30 Of The Best Anime Couples Of All Time

Take a look at your favorite shows and anime. It doesn’t matter whether opposites attract or similar personalities come together; love is in the air! It is not uncommon to develop a liking for fictional characters who are paired together or wish they would become a couple. Anime fans squeal with joy and sometimes tears of joy or sadness when two characters fall in love. Shows often focus on a variety of genres, but a dash of romance and anime relationships makes things more interesting!

The 30 cutest anime couples we like the most are included in this list. For this list to be valid, these characters must officially be a couple or at least heavily implied as such by canon information. Let’s get right to it:

Tomoya Okazaki & Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

clannad klannad nagisa 6126 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Clannad has been described as having one of the best romances in anime history. The story follows Tomoya, a delinquent boy who learns how to appreciate family and friends throughout his adventures with Nagisa. They become closer together after helping her overcome confidence issues; they marry and even have their own child by the end of Clannad After Story. 

Yuta and Rikka (Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions)

yuta and rikka love chuunibyou and other delusions 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Sometimes escaping the real world using fantasies and delusions make everyday life even better. In Japan, Chuunibyo refers to those who live out a fantasy in their mind pretending to be fictional characters of choice. Yuta suffers from these delusions when he was a middle school boy, but starts high school with an open mind, despite being embarrassed by his past.

But he soon encounters a girl who reminds him of his former self, who is suffering from delusions of her own. A new love story begins when she becomes interested in the past he hoped to keep hidden. Despite their seeming absurdity, the “delusions” actually bring the characters together and reveal some of their pasts. The two are bound together by their mutual strangeness and self-discovery, making them a great couple. 

Kaoru and Hajime Tsunashi (I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying)

i cant understand what my husband is saying best rom com anime

When it comes to anime goals, these two should be a staple. It’s not uncommon to see the boyfriend/husband portrayed as an otaku. When his girlfriend/wife truly attempts to understand where he is coming from and not just makes jokes about it, that’s a bit rarer. Kaoru is not without her quirks either. It’s hard to imagine anything between them creating a wedge. They seem like such a happy couple.

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Takeo Gouda & Yamato Rinko (My Love Story)

takeo gouda yamato rinko my love story 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Often, in shoujo anime standards, male love interests are seen as “pretty boys” who capture the heroine’s attention. Shoujo is also usually told from the perspective of a female falling in love. In some cases, this is not true. With a central character who has a big heart and is unconventionally handsome, the main couple breaks boundaries in My Love Story.

Yamato is a sweet, petite girl who instantly draws the attention of Gouda. Fearing she might fall for his friend, she instead falls for Gouda, making for a great and refreshing love story. It’s almost sickening how much Gouda and Yamato love each other. In addition, Gouda’s “bishounen” friend supports the pairing. 

Haruhi Fujioka & Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)

haruhi fujioka tamaki suoh ouran high school host club 30 of the best anime couples of all time

The anime Ouran High School Host Club has one of the best relationships many anime don’t. In a story about a school girl named Haruhi, she must work for the host club after breaking an expensive vase. She meets all the members of the organization, including the eccentric president, Tamaki Suoh, who immediately warms up to her. Despite Tamaki’s denials, the two falls in love throughout the story. They admit their love for one another, however, and eventually wed at the end of the manga, much to Haruhi’s father’s dismay. This duo is a great complement to one another and the uniqueness of the anime. 

Yato & Iki Hiyori (Noragami)

yato iki hiyori noragami 30 of the best anime couples of all time

One day, high school girl Iki Hiyori happened upon the god Yato, who changed her life forever. One human who saw a god who looked like a human decided to risk her life for him, resulting in her soul separating from her body. 

There is good chemistry between the two. Hiyori is the level-headed student who wishes to return to normal, while Yato is a goofy god who wishes to be rich and showered with fortune. The human girl who appears in Yato’s life becomes his source of inspiration and love as he falls in love with her. Despite his carefree nature, Yato has a big heart and a tragic past. In addition, Hiyori’s obliviousness to his feelings adds to the romantic tension. Certainly one of anime’s most adorable couples.

