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Doraemon one of the longest running aniem series

Anime With The Highest Number Of Episodes

There is nothing like a long-running anime. Of course, the downside to a long-running anime is that it can suffer from filler episodes, hurting a plot. However, if done right, a long-running anime can be very successful. These series were successful because they were able to keep their viewers for a long time.

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Best 90's Anime You Should Watch Today

Best 90’s Anime You Should Watch Today

The 1990s was the decade that brought anime to the wider world. It was the decade that saw the mainstreaming of one of the most beloved genres of animation. The 90s were the decade of Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball Z. The decade was filled with iconic characters, series, and moments that have since become a staple of anime itself. The 1990s was truly an amazing time for anime.

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