20 Awesome Anime like Devil’s Line (2022 Edition)

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If you’re looking for anime like Devil’s Line, you’ve come to the right post!

This anime is one of those where you might think:

“Great, another edgy vampire anime that will create a new gimmick within the anime community, right?”

Well, this is not the case.

With action, romance, mystery, terror, the right amount of humor, and mature content, Devil’s Line has everything we could ask for and more.

It is one of those anime that shows the mature side of love and keeps the plot interesting without falling into awkwardness.

Let’s talk about a little bit of the plot.

Tsukasa is a college student who was attacked by a vampire.

Anzai, a half-vampire, half-human, saves her, and they ultimately fall in love.

Anzai works for a special force that specializes in vampire cases.

(Here in Devil’s Line, the vampires are called devils.)

This is not a bad plot if you ask me.

And the great thing is, there are plenty of anime similar to Devil’s Line, so let’s begin!

1. Tokyo Ghoul

This is probably the most obvious one which is why I’m writing about it first.

Tokyo Ghoul is a supernatural horror story created by Sui Ishida.

This story tells us about Ken Kaneki, a college boy with a relaxing life.

However, after meeting a beautiful girl named Rize Kamishiro, his life went from a dream to a nightmare because this girl is a ghoul.

In this story, ghouls kill and devour humans.

And after surviving her attack, Ken turns into a half-ghoul, half-human.

Devil’s Line and Tokyo Ghoul share a lot of things in common.

But mainly, they are both about fighting the inner demons to stay human.

Both protagonists, Kaneki and Anzai, are partially human, and they cling to their humanity to not succumb to their inhuman impulses.

Be advised, Tokyo Ghoul is both graphic than Devil’s Line.

But if you want to really enjoy TG, I recommend you to read the manga as I think it is ten times better than the anime adaptation.

Oshiete, oshiete yo…

2. Servamp

Continuing with the supernatural topic, this one has a much, much lighter and comedic tone.

2016’s Servamp is about Mahiru Shirota, a 15 years old college boy who likes to live a simple life (just like me, but I am 26).

But everything changes when he finds a black cat named Kuro (Kuro means “Black” in Japanese) who ends up being a vampire.

After this, Mahiru accidentally forms a pact with him that drags him into numerous battles with other servants.

I know what you are thinking:

“Servamp sounds like a love child between Fate and Blood Lad!”

And yes, you are right, but I am also right when I tell you that Servamp is genuinely good.

You will enjoy the lighter tones in this one if you want a break from serious stories.

Also, a fun fact is that both Devil’s Line and Servamp are produced by the same animation studio, Platinum Vision.

3. Call of the Night, or Yofukashi no Uta

This anime is currently airing and is one of the best anime of 2022 in my opinion.

And I am not saying this because Sora Amamiya is voicing the protagonist.

Call of the Night is about a boy called Ko Yamori who stops going to school because he has insomnia.

He feels like he can’t find true satisfaction in life, so he starts wandering the streets at night.

One night, he meets a girl, Nazuna Nanakusa, who is a vampire and who shows him the joys of nightlife.

After this, Ko decides he wants to be a vampire.

So, yep, it is a vampire story.

Call of the Night is another anime with a lighter tone than Devil’s Line.

It focuses more on the romantic side of a vampire story because Nazuna tells Ko that she will turn him into a vampire only if he falls in love with her first.

But this anime has both a comedic and supernatural aspect to it.

By the way, this manga was created by Kotoyama, the same person who created Dagashi Kashi.

4. Ajin: Demi-Human

This anime probably has one of the best opening themes on the list.

If you haven’t listened to “Can you sleep at night?” by Flumpool, then go, I will wait for you here…

You done?

Ok. You’re welcome! 🙂

Ajin is one of the best 3D anime ever created because most will agree that almost no 3D anime is good.

And somehow Ajin is considered a masterpiece.

The story goes like this: college boy Nagai Kei discovers he is an “Ajin” after a traffic accident.

An Ajin is a human with immortality and extreme regenerative abilities that allows them to recover from any wound in seconds.

That means Deadpool is an Ajin.

Also, they can create “black ghosts” which are combat-oriented entities that are only visible to other Ajin.

Another thing: Ajin are considered dangerous, and the government hunts them.

Ajin and Devil’s Line share something in common: they follow the lives of monsters living among humans in secret and how they are hunted by the government if they are discovered.

Do me a favor, go and watch Ajin, please.

5. Psycho-Pass

I know I said that Ajin (probably) has one of the best opening themes on this list, right?

Well, 2012’s Psycho-Pass is probably the best anime on this list.  