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Kamina & Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)

kamina yoko littner gurren lagann

An anime classic, Gurren Lagann has wonderful characters and a wild universe that begins underground. Simon meets Yoko, a sniper girl, as he makes his way from the village below! Yoko is mortified when Kamina makes a move on her instantly, unable to resist the attraction Kamina feels for her. But as time goes by, they develop a real affection for one another and share kisses in battle. They complement each other’s outgoing personalities, making them a great team during their adventures.

Kakeru & Naho (Orange)

kakeru naho orange

What would you do if you received a letter from the past that gave you step-by-step instructions on how to save a friend and fall in love? Naho, a high school student, received a letter from her future self predicting everything that would happen that day, including her love.

Kakeru, a transfer student who is easygoing and friendly, starts attending their school, and Naho is immediately drawn to him. He is in danger, however, and Naho’s future self will stop at nothing to save him. She uses her judgment to follow the letters, even if they are forcing her to be more outgoing and forward so that certain events will not happen. Genuine love between them helps instil the idea of avoiding regrets in the future and living life to the fullest. It is a love that transcends time and space between Naho and Kakeru.

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Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana (Your Name)

mitsuha miyamizu and taki tachibana your name

Despite the fact that they are technically not a couple, they may be the best example of love I have seen lately. It’s as if they’re kindred spirits, only that they’ve met in a supernatural way. Even though they did not meet until later in the story, their introduction was so important. You have to see this film for yourself to fully appreciate it, so I don’t want to spoil it too much. Therefore, I will just express my admiration for this beautiful couple and their splendid string of events. 

Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto Series)

naruto uzumaki hinata hyuuga naruto series

For years fans have been waiting to see Naruto and Hinata end up together. Acting as a primary love interest for the ninja, Hinata has had feelings towards Naruto since they were young children, but it wasn’t until after his long journey that he became aware of them too. As a couple, both share considerable character development from start to finish which makes many people satisfied with their relationship ending in having even starting off another generation through Boruto, who stars in his own movie series now!

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Kurisu and Okabe (Steins;Gate)

kurisu and okabe steinsgate 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Steins;Gate is a story about two people who, despite the odds, are brought together through their love of science. Okabe Rintaro and Makise Kurisu meet by chance at an academic conference where they discuss theories over text messaging to change time-lines while on top of building other relationships with their lab members that also includes Mayuri Shiina, Itaru Hashida (Daru), Kagari Shuichirou & Kiryuu Moeka among others in order to discover what exactly happened during one incident concerning SERN.

Although they start out bickering with each other, romance blossoms over their discoveries and long hours at the lab. When things get serious, Okabe races against time to prevent his friends’ deaths—especially Kurisu—even if it means he has to repeat time again and again in order for her not to die.

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Shota Kazehaya & Sawako Kuronuma( Kimi Ni Todoke)

shota kazehaya sawako kuronuma kimi ni todoke 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Sawako, a girl who is known to look like the ghost from The Ring, scares her classmates. She even becomes famous for being able to talk with dead people due to this reputation of hers! However, things get better when she meets Kazehaya, and he starts talking with him. They begin by overcoming many obstacles together until they fall in love. 

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Mikasa And Eren (Attack On Titan)

mikasa and eren attack on titan 30 of the best anime couples of all time

The epic anime series Attack on Titan has had an enormous impact on both the anime industry and the entertainment industry. Characters with the same level of iconic status are only apt. A young girl named Mikasa has difficulty expressing her feelings, and a young boy named Eren cannot seem to keep his mouth shut. This couples’ gap is probably what makes them such a cute pair. This couple resembles parents and children more than girlfriends and boyfriends. While watching the show, viewers can see the passionate bond they share with each other.

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Risa Kozumi & Otani (Lovely Complex)

risa kozumi otani lovely complex 30 of the best anime couples of all time

It is always governed by societal rules and expectations when looking for a potential partner. An example could be when a guy asks a girl out first, or two popular students start dating. In this case, since Risa is taller than Otani in class, it is definitely about height and challenging stereotypes and anime standards. The contrast in their looks makes them a hilarious duo because they share many common interests.

Risa develops a crush on Otani despite having many opportunities to date other people. The two complement each other in many ways. The bickering transforms into true love; the pairing also challenges stereotypes and norms. Also, they are a cute couple when they discuss their favorite menu items, rappers, or events throughout the year – despite the fact that sometimes Otani can be a jerk, he cares too much for Koizumi, so they get along so well!

Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon)

usagi tsukino and mamoru chiba sailor moon 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon have a truly magical romantic relationship. Over the years, fans have grown up with and adored a ship as superheroes with secret identities who always protect each other’s normal form from danger but fall in love without knowing their real identities until later on. Eventually, the legendary couple weds and soon has a child together that blossoms into such a memorable romance over the course of the entire series.

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Ichigo Kurosaki & Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

ichigo kurosaki orihime inoue bleach 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Orihime and Ichigo are definitely a couple that fans can get behind. They spend time together, fight for each other several times throughout the series against their enemies, have chemistry with one another in both romantic ways as well as fighting ones, and even settle down at the end of it all to raise a family-what more could you want?

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Kirito And Asuna (Sword Art Online)

kirito and asuna sword art online

There are many elements of the story in SAO that make it more believable. For instance, I could believe Kirito and Asuna’s love started because they met online, fell in love with each other quickly (in a virtual world), adopted a child together inside this virtual world, and did some NSFW things there too. They even managed to keep their strong bond alive when they were apart; Kazuto saved her from creepy people both during real-life situations and while she was still trapped in Aincrad/SAO itself! It might not be spicy like the others, but these aspects have been familiar for most people, making them comforting enough as well.

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Yuuri and Viktor (Yuri On Ice)

yuuri and viktor yuri on ice 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship is one that shines throughout the series as they both provide support to each other in a healthy way. Viktor tries his best to make sure Yuuri believes in himself while also providing him with confidence, whereas Victor falls for the Japanese skater completely because of how much he cares about others. The two form a perfect tandem where they need each other, forming an awesome sports anime couple that paves new ground on modern depictions of same-sex relationships within media today. 

Yuu Sonoda and Haruka Takayama (Sakura Trick)

yuu sonoda and haruka takayama sakura trick 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Yuu and Haruka are two friends who spend their childhoods together. They realize they have romantic feelings for one another, but Yuu is more embarrassed by the constant kissing and secrecy that comes along with it between them. However, towards the end of the series, after many touching moments shared, these students find out about their deep connection to each other, which blossoms into love.

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Zero Two And Hiro (Darling In The Franxx)

zero two and hiro darling in the franxx 30 of the best anime couples of all time

The most interesting way to meet your soulmate is to have them jump out of a river completely naked while holding a fish in their mouth. This relationship seems one-sided at first, but it’s quite rare for someone to have such strong feelings so quickly. I mean, the two characters seem like kindred spirits wandering the universe together, comforted only by each other’s company despite how dangerous and depressing this is if you think about it too long—it also happens to be pretty romantic!

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 Tohru Honda & Kyo Souma (Fruits Basket)

tohru honda kyo souma fruits basket

Fruits Basket is often remembered as a 2000’s shoujo that filled bookshelves with multiple volumes of manga and cherished memories. Fruits Basket tells the story of the Souma family, an eccentric group who transform into animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The main romance focuses on Tohru Honda, a girl taken in by the Souma family and acquainting herself with two boys: Yuki and Kyo. Kyo, the overly ambitious redhead in the class, represents the cat, while Yuki is the most popular kid around. Eventually, both develop feelings for Tohru. Nevertheless, Kyo ends up becoming her main man as they become infatuated, and Tohru helps him overcome his aggressive tendencies and past. Tohru is Kyo’s closest friend, and he will do anything for her. They eventually get married and are still together into old age.

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Celty Sturluson & Shinra (Durarara!!)

celty sturluson shinra durarara 30 of the best anime couples of all time

In Durarara!! Celty and Shinra are a very strange couple. During the search for Celty Sturluson’s missing head in Japan, she is constantly wearing a protective helmet. While searching for it, she eventually falls in love with Shinra Kishitani(an underground doctor), who begins to take an interest in her. Despite the fact that Celty cannot speak as normal people do, she has taken a liking to him, making it interesting to watch the interactions between this cute anime couple. 

Tomoe & Nanami Momozomo (Kamisama Kiss)

tomoe nanami momozomo kamisama kiss 30 of the best anime couples of all time

As a result of her dad‘s overdue debt, a girl becomes homeless one day after he runs away. Mikage, who has been rescued by her, thanks her for saving his life by giving her his house. As she arrives, she finds herself in a shrine and meets Tomoe, a familiar of the man she saved. Her love for him blossoms soon after, even though he is a yokai. At first, he’s not too happy with it, but eventually, he falls for her, making for a wonderful romance anime.

