime girls with purple hair

For most of her life, Izumi was an assassin with a grim future. She did whatever she could to survive and protect those that matter the most in her world. What’s more, is how well she plays these parts – it seems as though this will be all too easy for such a little girl! It also helps that she has such lovable personality traits; watching someone give care and attention to Izumi after doing so much on behalf of others makes even the grumpiest person feel warm inside. 

4. Touka Kirishima – Tokyo Ghoul

touka kirishima tokyo ghoul anime girls with purple hair

What’s better than a cute little ghoul girl who follows around our protagonist, cackling and cracking jokes? A merciless one that sends shivers down your spine just by hearing her name.

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5. Kae Serinuma – Kiss Him, Not Me!

kae serinuma kiss him not me anime girls with purple hair

Kae was always a chubby girl, but these days she’s the babe of school. Her transformation came from grieving an anime character, and her heart still pumps otaku blood through her veins. The best part: she’s a fujoshi. Mention something about any anime-related thing, and it gives her a super Saiyan powerup! 

6. Dorothy Unsworth – Black Clover

dorothy unsworth black clover anime girls with purple hair

Dorothy is the captain of Clover Kingdom’s Coral Peacock squad and a member of The Magic Knights. She’s mostly asleep, but she has an outgoing personality with Dream Magic that can trap her foes in “Glamour World”, where anything Dorothy thinks about becomes a reality–a dream come true for any girl! 

7. Nana/ Lucy – Elfen Lied

nana lucy elfen lied anime girls with purple hair

Nana struggles with a life of aggression , but in another world, she would be free to enjoy her youth. The little horns that are the mark of an unavoidable destiny peek out from Nana’s purple hair and make for a cute look until you realize it’s inevitable they’ll bring about more bloodshed.

8. Sheele – Akame ga Kill

sheele akame ga take the life of anime girls with purple hair

Night Raid member Sheele has two sides to her personality as a compassionate and caring person or a ruthless taker of lives. Her kindness can be seen through giving other people, especially those in need of emotional support when they are down on their luck, but don’t let this fool you because she can turn into a psychopath. She is also very clumsy, but it’s weird that with giant scissors in the hands of this clumsy girl, her fingers are still attached, but yours may not.

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9. Yuuko Kanoe – Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (Tasogare Otome x Amnesia)

yuuko kanoe dusk maiden of amnesia tasogare otome x amnesia anime girls with purple hair

She has the most billowy purple-black hair, the kind that sways in a breeze – the nonexistent breeze. The girl with serious eyes and an intimidating aura might look like she isn’t all too friendly but rest assured, Yuuko is just as cheerful and amiable as they come – for a ghost. 

10. Haqua du Lot Herminium – The World God Only Knows

haqua du lot herminium the world god only knows anime girls with purple hair

There’s more to Haqua than her long purple hair. That cloud-like cloth that she wears around the neck is as much of an eye-catcher, especially since it can turn into anything. She’s proud and would rather lose everything before asking someone for help.

That’s top 10 purple haired girls, but this wouldn’t be a guide if it ends here. Check out the rest of the list of popular anime characters with purple coloured hair. Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite anime character.

11. Road Kamelot – D.Gray-man

road kamelot d.gray man black clover anime girls with purple hair

Road loves every type of candy and blood, not to mention the way it’s so excited for any kind of birthday-related themes. 

12. Yoruichi Shihōin – Bleach

yoruichi shihoin bleach anime girls with purple hair

She can transform into a cat form and human form at will and on several occasions, directly in front of Ichigo, just to see his reaction. 

13. Ryou Fujibayashi – Clannad

Kyou Fujibayashi.: Clannad

She is timid and doesn’t cook well, though she is good with other household chores. Ryou’s predictions are always incredibly specific but skewed or wrong more often than not. 

14. Reiko Tamura – Parasyte-The Maxim

reiko tamura parasyte the maxim anime girls with purple hair

Shinichi’s substitute math teacher infected with a parasite. 

