best my hero academia characters

40+ Best My Hero Academia Characters

best my hero academia characters

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If you’re an anime fan, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with My Hero Academia. If you happen to be one of those anime fans that have been training in the mountains for the past ten years, here’s a quick rundown:

My Hero Academia is a superhero manga series written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi. The plot revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a young man born without abilities in a world where they are widespread. All Might, Japan’s most powerful hero, scouts him and picks him as his successor.

Since July 2014, the My Hero Academia manga series has been published in Japan, with chapters compiled into 33 tankobon volumes as of February 2022. The story has also spawned a slew of spin-off manga and an anime series by Bones. The shonen anime garnered a resoundingly enthusiastic reception from both critics and audiences and is widely regarded as one of the greatest of the decade.

The show has quickly become a fan favorite, and for good reason – the characters are engaging and well-developed. But with so many characters to choose from, who are the best? Here is our list of the 40 best My Hero Academia characters. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Mashirao Ojiro

mashirao ojiro best my hero academia character

Mashirao is a muscular young man with short blond hair brushed to the front of his face. He has thin eyes without any lower eyelashes. Unlike the other kids in his class, he wears pale grey sneakers with his school uniform rather than the brown dress shoes that everyone else wears, and he lets the bottom button of his blazer carelessly undone. Due to his Quirk, he has a tail, which is entirely hairless save for the tip.

Mashirao has a calm and noble demeanor and a strong sense of dignity, which stops him from accepting outcomes that he does not believe he achieved by his own efforts. He is also known as a hard worker.

Mashirao is timid and modest, not typically loving the spotlight, easily humiliated, and having a strong sense of dignity. He is humble yet dependable and dedicated when it comes to hero work. A common joke is that people perceive him as “plain,” which irritates him and indicates that he is sensitive and self-conscious about his personality and talents.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

tetsutetsu tetsutetsu best my hero academia character

Tetsutetsu is a young guy with chin-length, untidy grey hair that never appears to change form and black eyes that are severely slanted inwards, each lined with a very thick, jagged, tan-colored material that is apparently his eyelashes. He doesn’t appear to have any noticeable brows, and he has rows of sharp, pointed teeth like Eijiro Kirishima.

Tetsutetsu’s personality is defined by his fiery temper and outspokenness. He is self-assured, obstinate, and direct in his intentions and actions. He has a one-track mentality and is quite vocal about his ambitions. He typically looks for the simplest answer to issues in order to address them in the most straightforward way. Tetsutetsu’s straightforward attitude shines through in battle, as seen by his aggressive and forthright fighting style.

Overhaul / Kai Chisaki

overhaul kai chisaki best my hero academia character

Kai has pale skin, a slim physique, and short auburn hair parted to the right. His eyes are thin, gold, with long lower lashes and little brows. He also has a minor scar on his left side of his forehead from his fight with the League of Villains. His left ear has three piercings. His mouth is normally covered by a plague doctor’s mask, but after his struggle with Izuku, his mask is removed, revealing his mouth. During his transportation to a villain hospital, he lost his arms to Mr. Compress and Tomura Shigaraki.

Kai is a mysophobic, antisocial psychopath concerned with reverting the world to pre-Quirk. Kai believes Quirks are a scourge on mankind, infecting individuals with “syndromes” of heroism and villainy based on an outdated idea and his own mysophobia. He despises anyone who exploits their gifts for either reason, calling them “sicknesses.” Kai is the nether region-bent on eradicating Quirks, not just for his own personal reasons but also to allow the Yakuza to restore their former social dominance. Kai has no moral compass and a big ego, believing he is the only person in the world who understands Quirks and so deserves to govern the underworld after All For One’s demise.

Neito Monoma

neito monoma

Neito is a small young man with sleek blond hair split to the right and has bangs that droop over his right eye. His irises are periwinkle blue, his pupils white, and his eyes are fashioned to slant downwards towards the far ends of his face, generally half-closed, giving him a scornful expression. In the light novels, the females say that Neito is gorgeous.

Neito’s demeanor varies depending on who he is addressing: he is mocking, loud and caustic with Class 1-A, provocative in a fight, and calm, kind, and exceptionally brilliant outside of these circumstances.

While his persona emphasizes his competitiveness versus Class 1-A, he also shows his gentle side when he devised a strategy to allow his class to pass the first two rounds of the U.A. Sports Festival and gives them the option to accept or reject it. He also consoled Setsuna Tokage after his defeat against Katsuki Bakugo and Eri twice, despite her initial fear of him.

Katsuki Bakugo

katsuki bakugo

Katsuki is a lean, strong young man with a pale complexion. His sandy blonde hair is short and spiky, with jagged bangs. His eyes are piercing and crimson.

Katsuki has two scars on his body during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc: one on his left shoulder and his lower stomach.

He wears the traditional U.A. outfit sans the crimson tie. An undone white collared shirt is worn under his jacket. His pants are too loose and droop at the ankles despite using a belt.

Katsuki is a vulgar, arrogant, short-tempered, and aggressive character. Katsuki comes out as unheroic. He was known to torment a young, Quirkless Izuku Midoriya as a youngster. A braggart who boasted about his Explosion Quirk’s power, even claiming to be able to take on his whole middle school class. He openly disliked Izuku, mainly due to his lack of a Quirk, and referred to him as “Deku,” a derogatory term (meaning useless and unable to achieve anything). He even threatened Izuku not to apply to U.A. High School and grew enraged when both of them passed the entrance exam.

Minoru Mineta

minoru mineta

Minoru is a small teenage lad with a big round head and plump cheeks. His oval-shaped eyes with huge dark pupils and thin eyebrows define his nose. In the shape of a mohawk, his hair is cut very short and dark purple.

His hero outfit consists of a shirt and mask in purple with a yellow cape, boots, and gloves. His slacks are white with a light purple accent and are rather baggy around his waist. It’s part of his grape theme outfit. He applied it before to the Joint Training Battle.

Because he is shy and strange to the point of notoriety, Minoru is disliked by the girls and even some lads. Uncouth ideas fill his head, even though unconnected. Minoru is eager to peep at the females at whatever cost. Popularity and Minoru’s fascination with ladies is both driving forces for him to become a hero. In fact, he proudly admits to having them.

