60 Best INFJ Anime Characters of All Time

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Another list! This time we are going to talk about the 60 best anime characters with the INFJ type of personality. So, let’s begin:

Future Trunks – Dragon Ball Z

One of the most important and most beloved Dragon Ball Z characters.

Despite being Vegeta’s son and having a tragic and dark past, he doesn’t show the prideful, cold, and aggressive nature his father has.

Instead, Trunks is kind, respectful, and considerate with those around him regardless of the situation. That is the essence of Future Trunks.

Fujinuma Satou – Erased

Satoru Fujinuma fanart

Satou is a man who has experienced tragedy all his life, and that is why he belongs to this list.

Satou’s analytical skills, and uncommon outlook on life makes him worthy of being here, and because he is a great protagonist.

He is a man who wants to redeem himself and create a better future changing the past; Erased is amazing.

Yuki Sohma – Fruits Basket

Yuki is one of the main protagonists of Fruits Basket. Yuki is a person with a lot of compassion and empathy.

He is one of those characters with a tragic past that captures your attention because of good he is; he is a person who likes to help both family and friends and expect nothing in return.

After meeting Tohru, his life changes for better.

Shouko Komi – Komi-san Can’t Communicate

Komi is one of the most beautiful girls to ever exist in anime.

Although it is extremely hard for her to communicate, she is extremely humble, more than you can ever think; she is always there to help her classmates at every moment and entertain us with her cute expressions.

Her main goal is to have 100 friends, is impossible to not love somebody like that.

Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

Itachi was able to become probably the most popular character in Naruto despite being a secondary character. Is there anything he cannot do?

He is a natural-born genius. He managed to do the unthinkable for a better future, and that is what he does best: doing what’s ideal for everybody in the world.

Vladilena Milize – 86

Lena is a girl with a personality that can stand out wherever she is.

She is the type of person you like to have next to you in a battlefield; because she is always thinking of ways of get out of any type of situation without letting people die.

Also, her emotional quotient is one of her principal characteristics; a big reason why she is on this list.

Tachibana Kanade – Angel Beats

The quintessential kuudere, Kanade is the type of girl that doesn’t talk too much but she has a lot to say. She becomes extremely fascinating the moment everything in the story falls into place.

At first, she is presented as a silent and mysterious villain, but the more the story progresses, it becomes clear that she was never a villain; she was helping the protagonists from the shadows.

Hiro – Darling in the Franxx

Hiro at first was a simple character, but there was something within him that made him to stand out in Darling in the Franxx.

He was different form the other pilots; he was compassionate, kind, solitaire, and idealistic.

After his meeting with the ground-breaking 02, his life changed; he became more straightforward and braver than before.

Kuroko Tetsuya – Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko is one of the most beloved characters in the series and not only because he is the titular protagonist; it is mainly because his personality that can grab’s everybody attention.

He is considerate, positive, and a good friend; a lot of people look up to him throughout the series is because of that. He is a great guy.

Grisha Yaeger – Attack on Titan

Grisha went to hell, lived there for a while and then came back in order to achieve his goal. An extremely hardworking man despite the goal, which is a very positive trait because he already knew about his limitations but even with that in mind, he worked very hard to fulfill this dream.

That’s the beauty behind the madness.

Emilia – Re:Zero

Emilia is a highly popular character that everybody knows. Without her, Re:Zero wouldn’t exist. Not because of her popularity, but for literally transporting our boy Subaru to this new world.

She has an idealist personality, she always expects the best of every situation, and that is why a lot of people in Re:Zero look up to her.

Takashi Mitsuya – Tokyo Revengers

Mitsuya is a fan favorite.

He is a highly passionate guy who is really good at stitching. Moreover, he has idealistic attitude towards almost everything and has a calculating way of thinking that is one of his more characteristic traits. He is always there to help his friends make the right decisions.

At first sight you can notice that he is the sharpest one in the room.