Psycho-Pass is a masterpiece.

In future Japan, a system called Sybil rules the country measuring humanity’s mental condition and telling what is right and what is not.

With this, Sybil can determine who is going to commit a crime in the future.

This is the story of Psycho-Pass, a measuring system that the young inspector Akane Tsunemori and the cops from Japan must follow to the core.

I recommend Psycho-Pass to everybody.

But in this case, I recommend it because it shares the same action and mystery vibes as Devil’s Line despite this one being more violent and mature than Devil’s Line.

They both have this mystery-fueled atmosphere that will keep you watching the anime all night long.

By the way, Shogo from Psycho-Pass and Kikuhara from Devil’s Line share the same voice actor; Takahiro Sakurai.

6. Shiki

2010’s Shiki is an anime that you will probably like if you enjoyed the darkness and horror aspects of Devil’s Line.

Shiki tells the story of Sotoba, a small village where, in the summer of 1994, a series of deaths made the town paranoid.

Because of this, the local doctor Toshio and the monk Seishin start investigating these deaths.

But this does not stop the fatalities, and the more paranoid in town start suspecting the new family in town, the bizarre Kirishiki family.

Our protagonist, Natsuno Yuuki, is a teenager who hates living in that village and death starts pursuing him.

Shiki is much more horror-oriented than Devil’s Line, but they cover the same topic: vampires hidden within humans.

Shiki is a psychological horror mystery story about vampires living within this town.

I really don’t know if the manga is better than the anime adaptation, but it usually is.

Plus, Shiki is dedicated to ‘Salem’s Lot, the 1975 novel by Stephen King!

7. Mars Red

This is the second original anime on this list and is based on a stage play written by Bun-O Fujisawa.

2021’s Mars Red takes place in an alternative 1923 where vampires have existed for a while.

But suddenly the number of vampires increases big time, and an artificial blood source called Ascra has mysteriously appeared from out of nowhere.

To combat this, Japan creates the Special Forces Unit 16, also known as “Code Zero,” a group of vampire soldiers led by Yoshinobu Maeda.

This group is tasked with getting rid of the dangerous vampires that are causing problems and disrupting the blood trade.

While not having any trace of romance in the story like Devil’s Line, they have a similar setup; both stories follow vampires working for the government.

And in both stories, these vampires are tasked with fighting other vampires causing chaos under secrecy.

I really like Mars Red animation.

It looks like something between Shiki and Tower of God, and the glowing red eyes remind me of the Sharingan from the Naruto series.

8. Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective

This is probably the oldest anime mentioned on this list thus far.

But you know what they say: it’s old but gold.

1998’s Nighwalker is about vampires and detectives, almost just like Devil’s Line.

Tatsuhiko Shido is a detective and also a vampire with amnesia.

As a detective from the special agency called N.O.S., his mission is to seek out the “night breed” or demons that possess people and feed on their souls, and send them back where they came from.

He is assisted in his missions by Yayoi, his secretary Riho, and a fairy named Guhi.

Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective is a gothic anime that involves vampires dealing with demons with the necessary darkness and gothic horror a story like this should have.

It has good drama, good mystery, and sometimes characters with a lack of clothing.

Well, Nightwalker is originally a 16-color eroge released in 1993, which is why it has some characters without clothing.

9. Blood+

2005’s Blood+ is a classic and has a big fanbase.

It is another original anime that received a manga adaptation after the anime was released.

It was inspired by the 2000 anime film “Blood: The Last Vampire.”

Imagine a story where flesh-eating monsters are killing off the world and the only weapon in the world that can destroy them is your own blood.

The protagonist of this story is Saya Otonashi, who embarks on a mission to recover her memories and destroys these monsters.

Both Blood+ and Devil’s Line have some things in common like mystery, vampirism, and evil creatures needing blood to survive.

Both anime make you consider what is right and what is not.

And multiple characters explore their and other characters’ feelings.

Of course, Blood + is gorier than Devil’s Line.

The name says it all.

Also, Blood+ spawned more mangas, a live-action movie, and another anime, Blood-C, in 2011.

10. Vampire Knight

Let’s discuss a more romantic anime.

2008’s Vampire Knight was a boom when it was released because, you know: vampiric and toxic husbands seem to be a hit.

The story goes like this: Yuki is a girl that when she was younger, was saved by vampire named Kaname Kuran from the attack of another rogue vampire.

Ten years later, the Cross family adopts her and she meet Kaname, her now crush at the Cross Academy.

But alongside her is Zero Kiryu, her friend who hates vampires, is a vampire hunter, and is also a vampire!