Tamaki Amajiki

tamaki amajiki

Tamaki is a tall, pale young man. His ears are long, pointed, and elf-like. His unruly blue hair stretches out behind his head, covering his pale, sleepy eyes, which are intended to be divided to not hamper his eyesight. His shoulders are slumped, and he avoids eye contact.

Tamaki’s school clothing is sloppy. His tie is loose, and his shirt isn’t tucked in properly, giving the impression that he doesn’t care about his look.

Tsukasa Tamaki is a quiet, distant, unhappy, “intimidating,” and introverted actress who becomes apprehensive while chatting to strangers. Tamaki will often turn away from others and lean against a wall to hide his nervousness. This happens anytime Tamaki gets upset or offended.

While Tamaki’s athletic ability and Quirk are exceptional, he is socially uncomfortable and lacks self-confidence. The pressure to be flawless has harmed his self-esteem. Tamaki is eager to point out others’ optimism but slow to acknowledge his own. His pessimism opposes Fat Gum’s positivity. Tamaki typically takes Fat Gum’s compliments for teasing.

Tomura Shigaraki

tomura shigaraki

Tomura has a pale complexion, yellow teeth, and deep wrinkles around his eyes. His lips are dry and uneven, and he has a mole beneath his right lip and noticeable scars under his right eye. His unkempt grayish-blue hair is left in irregular waves draping over his face. His eyes and lips are generally hidden, but they are wide with blazing red irises when seen.

Omura has a twisted personality, like Izuku Midoriya. He has no regard for his or anybody else’s life and has no qualms about take the lives of innocent people. A “man-child,” arrogant, greedy, dependent, and demanding, upset if things don’t go his way, and comparing reality to a computer game. Instead of using finesse to solve diffiies, Tomura uses force. Instead of striking out others or himself, Tomura ripped at his own neck when he became irritated. According to All For One, the mistreatment he received from his father and his early loneliness triggered his latent desire to take life and destroy. After several unsuccessful attempts and All For One’s imprisonment, Tomura would learn to be more patient and self-controlled.

Denki Kaminari

denki kaminari

Denki has golden short hair split to the right, with a black lightning-shaped streak on his side fringe, partially covering his left eye. His golden eyes are slanted and trapezoidal, with little brows. He’s smaller than most of his class’s male pupils, with little obvious muscular mass. Denki has a scar on his upper left forehead from Mr. Compress’ attack during the Paranormal Liberation War, although his hair conceals it nicely.

During school hours, he wears the U.A. uniform with the second button undone. His shoes are dark brown.

It consists of a basic white shirt, an open black jacket with a white lightning design across the back, and matching slacks with two lines down the legs. He wears a single square-shaped earphone with a radio antenna on top over his right ear.

Denki is a pleasant, outgoing, and enthusiastic boy who enjoys socializing. He’s not beyond petty grumbling or overreacting if upset or surprised enough. Denki might be outspoken and irresponsible, but he is always well-meaning.

Denki is sometimes seen joining Minoru Mineta in his schemes, trying to pass himself off as a slick talker. His overtures are regularly disregarded or downright rejected by those he asks out. Denki is also a jokester who likes to taunt others. Denki seems to want to be stylish and contemporary to impress others, but he lacks the knowledge to do it correctly. So he’s readily swayed by current trends, even if they involve villains.

Hanta Sero

hanta sero

Hanta is a tall, thin young guy with chin-length black hair that is spiked downwards and has jagged bangs that come approximately halfway down his brow. He has almond-shaped eyes that are normally extended pretty wide and rather huge, with small pupils and straight teeth that dominate his grin, but he has a rather plain face, according to Katsuki Bakugo and Present Mic. His elbows resemble cylindrical tape dispensers from which he launches his Tape Quirk.

Hanta is a highly nice individual who has shown to be one of Class 1-A’s more social members. He might be a little loud and flamboyant at times, seeking to impress his peers with his Quirk.

He is frequently the sole person who calls out his peers when they are misbehaving. He is pretty amusing and frequently joins in on jokes with his peers. When it comes down to it, Hanta is a bold hero-in-training who aspires to flourish on his own while assisting others in accomplishing the same. He makes friends with people around him and is depicted as a pretty laid-back individual.



Eri is a small girl with wild blue-off-white hair parted in the center of her forehead and almost to her waist. Her eyes are wide, innocent, and red. A little brown horn protrudes from her brow, which becomes larger when her Quirk is activated.

Her first outfit is a plain, short-sleeved dress in a dirty pale tan. Her arms and legs are bandaged, displaying innumerable wounds around her wrists and ankles.

Eri’s new outfit is a white dress shirt with a frilled collar and a plain red pinafore with two enormous golden buttons on either side of her chest. She is wearing grey tights and wide brown boots with a dark red messenger bag with a floral motif on one of its edges. Her hair is also straighter and neater than it was when she was with Shie Hassaikai.

Eri became a frightened and lonely girl when her mother left her after she accidentally made her father disappear using her Quirk and the experiments she was given by Kai Chisaki. With Izuku Midoriya’s touch, Eri felt kindness for the first time, which overwhelmed her and made her cry. When intent is directed towards her, she does not scream or weep but just remains silent, knowing she has no choice. Eri’s attempts to fight and escape her captors progressively diminished, but she still tried to run, knowing she had no one to turn to.

Eri, on the other hand, is willing to lose one’s life alongside Kai to save those who love her. This is the result of Kai convincing Eri that her existence and Quirk are solely designed to harm others. Eri is filled with dread and guilt, and she does not want others to lose one’s life as a result of her actions.

All For One

all for one best my hero academia character

All For One’s face is totally comprised of scar tissue, spreading from beyond his top lip to encompass his entire head and the back of his neck. He lacks a nose, ears, hair, and eyes, but the shapes of his eye sockets are discernible. His Infrared Quirk allows him to detect the direction of vibrations in his immediate environment, comparable to echolocation. He steals and transmits Quirks through microscopic holes in his palms.

