kaichou wa maid sama must watch anime like toradora

27 Of The Best Anime Like Kaichou wa Maid-sama

kaichou wa maid sama must watch anime like toradora

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Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! Tells the story of a maid and a prince falling in love, sort of. Our Female protagonist: Misaki Ayuzawa, is the “Demon President” of her school’s student council. She secretly works as a maid in a maid café, and she doesn’t want this secret to get out. However, the “prince”—Usui Takumi—has discovered her secret in a very suspiciously dark alleyway.

Will Misaki’s secret get the best of her, or will she be able to maintain a strict demeanour and fierce attitude in school? What is Takumi really up to with his knowledge?

What’s not to love about this romantic comedy anime series? Nice comedic timing, and the soundtrack is a banger. Watching our charming protagonist works hard to maintain her reputation while romance tries to emerge. So many fans love and cherish this anime, given the story and loss of life of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! So, without further ado, here is a list of some other shoujo anime like Kaicho wa Maid-sama!: great romance animes that will totally tickle your feelings and give you the giggles.

Ouran High School Host Club

haruhi fujioka ouran high school host club best anime traps

Haruhi Fujioka is a common and ordinary high school girl that doesn’t look like she belongs in the elite Ouran High School. Haruhi is average at everything, but her grades are excellent, and so hardworking. She has the makings of being one heck of a student!

While searching for a quiet place to study, Haruhi stumbles upon what appears to be an abandoned music room. Upon further inspection, she discovers that the mystery is solved when she notices Ouran High School Host Club members! She then accidentally breaks an expensive vase. With no other option but work as a host for them to pay off her debt, which leads her to an unforgettable high school experience!

Portraying herself as a boy while trying to do good in her studies, keeping the whole school from finding out, and; another member of the host club developing feelings for her is a recipe for an amazing anime.

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Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka are outcasts of their respective high school social circles. One day, they found themselves in a desperate situation: both were head over heels for the other’s best friend! The unlikely pair quickly formed an alliance to help each other navigate through this diffi time with as much dignity intact as possible.

Takasu is always mistaken as a delinquent, and Taiga’s ferocity has earned her the nickname “Palmtop Tiger.” They both start working towards their personal goals but soon, they find themselves drawn together much more than either of them expected. After getting close to one another, new feelings begin to materialize. 

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Kimi ni Todoke

Kuronuma Sawako is a shy girl, looking similar to the character in The Ring. She becomes friendless and awkward and often misunderstood and misinterpreted by her classmates, who think that Kuronuma can curse them like Sadako from The Ring.

One day, a boy named Kazehaya Shouta—the popular and kind boy in school–starts talking to her. Is this the shining chance she has longed for? The person who will finally change her? Can she be liberated from all of the shadows that have been following her around since middle school? Only one thing’s certain: there is still hope for both as friends or lovers!

This is an anime adaptation of a manga series with the same name. Though the comedy style is different from Maid sama, it tickles the same fuzzy feeling you get when with school romances.

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My Little Monster!

my little monster must watch anime like toradora

What happens when two teenagers who are painfully indifferent fall madly in love? Confusion, misunderstandings, and misperceptions- just to name a few.

Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Yoshida are cold, aloof individuals who have no idea that their friendship has slowly evolved into love. However, when the two meet due to some unavoidable circumstance, a sudden change in Suzuki’s demeanor leads her to form an unexpected bond with this new classmate.

This shoujo anime is filled with funny moments and a cute love story for an enjoyable anime.

Lovely Complex

lovely complex 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

In love, nothing matters! Age, height, weight, gender—all of these things are trivial. But for high school students Risa and Atsushi Ootani, it’s all about the inches or centimeters that separate them from one another!

Risa and Ootani both have developed a height complex. At 172cm tall in the Japanese school system (very large size for girls), Risa is constantly teased about her stature by friends who are much shorter than she is. Meanwhile, Ootsani’s 156 cm frame has made him feel like an outsider from his peers as he finds himself always looking up to others because of how short they stand next to him! However, after going through a tough breakup, they both find comfort in each other. They soon realized how easy love can come between two people who want to find someone just like themselves.

It has the making of an amazing comedic love story that deserves a watch and re-watch.