15. Kirie Motoba – Himouto! Umaru-chan

kirie motoba himouto umaru chan anime girls with purple hair

She encounters Umaru in her “indoor” form and wants to serve her and call her Master, thinking it was Umarus cute sister. 

16. Mizore Shirayuki – Rosario + Vampire

mizore shirayuki rosario vampire anime girls with purple hair

The icy beauty with a sweet tooth: the yuki-onna, who is in the same homeroom class as Tsukune and Moka, frequently seen in striped everything clutching her lollipop. 

17. Saeko Busujima – Highschool of the Dead

saeko busujima highschool of the no longer living anime girls with purple hair

She was the president of her school’s kendo club, and she had close combat skills and deadly with a bokken that sent anime fans hearts’ a flutter. 

18. Ultear Milkovich – Fairy Tail

ultear milkovich fairy tail anime girls with purple hair

A member of the Magic Council who apparently works for Siegrain. 

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19. Sumire Kakei – Boruto

sumire kakei boruto anime girls with purple hair

Sumire was trained by her father, Tanuki, from a young age to avenge Danzou Shimura. 

20. Nepgear – Hyperdimension Neptunia

nepgear hyperdimension neptunia anime girls with purple hair

The human form of Purple Sister is a very shy girl who will over-apologize for even the tiniest of things. 

21. Blair – Soul Eater

blair soul eater anime girls with purple hair

A cat with strong magical powers often flirts with Soul to see how Maka reacts. 

22. Seilah – Fairy Tail

seilah fairy tail anime girls with purple hair

An Etherious of the Dark Guild Tartarus and the Ninefallen angel Gates. 

23. Cornelia li Britannia – Code Geass

cornelia li britannia code geass anime girls with purple hair

Lelouch’s half-sister and the second princess of the Britannian Imperial Family. 

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24. Frederica Berkanstel – Umineko: When They Cry

frederica berkanstel umineko when they cry anime girls with purple hair

When they’re alive, you can enjoy watching them struggle. When they’re no longer living, you can enjoy tearing out their guts. Tales are things you get to enjoy twice. 

25. Maya Natsume – Tenjou Tenge

maya natsume tenjou tenge anime girls with purple hair

A skilled martial artist that does not possess the Dragon’s Eye like her siblings, she wields the cursed sword: Reiki. 

26. Jirou Kyouka – My Hero Academia

jirou kyouka my hero academia anime girls with purple hair

I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the fact that this girl can plug her earlobes into objects or the explosive power of her heartbeat. 

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27. Tohka Yatogami – Date A Live

tohka yatogami date a live anime girls with purple hair

“You were there for me; you saved me, much like what today; you asked me out on a date and showed me how nice this world is.” 

28. Kagami Hiiragi – Lucky Star

kagami hiiragi lucky star anime girls with purple hair

Kagami is the stereotypical tsukkomi character, but she sometimes gets shy. In other words, this girl’s a real “tsundere” type personality! 

29. Akatsuki – Log Horizon

akatsuki log horizon anime girls with purple hair

Shiroe’s self-proclaimed servant assassin. 

30. Medusa “Bewitching Black Serpent” – Fate/ Stay Night

rider bewitching black serpent fate stay night anime girls with purple hair
Image: Madnessabe on DeviantArt

The Servant of Shinji: silent and sultry with a hint of vigilance to keep her Master from harm. 

31. Revy – Black Lagoon

revy black lagoon anime girls with purple hair

Easily bored, competitive, and extremely ill-tempered; she believes brute force and coercion is the best path to get her way. Yet this aggressive character is also very ticklish. 

32. Kotomi Ichinose – Clannad

kotomi ichinose clannad anime girls with purple hair

In the top ten for all subject in standardized exam results throughout the whole country; plays the violin, but she’s terrible at it. 

33. Hifumi Takimoto – New Game!

hifumi takimoto new game anime girls with purple hair

She is so shy she avoids talking to people or looking at them directly; communicates to the team by way of instant messaging. 

