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33 Best Feel Good Anime That Will Brighten Your Day

Haikyuu - Oikawa-min

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There’s nothing quite like a feel-good anime. The kind that makes you forget all your troubles and just escape into another world for a little while. And we’ve got just the list of heartwarming anime for you. From classics, sports anime, adventure anime to modern hits, we’ve collected the 32 best feel-good anime the anime industry has to offer. So why not put on your favorite cosplay and get comfortable? It’s time to get cozy with the anime community and feel good! Not the bad good, but the wholesome good.

My Love Story

With his powerful frame and lofty stature, Takeo Gouda is not your typical high school freshman. However, beyond his imposing exterior lies a heart of gold, and the boys regard him as a hero for his bravery and gallantry. Unfortunately, these characteristics do not bode well for his romantic life. Takeo’s cool and attractive closest friend and frequent companion Makoto Sunakawa easily steal the hearts of the girls—including every girl Takeo has ever liked—as if his looks weren’t enough to drive many away.

When Takeo bravely protects the adorable and innocent Rinko Yamato from being molested, he instantly falls in love with her but fears she is interested in Sunakawa. With his own feelings for Yamato growing, Takeo unselfishly decides to play cupid for her, despite his own desire for his own love tale.

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Nodame Cantabile

nodame cantabiles best josei anime

Shinichi Chiaki is a talented musician whose ambition is to work among Europe’s finest. He comes from a notable family and is an infamous perfectionist—not only is he harsh on himself, but also on others. Shinichi’s only impediment to traveling to Europe is his phobia of flying. As a result, he is currently stranded in Japan.

Shinichi meets Megumi Noda during his fourth year at Japan’s best music academy. On the surface, she appears to be an unruly young lady with no direction in life. When Shinichi hears Megumi play the piano for the first time, he is blown away by the beautiful music she makes. Nonetheless, Shinichi is surprised to learn that Megumi is his neighbor, and worse, she falls head over heels in love with him.

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Seishuu Handa is a talented calligrapher who is young, handsome, brilliant, and a narcissist. When a veteran describes his award-winning piece as “unoriginal,” Seishuu loses his temper and suffers serious consequences.

Seishuu’s dad exiles him to the Goto Islands, distant from the comfortable Tokyo lifestyle the volatile artist is used to as punishment and also to aid him in self-reflection. Seishuu must now try to discover new inspiration and build his own unique creative style in a rural setting—that is, if rowdy toddlers (led by the rambunctious Naru Kotoishi), fujoshi middle schoolers, and lively old men would stop barging into his house! He just wishes to get some ink done, but the islands are far from the calm countryside he expected. The arrogant calligrapher learns far more than he could have imagined thanks to his eccentric neighbors, who are incapable of minding their own business.

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Silver Spoon

silver spoon best anime for kids

Yuugo Hachiken is a dedicated worker who is frustrated with trying to live up to standards he simply cannot meet. With the start of a new academic year, he decides to enroll in Ooezo Agriural High School, a boarding school in the Hokkaido countryside, to escape the tension caused by his parents.

Hachiken is first certain that he would do well at this institution, but he is rapidly shown wrong by his talented classmates, persons who have grown up on farms and know everything there is to know about food, crops, and even livestock physiology! Whether it’s rising up at five a.m. for arduous labor or caring for farm animals, Hachiken is a complete beginner when it comes to the diffi agriural life.

Gin no Saji tells the hilarious narrative of a young student attempting to integrate into a completely new environment, encountering a variety of interesting people along the way. Hachiken wishes to uncover his dreams as he works to enjoy his environment so that he can live a fulfilling life on his own terms.

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

yamato nadeshiko shichi henge 15 best feel good anime that will brighten your day

Sunako Nakahara has been a shut-in with a disdain for beauty since her crush rejected her by disparaging her appearance, embracing all things dark and oc-related. Much to her chagrin, she is assigned to live at her aunt’s mansion, which she will share with four extremely handsome lads her age. Furthermore, her flighty aunt has made a bargain with these boys to convert Sunako into a proper woman by the time she returns from a journey around the world in exchange for living there rent-free.

Sunako’s chaotic life begins with the abrasive Kyohei Takano, the ladies’ man Ranmaru Morii, the serene Takenaga Oda, and the amiable Yukinojo Toyama. She finds them less obnoxious when she interacts with them, and she may not be such an outcast as she believed.