Say “I Love You”

say i love you 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Mei Tachibana swore never to make friends again after a traumatic experience in her past. So now, she has the reputation of being gloomy and aloof, with no one having any idea what’s wrong with her or why things are that way for Mei.

One day, Yamato Kurosawa—one of the most popular guys in school —broke through. It started with small talk, then an exchange of numbers before finally turning into something more than just that as he kissed her! Will all those advances transform Mei once again? And will everything go well this time around?

With this female character trying hard to be the loner, expect funny moments and emotional moments as we follow their daily lives in this awesome anime.

Fruit Basket

fruits basket 2019 a top 20 list of the best drama anime for your viewing pleasure

After losing her Mother, Tooru was supposed to move in with her grandfather. But that’s impossible with her grandfather’s house being renovated. So not wanting to burden any of her friends, she starts living in a tent in a park.

One night on her way back from work, she finds her tent buried underneath a landslide. Yuki Souma and his cousin Shigure Souma stumble across Tooru’s situation when they see the wreckage of what used to be their favorite camping spot in Kyoto and invite Tooru to stay with them until their grandfather’s home renovations are complete.

Tooru’s life is turned upside down when she arrives at the Souma household. Upon her first encounter with a member of this bizarre family, Tooru learns that all they need to do to transform into an animal from their Chinese zodiac is being hugged by someone from the opposite gender! So what could possibly go wrong? 

A fun-filled romance that would have you looking forward to start the next episode.

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince

wolf girl and black prince 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

High school girl Erika Shinohara‘s mistake will be remembered for a long time. She announced to her classmates that she has a good-looking boyfriend and showed them the picture of some random, handsome stranger – the only problem was he is also another student at their high school who overheard everything!

Erika is in an embarrassing situation. Her secret will be blown, but that doesn’t matter. Just have the guy pretend he’s her boyfriend and hope for the best. But what Erika didn’t know was that Kyouya had a dark side- one of being “The Black Prince.” Now it looks like things are getting pretty troublesome!

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Blue Spring Ride

blue spring ride 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Futaba Yoshioka used to be an attractive and popular middle-schooler—well-liked by the opposite gender but ostracized by her female classmates. Nevertheless, she was able to brush all that off because of one person: Kou Tanaka. She had never been so close with a guy before; he even saved her from drenching rain once! The two shared many other precious memories together until they made plans for the summer festival when Futaba received word about his disappearance at school, causing both sadness and anger in herself.

Futaba is a high school student that has decided to try her luck in becoming the class favorite. However, unlike other girls, she does not play upon being cute and feminine but rather sticks with acting like a tomboy to stand out from others who might want attention. She soon finds herself surprised when an old classmate comes back into her life, but this time, he goes by Kou Mabuchi instead of Kou Tanaka.

With this plot, anime form, and a mellow soundtrack: this surely belongs in any list of romance animes.

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horimiya 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

The thought of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura getting along would be the last thing in people’s minds. However, a fateful meeting between the two lays both their hidden selves bare. While she is popular at school, Hori has little time to socialize with her friends due to housework; conversely, he lives under his peers’ noses bearing secret tattoos that make him look like a gentle delinquent.

The two quickly became friends and often spent time together in Hori’s home. They hadn’t had the opportunity to explore their similarities before. Still, now they could see each other for who they truly are–a unique individual just like themselves!

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Itazura na Kiss

itazura na kiss 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

When her newly-built home is razed to the ground by an earthquake, clumsy and troublesome third-year high school student, Kotoko Aihara must share a roof with Japan’s smartest student Naoki Irie. The two are not strangers; unfortunately for Kotoko, she sealed herself as far from his heart after rejecting one love letter handed over in their past relationship.

Throw in some quirky friends and meddling mother into this equation, and it seems like there might be no hope of winning him back at all! Yet Kotoko remains optimistic that, because she now lives in his house, her unattainable crush on the genius since the beginning of high school has never been more within reach.

Skip Beat!

skip beat must watch anime like toradora

Kyouko Megami is a die-hard fan and childhood friend of the rising star, Shoutaro Fuwa. She has done everything to support him: working hard, pouring her heart into helping make his dreams come true. But one day, Kyouko’s world crumbles when she learns that all those years spent supporting this magical man were taken for granted.

