27 Of The Best Harem Anime You Need To Watch Today

Harem anime, also known as the harem genre or reverse-harems, is an old yet popular concept of Japanese animation where the main protagonist is surrounded by multiple love interests. This type of fiction often involves romance and comedy but can be mixed with ecchi because it’s a relatively predictable setting (awkward moments are inevitable).

The main character is usually male. If the protagonist is female with multiple suitors, then it’s a reverse harem anime. Since this genre has been popular lately and many people have become fans of these titles, we compiled the best harem anime so far.

27. Demon King Daimao

demon king daimao best harem anime of 2021

Akuto Sai is a young man who attends the Constant Magick Academy. He is shunned by his peers and lecturers after being found out as “the future Demon King.” As he tries to buck this reputation, Akuto meets many girls – some of whom want to destroy him while others are seeking his demon king potential. However, through it all, they find themselves falling in love with him! This top harem series will have you on your toes from the start until finish!

26. Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

saekano how to raise a boring girlfriend best harem anime of 2021

Tomoya Aki is an otaku who has been obsessed with collecting anime and light novels for years. But he can’t do it by himself! Fortunately, Tomoya recruits childhood friend Eriri Spencer Sawamura as the illustrator, literary elitist Utaha Kasumigaoka as the writer in order to make his visual novel come true. Super-group now in hand, all they need are some inspiration – luckily, meeting Megumi Katou inspires him enough to model his main character after her! Tomoya creates a new doujin circle but realizes how hard it is to evoke emotions in his games

25. Outbreak Company

outbreak company 19 anime like no game no life you need to watch today

Shinichi Kanou, a shut-in otaku with a vast knowledge of anime, manga and video games, was in for the shock of his life when he applied to be an “Otaku Missionary”. He had no idea that by simply applying, he would actually get transported to another world filled with elves, dwarves and dragons – Eldant Empire! Shinichi is on a mission to promote the ways of the otaku in this holy land. He has full support from both the Japanese government and Myucel, as well as Princess Petralka’s help with political matters when needed. Together these three will use their expertise to overcome all obstacles they face!

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24. Kiss x Sis

kiss x sis best harem anime of 2021

Keita Suminoe is close to his stepsisters Ako and Riko. He has a crush on them, but they don’t feel the same – although it’s worth noting that their feelings for him have turned romantic at some point in high school. The twins are popular with other students as well as teachers; will Keita decide he’ll be better off satisfying those desires by dating either of these sisters? This passionate harem series can be shocking at times due to its unusual incest themes, which also make it unique from your average harem anime.

23. Strike the Blood

strike the blood 13 must watch anime if you love irregular at magic high school

Kojou, a high school student and the reincarnation of an ancient vampire known as “The Fourth Progenitor”, is placed under observation by Yukina Himeragi, who has been sent to kill him should he become dangerous. This doesn’t stop her (and his friends, classmates and enemies) from getting crushes on Kojou, though! It also contains tons of action in this anime which is the best combination with romance for all you shipper girls out there.

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22. Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

tenchi muyo war on geminar best harem anime of 2021

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari has the distinction of being a harem anime that is actually worth watching, for once. The girls are not just showpieces or props to be romanced, and all fall in love with Kenshi without any protest. They have their own interests as well as personal reasons they can use when convincing themselves why it would make sense for them to fall in love with him. Even one woman’s mother falls under his spell!

21. Date A Live

date a live best anime like highschool dxd

In a world where space quakes (destructive earthquakes caused by spirits) are common, humanity suffered countless casualties under the whims of these misunderstood creatures. One day an anti-spirit organization called Ratatosk sets into motion its plan: A high school boy named Itsuka Shido becomes part of this operation as his sister Kotori really heads up Ratatosk.

Now instead of just using brute force to fight them off, they ask him to try and befriend all unseen beings from another dimension with peaceful resolutions in mind so we can avoid any more disasters.

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20. To LOVE-Ru

to love ru best fan service anime of all time

One day, Rito Yuuki found himself in an awkward situation. He was bathing when a girl suddenly showed up and claimed that she is the alien princess on the planet of Deviluke. She then starts being chased by people from her planet who are after her for some unknown reason, which leaves him stuck with cleaning up her mess without knowing what he should do next to avoid any misunderstandings later on!

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19. I Don’t Have Many Friends

i don't have many friends best harem anime of 2021

Kodaka would always have been considered a delinquent because of his blond hair colour, but he met this girl in high school, and she seemed to be talking to her imaginary friend. However, when confronted about it by Kodaka, her response was that she had no friends!

They both then established the Neighbor Club with the mission of making new friends together. As they began their club activities, though, there were other awkward female characters who started tagging along as well, joining them for what they thought should be normal friend stuff like doing things together or just being around each other without any weirdness going on.

18. Trinity Seven

The Collapse Phenomenon brings forth a black sun, and with it comes the realization that something is wrong. Arata Kasuga has not seen his cousin in days when he realizes she had gone missing!