Ah My Goddess

belldandy ah my goddess best anime waifus

In a universe where humans can have their wishes realized through the Goddess Help Hotline, a human, Keiichi Morisato, accidentally summons the Goddess Belldandy and jokes that she should stay with him forever. Sadly for him, his “wish” is granted.

Keiichi is suddenly living with this stunning woman on his own, prompting him to be ejected out of the all-male dormitory where he was previously residing. Keiichi and Belldandy’s romance blossoms quickly after they find accommodation in a Buddhist temple. Although they are both hesitant and uneasy with each other at first, what awaits these two strangers could be an unexpected romance.

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Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, an eighth-grader, has tapped into his natural wellspring of psychic prowess at an early age. However, as he sees the inherent danger in his abilities, the strength rapidly becomes a burden. Mob’s main current purpose for his gift is to dazzle his longstanding crush, Tsubomi, who quickly becomes tired of the same tricks.

Mob enlists himself under the wing of Arataka Reigen, a scam artist claiming to be a psychic who exploits Mob’s gifts for pocket change in order to get control of his abilities. Exorcising bad spirits on order has now become a routine part of Mob’s day-to-day routine. However, the psychic energy he exudes is just the tip of the iceberg; if his tremendous potential and unbridled emotions go crazy, a cataclysmic event will occur that will turn him entirely unrecognizable. The momentum toward Mob’s explosion is building, and attempting to halt it is fruitless.

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A Place Further Than The Universe

a place further than the universe best anime by madhouse studio

With an overpowering sense of wonder for the world around her, Mari Tamaki has always dreamed of what lies beyond the boundaries of the universe. She has always had lofty goals on the inside, but she has always been held back by her fear of the unknown and anxiety about her own potential limitations. Mari, who has just entered her second year of high school, is determined to not waste any more time. Still, she is afraid to take that bold step forward until she meets a girl with big goals of her own.

Shirase Kobuchizawa has been working hard to pay for her trip to Antarctica in the aftermath of her mother’s abduction. Despite widespread skepticism and derision, Shirase is resolved to embark on this trip to find her mother in a location greater than the cosmos itself. Inspired by Shirase’s determination, Mari jumps at the chance to join her. Soon, their efforts draw the notice of the exuberant Hinata Miyake, who is eager to stand out, and Yuzuki Shiraishi, a polite girl from a wealthy family. They set sail together for the freezing south.

A Place Further Than The Universe chronicles the enthralling journey of four strong-willed girls on the hunt for something great.

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Your Lie In April

your lie in april best shoujo anime from 70s to today

The career of the human metronome, the brilliant musician Kousei Arima, is accompanied by music. However, with the of his mother, Saki Arima, Kousei enters a downward spiral, rendering him unable to hear the sound of his own piano.

Two years later, Kousei still avoids the piano, leaving behind his admirers and adversaries, and lives a colorless existence with his buddies Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryouta Watari. Everything changes, however, when he meets Kaori Miyazono, a lovely violinist who shakes up his world and sends him on a journey to face music again.

Based on the manga series of the same name, Your Lie in April tells the narrative of Kousei’s recovery as he realizes that music is more than just playing each note correctly and that a single tune may bring in the fresh spring air of April.

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Interviews With Monster Girls

interviews with monster girls 15 best feel good anime that will brighten your day

Tetsuo Takahashi, a high school biology teacher, may appear to be your typical teacher, but beneath his mild exterior lurks something more unusual: his infatuation with the “Ajin,” sometimes known as “Demi.” Although these half-human, half-monster beings have assimilated into human civilization, Takahashi feels that much about them will remain undiscovered unless he encounters them firsthand.

Interviews With Monster Girls recounts Takahashi’s daily routine at Shibasaki High School alongside his three Demi students: Hikari Takanashi, an active vampire; Kyouko Machi, a gentle dullahan; and Yuki Kusakabe, the bashful snow woman. Takahashi also encounters fellow teacher Sakie Satou, a succubus with an aversion to men, along the way. Takahashi chooses to conduct informal interviews with the females to discover more about their skills, psychology, and relationship with human society in order to achieve his aim of understanding more about the Demi. Takahashi quickly realizes that the Demi are not as strange as he first thought as he deepens his bond with his students.