34. Yuki Nagato – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)

yuki nagato the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu anime girls with purple hair


Data Integration Thought Entity Humanoid Interface 

35. Chihiro Shindou – EF a Tale of Memories

chihiro shindou ef a tale of memories anime girls with purple hair

She has anterograde amnesia: she cannot remember anything past thirteen hours previous. 

36. Kyou Goshouin – And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?

kyou goshouin and you thought there is never a girl online anime girls with purple hair

The Alley Cat’s guild leader and also the Student Council president 

37. Neptune – Hyperdimension Neptunia

neptune hyperdimension neptunia anime girls with purple hair
Image: Yangireotaku84 on DeviantArt

The CPU goddess protecting Planeptune; Turns into Purple Heart when matured. 

38. Rika Furude – When They Cry

rika furude when they cry anime girls with purple hair

The time loop is a unique period of existence, and she’s the only one who has lived through it for hundreds of years. 

39. Rize Tedeza – Is the Order a Rabbit?

rize tedeza is the order a rabbit anime girls with purple hair

The tough and headstrong part-time worker at the Rabbit House Cafe 

40. Shinoa Hiiragi – Seraph of the End

shinoa hiiragi seraph of the end anime girls with purple hair

Guren’s sergeant and a squad leader of the Moonfallen angel Company 

41. Hotaru Shidare – Dagashi Kashi

hotaru shidare dagashi kashi anime girls with purple hair

The daughter of a world-famous sweets company 

42. Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

motoko kusanagi ghost in the shell anime girls with purple hair

Officially registered as a Super Wizard Class Hacker, cyborg Major Kusanagi prefers to use the body of a beautiful girl in her twenties despite being at least sixty years old. 

43. Kyou Fujibayashi – Clannad

Kyou Fujibayashi - Clannad Anime WallPaper HD - http://imashon.com/w/anime/ kyou-fujibayashi-clannad-anime-wallpaper-hd.ht… | Clannad anime, Clannad,  Anime wallpaper

 An aggressive girl with a bad-mouthed known as a good cook 

44. Tsukasa Hiiragi – Lucky Star

Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star) on her cell phone. | Anime, Lucky star,  Japanese animation

She isn’t good at studying or sports but excels in cooking. 

45. Toko Fukawa – Danganronpa

Toko Fukawa - Best Scenes - YouTube


The Literary Girl Touko Fukawa and the famoustaker of lives Genocider Syo 

46. Misato Katsuragi – Evangelion

misato katsuragi anime girls with purple hair

An officer who is committed to the job, but not so much when she’s off-duty. She has a soft spot for the teenage mecha pilots under her care. 

47. Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop: 10 Things About Faye Valentine Fans Need To Know

A well-rounded member of the bounty hunting crew, brash, egotistical, and quite lazy, despite taking her time to pamper and care for her own appearance. 

48. Akane Shinjo – SSSS.Gridman

Akane Shinjo • Best Moments 【 #SSSS_GRIDMAN 】 - YouTube

Kaiju fan; the most popular girl in the school;  

49. Dokuro Mitsukai – Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan (TV Series 2005– ) - IMDb

The cute angelic assassin from the future who aims to take the life of Sakura Kusakabe 

50. Aoi Yamada – Working!!

Working'!! - Yamada Shut Up! - YouTube

Self-proclaimed mysterious girl; unhelpful troublemaker who gets yelled at by others 

51. Chisaki Hiradaira – Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Chisaki Hiradaira From Nagi-Asu: A Lull In  The Sea

A mature and independent girl from the Land of Sea 

52. Shampoo – Ranma ½

Shampoo - Shampoo (Ranma) Photo (35791544) - Fanpop

Cursed to transform into a cat through cold water; with skills like ventriloquism/voice imitation; shiatsu-induced unconsciousness; mind-control; sleep-fighting; defence against enchanted herbs; cooking; and incredible tracking skills. 