When faced with an unknown magician who wants him to give up the grimoire of spells into their possession, Arata enrols at Royal Biblia Academy, where students are better than best-of-the-best magic users. He meets seven girls: Strict Umehara Kotori; Amnesiac Kurobane Setsuna; Relaxed Toujou Nozomi; Playful Kusakabe Youko.

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17. Nisekoi: False Love

nisekoi best harem anime of 2021

Raku Ichijou is a first-year student at Bonyari High School. He’s the sole heir to an intimidating yakuza family. All Riku knows for sure is that ten years ago, he made a promise to his childhood friend.

Raku has grown into a typical teenager, and he only wants to be as uninvolved in his yakuza background as possible. However, when the American Bee Hive Gang invades their turf, Raku’s romantic dreams are thrown for a loop because he is dragged into an annoying conflict: To avoid a conflict between the two groups, Raku is forced to pretend that he has feelings for Chitoge Kirisaki. He’s not too keen on this idea as it would mean giving up Kosaki Onodera and everything about himself just so they could be safe from an American gang coming in. 

Nisekoi follows the everyday life and antics of this mismatched couple who have been forced to get along for the sake of maintaining the city’s peace. With many more girls popping up in his life, all involved with Raku’s past somehow, his search for a girl he has promised not to hurt eventually leads him in strange directions that neither side would expect.

16. Heaven’s Lost Property

heaven's lost property best harem anime of 2021

The best part about harems of beautiful women? Harems of angels! A perverted teenage boy teaches a fallen angel how to love. Well, technically, Ikaros is an “Angeloid”, but that’s good enough for Tomoki Sakurai. Tomoki must help Ikaros and the other Angeloids who follow her to Earth adapt to human culture when they arrive on Earth while also teaching them more than just sex education from his own experiences with life as a high school student.

15. The Familiar of Zero

the familiar of zero best shoujo anime from 70s to today

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is a noble witch, but she can’t do magic. When it comes time for her classmates to summon their familiars, Louise summons Saito Hiraga- a Japanese boy ripped from his ordinary life. Now, he has to get used to this new magical world as well as his role of being the servant in that realm. 

bootycalls lara01 sfw pc 300x250

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14. The Quintessential Quintuplets

the quintessential quintuplets best harem anime of 2021

Growing up, Fuutarou Uesugi’s life was tough. He is an introverted student with few friends, and his family lives on the edge of poverty after his father fell into debt; however, one day, he encounters a transfer student who claims “his seat”! Later, Uesugi is offered a private tutoring gig for a wealthy family’s daughter.

He accepts the proposal, but he’s horrified when Itsuki Nakano turns out to be that same girl he confronted earlier! The trouble doesn’t end there as Nakano turns out to be a fifth of a quintuple. Five equally attractive girls and Uesugi needs to help them all get their grades up.

13. Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

yamada kun and the seven witches best harem anime of 2021

Ryuu Yamada decides to turn over a new leaf and lead an ordinary school life upon entering high school. His path is soon found boring, so he goes back to his old ways- until in chance encounter where Ryuu meets this beautiful honour student with whom he can switch bodies by kissing! This leads him into the Supernatural Studies Club on a quest for seven witches of the school who all have powers activated by a kiss!

12. IS: Infinite Stratos

is infinite stratos best harem anime of 2021

As the world is on edge as a result of an impending futuristic arms race, it leaves humanity in a state of uneasy peace. This because they have these powerful Infinite Stratos mecha that can only be operated by women. Enter Ichika Orimura, who’s probably one-of-a-kind for being able to pilot them at 15 years old! But he seems like just any other boy until you see how much all girls want him when he enrols into this all-girl school with his rare ability and status making him something out of their wildest dreams – so check this show out if your imagination needs wings!

11. Nagasarete Airantou

nagasarete airantou best harem anime of 2021

Nagasarete Airantou is about a guy who wakes up on an island with a whole group of girls. They don’t know what boys are, but they want to find out! It’s Ikuto Touhouin’s worst nightmare come true. Ikuto Touhouin is a 14-year-old high school boy at the peak of his youth. After having a fight with his father, Ikuto decides to run away and go on vacation by boarding a ship. When a storm hits the boat, he wakes up on a peculiar island populated by hot girls!

10. Rosario + Vampire

rosario vampire best fan service anime of all time

Tsukune Aono, an average high schooler with a bad grade point average, is accepted to Youkai Academy – but he soon finds out that it’s for monsters. Tsukune quickly settles into the idea of being in love with hot girls and juggles their affections while trying to keep his human status secret from classmates, or he’ll be dead. He strives for a semblance of a normal life with a powerful vampire, a witch, and a succubus. It’s a harem series filled with ecchi moments mixed with funny moments to make an enjoyable harem romance anime.

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9. Maken ki

A perverted teenage boy gets more than he bargained for when attending a new school.

