Top 35 Yuri Characters in Anime (and Why They’re Awesome)

There’s something about Yuri anime that just makes your heart flutter. Maybe it’s the innocent but passionate way the female characters love each other, or maybe it’s the wonderfully creative ways they find to express their love. Whatever it is, these 35 Yuri anime characters will have you falling in love with Yuri all over again! Check out our list and see if your favorite character made the cut!

Shiori Tsuzuki (Witchblade)

shiori tsuzuki (witchblade) best yuri anime characters

She is a Neogene and one of the few Cloneblades introduced in the anime who works as Reina Soho’s assistant. Shiori appears cocky and confident, but as a Cloneblade, she quickly reveals that she has little to no control over her urges. She has a sexual crush on Reina Soho, whom she affectionately refers to as “Sensei” (“Doctor” in the English dub). Despite her sexual attraction to Reina, Shiori has proven that she has no reservations about having sexual encounters with men. This is apparent in scenes when it is strongly indicated that she slept with some of them before murdering them and in her later attempt to sexually abuse Reiji Takayama.

This was most likely owing to him being a past lover of Reina, and so she was mostly interested in him to feel closer to her.

Sanae Nagatsuki (Squid Girl)

sanae nagatsuki (squid girl) best yuri anime characters

Sanae Nagatsuki appears to be a teen. She is a brunette with brown eyes. Her go-to outfits are a green or pink tank top with spaghetti straps, a blue flannel skirt, and red tennis shoes.

Sanae has a thing for Ika Musume, much to Ika’s chagrin. She’s always photographing Ika, first in cosplay, then in canon. In her jealousy, she imagines situations in which she would win Ika’s love. Ika is horrified by Sanae’s attempts to approach her and will often beat her with her tentacles and spray her with ink. However, Sanae seems to take peculiar masochistic pleasure in this.

Yume Kitaoka (Kanamemo)

yume kitaoka (kanamemo) best yuri anime characters

Yuuki Minami’s best friend and lover. A happy, lively girl with a sweet tooth. For example, she put two bags of sugar into a curry dish and baked chocolate-filled onigiri with two students from a pastry academy.

Proof of Yuri:

She doesn’t mind kissing Yuuki in public.

Her inability to do something with Yuuki makes her sad.

She and Yuuki are a pair because she is fascinated with doing everything with Yuuki and is really sad when they are denied the opportunity.

She sleeps next to Yuuki every night, and they share passionate moments under their blankets after she kisses her good morning.

In Episode 7, she kissed Yuuki while eating a colored candy that made their tongue colors mix into a purple tint.

She snuck under Yuuki’s kimono and winked at her while they were getting ready for the festival.

She jumped at the chance to sleep with Yuuki on one futon, then walked to their room with her arm around her.

Her breasts were grabbed in the public bath, and she pondered what Yuuki would do if she prodded her in a certain region.

Suggested  to Yuuki that they should wash each other’s backs in the public bath.

Liang Qi (Canaan)

liang qi (canaan) best yuri anime characters

Liang Qi has shoulder-length black hair that falls to her shoulders and bangs over her brow. She is dressed in a purple kimono-style garment with long sleeves that reach her thighs. She wears something around her neck. Liang has brown eyes as well.

Alphard, Al Sheya’s top lieutenant, who affectionately refers to Alphard as her elder sister, has implied that she has been with Alphard since she and Siam parted ways. Liang Qi has been on numerous missions with Alphard, growing closer to her along the way. Alphard goes into hiding, prompting Liang Qi to write her a note claiming to be from Siam in order to reclaim her. Her plot backfires when Alphard realizes that the note was sent by Liang Qi and is about to kill her when she tells Cummings to kill her instead.

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Kisa Misaki (Kagihime)

kisa misaki (kagihime) best yuri anime characters

Kisa is a 15-year-old girl with short aubergine hair that only reaches her chin, a bright yellow bunny-shaped hair decoration on her left side, and violet eyes.

She appears to be wearing a school uniform, a white long-sleeved sailor fuku with a yellow tie in the center of her uniform, a pink-colored skirt, white tights, and a pair of brown shoes.