Momoe Sawaki – Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority broke the internet the moment it was released for its unique ways of talking about personal issues.

One of its characters is Sawaki, a 14-year-old girl with androgynous appearance who is often mistaken for a boy.

She cannot be compared to any of the other girls in the series; but her personality is a stand out point in the anime.

Yuta Okkotsu – Jujutsu Kaisen

A character who gained a lot of popularity for the recent Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie.

And that is excellent because he deserves that popularity. Yuta is one of the most powerful characters in the series and despite having an impressive level of power, he is still a down-to-earth and a positive guy.

That’s why he is here on the list, because no matter how powerful you are; stay humble.

Sugawara Koushi – Haikyuu

You know a person is a good person when she or he has a smile on her face almost all the time. Well, Koushi is exactly like that.

His positive attitude is one of the driving forces in the anime and makes it even more entertaining to watch.

He is a person with great physical power and abilities, able to take on very strong opponents.

Gilbert Bougainvillea – Violet Evergarden

Gilbert is an exceptional man, and an extremely good human being. Gilbert is a very important character in the Violer Evergadern story.

He is the main reason why Violet wants to feel human, and also, the reason why she wants to understand what is love. He is kind, humble, and very amiable.

He is almost the main character of this anime.

Soo Won – Yona of the Dawn

A man who single-handedly took an entire Kingdom with just a stab, it is safe to say that he is one of the main villains of this anime, right? Soo Won has a complicated personality; he can be a calm, cheerful, and even a loving character, but he can be also calculating, sarcastic, and manipulative. He is also very lonely and devastated. A real complicated character.

Bishamon – Noragami

Bishamon is the best girl in Noragami, she is a powerful god who usually causes havoc and destruction. But she is not a bad girl, not at all.

Behind that cold façade she has a kind nature, but she is still very aggressive and destructive because she can’t escape from the past, and afraid of that he has become a perfectionist.

Kiritsugi Emiya – Fate

Kiritsugu is the Fate/Zero protagonist and one of the most fascinating anime characters of all time. Kiritsugu is a conflicted person, he wants to save the world but he knows he is not a superhero; he knows he has to suffer and sacrifice a lot of things to save the day.

In order to fight in the Holy Grail war, he distances himself from his emotions, acting as a machine.

N – Pokemon

N is one of the most capturing characters in Pokemon. Yeah, he is capturing but can cause trouble without problems.

He is a very powerful trainer who single-handedly can defeat various enemies at the same time.

Both ingenious and free-spirited, N is a character that deserves to be included on this list because he is too brilliant.

Kaname Shigeyoshi – Ahiru no Sora

Just like the typical INFJ, Kaname is private; he doesn’t talk a lot but when he does, he has a soft voice. Kaname is both sharp and intelligent, often replying sarcastically to those who insult him.

Despite being 200cm tall, he is physically weaker than anyone of the team, that’s why he uses his analytical mind to get the best of any situation.

Tsukumo – Karneval

Tsukumo’s personality is an example for others to follow because of her love for the Circus. She is always there for everyone who needs solace.

She is a quiet, prescient, mature girl who knows when to speak.

She is also both responsible and pragmatic and had a tragic past when she was a child that still haunts her.

Chise Hatori – The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Chise is a girl with no sweet memories of her childhood. Her mother tried to kill her after his father ran away with his brother, and after her mother committed suicide, she planned to do the same.

After a long period of tragedies, she was bought by Elias Ainsworth who gave her a better life.

All these years affected Chise, but she is a girl with a pure heart, something you’ll later.

Kenshin Himura – Rurouni Kenshin

Although he used to be a fearless assassin, Kenshin is a person who likes to aid those in need. He is an extremely composed person who cherishes the spirit of selflessness.

His dark past is still following him and he knows it, and that’s why he doesn’t want to kill again; he doesn’t want to experience his dark era again, he wants to move one in life and be happy.