Shattered and humiliated, Kyouko formulates her plan for sweet revenge. And the plan is to join the showbiz industry herself! Her steps are simple: she will become famous like Shoutaro himself- only better than him. But this can’t be easy with all of those temptations and pressure that come with fame. It takes determination to keep everything in perspective to not get too caught up in one’s own success or failures.

This is not a school anime but still a great romance story that would give you butterflies.

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Kamisama Kiss

kamisama kiss 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

High school girl Nanami Momozono has fallen on tough times and is now homeless. Despite her dire circumstances, she is still kind to those in need. The moment she finds a man being misreated by an aggressive dog and without hesitation jumps into the fray, pulling them apart with only one hand—the other cradling her books! Seeing this act of kindness, the man offers up his rundown shrine as thanks.

Unbeknownst to her, the shrine isn’t just any ordinary shrine. Living there means she has to be the new deity of it. As one might expect, this comes with its own problems- afallen angel is trying to eat her while a snake familiar desperately wants them to get married! However, she gets some help in the form of an animal spirit that becomes her adviser/companion, who provides both physical protection from these dangers. And, of course, romantic feelings develop.

In this little romance anime, the existence of youkai takes a different tone but is a beautiful anime nonetheless.

Special A

special a must watch anime like toradora

Hikari and Kei have been friends since they were six years old. They now attend the ultra-elite high school Hakusen where they are ranked second and first, respectively.

Kei and Hikari had always been competitive growing up, but things were about to change. They both wanted this one thing so badly that they didn’t notice when their rivalry took the first step toward bringing them closer together than ever before!

Mayo Chiki!

mayo chiki 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Aided by his mother and sister, Kinjirou Sakamachi developed a resilient body that could take hard punches, aggressive kicks, and even deadly vehicle bumps. Along with this, he develops gynophobia, an abnormal fear of women. If a girl so much as touch him, it would cause nosebleeds or fainting spells.

His life changes for the worse with a fateful meeting in the restroom. While trying to escape from a girl, he discovers that the most popular student in their school, Subaru Konoe—the butler of the headmaster’s daughter’s butler, is actually female! Surprised, Subaru attacks Kinjirou, knocking him unconscious. When he comes to, he meets Kanade, the headmaster’s daughter. In exchange for his silence, she promises to help cure his phobia.

Place To Place

place to place 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

For Tsumiki Miniwa, love is always in her heart. She has loved Io Otonashi for years now. Yet, she can never confess to him because he seems oblivious to her feelings towards him. They are both close friends who tease each other often but have a friendly relationship. Even though it’s clear and the rest of his group think they would be perfect together. Throughout her everyday school life, Tsumiki spends time with her friends and Io. Will she finally muster enough courage to confess her true feelings?

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Snow White with the Red Hair

snow white with the red hair 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama
Image: Funimation

Shirayuki is a cheerful, red-haired girl living in the country of Tanbarun who works diligently as an apothecary at her herbal shop. However, her life changes drastically when she meets Prince Raji, and he tries to force Shirayuki into becoming his concubine. Not giving up any say in what happens with her future, Shirayuki cuts off her hair and escapes deep into the forest. Finally, she is rescued from Raji by Zen Wistalia, the second prince of a neighboring country, and his two aides. Hoping to repay her debt one day, Shirayuki pursues a career as an herbalist for Clarines’ court.

In the anime, we follow Shirayuki’s journey to a new life at the royal palace of Clarines and Zen, who strives to become a prince worthy of the title. As loyal friendships are forged, and deadly enemies formed, both protagonists slowly learn how to support each other as they walk their own paths.

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Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

kakuriyo bed and breakfast for spirits 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Abandoned as a child by her mother, Aoi Tsubaki always could see “ayakashi“—spirits from the Hidden Realm. Her grandfather Shirou shared this same power, took her under his wing and taught her how she could live with these spirits in peace when they were around. When he suddenly passed away, independent young woman Aoi was left trying to continue on with college life armed only with cooking knowledge for protection against humans-eating ayakashi. In hopes that the ayakashi will not turn to her or other unknowing humans as a tasty meal, she takes it upon herself to feed the hungry creatures that cross her path.