As a result of the completion of The Eternal Alice, Kisa gains her personality in Kagihime Monogatari Eikyu Alice Musou, although she retains her previous personality. She is a cheerful and self-assured adolescent who, like Kiraha, is thought to be a pretty girl. She is kind and charming to others, and she has a soft spot for her brother, Palm Misaki. When Palm eats her favorite treats without her permission, she becomes irritated. She is always willing to provide a helping hand, and she constantly wants to prove her worth in battle, which scares her friends and brother. She often adds “-Desuno” to the end of her sentences, which may be to show that she is a different person.

Her upbeat and headstrong personality contrasts with that of Duke Artorius, whom she calls “Seito Kaichou.” Her president is a hero in her eyes, and she looks forward to seeing him in action. When he doubts his ability to defend her, she frequently responds by saying that his kindness is his actual saving grace. Despite any obligations she may have when they encounter Jabberwocky, she frequently remains loyal to the president.

Chikane Himemiya (Kannazuki no Miko)

chikane himemiya (kannazuki no miko)

Chikane is a lovely adolescent girl of ordinary height and weight with knee-length dark blue hair with a yellow band on top and bangs falling over her face, as well as chest-length hair strands hanging on either side and light blue eyes.

Chikane is a very powerful, elegant, and aristocratic girl who lives in a vast home with many servants and is believed to be of the highest standing at her school, but she is also a very beautiful, kind, and intellectual girl who has many fans in Ototachibana Academy.

Chikane has been in love with Himeko since the first time they met. She doesn’t tell anyone about it until a long time later, when she hides her jealousy and hurt at seeing Himeko and Soma Ogami together.

Ymir (Attack on Titan) 

ymir (attack on titan) best yuri anime characters

Ymir appeared to be greedy, cynical, disagreeable, and combative at first. She gradually displayed a gentler side, particularly with Historia Reiss. Ymir showed this emotional and unselfish side of herself even earlier when she accepted entire responsibility for the Eldian cult’s inception, despite her members betraying her first. She also saved Erwin Smith’s life while blaming him for the failure of her plot to secure Krista’s future. She also said that she was sorry for swallowing Marcel Galliard, a friend and comrade of Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Bertolt Hoover, even though she didn’t mean to.

Ymir had a romantic crush on Historia and was completely committed to her. Even though they had their own secrets, the two had a strong bond and profound confidence in each other. Because of their comparable backgrounds and traumatic experiences, Historia was one of the few people Ymir actually cared about, and he would go to any length to protect her. This is possibly why she began to slack off in order to allow Historia to graduate in the top 10, allowing her to live safely in the Interior as a member of the Military Police.

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Ruru (Kiznaiver)

ruru (kiznaiver) best yuri anime characters

Honoka’s late best friend, as well as the other half of her mangaka team. Ruru may appear shy around other people, yet she has a very energetic and gregarious side.

When she met Honoka, she opened up and showed a very excited and gregarious side.

When she expresses her affection for Honoka, she comes across as quite outgoing and unafraid, which contradicts what her parents may have imagined she acted like.

Even when Honoka turned her down and made her finish the manga on her own, she didn’t let that change her attitude.

Zola Axberg (Cross Ange)

zola axberg (cross ange) best yuri anime characters

Zola is a tall, curvaceous young woman with beautiful blonde hair that reaches her hips. She has her personal emblem tattooed on her right thigh and left breast. Her left eye is a prosthetic, having been lost in a battle with the DRAGONS.

She is a hedonist with a fondness for new cadets, which irritates her vice-captain, Salia. She is unconcerned with consent, as evidenced by her attempted rape of Ange in the torture chamber.

Zola has no qualms about having sexual encounters with her subordinates, all of whom are younger than her and in their late adolescence. Zola has a clear penchant for younger sexual partners, mainly teenagers, as evidenced by her attempt to exploit Ange. She parades around a harem of three, Rosalie, Chris, and Hilda, albeit Hilda is her favorite because she is shown having sex with her red-haired subordinate the most on film.

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Nina Einstein (Code Geass)

nina einstein (code geass) best yuri anime characters

For a woman in the series, Nina seems unimpressed with her looks. Her dark green hair is cut short, with two long braids bordering her shoulders. Her indigo eyes are framed by round glasses, and she usually wears the Ashford Academy uniform.

Nina’s looks deteriorate after the time skip. She usually wears a torn red dress with blue hems and a white cloak, with long shaggy hair. She sometimes doesn’t wear glasses.