Jeanne d’Arc – Fate/Apocrypha

Despite being only 16 years old, she is more mature than you think. She is a person with no regrets and desires in her life, he only wish when she was a child was to see the sea.

Jeanne is a person with a lot of faith and likes to watch over others; she loves that and she says that helping others is what brings joy to her life.

Haku – Spirited Away

Haku’s personality is very flexible, he can adjust to the situation very easily to get the best out of it.

Throughout the movie, he showed persistence in taking care of Chihiro because he wanted to do it, not because somebody else told him to.

That shows a common characteristic of the INFJ personality. Haku is a hero, and a great man.

Gyomei Himejima – Demon Slayer

The physically strongest Hashira is a character who can solve any kind of situation with his brute strength.

He saved more lives than you can imagine and he is extremely sharp; you’d never think that a guy who is always crying can make some of the most calculated decisions on a battlefield you can imagine…

Well, this is Gyomei Himejima for you.

Nagito Komaeda – Danganronpa

Danganronpa is a great anime, but it depends on your perspective of Nagito, because he can shape that experience.

Why is that? Because while most of the characters are more emotional Nagito is sharper, and is more concentrated on what he has to do to not take the worst decision.

Nagito is able to impress anyone easily; that’s why he is a fan favorite.

Kaworu Nagisa – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Kaworu is probably the most popular character in Neon Genesis Evangelion because his manipulative personality, his relationship with Shinji, and his looks.

Nagisa has drawn a lot of acclaim because how he makes the plot of Neon Genesis Evangelion even more mind-blowing with ease.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is larger than life, and our boy here, is as bigger as the anime.

Norman – The Promised Neverland

Norman is a highly intelligent kid who likes to see the situation with both positivism and idealism.

If you are planning to be devoured by monsters, you’d be crying or having panic attacks; this is not the case for Norman.

He is the brains of the group; creating plans with ease and being able to escape from a dead-end situation. He is a prodigy. Period.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni – Demon Slayer

This character hasn’t appeared in the anime yet, but the moment he appears, Demon Slayer may reach its possible peak because he is the most powerful to have ever existed.

Also, he literally created the Breathing Styles.

Despite all of these, he is a very humble and grounded man who can take on enemies like none other.

Mitsuki – Boruto

Mitsuki is a mysterious and enigmatic character who hasn’t been deeply explored in the series so far.

But there is something that we can agree on Mitsuki, he is an excellent character and that is the reason why a lot of people look up to him so much.

Despite being a mutated boy, he is very kind and has down-to-earth personality.

Hotaru Tomoe – Sailor Moon

Hotaru is known for her compassionate personality and that is the reason why she is so popular.

Sailor Saturn is also known for being helpful and very humble towards others.

If you haven’t watched Sailor Moon yet, we recommend you go and watch it because Hotaru is a great INFJ character; the moment you see her, you will fall in love with her.

Kaoru Hitachiin – Ouran High School Host Club

He is one of the Hitachiin twins and one of the most prominent characters in Ouran High School Host Club and obviously one of the most beloved characters in the anime.

Kaoru is a fantastic boy; he is always kind and humble to anyone and is always there to give a hand.

He is very different to his brother and is special that he can have his own personality.

Konan – Naruto

Konan is probably the less popular Akatsuki member, but that doesn’t mean that she is a bad character, in fact, she is a great example of a strong woman.

We can consider Konan the sweetest hearted member of Akatsuki and one of the most enigmatic characters in the series, make you to cherish every moment she is on screen.

Ai Hayasaka – Kaguya-sama: Love is War

She is almost like Komi-san because she can entertain you by just standing there without saying a word… But in this case, Hayasaka talks.

She is an expert maid who has a lot of qualities and being a poker-faced troll is one of them.

Along with Chika, she is one of the most popular characters in the anime and a fan favorite.

Mikaela Hyakuya – Seraph of the End

Mikaela’s presence is widely respected because he is responsible for creating the entertainment factor in Seraph of the End.