All For One used to have intimidating features, short white hair, and bright red eyes. His face is rarely exposed, and his eyes are typically hidden. Er suits up in black over a white shirt.

All For One is a sly, nasty, and evil individual who enjoys robbing others. In a dream, Yoichi reveals his characteristics to Izuku Midoriya. His powers have already helped individuals, but in exchange for their slavery. When they could no longer obey his commands, All For One would desert them, and any who disobeyed him were cleansed by his followers. It is clear that All For One has strong egomania and even a God complex, comparing himself to thefallen angel Lord he reads about in comic novels and regarding himself as a supreme entity. He also has kleptomania, stating he can’t resist stealing a strong Quirk when the chance arises.

Rikido Sato

rikido sato best my hero academia character

Rikido is a tall, muscly young man. His short brown hair is spiked high from his head. His eyes are tiny, square-shaped, with little black pupils and bushy brows above. He has huge, thick lips that are somewhat darker than his complexion and a large, round nose.

His hero outfit is a yellow full-body suit that covers him except for the openings around his mouth, eyes, and hair. He wears white gloves and boots, and a utility belt with sugar bags around his waist.

Rikido enjoys sweets and baking, which he needs for his Quirk.

He can make sweets so well that he can eat his peers. This unusually favorable answer caught Rikido off guard, implying that he underestimates his own ability as a confectioner. Every week at the dormitories, Rikido bakes sweets and shares them with his friends. He makes a gourmet night using Momo Yaoyorozu’s tea. As shown during the Christmas dinner, he can make different foods.

Toru Hagakure

toru hagakurei best my hero academia character

Toru is a short girl with a transparent figure. Only carried or worn goods, including clothing and accessories, identify her. When dressed, her figure seems slim yet curvy. Yuga Aoyama has short wavy hair, huge round eyes, and bushy eyelashes.

Her hero outfit consists of a pair of light blue gloves with faint pink lines and light brownish-gray lace-up shoes.

Her winter outfit comprises basic knee-high boots and thicker gloves with a distinct color pattern.

It’s simple to like Toru since she’s effervescent, happy, and easygoing. She is outgoing and enjoys shopping. Her room is full of lovely plushies and other items.

As a result, she feels that stripping off her clothing during a fight gives her a tactical edge. While she appears blissfully naive about what it means to be invisible, she expresses some apprehension about being seen undressed, even when wearing her hero outfit, which involves nearly no clothes.

Toru’s unseen body appears to be employed mostly for comic relief.


endeavor best my hero academia character

Enji is a tall, strong man. A bright turquoise eye and short scarlet hair with spikes. A tiny stubble appears around his jaw as he extinguishes his beard and mustache.

His hero costume is a tight navy turquoise bodysuit with flames running down his chest, upper torso, arms, and shoulders. His flames act as a makeshift eye mask, and the towering boots he wears look to be either made of fire or always lit. He has white cage-style bracers on his lower arms and a blue belt with two pouches on either side.

On the other hand, Shoto describes his father as arrogant and driven by a desire to surpass the No. This intense desire to outperform All Might in strength and power has followed Enji since he was a child. The figure of All Might proved to be too much of an impenetrable challenge for him or anyone else to overcome, leaving Enji in a deepening state of despair as he grew increasingly conscious that narrowing the distance between him and the Symbol of Peace was fruitless. As a result, Enji became a cold, cruel guy who only cared about his unrealistic desire, as a young Inasa Yoarashi could see in his eyes.

Tsuyu Asui

tsuyu asui

Tsuyu is a small girl with a slim frame and huge hands. Her features are frog-like, with a broad mouth that dips down in the center and oval-shaped eyes with huge, black irises and prominent lower eyelashes. She also hops on all fours instead of running and holds herself in a frog-like mannerism.

Her hair is a dark sea-green hue and is incredibly long, reaching to her waist and tied in a huge bow at the bottom. Her hair is shoulder-length with shorter bangs between her eyes, some brushed to each side.

Tsuyu is a direct and aloof person who constantly speaks her thoughts and what she thinks of others. Tsuyu wishes to be called “Tsu” by friends alone. Except for teachers and other authority officials, she calls everyone “-chan” Her parents were constantly working, so she was forced to take care of her two younger siblings at an early age. Tsuyu developed into a mature and responsible person who could balance school and home activities without interfering with one another. This also implies that Tsuyu can lead and care for others, keeping them safe and at peace if they aren’t. She has strong beliefs, ambitions, and convictions and will stand up to her friends to protect them from foolish actions. Tsuyu was the most vocally opposed to Class 1-A’s decision to rescue Katsuki Bakugo following the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion, claiming that acting on their emotions and breaching the law to save him constituted them monsters.

Mirio Togata

mirio togata best my hero academia character

Mirio is a tall young man with a strong frame and visible scars on his lower arms. Mirio’s design stands out owing to his blue oval-shaped eyes, basic appearance, and rounder nose than most others. His golden hair is styled in a cowlick at the top and brushed back at the bottom.

Mirio wears his school uniform like other male pupils, sans blazer. In the shape of a ravenous mouth, his belt buckle is brilliant.

Mirio used to have long hair that he kept in a ponytail. He trimmed it so the support department could make him a hero outfit to go with his Quirk.

Mirio is a highly humorous, enthusiastic person with odd tendencies. Many people wonder how Mirio is one of U.A.’s best students based on his characteristics. Mirio is constantly cheerful and smiling. Sir Nighteye saw in him the potential to replace All Might as the peace emblem.

Mirio has an unusual sense of humor. His quips vary from cheesy to puerile, making him a fool for others’ amusement. He used his clothed butt like a puppet to introduce Class 1-A to Eri.

Mirio’s laid-back demeanor does not cloud his judgement or deter him from becoming a hero. He’s turned an unmasterable ability into one of the world’s most potent Quirks. Mirio is always seeking methods to better his talents and get new knowledge.

Mezo Shoji

mezo shoji

His pale grey hair is brushed forward, covering much of his face, and bowed downward almost at a right angle over one eye. While his Quirk is not in use, only the front two arms have hands, leaving the rest as thin stumps.