Nina’s prejudiced worldview is never fully explained in the series, as she displays an overwhelming fear and helplessness when faced with “Elevens.” However, some of the series’ dialogue suggests she had a horrible experience with the Japanese before the series’ events. According to Milly, Nina visited the ghettos and was assaulted by “elevens” at the time.

She considers Euphemia “divine” and seeks her emotional support. A psychotic Euphemia was driven to assassinate Zero by her hatred for “Elevens” and her desire to kill Euphemia. During the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement, the F.L.E.I.J.A., a result of her wrath, kills 25 million people. Nina later abandons her bigoted views to support Lelouch’s scheme. She is in a wedding photo with Ohgi and Villetta at the end of the series, and she is no longer xenophobic.

Nina loves baggy attire in season one, but she begins to wear more form-fitting outfits in season two.

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Urara Kasugano (Sabagebu!)

urara kasugano (sabagebu!)

Urara is short and skinny, with pigtails of bright pink hair and emerald eyes. She has a little mole beneath her lower lip.

As a high school girl, she usually dresses in a variant of the school’s uniform, a long-sleeved sweater and a crimson bow.

She hides her violent and perverse nature underneath her attractive appearance and manner. She is also incredibly dedicated to Momoka and is eager to serve as her human shield in a variety of situations. However, given the circumstances, Urara will impose her will on Momoka.

Kotone Noda (Sakura Trick)

kotone noda (sakura trick)

Kotone has pale skin, long blonde hair worn loose, amber eyes, a well-developed figure, and is the cast’s tallest.

She is dressed in the regular uniform, which consists of a red tie, a basic white (collared) button-up shirt, and a blue and green checkered skirt. Outside, she is more typically seen wearing a beige sweater-vest than a dark green suit jacket.

Kotone is a bright and active girl who loves to have fun and enjoy her high school experience to the utmost. She always has a wide smile on her face and a bright, upbeat demeanor. She enjoys making fun of her friends, yet she is also nice and loving.

Kotone is especially close to Shizuku Minami, with whom she lives and holds romantic affection. In fact, the only time Kotone appears angry is when Shinobu Noda attempts to force her to return to her original home. She is the one who generally initiates kisses and is highly flirtatious. While she is completely committed to Shizuku, she enjoys flirting with and teasing other girls.

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Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune) (Sailor Moon)

michiru kaioh (sailor neptune) (sailor moon)

She is kind and always ready to smile or laugh. She is not the most social person, but when she becomes close to someone, it is because she sincerely wants to. She may utilize her talisman to anticipate future events.

She is Haruka Tenou’s lover. She’s linked to Haruka Tenou. It was implied (particularly during the Stars season and Sailor Moon Crystal III) that Michiru and Haruka had a physical relationship.

She shares a residence with Haruka and is quite affectionate with her.

In Sailor Moon Crystal III’s first ending, she had a romantic relationship with Sailor Uranus.

Her envy of Haruka getting close to Usagi by discreetly kissing her “just for fun” is not shown until Haruka observed her lonely expression and somewhat sad eyes when embracing her in their house.

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Shizuru Fujino (My-HiME)

shizuru fujino (my hime)

Shizuru, the calm student council president of Fuuka Academy, initially appears in episodes involving major school events or in scenes with the Student Council’s homeroom. She takes care of the entire school’s affairs alone, even patches up for the academy director when needed, but leaves the “dirty work” to the executive committee. 

Proof of Yuri:

Her fellow students know Shizuru as Onne-sama due to her graceful fighting technique, charisma, attractiveness, kindness, and honesty.

Shizuru enjoys taunting Natsuki, especially when she asks about changing her attendance record.

She concentrates on safeguarding Natsuki Kuga.

Shizuru’s elemental shadow first appears in episode 20 when her child, Kiyohime, blocks Mikoto’s attack on Natsuki.

Shizuru is enraged that Natsuki has rejected her feelings, entraps her under a bell, and draws her into an embrace.

In a Drama CD scene, Natsuki admits to Nao that she and Shizuru are in an exclusive romantic relationship.

Aya Komichi (Kin-iro Mosaic)

aya komichi (kin iro mosaic)

Aya is noted for being shy, awkward, and unable to convey her actual sentiments. She is the group’s serious female, not likely to be foolish or excessively emotional. She tries to execute everything with grace and elegance, even though others sometimes outperform her.

When it comes to her crush on Yoko, Aya is a classic tsundere. She is also self-conscious about her appearance. However, she can empathize with those who are in a similar circumstance.