After giving a mysterious ayakashi her lunch, Aoi is transported to the Hidden Realm, where she learns that she was used as collateral for her grandfather’s debt of one hundred million yen. Her only way out? Mary Oodanna. After bravely refusing this fate, Aoi decides to pay off the debt herself by opening an eatery at Oodanna’s inn. Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits follow Aoi’s journey as she proceeds to change and touch the lives of the ayakashi through the one weapon she has against them—her delicious cooking.

Inu x Boku Secret Service

inu x boku secret service 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Ririchiyo Shirakiin is the sheltered daughter of a renowned family. And with her petite build and wealthy status, Ririchiyo has been protected and dependent for most of her life. But now she’s decided to change all that – there is just one problem; the young girl can’t control how sharp-tongued she gets, and she doesn’t have any communication skills whatsoever!

With some help from a childhood friend, Ririchiyo takes up residence in Maison de Ayakashi. She soon discovers that the secluded high-security apartment complex is home to an assortment of odd and interesting people who each have unique personalities, unlike anything she has ever seen before. However, there’s more about them than just their quirks: they’re half-human and half-demon!

But Ririchiyo’s troubles were only just beginning. As a requirement of staying in her new home, she must be accompanied by a Secret Service agent. Her newest partner is Soushi Miketsukami – handsome and quiet but ridiculously clingy to the point where it was creepy! He knew when she wanted space and would show up anyways like some overprotective puppy dog which left her feeling more annoyed than grateful for his protection. But things are about to get much worse, with high school starting around the corner as well as dealing with supernatural neighbors. Ririchiyo definitely seems to have a diffi path ahead of her.

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Masamune-Kun’s Revenge

masamune kuns revenge 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Masamune Makabe is determined in the pursuit of revenge against a rich, beautiful girl named Aki Adagaki. As she rejected him when they were kids and gave him an unflattering nickname for being overweight, Masamune put great effort into working out to improve his appearance. Fast-forward several years later to high school; now that he’s handsome yet narcissistic—and totally insecure about himself even after all those workouts!—Masamune decides it’s time for some payback: Revenge by making sure that next time around, Aki falls madly in love with him.

Masamune is in the same school as Aki! Masamune decides to befriend her – it won’t hurt his revenge plan, right? He tries, but she rejects him. Then he finds out that somebody else from his past knows what’s going on when he receives a mysterious letter addressing him by his old nickname. Unless Masamune discovers the sender’s identity, his plan is doomed before it even starts!

Seitokai Yakuindomo

seitokai yakuindomo 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Takatoshi Tsuda is called out on his untidy uniform by the student council president Shino Amakusa. As an apology for delaying Takatoshi, she offers him a position as vice-president of the student council because they need male input in their group. In addition, boys are also being admitted into Ousai Private Academy now. As soon as this happens, Takatosi finds himself appointed even though he has not yet set foot inside the school building!

The student council members are more than a little strange. President Shino is studious and serious in appearance but actually full of thoughts – constantly making inappropriate jokes; the secretary Aria Shichijou may seem like your typical sheltered rich girl at first glance, but she’s just as risque as her president, if not even more so; Suzu Hagimura who starts off fairly normal-seeming but has the body of an elementary school student and is extremely self-conscious of it. Surrounded by these cute girls, the new vice president must now work through nonstop humor and this unusual situation.

His and Her Circumstances

his and her circumstances 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Yukino Miyazawa is the most popular girl among her classmates, and she’s good at academics, sports, and elegant socializing. But in reality? She works hard to maintain a perfect appearance that keeps people admiring her all day long. Still, Yukino wants nothing more than attention, so when Soichiro Arima comes along with everything accomplished better than hers, it becomes too much for Yukinos liking. Since the first day of high school, she has struggled to steal the spotlight from her new rival but to no avail.

On midterm exams, Yukino finally gets the top score and beats Soichiro. To her surprise, he congratulates her on her achievement. When Soichiro confesses his love to Yukino, she turns him down and gloats about it at home. Soichiro visits Yukino’s house the next day to bring her a CD and sees her uninhibited self in action. Now knowing the truth, he blackmails her into helping with his student council duties. Forced into spending time with him, Yukino finds out that she is not the only one hiding secrets.

A cute anime with our female protagonist not acting cute at all. His and Her Circumstances may easily become your favorite anime.