The main plot is like the Devil’s Line plot; a vampire saves someone and this person falls in love with the vampire who saved him/her.

But remember, Vampire Knight is more of a shoujo than an action, dark anime.

The dark fantasy and the supernatural topics are present too, so don’t worry.

11. Owari no Seraph or Seraph of the End

2015’s Owari no Seraph is something like mixing Naruto, Guilty Crown without the Mechas, Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut, and Code Geass without the Mechas as well.

It sounds weird when you put all this on a table.

But I believe this combination is accurate.

Owari no Seraph tells the story of a man-made virus that killed everybody in the world back in 2012 and left only children under 13 years old alive.

At the same time, vampires take over the world.

Yuuichirou Hyakuya was one of those who survived this devastation along with his friend Mikaela Hyakuya (who is a boy).

But Mikaela is killed, and Yuuichirou is captured as he discovers that not everyone in the world is dead.

After these tragic moments,Yuuichirou joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army in an act of vengeance to get rid of the vampires in the world.

Owari no Seraph is one of the best action-orientated vampire anime ever.

It mirrors Devil’s Line in so many ways, but I can’t tell you many of them because some of these are spoilers.

That said, I am confident that if you enjoyed Devil’s Line, Owari no Seraph will be a great adventure for you.

12. Ghost Hunt

Hey, if you know this anime congrats!

Not everybody is aware of this one.

In fact, Ghost Hunt, the novel from 1994, was written by Fuyumi Ono, the same novelist who wrote Shiki back in 1998.

2006’s Ghost Hunt, originally titled Akuryo Series, follows the adventures of Taniyama Mai, a high school student who enjoys going ghost hunting.

He does this with the SPR narcissistic manager Kazuya Shibuya whom she helps to investigate a haunted school building.

As the story goes on and Mai starts learning more about ghosts and paranormal topics, she starts to discover and develop her own abilities.

This one contains horror, a lot of thriller and romance elements, but in this case, sadly, no vampires at all.

That said, both Devil’s Line and Ghost Hunt share the same genuine mysterious and dark atmosphere while addressing supernatural themes and situations.

If you like both Shiki and Devil’s Line, go and watch Ghost Hunt.

It’s less gory but with the same horror themes and some romance too.

13. Platinum End

In this anime, Mirai Kakehashi is a high school student who lives with his abusive uncle and aunt after his family died in a car explosion.

He decided to commit suicide after all the abuse by jumping from a skyscraper when an angel named Nasse saves him.

This angel later gives him special powers and tells him that there are other humans with angels in the city who will fight to replace God, as he plans to retire in 999 days.

Devil’s Line reminds me of Platinum End because of the supernatural aspects in the story.

It also reminds me of Ajin because only humans with angels can see other angels. Tsugumi Ohba wrote Platinum End, the same author of Death Note.

So, you can expect a lot of thrilling drama in this one.

14. Strike the Blood

This one has more comedic tones with multiple romantic relationships.

So, if you are part of that group whose favorite genre is group romantic relationships, this is the first one you must watch on this list.

2013’s Strike the Blood is about Kojo Akatsuki, a high school boy who becomes a vampire.

But doesn’t just become a vampire, he becomes the Fourth Progenitor, the most powerful vampire in the world.

Because of that, fearing his powers, the Lion King Organization sends sword-shaman Yukina to observe him, but she is not the only one observing him.

Strike the Blood is less mature about almost everything.

The battles are good, the romantic topics are very “shonen” and there are many mature moments that cannot be excluded.

Also, if you liked the moments in Devil’s Line where the protagonist shows up and protects everybody, you will find those moments too in Strike the Blood.

15. Dance in the Vampire Bund

Now back to the more serious vampire anime.

We cannot leave this anime off the list since it has the word “vampire” in the title.

2010’s Dance in the Vampire Bund is about how the Ruler of all vampires, Mina Tepes, gains permission to create a sanctuary for vampires off the coast of Tokyo called “The Bund.”

The Bund is in a man-made island

And Mina gets this permission by paying the complete national debt with his wealth.

But, after Mina reveals the existence of vampires to the world, mentioning her desire for both races to live in peace, tensions between humans and vampires begin to interfere with her wish.

Vampires living within humans is a topic both this anime and Devil’s Line share.

But in this case, vampires have their own city where they can live “peaceably.”

Also, both share romance, action, and some comedic tones.

But Devil’s Line is more brutal than Dance in the Vampire Bund.

That said, don’t let this stop you from watching it.

16. Hellsing Ultimate

What do you do if devilish monsters start to ravage and destroy the whole world?

