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21 of The Best Anime for Kids

We have compiled a list of the best anime you can watch with your kids and share some quality time together. These are generally suitable for all age groups, so even if they’re too young or old to understand what’s happening on screen, it will still be worth watching!

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50 Of The Best Opening Songs In Anime That You Need To Add To Your Playlist

Opening songs are one of the key attractions of any anime. They set the tone and theme of what is to come. And often, just by the song, you can tell what a series will entail about thrills and adventures.

The chances are that if the theme song of an anime is dull and uninspiring, the series itself will leave a sour taste. In that case, why bother wasting your time?


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Craziest Anime Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

Over the years, fans of the medium have created their own theories that explain some of the oddity of certain shows. Some of these theories can be pretty out there. So, if you have ever found yourself wondering if there is a deeper meaning behind your favorite anime, you may want to take a look at these craziest anime theories.

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Best Anime friendships

Top 10 Best Anime Friendships

Anime friendships transcend time, space, and even dimensions. Friendship is something that we all strive to achieve in life, whether with a friend or a loved one. Anime buddies tend to have deep bonds and mutual respect.

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