his moral compass is strong. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

25 Surprising Facts About Katsuki Bakugou

his moral compass is strong. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

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Izuku Midoriya, the show’s protagonist, and Shoto Todoroki, a fan favorite, are both more popular than Katsuki Bakugo in terms of total popularity. Kacchan’s aggressive nature and intimidating strength are well-known to viewers, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

MHA fans who accept Bakugo at face value may not realize how interesting he truly is because he is a belligerent character who is often regarded as one-dimensional or predictable.

Contrary to popular belief, the Hero’s arrogance and callousness belie his genuine desire to aid those around him. At first, he was an antagonist, but as he matures and goes through character development full of triumphs as well as setbacks, he learns more about others and himself, becoming less hostile. Here are 25 things you didn’t know about the resident vengeful Hero of Class 1-A.

The Same Hero Agency as Endeavor.

the same hero agency as endeavor. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

The first part of My Hero Academia‘s fifth season is devoted to the tense competition between the students of Classes 1A and 1B in the Joint Training Competition. Later episodes have the heroes returning to their work-study programs.

Best Jeanist, Bakugo’s former ally, has vanished, and as a result, Bakugo has joined Shoto and Deku Izuku Midoriya at Endeavor’s Hero Agency as a replacement. In the beginning, Bakugo’s commitment and the ability to learn excite Endeavor, who takes some time to open up to him. The longer Bakugo stays at Endeavor’s Hero Agency, the better their relationship becomes.

He Was Supposed to Be Kind.

he was supposed to be kind. facts about katsuki bakugou

Originally, Katsuki was a polite and compassionate person who never meant to offend anyone. The character’s personality had to be modified because the first draft was deemed dull by the production team.

Ground Zero was originally going to be his name, but it was deemed inappropriate due to its association with aggression . In the end, it appears like they struggled to strike a compromise with Katsuki.

He Thinks of An Absolutely Ridiculous Hero’s Name.

he thinks of an absolutely ridiculous heros name.. facts about katsuki bakugou

My Hero Academia does a good job of emphasizing how essential a hero’s image is to the public’s opinion of him or her. Even if a hero has a strong Quirk or is part of a prominent team, the story shows that even their clothing and even their name should be scrutinized.

Bakugo takes full advantage of the fact that his name is often the only thing people know about him. The Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, is the hero’s name revealed by Bakugo, and it certainly fits his fiery and explosive demeanor. It’s one of the more outlandish but also memorable hero monikers.

He’s a Show Off.

hes a show off.

He believes that heroes shouldn’t have to hide their quirks; thus, Katsuki has no trouble showing them out in public. Whether he’s stressed, showing off, or trying to scare the person he’s screaming at, he’ll often activate it.

Even though he can be a braggart, he is always honest about who he is, and as a result, he can detect when someone is telling the truth, demonstrating his ability to rapidly and properly analyze the characteristics of others.

He Used to Have The One For All Quirks.

he used to have the one for all quirks. facts about katsuki bakugou

Many other heroes are featured in My Hero Academia, but Izuku Midoriya is frequently criticized because he is the heir apparent to All Might‘s priceless One For All Quirk in the series. There have been other villains vying for Midoriya’s attention, hoping to acquire or destroy his special talent. Other Pro Heroes have underlined the importance of this Quirk, warning that it is not something that should be taken lightly.

The My Hero Academia films recount some epic tales, and Bakugo temporarily shares Midoriya’s One For All Quirk in Heroes Rising’s climax. The two of them launch a coordinated attack on Nine, but the importance of Bakugo’s ability to maintain this Quirk cannot be overstated.

His Deep Understanding of One for All.

his deep understanding of one for all.. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

Bakugo softens towards Deku during the course of the manga, eventually assisting him in his training (along with All Might). This boy learns through the course of events that the information in the book concerning the holders of One For All is incomplete.

When Bakugo inquires, people are talking about it and wondering why the Quirks of only three people have been revealed, while those of the fourth person have been written out. Deku, it turns out, is completely oblivious to this.

Among the Last 1-A Students to Receive Their Provisional License.

among the last 1 a students to receive their provisional license. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

My Hero Academia cherishes the rankings and processes that control society’s heroics above anything else. Since certain heroes lack the necessary credentials, they are unable to use their skills in battle.

Bakugo appears to be at the top of his class, although he was one of the last to receive his Provisional Hero License. That Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki both passed their examinations and officially entered the world as heroes on My Hero Academia’s 100th episode is rather appropriate.

He’s Still in His Emo Phase.

hes still in his emo phase. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

It will come as no surprise to longtime readers of the manga that Katsuki owns no less than four different black skull T-shirts, some of which date back to his preschool years.