His face is somewhat extended, with his eyes placed further to the sides and a blue mask covering him from just below his eyes to the base of his neck. He never leaves home without it, and he wears it with every outfit. After his arm was wounded in the Forest Training Camp Arc, he was seen speaking with his actual lips. He doesn’t need his Quirk to hear because he has no ears.

Unbelievably pleasant and gentle, Mezo will work well with anyone. He does not keep grudges against those that damage him unwittingly.

The unselfish Mezo will sacrifice his life for anybody. He is compassionate and understanding, mature and responsible, not acting on emotional impulses, even if he regrets it. He clearly protects his peers, especially if they are harmed. According to the Ultra Archive book, he is willing to lose one’s life for his buddies.

Present Mic

present micbest my hero academia character

The tall, thin Hizashi has long blond hair spiked high and a little brown mustache. Irises are greenish-yellow in color (red in the manga), and he is usually always depicted with a wide smile on his face, never with nostrils.

His hero outfit includes a black jacket with a high collar, studs, matching black leggings, and knee-high boots. In tan shoulder pads, red elbow pads, and black fingerless gloves. A directional speaker he employs with his Quirk constantly covers his neck. He always wears headphones with the word “HAGE” on the headband and orange sunglasses.

Hizashi retains a radio presenter character. In whatever scenario, he maintains a certain degree of enthusiasm or loudness. His demeanor led Kyoka Jiro to confuse him as an announcer rather than a Pro Hero. When performing in front of a large crowd, he typically seeks to engage his audience (he refers to them as his “listeners” on stage). He will act like this regardless of the crowd’s reaction. He also has strong people skills, as he restrained Shota Aizawa from a mob of reporters, avoiding extensive unfavorable publicity. He strongly dislikes bugs so much that he faints when too many are around. He admits to preferring cities over forests.


kurogiri best my hero academia character

Kurogiri’s body is a dark purple mist, save for his golden eyes. He usually wears a stylish suit with a tie and a metal brace around his collarbone and right behind his eyes.

In his villain suit, he is shrouded in a black fog, just his metal neck brace visible.

Kurogiri’s calm demeanor often balances Tomura’s immaturity and rage. Born to protect Tomura, he is fiercely dedicated to All For One. Kurogiri, a Nomu, is trained to only accept directives from a select few and to keep silent when questioned about the League.

Kurogiri is always courteous and well-spoken, even to his opponents. But, like his fellow League villains, he has a really nasty disposition, willing to put heroic kids in circumstances where they would be mistreated or lose their lives. The League of Villains’ original hideaway at Kamino, Yokohama, was frequented by him.

Eijiro Kirishima

eijiro kirishima

Eijiro is a robust young man of medium height with a youthful body. His eyes are crimson and somewhat inward, and he has a little scar above his right eye that Horikoshi says he sometimes forgets to draw. He has tiny brows and a sharp smile. In addition to the tufts on either side of his forehead, his hair is colored a blazing red and spiked away from his head at all angles using gel. This regal look takes three minutes to set.

His hair was black and left natural in middle school, slightly below the shoulder length with some shorter bangs between his eyes. Soon after getting admitted into U.A. High, he changed it.

Instead of the typical brown dress shoes, he wears dark red sneakers to school.

Eijiro is a noisy and extroverted guy who likes to use the adjectives “manly” and “unmanly” to describe things and people he likes. Noble, brave, and/or determined people often bring him to tears, winning his total regard, respect, and friendship. Likewise, he will point out the polar opposites, such as cowardice and dirty play. Eijiro is a bold man who puts others’ safety above his own. He also admires Crimson Riot, a vintage hero from whom he draws personal ideals and his own hero moniker. Eijiro is a clear thinker who lives by a code of chivalry that drives him to live without remorse. He can easily make friends with most individuals he meets because of his courteous and encouraging demeanor, especially those who share his enthusiasm and commitment. Eijiro is prepared to disobey laws and rules to help or save his friends and regrets not being able to help them. Eijiro takes responsibility for his actions and those of his friends. To avoid feeling weak or burdensome, he constantly thinks of ways to develop his talents and capabilities.

Mina Ashido

mina ashido

Mina is a medium-sized girl with “healthy thighs” who appears to be set a little wider than her female classmates. Her complexion is a pale pink color. She has square-shaped eyes with black sclera and yellow irises and long eyelashes below and surrounding her eyes. “she’s got a super athletic body.” Minoru Mineta said.

Her short fluffy pink hair is somewhat darker than her complexion, framing her face. She also has two slender pale yellow horns sprouting from her head, hooked firmly and leaning diagonally to opposing sides. She wears the standard female U.A. uniform to school.

Mina is a happy, easygoing girl who always has a grin on her face. She is an extremely sociable person who gets angry if she is not allowed to attend a party. She is stylish and enjoys shopping.

Mina likes and excels in dancing due to her agility and vigor. In contrast to her typical bubbly personality, she becomes stern and precise when teaching others to dance. She is notorious for using her dance to calm folks in troubled relationships.

Hawks / Keigo Takami

hawks best my hero academia character

Keigo is an average-sized guy with a thin physique. His back muscles are too narrow, he says. He has strong eyelashes, fluffy ash-blond hair combed messy backward and a slight stubble on his chin.

His eyes are golden-brown and trapezoidal, with two little black triangles right below his tear ducts, resembling a bird’s. His eye markings are natural, as he got them as a youngster. His Quirk offers him huge bright red wings with feathers that grow longer as they descend.

Keigo is demonstrated to be emotionally and logistically clever. His easygoing and cheery demeanor belies his continual alertness. Keigo is a laid-back guy who may be nasty at times. Keigo obeys the HPSC’s directives without hesitation, albeit with skepticism. Keigo despises formality and is often unpredictable, brash, and insulting. He is unconcerned about his social standing and behaves casually deferential. Keigo is a sarcastic character that accepts calmly when Katsuki Bakugo says he was faster and replies with ironic adaption when someone says he was lesser.

Fumikage Tokoyami

fumikage tokoyami

Fumikage is a small young guy with a black bird’s head, probably a crow or a raven. His beak is brown with a yellowish tip, and he wears a scarlet choker that he rarely removes. Despite his head’s appearance, his body is that of a regular person with a fair complexion. Fumikage has gained muscle since his stint with Hawks. After the Paranormal Liberation War, Dabi’s flames left a mark on his left foot.