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Hataraku Mao-sama (The Devil is a Part Timer)

the devil is a part timer best anime like one punch man

With his massive legions, the under Lord begins to conquer the continent of Ente Isla, striking fear into the hearts of mortals. However, while beginning on this heinous journey to conquer the continent, Lucifer’s efforts are thwarted by the hero Emilia, leading Lucifer to flee through a dimensional portal only to land in the human realm. Together with his devoted general Alsiel, thefallen angel is stranded in modern-day Tokyo and pledges to return and complete his dominion of Ente Isla—if they can find a way back!

In a world without magic, Lucifer disguises himself as Sadao Maou, a human, and begins working at MgRonald’s, a local fast-food restaurant, to make ends meet. He quickly discovers that controlling Ente Isla is not enough, and he becomes determined to climb the corporate ladder and become Earth’s ruler, one delighted customer at a time!

Hataraku Maou-Sama! gives a comical look at the most basic aspects of everyday life, all through the eyes of a haplessfallen angel ruler, whether it’s part-time work, domestic duties, or simply attempting to pay the rent on time.

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Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters)

school babysitters best anime like fruit basket

After losing both parents in a horrific plane disaster, Ryuuichi Kashima, a teenager, must adjust to his new life as the guardian of his younger brother Kotarou. Although Ryuuichi can retain a warm and kind manner, Kotarou is a reserved toddler who is still too young to comprehend the gravity of the situation. They are contacted during their parents’ funeral by Youko Morinomiya, the stern chairperson of an exceptional academy, who decides to take them under her care.

However, in exchange for a roof over their heads and enrollment in the school, Ryuuichi must satisfy one condition: he must become the school’s babysitter. In order to help the academy’s female teachers, a babysitter’s club was formed to care for their infant children. However, the club is badly understaffed, so Ryuuichi is now responsible for not just his younger brother but also a handful of toddlers with lively personalities.

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Ouran High School Host Club

haruhi fujioka ouran high school host club best anime traps

Haruhi Fujioka is a bright scholarship candidate with no rank or title to speak of—an uncommon species at Ouran Academy, an elite institution for kids with impeccable credentials. Haruhi inadvertently stumbles into the Host Club when she unlocks the door of Music Room # 3 in search of a peaceful spot to study. The club, led by the princely Tamaki Suou, is where handsome boys with too much time on their hands entertain the girls at the academy. Other members include the “Shadow King” Kyouya Ootori; the mischievous Hitachiin twins, Kaoru and Hikaru; the childlike Mitsukuni Haninozuka, also known as “Honey”; and his strong protector Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka.

In a desperate attempt to escape the hosts, Haruhi breaks a vase worth eight million yen and is forced to work as the eccentric group’s general errand boy to clear her large debt. However, due to her impressively masculine look, naturally kind demeanor toward females, and intriguing commoner status, she is quickly elevated to full-time male host. And before long, Haruhi is swept up in a flashy frenzy of extravagant cosplays, sumptuous cuisine, and exciting hijinks that only the opulent Host Club can pull off.

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k on 15 best feel good anime that will brighten your day

Joining a club is one of the many things that come with a new high school year. Yui Hirasawa, who is undecided about which club to join, comes, finds, and applies for the Light Music Club, which she thought was about playing simple instruments like castanets. She chooses to visit to apologize and quit because she is unable to play an instrument.

Meanwhile, the Light Music Club is on the verge of disbanding due to a shortage of members. As a result, club members give Yui anything, from meals to slacking off during club time, in an attempt to persuade her to join. Despite their efforts, Yui refuses to leave since she lacks musical experience. They play a piece for Yui as a last resort, which ignites her ardent passion and finally persuades her to join the club.

After that, it’s just fiddling about with bits and pieces of practice. The members of the Light Music Club are excited to spend time together!

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Haikyuu - Oikawa-min

Shouyou Hinata, a small-statured volleyball ace dubbed “Little Giant,” is inspired after seeing a volleyball ace called “Little Giant” in action to resurrect the volleyball club at his middle school. The newly formed team even makes it to a tournament; unfortunately, their first match is mercilessly destroyed by the “King of the Court,” Tobio Kageyama, and it is their last. Hinata pledges to outperform Kageyama, so after finishing middle school, he joins the volleyball team at Karasuno High School—only to discover that his sworn nemesis, Kageyama, has now become his teammate.