For all his enjoyment of verbally abusing and mocking others, he should be better recognized as the leader of the so-called emo kids instead of the anti-emo kids. Even when he does wear color, it’s always under a layer of black!

Children Love Him!

children love him 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

The objective is for heroes to serve as role models for young people, but just because someone is brave and selfless does not ensure that they will be a popular figure among today’s children. When it comes to bullying and a lack of patience, Bakugo seems like he’d be especially harsh against kids.

However, Bakugo and Todoroki have to confront a group of children in their first challenge. Bakugo sees the younger version of himself in these kids, the one who had a hard time comprehending others. He aspires to teach these children the things he has learned, but at a younger age, to help them avoid the same traps. It’s a stunning display of comprehension.

He’s an Exceptional Strategist.

hes an exceptional strategist. facts about katsuki bakugou

While on the battlefield, he is almost never heard yelling. Although he’s young, he takes fighting seriously, and as a result, he’s remarkably composed when he engages in it. It’s because of his calm demeanor that his peers regard him differently and look up to him in combat.

Aside from his razor-sharp logic, he can also plan out an entire battle strategy while engaged in combat, and he never underestimates his opponents.

He Has Interesting Hobbies

he has interesting hobbies 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

Bakugo’s character profile in the My Hero Academia manga’s first volume reveals that he enjoys two particular hobbies: mountain climbing and spicy food. Katsuki’s explosive Quirk explains why his taste in food is just as fiery as his perspiration explosions.

Although mountain climbing may appear to be an unlikely pastime for the effervescent student, there are some characteristics of his personality that it fits with. Ascending mountains appeal to Bakugo’s sense of adventure.

He’s Interested In Cooking

hes interested in cooking

Deku is thrilled when Shoto Todoroki asks him and Bakugo to his family’s house for a nice dinner, but Bakugo is still in one of his usual grouchy moods after the invitation.

After telling Izuku to stop talking about the food Fuyumi made for them, he later praises her for the meal and even asks for the recipe. His sister would be ashamed of him for his cooking talents, he tells Shoto afterward, implying some sort of interest in cooking on his part.

The Oldest Student in 1-A.

the oldest student in 1 a.. facts about katsuki bakugou

Class 1-A’s classmates are all roughly the same age, but because Bakugo was born on April 20th, he is the oldest by a little over a month. The second-oldest student in the class, Mashirao Ojiro, was born on May 28th. As a result, Katsuki entered U.A. High School at the age of 16, while the rest of his classmates were still in their late teens.

Despite being the tallest member of Class 1-A, Mezo Shoji is the group’s youngest member. Because of his late February birthday, one of the scariest pupils in the class is also the group’s “baby.”

He Will Always Have Great Skin (like His Mother)

he will always have great skin like his mother

Mitsuki Bakugo’s capacity to secrete Glycerin from her skin is one of Mitsuki Bakugo’s Quirks. It’s because Glycerin acts as a moisturizer that her complexion is so perfect, and she looks years younger than she really is.

The Detonation of Kacchan’s Bomb Quirk’s Glycerin comes from his mother and his Acid Sweat from his father; thus, he’ll enjoy flawless skin for the rest of his life. Another thing to consider is that the aspiring Hero looks more like Mitsuki than he does his father, indicating that his body will age nicely.

His Moral Compass Is Strong.

his moral compass is strong. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

People often refer to him as a wild card, yet despite his appearance as a villain, he truly possesses an impeccable moral code. He dislikes dishonesty. Therefore, rather than manipulating others to save himself, he’d rather fight to the .

He doesn’t want to be dishonest, and he won’t do anything that could affect the outcome of a conflict if it betrays his character. That’s one of the reasons why people were so drawn to him; while anime viewers enjoy having a wild card character, they prefer it even more when that character also has a lot of character depth.

He’s Nothing Like His Father

hes nothing like his father facts about katsuki bakugou

Masaru Bakugo, in contrast to Mitsuki and Katsuki, is cool under pressure and significantly less aggressive. Despite the vast difference in personalities, he sincerely cares about his family. Nevertheless, he’s dissatisfied with his son’s aggressive temper.

In the end, Masaru is a pro hero himself and helps Katsuki in his pursuit of fame and fortune.

When it comes to looks, Kacchan clearly resembles his mother—they even share the same hair color—and the relationship between mother and son is palpable.