In addition to his robe, which covers his entire body but only stops halfway down his shins, he wears knee-high black boots. During the Joint Training Arc, he was wearing a black t-shirt, wristbands, loose pants, a utility belt with a double pin clasp, and a utility belt with a utility knife.

Fumikage is restrained, concentrated, honorable, and heroic. While he is talking to other people, he will blatantly dismiss queries or requests that appear irrelevant (like Tenya Ida requesting him not to sit on the desk). When Fumikage partners up with others, he becomes more social, aiding, comforting, and appreciating his colleagues for their efforts. Fumikage is a tough and trustworthy combatant whose strength and ability are rarely questioned.

Fumikage is a “creature of the dark” who uses archaic-sounding statements that make him seem spooky or dramatic. Nonetheless, Fumikage is anxious about his hobbies since they are more mystical and exotic, making them diffi to grasp or relate to. Despite his dark associations, Fumikage is not a villain. In reality, if his friends or mentors are hurt, Fumikage may become outraged or offended, which might have devastating effects owing to his Quirk being sensitive to emotions.

All-Might / Toshinori Yagi

allmight best my hero academia character

Toshinori is a huge man with a muscular and defined body, like a typical Western comic book superhero. His face is sculpted with a strong jawline, high cheekbones, and bushy brows. On either side of his head, two tufts of short blond hair tilt slightly to one side. It’s hard to see anything beyond his sparkling blue eyes because of his prominent features. Toshinori’s failing health reduced him to an extremely slender guy with sharp, angular features and lengthy limbs, his neck long and his eyebrows nonexistent. He has a huge scar on the left side of his chest and often spits blood when pleased or shocked. After Toshinori’s time as a hero, he starts wearing clothes that suit him in his real shape since he no longer requires enormous garments that match his muscular form.

All Might’s hero persona is based on comic book superhero stereotypes: enthusiastic and theatrical. Onlookers are usually protected by his enormous smile. His instructor, Nana Shimura, taught him to smile because she thought that those who smile are the strongest. Despite his bothersome tendencies, All Might is a very pleasant and affable person, constantly taking the time to communicate with followers.

In contrast to his hero character, All Might becomes quiet and gloomy as he reverts to his actual nature. He’s an optimist who keeps his aims realistic. When a Quirkless Izuku tells All Might about his desire of being a hero, All Might encourages him to be realistic and that he choose another career that benefits others. He needed to be stern to spare the youngster from long-term frustration. If he is astonished or amused enough, he may vomit blood as a sign of his weak condition. Optimism and oafishness seem to be constants in his demeanor, independent of All Might’s current form.

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Momo Yaoyorozu

momo yaoyorozu

Momo is a tall, mature teen girl. Her Quirk’s demand for fat cells keeps her fuller than her peers. A huge strand of her long black hair hangs on the right side of her face. Her eyes are keen and black, with short brows and a determined attitude.

A gray blazer with blue-green stripes, white shirt, red tie, blue-green pleated skirt, black knee socks, and brown shoes are her school uniform.

Momo is a wise, passionate leader who leads by example. She is normally calm and level-headed in risky circumstances, yet she can panic. Momo is gentle, courteous, and reserved, yet she can be straightforward about people’s faults and miscalculations, wanting to help her peers develop and become great heroes, like when she coached her classmates at home. Momo grows as a selfless hero inspired by others.

Momo is not concerned about losing most of her clothing in a fight since she knows how to make another outfit and would have created her costume even more, exposing if there were no limitations on exposed flesh in costumes. Others often mistake her for a showgirl. Despite her innocence, she is often annoyed by Minoru Mineta and Katsuki Bakugo’s coarse attitude. Her lack of modesty in her attire reflects her relaxed, natural, attitude toward.

Koji Koda

koji koda

Koji is a tall, muscly young man with peach skin. His skull is fashioned like a rock, with a square jaw and an uneven top.

His hero costume is a short yellow suit with a prominent red marking on his torso and arms. He has a sign of an open mouth on his chest and wears yellow shoes with red lining.

Koji has put two white straps on his shoulders and a full-face mask with holes above his lips to prepare for the Provisional Hero License Exam. His shoes were replaced by boots.

Despite his intimidating look, Koji is a shy and quiet man. So Kyoka Jiro believed he was silent and was pleasantly delighted when Koji spoke. He is skilled at maintaining secrets, says Fumikage Tokoyami. Due to his kind disposition, he despises unnecessary fighting.

He seems to appreciate animals, even keeping a pet bunny. Koji can engage with them in ways others cannot. His room also has animal dolls and decorations, indicating he appreciates charming things.

Koji has entomophobia, a fear of bugs that causes him to scream and flee. During the Joint Training arc, Koji and Eijiro used bugs to knock down Jurota Shishida, proving that Koji can overcome his fear and aid his colleagues.

Hitoshi Shinso

hitoshi shinso

Hitoshi is a young man with unkempt indigo-colored hair and straight teeth. His eyes are purple with white pupils, narrow, trapezoidal, pointing downward, and without eyelashes. His eyes are generally half-closed, with black bags under them.

The pupils of Class 1-A noticed Hitoshi had bulked up since they last saw him at the U.A. Sports Festival.

Despite his restrained and quiet demeanor, Hitoshi is a stoic and direct guy with an instinctive ability to begin a discussion with everyone. He is revealed to be quite intelligent, knowing precisely the perfect phrases to say to get others to respond, allowing him to use his Quirk. He doesn’t mind doing something shady to win a battle.

Hitoshi has always been feared by people who know his abilities and has been discriminated against only because of his Brainwashing Quirk. With Izuku Midoriya as an example, he claims that someone “as blessed as him” would never grasp what it’s like to have a talent like his own. Despite his flaws, Hitoshi longs to become a Pro Hero and prove it to those who question his noble intentions. He desires to usurp kids who take the route to become a Pro Hero, as he always dreamed.

Gran Torino

gran torino

Gran Torino is a skinny, old man with thick wrinkles. He has fair skin and brown eyes. It’s short with some forward-hanging bangs and a trimmed beard.