She is incredibly intelligent but may be dense or even ignorant at times. She admits to being forgetful. Others note her tendency to break the mood, although she is ignorant of her actions. Aya is smart and reliable, according to Alice.

Aya and Yoko have been great friends since Middle School. At first, she was quite dependent on her, and she was slow to become independent. In an effort to be honest about her feelings and express them, she has grown a huge crush on her buddy Yoko. If she suspects someone else has affections for Yoko, she goes into denial and panic mode.

Ume Shiraume (Ben-To)

ume shiraume (ben to)

When Ume is around her buddy Hana, she is a sweet, tranquil person. However, as a result of her overprotectiveness, she expresses her hate for Satou, primarily because of his close relationship with her, and she regards him as a terrible influence. She demonstrates her angry side by continuously telling Satou that he has made her angry, which results in her beating him and/or snatching Hana away from him when Hana isn’t watching. Though she has a softer side, she discovered she was weak when she lost a bento brawl while trying to protect Hana. And she decided to beg Satou to defend Hana on her behalf.

When Ume is around her buddy Hana, she is a sweet, tranquil person. However, as a result of her overprotectiveness, she expresses her hate for Satou, primarily because of his close relationship with her, and she regards him as a terrible influence.

She demonstrates her angry side by continuously telling Satou that he has made her angry, which results in her beating him and/or snatching Hana away from him when Hana isn’t watching.

Because of her jealousy and overprotectiveness of Hana, she continuously abuses and smacks Satou.

Misa Aoi (Kandagawa Jet Girls)

misa aoi (kandagawa jet girls)

Misa is not particularly chatty at first, but she has no issue entering a room with a no-entry sign and participating in a Kandagawa simulation by herself. When the virtual environment begins to flicker, she displays her displeasure by kicking the machine.

Proof of Yuri:

Rin Namiki is the only one who can make her blush with her romantic advances.

Timidly asked Rin out on a Sunday date but then grew shy when Rin held her.

Misa was embarrassed when she grasped Rin’s arm as she was leaving one evening.

She was blushing at the beginning as Rin clung to her arm to snap a picture with her.

After Rin smelled her aroma, she became shy.

She panicked one morning when she discovered Rin’s face so close to her.

Akari Amano (Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood.)

akari amano (ms. vampire who lives in my neighborhood.) best yuri anime characters

Because of Sophie’s doll-like look, she begins living with the vampire Sophie Twilight. She frequently asks Sophie to swallow her blood, which Sophie resists.

Proof of Yuri:

At a fireworks display, she and Sophie are both holding hands.

She fantasizes about marrying Sophie.

She wishes to live with Sophie indefinitely.

She dreams of vampires taking her blood.

She’d like to go on a date with Sophie.

Akemi Seumizome (Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha)

Akemi is a stunning young lady with mid-back length amber hair that is normally tied with two black ribbons on each side, square bangs, and bronze eyes.

She is frequently seen in her school uniform.

Proof of Yuri:

Akemi develops feelings for Keiko Sanjo, but she decides to hide them because she is afraid people will think she is strange.

After some encouragement from her pals, she eventually decides to accept her own feelings.

When Keiko tenderly patted her head one evening, she got shy.

When Keiko softly caressed her face, she blushed.

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Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Uranus) (Sailor Moon)

haruka tenoh (sailor uranus) (sailor moon) best yuri anime characters

Haruka Tenou is a character in the anime series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

Sailor Uranus’ civilian identity and one of the Outer Sailor Guardians tasked with protecting the Solar System from outside threats. As the Sailor Guardian of the Heavens, Haruka has skills that affect the air and winds around her. She can detect supernatural activities and even understand the wind itself by sensing an unpleasant breeze.

She is Michiru Kaio’s / Sailor Neptune’s sweetheart. She has a romantic relationship with her. Although the earlier seasons of the anime were not graphic in nature, there were clues (particularly during the Stars season and Sailor Moon Crystal III) that Michiru and Haruka had a physical relationship.

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Mina Nakanotani (Air Master)

mina nakanotani (air master)

She attends a supposedly wealthy private school. She is quite bashful, lacks confidence, is easily intimidated, and frequently cries. When she’s around Maki, she feels a lot more secure.

Proof of Yuri:

When she first sees Maki Aikawa, she blushes and likes her.

Maki defends Mina several times when she is harassed for her large boobs.