Based on the manga series by Hiromitsu Takeda, this harem comedy ecchi anime is about Takeru Ohyama, a typical high-schooler who dreams of living happily ever after with his perfect girl. But all those fantasies are dashed as soon as he finds out that not only does everyone at his new school wield an ancient Maken to unleash their special abilities in duels, but also it is coeducational! Can our protagonist survive these challenges and find someone who’ll love him back?

8. Mayo Chiki!

mayo chiki best harem anime of 2021

Kinjiro’s nose will explode with a simple caress from a beautiful girl! His full name contains the word “chicken”, which is quite the fitting label for this timid young boy. But everyone must face their fears at one point, and acquiring an entire harem of beautiful girls would be just what he needs to get over his phobia! It seemed like he would never get over his phobia of beautiful girls for fear that their touch may cause an explosion in blood pressure. So at one point, Sakamachi decides to take on this challenge head-on by acquiring himself a harem filled with even more beautiful girls! 

7. Is This a Zombie?

is this a zombie

The unlucky Ayumu Aikawa is murdered, only to be revived and enslaved by the beautiful necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. Then a freak accident gives him her super power, turning him into a zombie/magical girl! He battles the anti-magic girls of Megalo as he fends off affection from classmates and vampire ninja alike! But unfortunately for poor little Ayumu, there’s no running away from these funny moments in this harem series.

6. ChäoS;HEAd

chaoshead best harem anime of 2021

This is a not so typical harem anime but a psychological anime harem series with an over-stylized title. Takumi Nishijou is a schizophrenic hikikomori, or recluse, who doesn’t want to leave his house because he thinks that the world outside of it isn’t real and has made him paranoid as well. He’s forced into the real world by a series of strange events and visions surrounding a recent string of murders. Takumi finds himself surrounded by several girls who have some connection to incidents, but he can’t tell what is real.

5. Sekirei

sekirei best fan service anime of all time

The Sekirei are aliens who visit Earth to find a master. Thanks to the rare “kiss contract,” only one kiss are enough for these extraterrestrial beings, which unlocks their special power and full potential making them stronger than regular humans under pressure-filled situations. But this isn’t some super power just anyone can have—it’s an exclusive ability bestowed upon those with certain genetic mutations like Minato Sahashi. And while he may be only 19 who failed his college entrance exam twice but, his skills as the youngest of all other masters have made him more powerful than any others on Earth!

This is a must-watch harem comedy ecchi anime for harem fans for the storyline and occasional fan service moments.

4. The Fruit of Grisaia

the fruit of grisaia 13 must watch anime if you love irregular at magic high school

The story takes place at Mihama Academy: a special school that’s dedicated to reforming students who are bad apples. There, we’ll meet five female students with lives, each holding terrible and regrettable secrets. Up until now, everyone attending the school was female. But then one day, when Kazami Yuuji comes in as the new student, it might be him whose dark past is most scandalous among them all.

3. The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat

the hentai prince and the stony cat best harem anime of 2021

Youto Yokodera is fed up with always being seen as pure and innocent. He’s been dying to show people his perverted side for a long time, but it’s never really happened- until he learns about the existence of a stony cat that grants wishes! After giving in to temptation one day, Youto finally gets what he wants: To be able to express himself more by showing off how much of an open perv guy truly is. But while looking forward with anticipation at what new kind of life lies ahead–unpredictable complications await him and the other wishers.

2. The World God Only Knows

the world god only knows 19 anime like no game no life you need to watch today

One of the most interesting stories in the harem genre the anime community has seen; this anime follows Katsuragi Keima, the king of all things game-related, and if there’s anything to do with games (especially dating), he has it mastered. That’s why when a demon girl by the name of Elucia comes seeking his help for capturing escaped evil spirits from girls’ hearts in order to save her world; she never dreamed that this man who played this kind of silly little love-based video games would be so skilled at real-life romance as well!

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1. High School DxD

highschool dxd best fan service anime of all time 2

When the perverted male protagonist is killed in episode one, Issei Hyoudou’s life takes an unexpected turn. After being resurrected by senior student Rias Gremory, he learns that his high school is full of supernatural beings, and she herself is a devil! His new goal is to rise through the diabolic hierarchy to assemble his own harem and become the harem king. And as the series progresses, we see more and more cute girls with a great character design to add to the harem king’s ladies. This is the best harem comedy romance school shounen anime series packed with fan service moments.

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So, there you have it—the best anime of the harem genre to date. We know we’ve missed some and maybe committed a grave offence by not including your favorite show in the list below. Let us know! Leave a comment with your thoughts or suggestions for future posts on the harem comedy ecchi genre of anime so that we can continue our journey together as fellow otakus who enjoy watching out for funny moments as cute girls fall all over themselves fighting over one guy’s attention.

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Some are better than others for sure, but they're all worth checking out at least once. My beautiful daughters also love watching animes...well not as much as their dad does!

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