Despite his great jumping ability, Hinata struggles to find his place on the team due to his tiny stature. Surprisingly, Kageyama has his own issues that only Hinata can solve, and learning to collaborate seems to be the only way for the team to succeed. Haikyuu! is a thrilling and dramatic sports comedy based on Haruichi Furudate’s classic shounen manga of the same name. It follows two dedicated players as they seek to patch up a bitter rivalry in order to make their high school volleyball team the greatest in Japan.

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Yuri!!! On Ice

yuri on ice best anime by mappa studio

Yuuri Katsuki, previously Japan’s most talented figure skater, goes to his family home to consider his future options after suffering a shattering failure at the Grand Prix Finale. Yuuri’s opportunity for greatness in skating is shrinking rapidly at the age of 23, and his love of pork cutlets and tendency to gain weight aren’t helping either.

On the other hand, Yuuri finds himself in the spotlight after a video of him repeating a dance previously performed by five-time world champion Victor Nikiforov goes viral. In actuality, Victor shows up unexpectedly at Yuuri’s residence and offers to be his tutor. Yuuri accepts excitedly as one of his biggest fans, setting off his adventure to reclaim his place on the world stage. But the battle is tough, as Russia’s rising prodigy,Plisetsky, is the nether region-bent on defeating Yuuri and regaining Victor’s tutelage.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

tengen toppa gurren lagann

Simon and Kamina grew up in a secluded, underground town buried beneath the famous surface. Kamina is a free-spirited hot head determined to make a name for himself, whereas Simon is a timid young guy with no real ambitions. Simon discovers a weird thing while excavating the dirt one day, which turns out it was the activation key to an ancient artifact of warfare, which the team names Lagann. Simon and Kamina use their new weapon to repel a surprise attack from the surface, with the assistance of Yoko Littner, a hot-blooded redhead with a big weapon who roams the world above.

The sky is now visible in the aftermath of the war, forcing Simon and Kamina to embark on a trek with Yoko to explore the surface wastelands. Soon after, they join the struggle against the “Beastmen,” humanoid beings who torment the surviving humans in powerful robots known as “Gunmen.” Despite several diffiies and failures, the trio fights these new foes heroically with other survivors to recapture the surface while progressively revealing a galaxy-sized secret.

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Spice and Wolf

Holo is a fierce wolf deity who is worshiped and revered in Pasloe for blessing the annual crop. However, as time passes and the people become increasingly self-sufficient, Holo, also known as the “Wise Wolf of Yoitsu,” is reduced to a folk legend. When a traveling trader named Kraft Lawrence lands at Pasloe, Holo offers to become his business partner in exchange for taking her to her northern home of Yoitsu. The astute trader notices Holo’s extraordinary ability to assess a person’s character and agrees to her proposal. Lawrence is getting closer to his ambition of launching his own shop now that he possesses both keen business abilities and is a captivating negotiator. However, as Lawrence traverses the countryside with Holo in quest of economic prospects, he begins to notice that his ambitions are gradually changing into something unexpected.

Ookami to Koushinryou, also known as Spice and Wolf, is based on the popular light novel of the same name and combines the two polar genres of economics and romance to produce a captivating story filled with sophisticated plots, biting comedy, and smart dialogue. Ookami to Koushinryou is more than just a bartering narrative; it becomes a voyage of reclaiming a lost identity in an ever-changing environment.

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Yakitate Ja-pan

yakitate ja pan 15 best feel good anime that will brighten your day

While France, England, and Germany all have their very own world-renowned bread, Japan just does not have one that can compete in terms of reputation.

Kazuma Azuma starts on a journey to make Japan’s own distinctive national bread, having discovered the joys of breadmaking at an early age. And thanks to his abnormally warm hands, which help the dough ferment faster, Azuma can take his baking innovation to the next level.

As he begins working at the prominent Japanese bakery business Pantasia, Azuma meets other great bakers and learns about the competitive environment of baking firsthand. Azuma attempts, along with his newfound friends and adversaries, to develop innovative and unsurpassed bread that will spark a baking revolution.