Dealing With Stress

dealing with stress 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

It’s an important point that needs to be made clear. To him, the best way to communicate how he feels is to just shout it out loud and expect others to get the message. To express his sentiments, deal with his classmates or even respect individuals, he chooses to roar instead of using words. There are worse ways to deal with stress and emotions, but it’s an amusing character characteristic nonetheless. He serves as the anime’s comic relief in many ways, thanks to his exasperated ranting, which cracks up both viewers and characters alike.

The Kneepads Actually Have A Purpose!

the kneepads actually have a purpose 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

Even though Bakugo’s hero outfit is eye-catching, there’s a small element to it that few people notice. The grenade bracers take your attention away from the fact that he’s wearing kneepads. At first glance, it may seem absurd that he needs knee pads to protect his knee caps, but they weren’t provided to help him defend. Offensive strategy kneepads are what Bakugo has, but he hasn’t utilized them yet. Then again, he’s capable of doing a lot of damage only with his hands, so he doesn’t need to do much leg work.

A Clean Freak

a clean freak

Despite the fact that Katsuki screams when he’s frustrated by something someone has done or when he doesn’t know how to communicate his thoughts, there is one subject about which he cries out loudly since it is something he cares a lot about.

He’s a stickler for cleanliness and hygienic living conditions. His favorite way to deal with folks who don’t dust is to give them the finger. Despite his efforts to appear unconcerned with the world, he is extremely conscientious when it comes to his personal hygiene.

Especially Gifted at The Drums, He Has Musical Talent.

especially gifted at the drums he has musical talent.

While mountaineering is an admirable pastime, we’re more impressed by Bakugo’s drumming skills. According to this MHA manga scene, the hothead is a gifted drummer who dazzled his peers with his drum solo.

At first look, Bakugo’s unexpected musical abilities may appear random or senseless, yet the intensity with which he plays the drums corresponds with his angry emotions.

He’s Smarter Than He Looks

hes smarter than he looks

Katsuki has a high level of intelligence, despite his rough and harsh demeanor. He knows everything there is to know about heroes’ quirks.

He investigates them in-depth to learn about their strengths and limitations, as well as the effects they have on the human body. Such as how to use explosives as a propulsion system without being took the life of or gravely harmed. It only adds to the character’s complexity that he has a high level of intelligence but does not flaunt it, as many intelligent anime characters do.

Kōhei Horikoshi wasn’t expecting him to be so popular.

izukus personality is based on horikoshis own.

In Horikoshi’s opinion, Katsuki’s fame is completely out of proportion to his abilities. It’s not like he didn’t try to make the adolescent a pain to be around. It’s hard to believe that the most antagonistic student in the series would end up being such a beloved character.

In spite of Horikoshi’s expectations, anime/manga viewers and readers are fascinated by Izuku Midoriya’s savagery. The protagonist, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of Kacchan.

Horikoshi Modeled Kacchan’s Character After Another Creation of His.

horikoshi modeled kacchans character after another creation of his.

Fan comparisons have been made between Khei Horikoshi’s Oumagadoki Zoo series and My Hero Academia’s, which was also written and illustrated by the latter. Shishido, a character in the manga and anime, has a fiery personality and conduct that are strikingly similar to Katsuki Bakugo’s.

Shishido is a haughty lion who revels in picking battles and hurling insults at others. Nonetheless, his character develops over the course of the series. It’s no accident that Shishido appeared in the MHA manga for a brief moment.

He Understands the Value of Sacrifice.

he understands the value of sacrifice. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

For One, the war for Tomura Shigaraki’s mind is becoming increasingly diffi as All For One gets an advantage, and Deku loses ground.

Instead of letting Bakugo’s companion take the harm from his iconic Rivet Stab when it’s time for him to use it, he leaps into the line of the black-and-red tendrils and gets stabbed. Even though he survives his injuries, it takes him a few days to fully recover. Deku, on the other hand, goes much more slowly.

His Sense of Pride Can Be Displeasing.

his sense of pride can be displeasing. 25 facts about katsuki bakugou

For a long time, Katsuki’s arrogance kept him working alone, as he feared being interrupted would cause him to lose time. Because of his arrogance, he would occasionally lose at combat. However, it primarily hindered his ability to make friends and collaborate as part of a group.

When he finally joined a team, he ignored the other members’ thoughts and ideas for a long time, ensuring that they only listened to him. Even if some of them find him repulsive at first, he improves over time.

There you have it, anime fans! These are 25 interesting facts about Katsuki Bakugou, a.k.a. Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight from My Hero Academia a.k.a. Boku no Hero Academia. Did we miss a fact about this well-loved character? Let us know in the comments below and share your favorite facts and characters from My Hero Academia. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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