He is placed on our list because he is charming, kind, and humble… Probably the humblest character in this anime.

He is also an idealist because he wishes that both Vampires and Humans could live together.

Johan Liebert – Monster

Johan is widely considered the best anime antagonist ever created.

He is a manipulator, a psychopath, a genius, and most important: a monster. Johan is widely known for being able to crawl into people’s minds to corrupt them and force them to do whatever he wants.

He is not perfect, and that is what makes him even more haunting and scary.

Nagisa Shiota – Assassination Classroom

Nagista is the perfect protagonist for an anime like Assassination Classroom. He can entertain an entire audience easily with just being himself… And yes, he is a guy.

He can be extremely kind to everyone but at the same time he can be a ruthless assassin.

Yep, even a child-faced guy can be an assassin in the anime world.

Yut-Lung Lee – Banana Fish

Banana Fish is probably the only “yaoi” anime I ever watched, and I don’t regret it.

Lee is a forgettable character, but despite that he is very fascinating if you pay attention to the little details.

He is a highly calm individual who is part of the underworld business. He can give you a great experience like no other character in the anime.

Prince Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

This prince is a warrior who got cursed and in order to get rid of that curse he decided to search for a cure but he made a mistake in going to a place where a ware was taking place.

He got caught between the two fighting enemies and was tasked of taking care of both creeds.

Princess Mononoke is an amazing film, is more violent than the other Ghibli films.

Rei Batsubami – Kakegurui

The first time we saw this character we taught it was a guy, but we were so wrong.

Rei is later revealed as one of the main antagonists of Kakegurui and also managed to defeat some of the main characters of the anime with ease.

Rei is a perfectionist and was able to become one of the most fascinating characters in the series thanks to her enigmatic personality.

Naomi Misora – Death Note

I stopped watching Death Note the moment Kira outsmarted her because she was one of my favorite characters in the anime.

Naomi was amazing, she was the first one who managed to almost defeat Kira, even L realized that Naomi was both a serious and smart individual.

She deserved more than what she got, but in a good way.

Yuno Gasai – Future Diary

Yuno was the first ground-breaking yandere character in the history of anime.

She was responsible for making anime psychopaths look good. Yuno is synonymous with madness; she can be kind and friendly unless you hurt Yuki or someone she loves.

If you do that… Goodbye, you are dead. She, along with Minene, made Future Diary a classic.

Chrollo Lucilfer – Hunter x Hunter

Lucilfer is like a Rubik cube; quite simple at first sight, but complex and deep after you know him. He is one of those character who can change the entire anime with his actions, and let’s not forget that he is one of the most powerful in Hunter x Hunter.

He is bold, considerate, charismatic, and calm. He is a living INFJ personality.

Shinya Hiiragi – Seraph of the End

Shinya comes from the Hiiragi family, the problem is that if you haven’t watched Seraph of the End yet, you may not understand the weight of that name.

This Hiiragi family rules the world, and despite being part of that family Shinya is not a ruthless soldier. In fact; he is a very calm individual who is loyal to his friends and doesn’t get mad easily.

Ririka Momobami – Kakegurui

More than an INFJ, Ririka is an introverted person. Ririka is the twin sister of the Student Council President and is totally the opposite of her sister; while her sister Kirari is much more outspoken, Ririka remained a mystery because she doesn’t talk a lot.

She is very shy and gets easily embarrassed when she’s not wearing her mask.

Despite that, she is very clever.

Yoichi Isagi – Blue Lock

A man who is really close to reaching perfection, and that’s exactly what makes him a notable character here. Isagi is a unique boy who disrespects his opponents and sometimes have a helping notion towards them…

But that doesn’t mean he is not a prodigy in entertaining the masses without trying. Isagi makes Blue Lock even better than it already is.

Tamayo – Demon Slayer

Despite having little screen time, Tamayo became a fan favorite and everybody longs to see her again. Don’t worry about it, you definitely will see her again.