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Kaguya-sama: Love is War

kaguya sama love is war 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

The nation’s top students have a reputation to uphold, and Shuchiin Academy is no exception. Student council president Miyuki, the son of an esteemed professor, has graced everyone with his presence as they aspire for success against all odds in this prestigious school. Likewise, vice president Kaguya Shinomiya is well-known by both peers and mentors alike for her intelligence compared to any other student. Yet, she still manages time outside of studying hours spent on perfecting every field imaginable! What could be more desirable than these two?

Even though they already developed feelings for each other, neither are willing to admit it. The first to confess loses and will be considered the lesser. Miyuki and Kaguya are determined to emerge victorious on the battlefield of love with their honor and pride at stake!

Two charismatic characters from the student council with mutual feelings towards each other but a strong sense of pride drive them not to confess first. That’s a formula for an amazing anime series.

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Boys Over Flowers

boys over flowers 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Eitoku Academy is a prestigious school, but not everyone can attend. Tsukushi Makino comes from a middle-class family and fulfills the literal meaning of her name as she was initially considered an outsider at this exclusive academy.

Tsukasa Domyouji was one of Japan’s wealthiest families, and he had a fiery personality to match. He took an interest in Tsukushi because she was the only girl at Eitoku. The latter did not like him- which is ironic considering that this made her his ideal candidate for conquest. But instead, she fell in love with Rui Hanazawa – soft-spoken and sensitive by comparison.

Tsukasa and Tsukushi’s relationship is the main focus of this series. A few challenges threatened their blossoming love, including Rui not being able to commit, Eitoku students’ envy for them, an obsessed childhood classmate that will do anything even if it means hurting someone else to win her heart, as well as the social class difference between them which would make a marriage out of reach for either one or both parties involved. Kaede Domyouji-Tsukasa’s mother, who was furious with him over his abandonment of her for a decade-is also against this budding romance

School Rumble

school rumble 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Just the words “I love you,” and everything changes—such is the nature of the bittersweet trials of high school romance. Tenma Tsukamoto and Kenji Harima are both in love with someone but have not yet been able to tell them. For Tenma, this is mainly because she’s scared of how the other person would react as she has very little experience dating anyone else before him. Though he dates around a bit more, Kenji knows that confessing his feelings will be no easy task- especially considering what kind of guy he appears to be and all those rumors.

School Rumble is a high-octane romantic comedy full of relatable situations. Tenma and Kenji both try to win the hearts of those they desire.


Yuzu Aihara loves fashion and is always worried about her appearance. She likes to go out with her friends but has never kissed or dated anyone before. But her life turns upside down when her mother remarries, and Yuzu is transferred to a very strict all-girls school, where she can’t wear makeup and earrings or even bring a cellphone. Deciding to rebel, she dresses how she likes on her first day. Because of that, she is called out in front of the entire school by the student council president: Mei Aihara, a girl who is the complete opposite of Yuzu.

To make matters worse: when Yuzo gets home, she finds out that she has a new sister. None other than Mei Aihara herself. Making situations more complicated, Mei kisses her in trying to prove a point. But now, Yuzo can’t stop thinking about the kiss, and it seems like she liked it.

Although somewhat different, it is still one of those school romance animes. It has a complicated story but still carries the usual themes, like the female student council president suddenly having a new sibling who might have romantic feelings.

School Days

school days 27 of the best anime like kaichou wa maid sama

Makoto Itou had been mesmerized by Kotonoha Katsura’s beauty for a long time. Still, he was too shy to come up and talk. So instead of approaching her himself, he took pictures that would serve as his charm: if kept under wraps, it meant you’d realize your love eventually. However, Sekai Saionji spotted the secret picture–but she didn’t rat him out; rather, she made an offer to help set them up together! Even going so far as befriending her just for him. Thus, the trio begins a rather impromptu friendship.

School Days follows the lives of these three teenagers as they traverse high school life in a story alive and brimming with romance and melancholy.

You know what they say, “love knows no bounds.” The list above proves that. We scoured our collection in search of more recommendations for you—our picks of must-watch anime like Kaicho wa Maid-Sama. Let us know if we missed your favorite ones. We’d love to add them to our list too, so don’t forget to tell us below (we’re always looking out). Enjoy.

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