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Fruits Basket

fruits basket 2019 a top 20 list of the best drama anime for your viewing pleasure

Tooru, a 16-year-old girl, moves to live with her grandfather when her mother is took the life of in an accident, but she is unable to stay with him because his house is being remodeled. Tooru, pretending she will find somebody to stay with but also fearful of her family’s judgment and not wanting to bother any of her friends, resorts to discreetly living alone in a tent in the woods.

One night, she discovers her tent buried beneath a landslide when she comes home from work. Yuki Souma, her school’s “prince,” and his cousin Shigure Souma, a famous author, discover Tooru’s predicament and invite her to reside with them until her grandfather’s home repairs are completed.

When Tooru arrives at the Souma mansion, he discovers their secret: when a Souma is hugged by someone of the opposing gender, they momentarily transform into one of the zodiac animals! However, this bizarre occurrence is no funny matter; rather, it is a horrible curse with a tragic past. Will Tooru’s kindhearted yet resilient character be enough to prepare her for what lies behind the Souma household’s doors as she continues her journey and meets other members of the zodiac family?

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Assassination Classroom

When a strange entity reduces the moon to a perpetual crescent, the pupils of Kunugigaoka Middle School’s Class 3-E are faced with a monumental task: take the life of the creature behind the calamity before Earth faces a similar fate. However, the creature, dubbed Koro-sensei, can fly at speeds of up to Mach 20, which he readily exhibits, leaving any attempt to restrain him in his otherworldly dust. Furthermore, the misfits of 3-E quickly discover that the odd, tentacled beast is more than simply invincible—he is also the best instructor they have ever had!

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, adapted from Yuusei Matsui’s comical blockbuster manga, chronicles the narrative of four junior high students as they sharpen their assassination abilities and mature in order to stand strong against the harsh school system, their own life diffiies, and, one day, Koro-sensei.

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Sket Dance

sket dance 15 best feel good anime that will brighten your day

The SKET Brigade is a special group at Kaimei High School dedicated to assisting others. The group’s brain is Kazuyoshi “Switch” Usui, a tech-savvy otaku who communicates using speech synthesis software, while Hime “Himeko” Onizuka, the hockey stick-wielding female formerly known as “Onihime,” provides the brawn. Last but not least, their leader is Yuusuke “Bossun” Fujisaki, whose goggles activate a dormant ability that allows him to summon the awesome power of to the limit focus.

However, the majority of students simply know them as the club that handles odd jobs. Many of their days are spent lounging off in the clubroom, but when something needs to be done, they give it their all to help others—usually in honest but unintentionally amusing ways. The SKET Brigade does everything they can to provide support, love, encouragement, and assistance to any students who are mentally unwell enough to want their help.

Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars)

food wars shokugeki no souma anime like black clover

Souma Yukihira, fifteen, has been helping his father as a sous chef in the restaurant his father owns and has run since he was a child. Souma found a passion for captivating his customers with his inventive, skilled, and daring culinary delights over the years. His ambition is to become the owner and head chef of his family’s restaurant one day.

However, when his father decides to close the restaurant in order to test his cooking skills in restaurants around the world, he has sent Souma to Tootsuki Culinary Academy, a prestigious cooking school where only 10% of students graduate. The school is well-known for its “Shokugeki,” or “food wars,” in which students compete in extreme, high-stakes cooking competitions.

As Souma and his new classmates fight to survive Tootsuki’s aggressive lifestyle, more and more challenges await him, putting his years of studying under his father to the test.

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My Hero Academia

my hero academia (season 5)

The emergence of “quirks,” or newly discovered superpowers, has been continually increasing, with 80 percent of humans possessing abilities ranging from element manipulation to shapeshifting. This renders the rest of the world powerless, and Izuku Midoriya is one such person.

The aspiring young middle schooler has dreamed of being a hero since he was a child. Izuku’s unfortunate fate causes him to admire heroes and take notes on them whenever he can. But it appears that his perseverance paid off: Izuku meets the top hero and his personal idol, All Might. All Might’s quirk is a one-of-a-kind ability that can be inherited, and he has chosen Izuku as his heir!

After months of arduous training, Izuku enrolls at UA High, a prestigious high school known for its excellent hero education program, and this year’s freshmen look extremely promising. With his strange but skillful classmates and the rising threat of an evil organization, Izuku will quickly discover what it truly means to be a hero.