Mina agrees to go swimming with her pals – something she generally avoids due to males staring at her breasts – if Maki joins them.

She falls head over heels in love with Maki right away.

They later kissed, cuddled, and slept in the same bed.

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Shirai Kuroko (A Certain Magical Index)

shirai kuroko (a certain magical index) best yuri anime characters

Kuroko has tawny hair tied into two curling pigtails with two rows of fringes split in the middle. Each of her pigtails has a red bow. Her naturally curly hair requires a straightening perm.

Her 152 cm height and flat chest give her the image of an average girl her age.

She wears the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform and the Judgment armband when on duty. She wears two black straps on her thighs that hold metal spikes intended to apprehend criminals.

Proof of Yuri:

Affectionately known as onee-sama, she is infatuated with Mikoto Misaka. She and Misaka are a pair.

She follows Misaka to protect her.

For example, she told Misaka to undress, which was perverse.

She enjoys being tortured by Misaka’s love whip and being snapped at by her. This is why she will always be her vanguard, she tells Misaka.

When Kuroko instructs Kiyama Harumi to stop undressing in a public cafe, Kiyama replies to Kuroko, “Look at me for a second, it’s not like I’m anything remarkable, no male in here will care about viewing my body.” Kuroko angrily responds, “So you can’t truly tell! Also, don’t limit yourself to guys!” implying that some women adore women.

While at the beach, she enjoys flashing Misaka her body by running around naked in front of her.

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Fumi Manjome (Sweet Blue Flowers)

fumi manjome (sweet blue flowers) best yuri anime characters

Fumi Manjome is a main character in the Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) Yuri anime series. Matsuoka Girl’s High School’s first-year student. A tall, bashful girl who frequently cries. Fumi returns to the town where she grew up and, unbeknownst to her, runs into her old buddy Akira Okudaira.

Proof of Yuri:

Fumi develops a crush on Yasuko Sugimoto shortly after meeting her at the literature club, and Yasuko later asks her out.

Fumi officially joins the literary society, and Yasuko then leads her to the library room, where they enjoy their first kiss.

She went on a date with Yasuko, strolling about town and admiring the view of the sea.

She has been envious of the attention Yasuko has received from other girls.

She went to buy a bunch of blue flowers for Yasuko, but she was unable to present the bouquet to Yasuko after learning of Yasuko’s genuine love interest.

She had her first romantic encounter with her older female cousin Chizu Hanashiro, with whom she had sex, but soon after Fumi returns to Kamakura, she learns that Chizu is about to marry a guy she has never met.

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Sumika Izumino (Yurikuma Arashi)

sumika izumino (yurikuma arashi) best yuri anime characters

Kureha’s meek and delicate classmate. Later, as Lady Kumaria, she transforms Kureha into a bear and sends her and Ginko on a voyage beyond Separation.

Proof of Yuri:

She is seen to be fiercely loyal to Kureha, unwilling to give in to the Invisible Storm.

Her unwillingness to exclude Kureha and the rest of the Invisible Storm gets her expelled.

She fed Sumika on the school’s rooftop at lunch.

She informed Kureha she adores her while discussing bentou.

Even during the Invincible Storm, she adored Kureha.

She went to Kureha’s apartment to warm herself by the fireplace, naked and under the same cover.

Mitsuko Yurizono eats Sumika early in the novel, taking her glasses as a souvenir. She worried for Kureha while being eaten.

Yuzu Aihara (Citrus)

yuzu aihara (citrus) best yuri anime characters

Yuzu has dyed chestnut blonde hair with bangs brushed to the left, emerald green eyes, and two ear piercings.

Proof of Yuri:

She initially noticed Mei Aihara’s pleasant odor and tenses up when Mei approaches.

Her sentiments for Mei were unseen until her companion revealed her actions for her and desired her feelings reached Mei.

She is protective and caring towards Mei, as she supports her against the school principal’s accusations. When she found out that her future sensei doesn’t value her and is simply interested in money, she revealed to Mei his true intentions. And she proved it at the morning assembly.

She sympathizes with Mei’s sad and lonely look. And she doesn’t want her to leave since she’s lonely without her.

She can’t stop thinking about Mei and remembering their first kiss. She made her lose sleep since she was so turned on.

She kept looking at her body and wishing to touch her before she recognized her thoughts and exited the water.