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Tatsumi & Mine (Akame ga Kill)

tatsumi mine akame ga kill

It’s hard to find love in the cruel world of Akame ga Kill, but it somehow finds a way. Although it has romance, this anime series is a unique shounen. Even though many would expect Tatsumi to fall for another main character Akame, instead, events unfold, and Mine enters the picture. Like other tsundere characters from other anime, she is initially cold and harsh but eventually becomes warm to him. During their adventures as assassins, they reveal different sides of themselves, especially during their fights with the Night Raid. They also reveal more about the other as they grow closer together.

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Haru & Shizuku (My Little Monster)

haru shizuku my little monster 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Occasionally, opposites attract. In Shizuku’s eyes, the future and learning to be the best are the only things that matter. She sits next to Haru in class, a troublemaker who rarely shows up. One day, Haru is asked to deliver papers to a classmate, and he claims to be her friend. Even though he is rumored to be violent, he is gentle. Shizuku is known for being cold, but she can be caring as well. In this sweet romantic comedy about two outcasts who find each other despite being different, they go beyond their initial appearances and bond with each other. 

Goku And Chichi (Dragon Ball Franchise)

goku and chichi dragon ball franchise 30 of the best anime couples of all time

No question, Goku and Chichi are among the most popular anime couples. Sometimes it’s hard to believe a powerful being like Goku is actually scared when Chichi gets mad. Chichi has chased the dense Goku since childhood and craves his affection. Eventually, they settle down and start a family. 

Natsuki Subaru and Emilia (Re:Zero)

natsuki subaru and emilia re zero 30 of the best anime couples of all time

When Subaru finds himself transported to a fantasy world filled with death, he is left stranded. Luckily for him, though, there are two beautiful girls that will help him on his journey: Emilia and Rem! While he may be drawn more towards the mysterious girl who lies about her name (Emilia), it’s possible that you might find yourself favoring Team Rem instead. It’s canon, too—and when Subaru keeps finding himself in life-threatening situations where only one of these women can save him, well, let’s just say things get interesting fast. 

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Misaki Ayuzawa & Takumi Usui (Maid Sama)

misaki ayuzawa takumi usui maid sama 30 of the best anime couples of all time

Secrets and separate lives are at the heart of Maid Sama. The anime takes place at a former all-boys school where Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female president. Takumi Usui, a popular boy, discovers her secret life working as a maid in a cafe. Since she doesn’t fawn over the looks of him as other girls do, they clash after learning her secret but ultimately learn more about one another. Watching them grow closer to each other through their cute interactions will make you go “aww” in your seat whenever they are together.

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Kenshiro & Yuria (Fist of the North Star)

kenshiro yuria fist of the north star

Fist of the North Star opens with a romantic turmoil and Kenshiro’s quest for revenge. When he goes to find somewhere safe with his soon-to-be wife, things turn sour when she is kidnapped by Ken’s rival Jagi who wants him dead because their father was killed in front of both brothers after they fought over money. After an intense fight that leaves 7 scars on his chest along with her kidnapping, Kenshiro struggles through life trying to survive but also finding Yuria again. 

Ryuuji Takasu & Taiga Aisaka (Toradora)

ryuuji takasu taiga aisaka toradora 30 of the best anime couples of all time

You can find a cute poster couple in Toradora as well as a legendary love square. As Ryuuji, the high school boy with a scary look, encounters Taiga Aisaka, a small but fierce student, the two form a bond. However, when their crushes do not return their feelings for them, things get more complicated. In spite of their rocky beginning, Ryuuji makes an effort to befriend Taiga and care for her. Over time they gradually grow closer, and they even turn out to be the most beloved romantic couple in the rom-com anime!

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In the end, it’s all about what you enjoy watching. The anime industry is massive, and it can be hard to pick through the vast number of romantic couples available. If we missed your favorite couple in our list or if you think we ranked a couple too high or low, make sure to let us know in the comments below! We love hearing from readers and would love to hear more feedback on this topic. And don’t forget that these are just our opinions; tell us yours! What do you think? Did we get everything right? Let’s talk about anime for hours over here–we’re always happy when someone wants to chat with us about their favorites.

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