In addition to his monotone suit, he wears a yellow cloak, thick yellow gloves and boots, and a black domino mask like two diamonds.

He used to be tall and gorgeous, with a well-built body, and he might have challenged All Might’s hero form in height. Gran Torino’s look has remained consistent throughout his existence, down to his short grey hair and present attire.

Initially, Gran Torino looked like a senile old man who frequently forgot and mispronounced Izuku Midoriya’s name. Even though he had offered Izuku an internship, he frequently forgot her name. In truth, it’s only a ruse to annoy his new protégé.

Gran Torino is an extremely smart man with a very broad viewpoint. In a week, he taught Izuku more than All Might did in over a year. He taught Izuku the first step to achieving One For All by using a simple analogy between Izuku and his favorite dessert (teriyaki). He also correctly predicted All For One’s plan based only on media coverage of Hero Killer: Stain’s aftermath.

Stain / Chizome Akaguro


Chizome is a hunched, scary guy with a flat, triangular face, no nose (which he removed himself), and an abnormally lengthy tongue covered in little papillae. His hair is long and unkempt, draping over his face if not for his headband and mask, and he has little white eyes (red in the anime).

He wears a black battle outfit with metal armor to strap his weapons. The torso has no sleeves, so he wraps his arms in yellow bandages from his shoulders to his wrists. His suit includes lengthy black wristbands, a watch on his left arm, metal knee pads, and black boots with steel armor. Wears his distinctive blood-red scarf and matching headband, with a ripped fabric as a mask.

Stain is a ruthless individual who feels obligated to purge society of false heroes. The word Hero is unworthy of those who become heroes for fame or money, and only All Might is a genuine hero. Due to his passionate beliefs, he became the Hero Killer: staining his hands with blood to expel bogus heroes and alter society.

Stain does not intend to take the life of non-targets. He despises unnecessary bloodshed, which is why he fought Tomura Shigaraki. He hesitates to strike Tenya Ida before she provokes him. Tenya seeks him out for revenge for his brother’s , and he tells him what a genuine hero is like. Stain saves Izuku Midoriya because he embodies the qualities of a genuine hero; strength, competence, and a feeling of duty. He strongly believes in creeds and beliefs, believing that individuals are weak and would eventually perish without them.

Izuku Midoriya

izuku midoriya my hero academia anime characters with green hair

Izuku has a big face framed by a tangle of fluffy dark-green hair that sticks up at unusual angles around his head, casting black shadows. Large, round eyes with emerald irises that are sometimes watery and extended wide give him an innocent, enthusiastic look. On each cheek, he has four symmetrical diamond-shaped freckles.

Izuku obtained toned muscles after 10 months of intensive training with All Might, and these steadily get more developed and defined as he grows stronger.

Izuku is a shy, cautious, and courteous youngster who regularly overreacts to unusual events. He is first described as nervous, emotional, fragile, and non-expressive by Katsuki due to his lack of a Quirk. This is especially true of Katsuki, who continually chastised him for wanting to be a hero. Eventually, Izuku develops great leadership qualities, which, paired with his enthusiasm and strategic ability, have made him into a major figure within Class 1-A alongside Katsuki.

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Itsuka Kendo

itsuka kendo

Itsuka is a thin girl of average height. Her long orange hair is usually put into a high ponytail on the left side of her head. Her bangs are broken into three clusters around her eyes, and big tufts of hair crown her head.

Itsuka’s hero outfit is a turquoise knee-length qipao with a black corset over it. She wears black shorts under her qipao. She accessorizes with her white-heeled navy blue boots and broad white slip-in vamps with a loose brown utility belt with a bag connected at the rear.

Her winter hero outfit includes a qipao with long wrist-length sleeves.

Itsuka is a lively girl who is kind. She will karate chop Neito Monoma on the back of his neck to prevent him from antagonizing Class 1-A and the rest of Class 1-B. She will also turn down opportunities if she believes others deserve it more. She allowed Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Ibara Shiozaki to represent her squad at the U.A. Sports Festival tournament. The “big sister” of Class 1-B is said to be Itsuka, who’s joyful nature may bring Class 1-B together.



Dabi is a tall, pale young guy in his early twenties with a slender, lanky physique. His white hair spikes high around his head, falling low over his tiny, turquoise-colored, severely lidded eyes. His hair was dyed black before he revealed his identity.

The gnarled, wrinkled, purple skin patches that cover most of his lower face and neck, beyond his collarbone, below his eyes, around his torso, and on his arms and legs are due to his losing control of his fire Quirk and enveloping him in flames at a young age. Surgical staples or hoop piercings seem to connect them to the rest of his skin.

Toya was a rambunctious youngster who wanted to learn everything from his father. To achieve his father’s objective of surpassing All Might, Toya grew obsessed with the idea of becoming the next number one, much like his father. Despite Enji’s repeated advice to forgo this aim and focus on something else in life, he resisted and continued training, burning himself in the process. Toya characterized his objective as a burning desire that he couldn’t put out, despite his mother Rei’s interpretation that he just wanted his father’s approval and assurance that he wasn’t a failure.

Yuga Aoyama


Yuga is a skinny young man with a feminine face. A side fringe that bends upwards a little before curving down completes his beautiful golden hair. He has long eyelashes and brilliant azure eyes, resembling a young royal.

An icy blue bodysuit conceals a set of metallic lavender and golden armor, a chest plate, two round shoulder pads, elbow-length vambraces, and knee-high boots. In addition to the golden Greek fret-like trim on his breastplate, his belt and vambraces also have golden Greek fret-like trim. It also has a long, sparkly indigo cloak, a belt with a golden ring-shaped buckle with a blue crystal, and smaller crystals over his shoulder pads and knees. He wears a red-tinted wing-shaped visor over his eyes and has straight golden lines down his baggy slacks.

Yuga seems conceited and proud, thinking he is superior to his classmates, especially concerning his Quirk. He has ostentatious gestures, enjoys posturing, and draws attention to himself despite being disregarded by his colleagues. Even while speaking or hurt, he keeps a closed smile on his face, and he becomes agitated if stopped or questioned. Yuga’s sentences frequently conclude with a star sign. He also likes to highlight his French origin by using French terms in his statements.