Her kind and soft-spoken personality is what makes her a popular character, and obviously her pupilless eyes.

I’m not going to spoil you what will happen with Tamayo, so you have to wait to find out.

Sakunosuke Oda – Bungou Stray Dogs

Sakunosuke is based on a Japanese writer with the same name, better known as “Odasaku”.

Sakunosauke is a kind man who likes to keep his profile low but the more you know him, the more you realize that this man has everything to be the best…

And the more you watch the anime, the more you understand how complex this man also is.

Merry – Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Merry is a traumatized INFJ priest.

She feels powerless because she feels she lacks the potency a Priest should have, and that is okay, it’s okay to feel afraid.

Despite that, she has a bad reputation for her previous bad behavior, but currently as a member of Haruhiro’s party, she is extremely loyal and responsible.

Ikki Kurogane – Chilvary of a Failed Knight

Ikki is a chill individual who doesn’t care about other people’s thoughts about him. That’s how he overcame his traumatic childhood.

Despite all the tragedy, Ikki is a virtuous man who can be really dangerous if something really bad happens around him and, despite not knowing how to interact with women, he is a ladies’ man.

Van Hohenheim – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Van Hohenheim is probably the most enigmatic character in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, you never know what he is thinking but despite that, he is a kindhearted man (despite abandoning his family).

Van Hohenheim is a wandering sage how likes to protect humanity with his own methods because he was more than willing to sacrifice himself to defeat Father.

Mayuri Shiina – Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is my personal favorite anime, and adding Mayuri on this list was something I had to do.

Mayushii’s childish personality is the cutest thing in Steins;Gate, but sometimes she can be very clever in order to maintain the harmony in the group and to prevent any possible conflict.

Mayuri can be very analytic to the surprise of everyone.

Youko Nakajima – The Twelve Kingdoms

Initially weak, faithless and worried about her red hair, Youko grow to be a level headed and strong woman.

Youko is the type of character that during all the anime never wanted a single bit of attention; she likes to be by herself.

Also, she is extremely unselfish; serving the Kingdom without expecting anything in return.

Izuku Midoriya – My Hero Academia

Izuku was born without powers, something that broke him when he was a child because he wanted to be a hero.

After obtaining the One-for-All, he focused on improving his abilities to become the hero he wanted to be when he was a child.

He is also empathic, sheer willed, intelligent, and has a heart of gold. Those are characteristics of a true hero.

Kurama – Yu Yu Hakusho

Kurama is the most analytical, cunning, clever, and calculating member of the main cast and maybe of the whole series.

He is somebody who doesn’t let his feelings affect him when he is in a complicated situation.

As Yoko Kurama, he is more ruthless, sadistic, and aggressive but nevertheless, he is a kind-hearted individual who cares about his friends.

Momo Yaoyorozu – My Hero Academia

Most of the INFJ characters are very attached to the concept of justice and this “justice” is the main motivation for whatever they do.

Momo Yaoyorozu is a genius who wants to become a hero because she believes in justice.

She is always there for her friends no matter what and is considered by them as their older sister.

Urara Shiraishi – Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Urara is a former witch who used to be very cold and asocial because she was tricked and later severely bullied by people who “wanted” to be her friends.

After meeting Yamada, she slowly becomes a more gentle and friendly person, often showing his more mellow side to Yamada.

She is also extremely intelligent.

Sozuke Aizen – Bleach

Making Aizen the last entry on this list was part of his plan all along.

Widely considered one of the best villains in anime history; Aizen is a soft-spoken, mannerly, and calculating individual who can be perceived as a nice guy at first sight, but he is not like that.

Aizen is a highly manipulative man who is more than willing to use anyone to reach his goals.

INFJ Anime Characters Conclusion

I hope this list of INFJ anime characters has been helpful! Let me know in the comments if there’s another character I should add to this list or there’s another INFJ character with art that you want to see!

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