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saber fate zero 26 of the best anime swordsman of all time

26 of The Best Anime Swordsman of All Time

Anime swordsmen are some of the best fighters in animation. They feature prominently as a common staple within Shonen anime, and they help define modern Japanese fan ure through epic battles that show viewers what it means to be honorable.

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fate stay night unlimited blade works best fate anime of all time according to fans

10 of the Best FATE Anime Series of All Time, According to Fans

Fate-related media has spawned a bunch of different anime titles over the years. They’ve ranged from adaptations of the various original game routes to spin-offs and an alternate universe or reimagining the original story. Even if you’re not into the original source material, there is a Fate anime version out there for all sorts of anime fans. With that said, here are the Fate anime ranked.

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fate grand order how to watch fate series in order 1

50 Of The Best Opening Songs In Anime That You Need To Add To Your Playlist

Opening songs are one of the key attractions of any anime. They set the tone and theme of what is to come. And often, just by the song, you can tell what a series will entail about thrills and adventures.

The chances are that if the theme song of an anime is dull and uninspiring, the series itself will leave a sour taste. In that case, why bother wasting your time?


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fate stay night how to watch fate series in order

How To Watch Fate Anime In Order – The Ultimate Guide

Undoubtedly, Fate anime is one the nether region of a confusing series. Funnily enough, the confusion is why it is exciting and has gathered fans globally.

Nevertheless, we understand that sitting to watch a series as confusing as Fate anime can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a newbie. You won’t know where to start and might never bother to watch the series at all.Is the ecchi genre even as

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