This attitude is shown to be a façade, as Yuga suffers from significant anxieties and remorse due to his Quirk and upbringing. Born Quirkless, he struggled with being “different” from everyone, something his parents feared. This prompted them to contact All For One, who granted him his Navel Laser Quirk and put their family into debt and Yuga into a double agent role.

Himiko Toga

himiko toga

Himiko is a tiny, fair-skinned girl who is often characterized as having a lovely face. Her wide mouth and brilliant yellow eyes with small slits like those of a cat, and her top and lower canines are sharp and longer than the rest of her teeth, giving her a vampire-like look. Her hair is a dirty ash-blonde with two untidy buns, a straight fringe, and two chin-length side bangs to frame her face.

Himiko is a happy female who smiles even after taking the life of someone, demonstrating not good inclinations.

 Even while in danger, like when Tomura Shigaraki was going to go after her, she stops when bored or angry. As a result of her constant flushing, Himiko looks to have a perpetual look of lovesickness on her face. However, she has proven that she is easily humiliated, such as when she is without clothing while replicating the outfits of the individuals she has turned into.

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Tenya Iida

tenya iida

Tenya is a tall, muscly young man with a broad build. His short dark blue hair is neatly flattened and separated on the right side of his head, and he has square eyes that match his jaw’s sharp appearance. His brows are permanently inclined inward, narrow and lengthy, with sharply hooked tips, and he wears rectangular-lens spectacles. His calves are extremely thick and fashioned like vehicle engines, with six silver exhaust pipes projecting from each leg in three columns.

Tenya may appear cold, unpleasant, and scary at first, but he is a direct, earnest, clever, smart, disciplined, and honorable man, despite his elite background. Tenya has several odd tics, such as waving his arms in bizarre chopping patterns or jerking his body wildly, although he seldom loses his customary tight look.

Tenya is noted for his tendency to leap to conclusions and then excitedly talk or act on them. So, after thinking Izuku Midoriya had discovered the actual nature of the U.A. Entrance Exam, Tenya began to regard him as a worthy peer and has since held him in great regard. To look more real, Tenya immerses himself in practical exercises, portraying the role of a hero or villain in a dramatic style.

Twice / Jin Bubaigawara


Jin had blond hair and gray-blue eyes. He had a huge scar on his forehead from a previous event. He had obvious facial hair across his mouth and chin. He wore a blue collared shirt over a white tank top, regular jeans, and boots.

His villain costume consisted of a black and gray bodysuit with gray boots. His distinctive mask had a gray top with white eye sockets and a black bottom hiding his lips. Twice wore red and green bracelets with measuring tapes.

Except for the gray markings forming a “T” and “W” on his chest, Twice’s costume was mostly black. Lines crossing his upper body and climbing from his abdomen create the letter “T” Another line descends to his lower torso, divides into two, and ascends to his hips, producing a “W.”

Twice had a really distinct personality: energetic, vivacious, and initially extremely comical. He liked theatrical stances and odd facial expressions. Twice contradicted himself, stating one thing in one voice and then the reverse in another. For example, he attacked Dabi and then applauded him. This was part of Twice’s mental instability as a villain. His clone’s 9-day dispute left him confused if he was the original or not. Jin’s identity issue drove him to mental instability, transforming him from an oppressive and lazy boss into a maniacal villain. Twice contradicted himself and acted very natural about it when veiled, but without it, his dual personas argued. He’d panic and threaten to “split” until he re-applied his mask and became “whole.”

Ochaco Uraraka

ochaco uraraka

Ochaco is a petite, curvy female. She has a pale complexion and rosy cheeks. Its irises are a warm reddish color, with thick top eyelashes, two longer and more noticeable ones on either side, and fewer but more distinct lower eyelashes.

Her hair is shoulder-length, bobbed, and bent inward at the ends, with two lengthier clumps on either side of her face and short bangs that extend nearly a quarter of the way down her forehead. She has a little pinkish pad on the top inner segment of each of her fingers that she uses to activate and deactivate her Quirk.

Her school uniform consists of a gray dress jacket with two blue-green stripes, two pockets, and gold buttons, a white dress shirt, a red tie with a little golden button, and a dark blue-green pleated skirt. Her friends’ knee-high socks are replaced by black tights and brown slip-on shoes.

Others called Ochaco “the most laid back girl” in class, cheerful and a bit of an airhead at times. She is frequently unintentionally brutal. Like Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco’s emotions are often exaggerated and hilarious. She finds certain personality features and eccentricities amusing, sometimes bursting into laughter.

Ochaco is a friendly, vibrant person who is objective enough to identify shortcomings and strengths. She is generally compassionate, pleasant, and willing to aid or defend anyone who is good to her or needs help. Tsuyu Asui’s temper was the first thing Ochaco noticed when he was furious. Her sensitivity and kindness are evident in her relationships with her peers. She gets along with everyone and is particularly close to Izuku, Tenya Ida, Tsuyu, and others.

Nighteye / Mirai Sasaki


Sir Nighteye had a tall, slender, muscular face with elongated features. His lustrous dark green hair was constantly combed down and split to the left, with three yellow streaks in the front, two on his right and one on his left. His brows were yellow, complementing the rims of his triangle spectacles and his stern-looking eyes’ irises. His demeanor exuded authority and strength since he rarely smiled, was harsh, and constantly glared.

But it was merely the aspect of Sir Nighteye that he displayed in public. Nighteye, despite his frightening look, liked comedy and required others to make him laugh before he noticed them. Nighteye thought that subordinates who lacked humor and enthusiasm threatened society’s future.

Nighteye admired All Might and kept many of his trinkets and memorabilia. He could quickly recall prior events and specifics of All Might’s valor, matching Izuku Midoriya’s understanding of All Might. All Might also tried to mold Nighteye’s idea of a hero: someone who inspires fear in adversaries and hope in citizens via good humor. At the same time, Nighteye feared for All Might’s safety after being severely injured in his first encounter with All For One. As the Symbol of Peace, he was about to die. He begged All Might to let him go and focus on selecting his successor.