You unleash a bigger and eviler monster than them.

That is the perfect answer when somebody asks you about Hellsing Ultimate.

2006’s Hellsing Ultimate is an OVA that explains how an organization led by Integra Hellsing unleashed the “deus ex machina on his own” named Alucard to save the world from evil creatures.

Alucard is an immortal and extremely powerful vampire.

In fact, he is practically the Count Dracula himself.

So it is safe to say that this anime features vampires and bloody battles.

Along with him is Seras Victoria (my waifu), a policewoman turned vampire who helps him in his battles.

Their relationship is far from similar to Anzai and Tsukasa’s.

Instead, this is something like a “master and student” kind of relationship.

So don’t expect any kind of romance in Hellsing.

But, if the gruesome aesthetics from Devil’s Line works for you, you should watch this OVA.

Also, this OVA has one of the best antagonists of all anime; The Major.

17. Jujutsu Kaisen

This is one of my favorite anime.

If you ask me; Jujutsu Kaisen is the perfect balance between action, comedy, monsters, demons, battles, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Yeah, you read it right, Jennifer Lawrence.

2020’s Jujutsu Kaisen took the world by storm, becoming one of the best anime of the last ten years.

Itadori Yuji is a high school student with unnaturally physical abilities who always helps others.

One day, with his friends, they decide to attract some curses, which end with Yuji swallowing a cursed rotten finger to save his friends.

This makes him the host of Sukuna, a powerful cursed demon.

To not die from this, he is enrolled in the Tokyo Prefectural High School, which is an academy of sorcerers who fights curses and demons.

No vampires here, but the plot in which an organization fight curses and demons reminds me of Devil’s Line in a way.

It will probably also remind you of Naruto for some obvious reasons, but whatever.

This one has no romance, no horror, but a lot of battles, blood, comedy, and dark atmospheres.

By the way, Maki best girl.

18. Chainsaw Man

This is only anime on this list that has not been released yet.

It will be released in October of this year.

The critically acclaimed manga is one of the best in recent year.

And before watching the anime, you should read the manga.

Chainsaw Man follows the protagonist Denji, an impoverished boy who lives in a world where devils exist and are born from human fears.

Denji lives and contracts with Pochita, a dog-like devil who grants him the ability to transform his head and forearms into chainsaws.

He then joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government organization that exterminates devils whenever they become a threat.

This one has a lot of action, horror, comedy, mature undertones, and violence.

Denji’s relationship with Power is not like Anzai’s and Tsukasa’s relationship, but some little pieces of romance can be seen overall in Chainsaw Man.

You will find battles, demons, blood, violence, and a dog’s bark in this anime…

19. Devilman Crybaby

Oh, the pain… The everlasting pain.

This is one of the best and newest anime on this list.

Devilman Crybaby is an ONA based on 1972’s manga Devilman.

The story follows Akira Fudo in a world where an ancient race of demons plans to destroy humanity.

After following the advice of his friend Ryo Asuka, Akira unites with a demon to gain powers to defeat the ancient demons.

He turns into Devilman, the titular character of the anime, retaining his soul as a human but obtaining the powers of a demon.

The key similitudes between Devilman Crybaby and Devil’s Line are the urges of both protagonists.

The devil living inside Akira is hard to control on some occasions, while Anzai struggles with his bloodlust is hard to overcome too.

The two of them are humans trying not to give up on their devilish desires.

By the way, Devilman Crybaby takes the gory aspects of Devil’s Line to a whole new level.

Also, mature themes, love, and puberty, are present in Devilman Crybaby, so keep that in mind.

20. Tokyo Ghoul:re

Obviously, I had to put this one at the end of this list.

And by the way, this anime also has one of the best opening themes on this list.

Go and look for “Katharsis” by TK.

You done again?

2018’s Tokyo Ghoul:re is set two years after the events of Tokyo Ghoul.

Tokyo has changed because of the CCG, and the Ghouls are more cautious than before.

This is why the Quinx Squad is formed.

The Quinx Squad is a group of elite humans with Ghoul abilities led by the enigmatic Haise Sasaki, a half-human, half-ghoul.

This is similar to Devil’s Line for the same reason as Tokyo Ghoul.

With a half- human, half-something protagonist living in a world where ghouls live in secrecy within humans working for an organization that hunts these demons, this is essentially Devil’s Line Shippuden.

And if you liked Tokyo Ghoul, you will like this sequel.

But remember, the manga is better.

Anime Like Devil’s Line: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you discover some anime like Devil’s Line!

And if you think I missed a great anime like Devil’s Line, let me know in the comments below!

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