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How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

how heavy are the dumbbells you lift 15 best feel good anime that will brighten your day

During a frequent after-school eating tour, Hibiki Sakura, an indulgent high schooler, is confronted with her ever-expanding weight by her closest buddy, Ayaka Uehara. Hibiki decides to join the recently opened Silverman Gym after her attempts at solo exercise completely fail. Hibiki meets student council president and school beauty Akemi Souryuuin at her orientation.

However, Hibiki soon discovers that she will be in for a lot more than she asked for. Not only is Silverman Gym teeming with world-class bodybuilders and athletes, but Akemi turns out to be truly muscle focused! Hibiki starts to leave, disgusted by the scene developing before her eyes, only to be intercepted by trainer Naruzou Machio. Hibiki joins a gym after becoming completely enamored with her newfound Prince Charming. Hibiki now has to adjust to her new way of living as a consequence of her spur-of-the-moment decision.

Flying Witch

flying witch 15 best feel good anime that will brighten your day

In the witches’ custom, when a practitioner reaches the age of 15, they must become self-sufficient and leave their home to study magic. Makoto Kowata is one such apprentice witch who departs from her parents’ house in Yokohama in search of training and information. She travels to Aomori, a region favored by witches because of its richness in nature and connection with magic, with her buddy Chito, a black cat familiar. They start their new life with Makoto’s second cousins, Kei Kuramoto, and his younger sister, Chinatsu.

While Makoto appears to be a typical adolescent, her whimsical and quirky connection with witchcraft distinguishes her from others her age. Makoto’s tranquil everyday life is laced with the eccentricities of witchcraft that she enjoys with her friends and family, from her experience with an anthropomorphic dog fortune teller to the strange magic instruction she receives from her older sister Akane.

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By The Grace of the Gods

by the grace of the gods anime like the time i got reincarnated as a slime

A kid named Ryouma Takebayashi resides deep in the wilderness, far from human interaction. He has a bizarre interest in raising various kinds of slimes as pets. Furthermore, despite his youth, he possesses a strong physique and an excellent affinity for magic. All of this is because, after enduring tremendous adversity in his former life, three gods bestow upon Ryouma a second chance to achieve one goal: to relish the wonders of life.

After three years of pleasant seclusion, Ryouma encounters people who will forever affect his daily life. When he meets and assists other troops in tending to an injured comrade, the group persuades him to join them to the surrounding town’s ducal family. Ryouma accepts and soon sets out to see the huge world outside his village.

March Comes in Like a Lion

18 anime like march comes in like a lion

Rei Kiriyama, who achieved professional rank in middle school, is one of the few elites in the field of shogi. As a result, he is subjected to great pressure from both the shogi community and his adoptive parents. He settles into an apartment in Tokyo in search of freedom from his diffi family life. Rei, a 17-year-old who lives on his own, is prone to poor self-care, and his reclusive demeanor isolates him from his peers at school and in the shogi hall.

Rei meets Akari, Hinata, and Momo Kawamoto, a trio of sisters who live with their grandfather, who owns a customary wagashi store, not long after his arrival in Tokyo. The eldest of the three girls, Akari is eager to use motherly hospitality to offset Rei’s loneliness and unsustainable lifestyle. Coping with past traumas, the Kawamoto sisters share with Rei a special familial relationship that he had been missing for most of his life. Rei must learn how to communicate with others and grasp his own complicated feelings as he struggles to sustain himself physically and emotionally during his shogi career.

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Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

monthly girls nozaki kun best shoujo anime from 70s to today

Chiyo Sakura is a cheery high school girl who is in love with the naive Umetarou Nozaki. When Chiyo declares her love to Nozaki, he presents her with an unknown autograph. As it turns out, the stoic adolescent is a well-known shoujo mangaka who goes by the pen name Sakiko Yumeno! As a result of a series of misunderstandings, Chiyo becomes one of Nozaki’s manga assistants.

Throughout the humorous events that follow, she befriends many of her eccentric classmates, including her allegedly shameless co-assistant, Mikoto Mikoshiba, and the “Prince of the School,” Yuu Kashima. Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun follows Chiyo as she works to assist Nozaki with his manga, hoping that he will someday notice her affections.