Kyoka Jiro

kyoka jiro

Kyoka is a slim, fair-skinned girl. Her onyx eyes are trapezoidal, with long lower lashes and tiny brows. Her hair is short, dark purple, asymmetrical, and has two reflections formed like cardiac monitor waves on either side of her head. Two tiny wires with flexible earphone jacks hang from each earlobe, acting as additional limbs that she may manipulate at will and change length if needed.

Unlike the other students, Kyoka sometimes wears a waistcoat instead of the traditional U.A. blazer.

Her outfit includes a black leather jacket, a long salmon-colored blouse with rips at the neck and hem, black slacks, and stereo-equipped boots. A basic black choker and white fingerless gloves complete her look.

Like her classmate Denki Kaminari, Kyoka has a sarcastic, unenthusiastic, and mocking demeanor that she usually shows to those she dislikes. But Kyoka isn’t always like this; she enjoys mingling and is typically kind and friendly.

Kyoka frequently uses her enormous earlobes-like hands.

She may be aggressive, as shown when she utilizes her Quirk’s Earphone Jacks to physically punish or control individuals, most notably Denki and Minoru Mineta. But when it comes to becoming a hero, Kyoka wants to think ahead. She’s remarkably organized and communicates her views well.

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Eraser Head / Shota Aizawa

eraser head

Shota is a tall, pale-skinned man with unruly shoulder-length black hair and half-opened black eyes. He is easily identified by his tired, worn-out looks. His eyes are weary and lifeless unless in conflict, and his facial hair is untidy.

He always wears a utility belt and a wrap scarf with a long-sleeved shirt and matching slacks that tuck into his boots. He keeps a set of bright yellow combat goggles hidden behind his scarf.

Shota is a strict, reclusive guy who expects a lot from his students. He is driven by logic and does not believe in the need to seem neat or to filter his words or ideas for others. He is chilly, indifferent, and impatient, putting forth little effort and preferring to nap in his sleeping bag. Shota, a teacher with high expectations, is known to expel pupils who do not fit into U.A. High. Shota does this so they may experience “” once, giving them an experience that encourages them to push even more.

Nejire Hado

nejire hado

Nejire is a tall, fair-skinned girl with big, inquiring eyes. Her eyes are a beautiful blue, and her top eyelashes are thick. Her periwinkle hair falls to her knees, wrapping about her waist and curving inwards over her legs. Right behind her ears on the right and just over her eyes on the left, she has side-swept bangs tucked behind her ears on both sides. Nejire is described as “cute by the lads at U.A. and Yuyu Haya.

Nejire, like Kyoka Jiro, wears a waistcoat instead of a blazer with her school uniform.

Nejire is a naturally friendly, outgoing, and curious girl who is often distracted by people’s distinctive physical traits. As a result, Nejire might be direct, asking intrusive or off-putting inquiries.

Nejire is a warm-hearted “free spirit” who isn’t scared to express herself or learn new things. She likes teaching things to others and sharing her expertise, but not in a boastful way. Her youthful glee makes her act like a kindergartener.

She is vivacious, amiable, and always on the move. She cares for Eri by fixing her hair and playing with her in her spare time. When she learned about Tamaki Amajiki’s attack, she was unconcerned. She is a really level-headed person, despite her curious and talkative nature.

Best Jeanist

best jeanist

His neck was extraordinarily long and flexible on multiple occasions, and his black, heavily-lashed eyes appeared to lean slightly inward. His long blond hair is brushed to the left, concealing his left eye.

Ankle-length pants, a denim waistcoat with enormous pockets, and a denim dress shirt with a very high collar conceal his face below the nose. The man is dressed in short dark brown boots with thick gray shafts and soles.

Tsunagu is a colorful gentleman. He is adamant that influential individuals must preserve a favorable physical and social image. His talks regularly include references to jeans, denim, and other sewing and fabric-related analogies, asking his recruits to keep their lives straight like their jeans.

Tsunagu dislikes boorish people like Katsuki Bakugo. He tried to change his attitude with Katsuki but was disappointed by his defiance.

Tsunagu takes his heroic duty very seriously. He is unselfish, bold, and captivating, and he thinks that no matter how grave the circumstances, a true hero does not make excuses. He took the entire brunt of All For One’s onslaught to save his teammates, which they commended him for.

Shoto Todoroki

shoto todoroki

Shoto is a medium-sized, muscular young guy who is well-built for his age. He has long hair that doesn’t reach his neck, and he wears bangs divided twice to keep his eyesight clear. His hair is evenly divided into two colors: white on his right side and blood red on his left, which is due to his Quirk. As a result, he has heterochromia iridium, which causes his left eye’s iris to seem turquoise while his right is a dark brownish grey. His eyes are tiny and restrained in form. He also has a big scar on the left side of his face, extending from his hairline to halfway down his cheek. He frequently has a solemn demeanor. Despite this, numerous of his classmates have stated that he is attractive, and Mina Ashido even goes so far as to suggest that he is the best-looking guy in Class 1-A.

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Mr. Nezu is an obese man who resembles a mix of animals such as a dog, mouse, and bear. Mouse-like ears with pale pink interiors slanting outwards from the top of his head. Elongated mouth with a little round nose. He has white fur, huge dog-like paws with pink pads, and a slender cat-like tail.

Dress shirt, dark red tie, black double-breasted waistcoat, and matching dress pants. He wears orange lace-up sneakers with thick soles that appear to be extremely enormous on him, comparable to Izuku Midoriya’s.

Nezu is an eccentric, courteous, and relentless principal of a school for heroes. He is conscious of his strange look and announces himself accordingly.

He may be quite verbose while explaining or teaching. Nezu created a full lecture on the balance of hero and educator, which he enthusiastically discussed over tea with All Might. His passion for education extends to judging villains, especially young ones, and asking if they could be trained to be good citizens.

So there it is, anime fans. Our list of the 40 best My Hero Academia characters. We’re sure you have your own opinions on which complex character should or shouldn’t be on this list, so let us know what we missed and why they deserve to be on here in the comments. And don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us which of these characters is your favorite!

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