yuri on ice best anime by mappa studio

10 Of The Best Anime Like Yuri!!! On Ice

yuri on ice best anime by mappa studio

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Yuri on Ice became an unstoppable force in the world of anime in 2016. You couldn’t escape it even if you wanted to! Merchandise was flying off shelves, and fans were going crazy for this show about Ice skating like they had never done before with any other series.

Yuuri Katsuki is a promising figure skater in his yesteryears, and after he suffers defeat at the Grand Prix finale, Yuuri returns to Kyushu. We can’t help but wonder if things were too much for Yuri or not? Regardless of which it may be,curls up into a hole in his family’s home and starts binging on pork cutlets.

yuri on ice best anime by mappa studio

Professional skater Victor Nikiforov is a five-time world champion who decides to mentorfor the figure skating Grand Prix. Thus begins his grind, but things aren’t easy this time as he’s up against someone much younger and equally determined: Russian skaterPlisetsky. 

Whether you’re in need of more sports anime or just looking for a new husbandro, well, we compiled a list of popular anime recommendations similar toon Ice.

10. Ahiru no Sora

ahiru no sora best anime like haikyuu

An anime adaptation of a popular manga series: this sports anime deals with basketball as a central theme. It follows Sora Kurumatani, a skilled basketball player that lacks the essential physical characteristics for the game: Height. Although short, Sora is unparalleled in the game.

Sora enters Kuzuryuu High School, hoping to become a member of the basketball club and compete in tournaments. He’s disappointed when he learns that the boy’s team is just an excuse for punks who have no interest in playing at all. The brothers Chiaki and Momoharu Hanazono also lose their spirit for the sport. Sora is determined to revive the team, so he challenges the punks to a game. And as they play, he reignites the characters’ passion for the game.

9. Kuroko’s Basketball

kuroko no basket best anime like haikyuu

At Seirin High School, two freshmen prove themselves to be anything but ordinary. Returning from America Taiga Kagami has come back with new skills and talent on the basketball court that makes him a formidable opponent for any team he’s playing against. The other is Tetsuya Kuroko, the definition of an ordinary high school student. He has a lack of presence that makes him unnoticeable, free to move around unnoticed. Unlike Taiga, Tetsuya’s skills are not in sports or scoring points; however, he played as the Phantom Sixth Man for Teikou’s Basketball Team, the generation of miracles, where he passed balls effortlessly and assisted teammates to score with ease.

One of the most beloved sports anime series, Kuroko no Basket, follows Seirin’s players as they attempt to become the best Japanese high school team by winning their Interhigh Championship. A loved sports anime for its characters dynamics, animation style, and character arcs.

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8. Haikyu!!

best anime like haikyuu

Shōyō Hinata is a boy who has been hooked on volleyball since seeing the “small giant” perform on TV during his childhood. Years later, Shōyō faces an ace rival Tobio Kageyama and loses in a middle school competition when he was only thirteen years old. A few more years pass before joining Kurasuno High School’s volleyball team to defeat him off-field as well. It turns out that this will become one of those healthy co-dependencies between two rivals over time because each player needs something from the other – teamwork!

This popular anime goes in deep with the characters, focusing on one character arc every now and then to emphasize their circumstances what each of them brings to the table.

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7. Days

days anime likeon ice

Soccer is an international sport that crosses all borders. The anime series Days follows the story of two boys as they embark on different journeys through this game. One central character doesn’t know how to play soccer at first, but he soon learns from his teammates and inspires many other players in the process- much like a true leader would do!

Tsukushi is a boy whose physical strength does not match his mental prowess. His first day of school starts with him being invited to a soccer game by Kazama, who he soon reveals the true potential within himself and becomes one of their leading players. 

6. Ace Of Diamond

ace of diamond best anime like haikyuu

Ace of Diamond is a series that explores the relationship between teamwork and consistency. The focus of this anime’s story is on Japan’s most popular sport, baseball, with an emphasis on one high school team in particular who all have their burning desire to win the kōshien summer championship equivalent to America’s Little League World Series.

5. Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

free best anime like haikyuu

The Free! anime is a sports show centred around four friends who take to the pool: Haruka, Rin, Nagisa and Tachibana. The group of friends part ways after they win an elementary school relay race tournament. Years later, when their paths cross again at high school, they realize how much has changed since then. This anime deals with characters relationship with regard to their feelings for each other as well as themselves individually. Free! is an emotional anime about swimming and friendship.

4. Run With The Wind

run with the wind best anime like haikyuu

Haiji Kiyose is a fourth-year student at Kansei University and an ace runner who gathers men for the Track Club. Haiji wants nothing more than to be able to participate in the university’s marathon of Hakone Ekiden, but all he has are ten members: not enough to win! He meets Kakeru Kurahara, a former teammate with whom they share their dreams of victory. Run With The Wind will take you on this journey as it explores relationships in-depth–a must watch anime!

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3. Yowamushi Pedal

yowamushi pedal best anime like haikyuu

Sakamichi Onoda is a cheerful otaku looking to join his new school’s anime club and make some friends. Unfortunately, the club has been disbanded, and he takes it on himself in hopes of reviving it by finding students who are willing to become members. With little luck so far, Sakamichi makes a long trip back to Akihabara and back on his beat-up bike, a trip he’s been doing since fourth grade.

This anime tackles the world of professional cycling. Yet, it doesn’t start with a protagonist already ensconced in the sport. Instead, this story is about a high school freshman that finds out he’s good at biking without gears from another first-year student, Shunsuke Imaizumi, who encourages him to join a bike team. We follow the amazing character development as he goes from aimless otaku into competitive cyclist through an adolescent transformation.

2. Baby Steps

baby steps best anime like haikyuu

The protagonist of Baby Steps is Eiichirō, a young man who wants to make changes in his life. It’s here that he gains the skills and tactical knowledge needed to become an excellent tennis player through consistent training and persistence. There are no superpowers at all in this amazing anime; instead, it looks at how hard work pays off with success when there’s not any kind of magic or supernatural forces involved whatsoever!

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1. Tsurune

tsurune anime likeon ice

Archery is the central theme in Tsurune. The protagonist, Minato Narumiya, has been afflicted with ‘target pain’ since his last competition and now suffers from dejection. But one day, Mr. Tommy comes to him as a talent powerhouse who decides to mentor this marksman-turned-dejected person back into an aspiring bowman again! With the help of his two friends, Seiya and Ryohei, Tsurune starts all over again–reminding us why friendship can be what drives life forward.

An anime that deals with drama realistically and handles the typical character type differently. It gathered a lot of noise with the way it drove the plot, and now there is rumour of an anime movie.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of anime suggestions foron Ice! There are a lot more out there, so if we missed your favorite team or show, let us know in the comments below. What’s your favorite anime likeon Ice? Let us know in the comment section below and tell us what we should add to our watch list next time around. Until then, enjoy these awesome shows!

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