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Non Non Biyori

non non biyori anime like acchi kocchi

To most, Asahigaoka appears to be typical, dull countryside; nonetheless, no day in this village can ever be termed colorless, thanks to five pupils of varied ages occupying the lone class in the town’s only school. Renge Miyauchi, the youngest student, brings raw wit, curiosity, and her trademark catchphrase, “Nyanpasu!” The Koshigaya siblings are the peaceful ninth grader and eldest brother, Suguru, the small eighth-grader, Komari, and the cheeky seventh-grader, Natsumi. Hotaru Ichijou, a Tokyo-raised fifth-grader who looks overdeveloped for her age and thus effortlessly holds an air of maturity, completes this energetic and lively group of five classmates.

Based on Atto’s manga, Non Non Biyori depicts the not-so-normal daily lives of this group of friends as they indulge in their own style of fun and frolic and playfully grapple with the reality of living in a rural region.

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The Saintʼs Magic Power is Omnipotent

the saintʼs magic power is omnipotent sei anime with overpowered main character

Since ancient ages, the residents of Salutania have been shrouded in a cloak of miasma, a power that summons monsters that wreak devastation over the planet. When the Order of Knights of the kingdom is unable to restrain the monsters, the Grand Magus calls for a holy maiden—the mythical “Saint”—to annihilate the horrifying beasts and restore peace.

As Sei Takanashi comes home after work one night, she is transported into a strange world by a mystical power. When she arrives at Salutania, she hears that the Grand Magus mistakenly called two Saints—Sei and a brown-haired girl. Because the prince only requires one holy maiden, he proclaims the other girl to be the Saint, abandoning Sei to her own devices.

Sei sets her sights on the Medicinal Flora Research Institute, a facility famed for its research on plants and potions. Sei had a fateful interaction with the Third Order of Knights commander while indulging in her current passion. But little does she realize that her ability as a Saint will start to have an impact on her new life.

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Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

words bubble up like soda pop  30 of the best anime of 2021

Yui “Cherry” Sakura conveys himself best through the haiku he creates and puts on the internet, despite the fact that no one pays attention to them. He spent the summer working part-time at a care facility while preparing to move with his family in August.

He spent the summer working part-time at a care facility while preparing to move with his family in August. Meanwhile, Yuki “Smile” Hoshino is a rising Internet star who wishes to make everyone smile. She is concerned about the braces on her bulging front teeth, so she hides her own smile with a temporary mask.

After an unintentional encounter with Cherry, Smile finds herself working as a part-time employee at the same facility as Cherry. Soon after, the two assist Fujiyama, an elderly man, in his search for an ancient vinyl record he owned. He wants to listen to it again before his memory fades forever, as he is unable to recall its previous place. Cherry and Smile only have the record sleeve and the phrase “yamazakura” as clues, so their hunt in the hazy heat of the summer starts.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

miss kobayashi's dragon maid best slice of life anime

As Kobayashi prepares to leave for work, she opens her apartment door to see an extraordinarily terrifying sight—the head of a dragon glaring at her across the balcony. The dragon instantly transforms into a cute, busty, and lively young girl clothed in a maid uniform and introduces herself as Tooru.

The stoic programmer had encountered the dragon the night before on an expedition to the mountains, and because the mythological beast had nowhere else to stay, she had promised the creature a shelter in her home. Tooru came to take advantage of the opportunity, eager to reciprocate her savior’s goodwill by working as her special maidservant. Though very remorseful of her comments and unwilling to keep her vow, Kobayashi is persuaded to take the girl in by a combination of guilt and Tooru’s extraordinary dragon talents.

Despite being incredibly effective at her profession, the maid’s unconventional housekeeping tactics frequently horrify Kobayashi and cause more diffiy than assistance. Furthermore, the circumstances surrounding the dragon’s presence on Earth appear to be far more convoluted than it initially appears since Tooru carries some deep emotions and unpleasant memories. To top it all off, Tooru’s presence attracts a slew of other supernatural creatures to her new home, bringing plenty of wacky characters with her. Despite her best efforts to deal with the bizarre position in which she has found herself, nothing has prepared her for her new lifestyle with a dragon maid.

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There you have it, anime fans. 32 “feel-good” anime to warm your heart and soul. Some of these are actually good anime for beginners, given the global situation we’re in. Did we miss your favorite feel-good anime? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. And of course, we hope you feel good.

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