She is empathetic and helpful to Mei when her father was overbearing; she wants to help her, she wants to tear down the rules imposed by her father so she can live more freely.

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Tsubame Kamoi (Our Maid is Way Too Annoying!)

tsubame kamoi (our maid is way too annoying!) best yuri anime characters

An ex-Air Self-Defense Force veteran who works as a maid for the Takanashi family.

She is fascinated by tiny girls and consequently develops a strong attachment to Misha.

Tsubame attempted to befriend Misha through a cooperative online game, but her identity was quickly revealed.

Tsubame coerced Misha into accompanying her on a mountain camping excursion.

Before the beauty contest, she flirted with Misha.

Riko Hakozaki (Bloom into You)

riko hakozaki (bloom into you) best yuri anime characters

Riko Hakozaki is a character in the Yuri anime series Bloom Into You.

A serious high school teacher and Student Council advisor. She previously taught drama at another high school, is a member of a theatre troupe, and currently teaches literature while simultaneously serving as the student council adviser.

Proof of Yuri:

Riko is in a live-in relationship with Miyako Kodama, though she tries to keep this a secret.

She claims that Miyako is an exception to her rule of not dating women.

She can share a kiss with Miyako when she is alone with her.

Sakura Adachi (Adachi and Shimamura)

sakura adachi (adachi and shimamura) best yuri anime characters

Adachi was a very shy individual. She had never had a friend before meeting Shimamura. Adachi was believed to be aloof and not to have tried to establish friends with others in the past.

When she is among her pals, she is frequently jealous of Shimamura and ends up fleeing. She has realized that her behavior isn’t healthy and has tried to change it.

Despite her shyness, she will always act boldly when given a chance.

Proof of Yuri:

When she’s alone, she fantasizes about Shimamura.

Shimamura asks her if she wants to see her body in a hotel bath.

She kept the empty can because Shimamura drank from it.

Only to match Shimamura’s favorite colors, white and blue, did she buy a new bikini.

She and Shimamura got into a lesbian relationship.

Juri Arisugawa (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

juri arisugawa (revolutionary girl utena)

Juri Arisugawa is a villain in “Shoujo Kakumei Utena”. Juri, the academy’s fencing captain, is a beloved student of Ohtori, and even her teachers admire her. Her cool demeanor conceals a horrible secret. She is the noblest of the Student Council Duelists, and hence the most likely to become a Prince.

Her friend Shiori Takatsuki, whom Juri secretly loves, has harmed her in the past. While initially believing Shiori had stolen Juri’s boyfriend, it is later shown that Juri had always loved Shiori.

Juri denies believing in miracles. But she urgently wishes for a miracle to help her and Shiori.

Proof of Yuri:

Her locket contains Shiori’s photo.

Because she can’t make Shiori comprehend how she feels, she has little resentment against Shiori.

To get Utena Tenjou to remove her priceless ring, she employed seduction by delicately stroking her under the moonlight.

She understands that her feelings for Shiori haven’t changed over time and that they were truly happy together. However, seeing their happy smiles (Shiori and her prior lover, whom Shiori mistook for Juri’s love interest) makes her nostalgic, jealous, and envious of her boyfriend having Shiori all to himself.

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Ushio Kazama (Whispered Words)

ushio kazama (whispered words) best yuri anime characters

Ushio Kazama is a character in Sasameki Koto. Sumika Murasame’s best friend and classmate who make tako-sausages in her lunch box.

She’s hopelessly in love with gorgeous girls, and she’s always had one-sided crushes on girls, and she’s always felt that way.

When questioned why she applied to an all-female school in the past, she answered she liked cute girls, but she wasn’t admitted.

She adores Sumika and describes her as “cool,” “not cute,” and “not her type.”

To protect her from the bullies, she complimented Sumika’s noble looks. She hopes Sumika would be a popular student in an all-girls school and called “onee-sama” by fellow students.

After seeing Tomoe and Miyako kissing in the classroom, her yearning to kiss a stunningly beautiful girl who will weave an exquisite love ballad with her was sparked.

She was eager to practice with other girls to prepare for her first kiss with a girl. She thought it would be great to do it with her favorite model, Akemi.

Her wish is to find a cute girlfriend, her soulmate.