53. Laki Olietta – Fairy Tail

14 Laki's ideas | fairy tail, fairy, anime

A mage who uses wood-based magic and can instantly reshape wood into a form of her choice

54. Tatsuki Arisawa – Bleach

tatsuki arisawa bleach anime girls with purple hair

Black belt in karate; Ichigo’s childhood friend; brutishly strong 

55. Toshii Maeda – The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Maeda Inuchiyo (Oda Nobuna) | Anime, Manga cosplay, Anime screenshot

Oda’s soldier, who is very proficient in using a traditional Japanese spear, uses tiger skin as a hat. 

56. Hanyuu – When They Cry 2

Rewatch][Spoilers] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (When They Cry) - Season 2  - Episode 14 Discussion: anime


She is responsible for the eternally repeating June 1983, a time loop to save Rika from losing her life. 

57. Renge Miyouchi – Non Non Biyori

woman anime in pink top Miyauchi Renge Non Non Biyori red eyes purple hair  #1080P #wallpaper #hdwallpaper #desktop in 2021 | Cute anime character, Renge  miyauchi, Anime

Often seen expressionless, mysterious, and incomprehensible, always carrying a recorder, yet she is friendly and affectionate.  

58. Kagura Mikazuchi – Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail: 10 Things Only True Fans Know About Kagura | CBR

A Mage competing in the Grand Magic Games from the Mermaid Heel Guild team 

59. Izuna Hatsuse – No Game No Life

No game No Life Zero: All Izuna moments - YouTube

the ambassador of the Werebeast race in Disboard

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60. Moriko Morioka – Netoju (Recovery of an MMO Junkie)

12 Recovery of an MMO Junky (Moriko Morioka) ideas | mmo, anime, me me me  anime

A 30-year-old single NEET; the NEET life didn’t choose her; SHE chose the NEET life. 

61. Kirin Toudou – The Asterisk War

11 Kirin Toudou › The Asterisk War ideas | anime icons, anime, netflix anime

An only child with the sole aim of releasing her father from prison 

62. Nozomi Tojo – Love Live School Idol

Nozomi Tojo is the #1 Waifu in Love Live SIF! - Mobile Gaming News Network

She is often seen as strange when she punishes her peers in odd ways.

63. Anko Mitarashi – Naruto

Naruto: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Anko Mitarashi | CBR

The proctor for the second exam of the Chuunin Selection Exams and leader of the Infiltration and Reconnaissance Party 

64. Mitsuhide Akechi – The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Akechi Mitsuhide (Oda Nobuna no Yabou) Image #1273386 - Zerochan Anime  Image Board

Dousan’s tactician who is famous for her literary and military talent 

65. Azusa Hamaoka – Grand Blue

Azusa Hamaoka - Grand Blue by Berg-anime on DeviantArt

With a very outgoing and exhibitionist personality, she once offered to be intimate with Iori to get him over his anxiety of sleeping next to Nanaka during the Okinawa trip.

66. Minene Uryuu – Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

Minene Uryuu [AMV] - I'm Gonna Show You Crazy | Mirai Nikki - YouTube

An infamous atheistic terrorist; a young woman who loathes organized religion 

67.Nakamura – Angel Beats!

Eric The Red —Nakamura - Evolution Of Heroism

The leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen faction against the god who gave her a terrible life 

68. Rosarita Cisneros – Black Lagoon

The Bloodhound of Florencia, Rosarita Cisneros [Black Lagoon]: Gunime

A maid with a suitcase machine weapon and her Latin American background 

69. Hitagi Senjougahara – Bakemonogatari

hitagi senjougahara bakemonogatari anime girls with purple hair

a weak-looking girl with an “incurable disease” and a self-proclaimed tsundere who consciously developed her bad habits  

70. Scar – Sunday Without God

scar sunday without god anime girls with purple hair

“Grim Reaper”; a grave keeper that acts cold and emotionless despite being very caring with a bright personality 

71. Kurumi Ebisuzawa – Gakkou Gurashi!

kurumi ebisuzawa gakkou gurashi anime girls with purple hair

The shovel wielding tomboy member of the School Life Club, calm and caring of the other girls she often acts as Yuuri’s confidante. 

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