anime like tokyo revengers

13 Anime Like Tokyo Revengers

anime like tokyo revengers

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A superb anime adaptation from an equally popular manga, Tokyo Revengers has hit anime fans with action-filled anime with a captivating time-travel story. The creators of this series, Ken Wakuis, did something awesome with the time-travel premise. It seems like a typical shounen anime at first glance, but when you watch it closely, there’s so much more to be found than just clichés and overdone tropes.

Takemichi Hanagaki once had it all. He was respected, popular and even dating his crush: Hinata Tachibana. However, now that Takemichi has no one left to count on, the only thing he can do is stay passive with bullies or get beaten up by them. When things couldn’t seem any worse for him, Takemichi’s ex-girlfriend loses her life at the hand of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

One day, he falls off the train station platform onto an oncoming train. In a few seconds, before his life ended, he opened his eyes to see himself 12 years ago and remembers why being miserable was inevitable. He starts acting differently, not realizing that time-travelling is possible for him too!

Tokyo Revengers is a huge success with a massive cliffhanger, so if you’re looking for the next time travel heavy anime or anime about delinquents to fill that void while we wait for the next episodes, here are our anime recommendations for anime similar to Tokyo Revengers.

13. Akira

akira anime like tokyo revengers

Neo-Tokyo is a city in the post-apocalyptic future where gangs rule and Shōtarō Kaneda, leader of the Capsules biker gang, lives. After Tetsuo’s motorcycle accident, he starts to develop telekinesis which leads him to be taken by military officials who are researching what happened when Tokyo was destroyed 20 years ago through his abilities. The anime has been popular since its release and usually considered as starting the second wave of Japanese animation.

12. Baccano

baccano anime like tokyo revengers

Baccano! is set in the United States during its prohibition era, near the end of it. Mafia members are mixed up with alchemists, and an elixir for immortality is created that has caused a mafia war between The Gandor and Runorata families. Events take place from 1930 to 1932, but their timeline isn’t linear, so much of this happens on trains crossing America’s vast expanse while characters who include psychopathic assassins and hijackers do their thing.

11. Black Lagoon

black lagoon anime like akame ga kill

Rokuro Okajima was not in the best of situations. He got kidnapped by pirates, and they were surprisingly friendly! After spending some time with them, he decided to leave his corporate life behind for a more adventurous one – aboard this crew’s ship as it sailed through the South China Sea.

Black Lagoon is an action-packed anime that includes yakuza elements like Tokyo Revengers minus the time travelling.

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10. Rainbow

The story of Rainbow is full of tough love and emotional moments as the characters learn about themselves and each other. It’s an anime with yakuza as a central theme, but this show is more about how these teenagers have been transferred to Shounan Special Reform School for offenses fit for such penitentiary facilities. They meet Rokurouta Sakuragi, who teaches them things like life skills, holding on to hope, and being there with each other when they need help most!

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9. Shounan Bakusozoku

bomber bikers of shonan anime like tokyo revengers

Though gang ure and high school drama go together like peanut butter to jelly, this delinquent anime series does a great job of showing the intricacies of both. Eguchi Yousuke is a school gang leader and the handicrafts club. Despite being on two different sides, these members look out for each other when needed, and their main goal is always about maximizing pleasure from everything they do!

8. Ikebukuro West Gate Park

ikebukuro west gate park anime like tokyo revengers

Ikebukuro West Gate Park is all about gang ure and taking care of loved ones. Makoto Majima lives his life in Ikebukuro as a troubleshooter of disputes between deadly yakuza, and he does it effectively, far from how the police handle it. He ends up with a no longer living loved one who has to find out how to handle himself and keep from being overwhelmed by the gang fights and the bloody streets.

7. Darker Than Black

darker than black best animes by bones studio

Ten years after Heaven’s Gate appeared in South America and the nether region’s Gate opened up in Japan, the world has been turned upside down. Contractors- former humans gifted with supernatural powers by mysterious stones called “Heavenly” and “Hellish”-have taken over for people on earth. Section 4 Chief Misaki Kirihara is one of them, but she soon discovers that there may be a larger theory going on behind all this.

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6. Erased

Erased has a unique and creative premise. The main character, Satoru Fujinuma, is a pizza deliveryman living in Chiba with the power of Revival. He can go back to minutes before life-threatening events happen, but he’s never really been able to control it until someone takes his mother’s life on her way home from work one day, which sends him 11 years back into time where he saves not only his mommy dearest but also solves the mystery of who kidnapped all three friends including that girl he loved as well!

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5. Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is a story about mad scientist Rintaro Okabe and his friends. They discover that they can send text messages to the past with potential power over what happens in the present time, so someone else creates a device that sends memories back through microwaves – but this attracts the attention of sinister organizations who want it for themselves! The “so cool” Rintaro goes back in time repeatedly to find a way to save all his friends.

4. Re:Zero − Starting Life In Another World

An isekai anime with a fairly dark theme and darker time travel concept: In Re:Zero, Natsuki Subaru’s time travelling ability is called Return by . This power allows him to go back in his timeline after dying so he can try again and fix things until there are no more mistakes left to make. He only discovers it when a girl with silver hair asks for help. At first, all that this boy knows about was what had happened before- but now he has an entirely new perspective on life as well!

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3. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

vivy fluorite eyes song anime like tokyo revengers

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is a thrilling science fiction adventure that follows Vivian, an AI with an android body and the ability to sing. Though she thinks her mission in life includes singing for people who are happy, when she meets Matsumoto- another artificial intelligence from the future- he says his goal was actually to prevent war between humans and AIs, and it takes them on one hundred year-long journey together.

2. Orange

orange 13 anime like erased must watch anime if you are addicted to erased

One day, Orange’s Takamiya Naho gets a letter from herself ten years in the future. The letter starts to come true, and she has regrets at 26 that prompt her writing and asking her 16-year-old self for help about Kakeru Naruse, who doesn’t exist anymore in the future.

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1. Charlotte

charlotte anime like tokyo revengers

Yuu Otosaka has the power to possess other people for five seconds. Once he discovers his power, Yuu ends up at a school for other empowered kids. Eventually, he recalls suppressed memories of his brother, who can time travel and tried to develop a vaccine. It turns out his powers are not only limited to possessing others but also taking on their abilities, like when someone needs help defeating an enemy or saving someone in need. Yuu travels back in time to prevent his friends’ .

Well, that concludes our list of anime recommendations for Tokyo Revenger. Did we miss your favorite gang or time traveller? Let us know in the comments what you think we should add to this list next! We hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully found a new show with some similarities to Tokyo Revenger. Please leave a comment below letting us know what other shows like Tokyo revenger are out there so that I can get more ideas from y’all! Enjoy!

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