Kirie Motoba (Himouto! Umaru-chan)

kirie motoba (himouto! umaru chan) best yuri anime characters

Kirie is regarded as possessing a terrifying aura, which leads to her having few friends. Kirie may have gotten this image as an aggressive student when she first started classes. She was observed beating an older guy (her brother), and several classmates were scared to get too close to Kirie without actually knowing her.

It’s also indicated that she’s bashful to the point where she can only talk to tiny children, as evidenced by Umaru’s indoor mode, which has the appearance of a toddler. She refers to Umaru’s interior mode (Komaru) as “Master/Mistress” and works for her. When she is with Komaru, we witness a more lovely and helpful side of Kirie because she has been serving her master Komaru since he met her, despite the fact that she is actually Umaru.

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Cocona (Flip Flappers)

cocona (flip flappers)

Cocona is a shy and wary young lady. She has no hobbies and merely does what she is told; she couldn’t even choose a high school on her own. Except for her “grandmother” and Yayaka, she rarely communicates with anyone. Her peers comment on how unusual it is for her to miss school, indicating that she is pretty fixed in her schedule. In the climax, she says she was pleased to cruise through life “like a boat in the current,” simply existing without taking risks or making difficult decisions. She does not want to live with the consequences of any future actions she makes.

She blushes if Papika goes too close to her.

Despite her reclusive demeanor, Cocona is proven to be a genuinely kind person. Despite knowing Papika only briefly, she was disturbed by the prospect of her death. She is revealed to be quite distressed when Papika nearly dies in the first world they visit; nonetheless, this inspires her and activates her first change.

Cocona begins to have fun in spite of herself as she and Papika spend more time in Pure Illusion, and she builds confidence in herself.

Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

tohru (miss kobayashi's dragon maid) best yuri anime characters

Tohru, a Chaos Dragon, was trained to detest mankind and be a strong and destructive force of evil bent on destruction. But then she met Kobayashi. She is now happy and kind to everyone she meets, save those who pose a real or imagined threat to her love interest, Kobayashi. She is easily affected by television and the internet, and she has a tense relationship with her opponent, Elma.

Tohru is Kobayashi’s maid and takes care of many elements of daily living, including feeding Kobayashi his tail and molesting his dirty laundry. Kobayashi still appreciates Tohru’s efforts and tries to educate him in current life and human culture. Tohru is protective of Kanna and acts as both her mother and older sister.

Tohru fell in love with Kobayashi after she accepted her in her dragon form. Despite Kobayashi’s austere demeanor and rebuffed advances, Tohru’s undying love for him is evident. Tohru’s overwhelming sexual attraction to Kobayashi often pushes her to deception, such as crafting a chocolate heart with a secret love potion or making Kobayashi eat her tail.

Tohru is caring, loving, and responsible. Despite her dragon-like abilities and strength, she is content with her life on Earth and prefers to stay and outlive Kobayashi than return to her homeworld.

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Akira Kenjou (Cure Chocolat) (Kirakira☆Pretty Cure à la Mode)

akira kenjou (cure chocolat) (kirakira☆pretty cure à la mode) best yuri anime characters

A kind yet boyish second-year high school student, Akira is passionately devoted and will always be by your side, with a dog-like sense of justice. She is dependable because she knows her way around locations and has a sensible mind.

Furthermore, Akira is very loving towards her loved ones, especially her ailing younger sister Miku, whom she prefers to offer chocolate to as a way of cheering the latter up, and has even gladly attempted to sacrifice her own Kirakiraru in order to save Miku.

Retoree (Show by Rock!!)


Dog girl who is a smartphone junkie and a net geek. She appears to be cool, but she is actually very shy. She gets quite thrilled when one of her specialties comes up. On the internet, she barks a lot. She dislikes shop clerks and those who are content with their offline life.

Retoree is a tech-savvy individual with some interests that some may deem nerdy or geeky. She enjoys collecting figurines, cosplaying, and researching bands and current events on the internet. She is incredibly intelligent and has an aloof demeanor, but she is actually quite shy and sensitive. She secretly aspires to become closer to her bandmates.

Retoree has a crush on Cyan, which is strongly suggested throughout the anime (due to her cuteness). This is especially noticeable when Cyan ends her words with a “nya,” causing Retoree to turn around and adore her.

Though it saddens our hearts, we have to end our list here. These are 35 of the best lesbian characters the anime industry has to offer. This anime list is not a complete list, and we may have missed your favorite Yuri. Let us know in the comments which ones on the list are your favorites or who you think should be included and why.  

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